I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

Chapter 127 Public Humiliation [Part 2]
Chapter 129 Unboarding The Train

Chapter 128 Public Humiliation [Part 3]

"Aaahan~ U-Uncle y-your cock is too big~" Stella mutters in a low voice as Jake's mighty cock stretches out her vagina. At the same time, she begins to feel flutters as plenty of butterflies rise in her stomach.

To her, this is bliss– to get fucked by a random stranger in front of many people, while treating her like trash. In her mind, she has already submitted her body to this strange man. The only thing that's making Stella worried right now, is whether or not this stranger just fuck her and leave her after using her?

Although it's a win-win situation between her and this stranger since they are both benefiting from what is happening right now, since she is finally getting her wishes fulfilled, Stella doesn't want this stranger to leave her, she wants to become his toy and she will follow him anywhere he goes without even bothering to inform her parents about her whereabouts.

"Ahhh....ahh~! Fuck it.... so tight~!" Jake groans loudly as he can feel Stella's slimy pussy clenching on his dick like a clamp. This is the first time he is witnessing this type of suction from a pussy, and he is also feeling the urge to cum right away. Furthermore, he has never seen a pussy that's as wet as Stella's pussy before. Not even Hayes's pussy can contend with the wetness of Stella's pussy.

Moving his right hand and grabbing her neck, Jake starts moving his waist slowly till his pace becomes extremely fast.

"Aaahan~ Aaahan~ Aaahan~ Aaahan~"

Stella moans in pleasure as Jake's cock rails her pussy non-stop. Wet slurping and farting sounds can be heard from Stella's pussy as Jake rams his cock into her bushy meat hole mercilessly, while choking her as well.

Suddenly, Jake starts to feel the pressure build on the cap of his dick–

"Argh...ahhh!! I am going to cum inside you, take my seeds bitch!!" Jake groans loudly and begins to squirt his semen into her pussy.

"Ahhh....ahh yes~ take it all~ you cum dumpster~" Jake bullshits Stella as he continues to cum inside her pussy non-stop.

Hearing Jake's profanity, Stella's body shivers, and extreme pleasure overwhelms her when she also feels the hot semen inside her pussy. Although, this is her third time having sex, this is the first time she has allowed someone to cum inside her without any protection.

"Iyaaaaaaaaan~!!!" Stella lets out an otherworldly moan as Jake continues to put his seeds inside her. She is not supposed to allow this stranger to cum inside her, but for some reason, she can't stop it even if she wants to.

After squirting his semen for about a minute inside her, he wearily falls on her body because he also orgasmed and came a lot inside her, which has made him extremely tired.

'W-Will I get pregnant from t-this man's semen? H-He literally came a lot inside me. My mom told me that we're very fertile, so there's a ninety percent assurance that I'll get pregnant. E-Even though this man dumps me, I'll lo--'

Amidst her thoughts, Jake suddenly does something surprising as he gets up and removes his penis from her hole, before flipping her body over and making her lie down on her stomach. He doesn't stop there though, as he grabs her waist and raises it a bit, putting her in the doggy position.

Gripping onto his shaft, Jake rubs it against Stella's bushy honeypot which is leaking with his semen, then he shoves his dick inside her pussy again.

"Aaaaaaahaan~!" Stella lets out a cute moan as the stranger does something that is surprising. She's getting pounded from behind again, even though he just came hard a few seconds ago. How can he have such inhuman stamina?

Grabbing onto her goat-like horns, Jake has easy access to her slippery pussy.

*welch* *welch* *welch* *welch*

Stella's pussy makes lewd noises as Jake's cock rams into her nonstop from behind. Furthermore, the way Jake is grabbing her horns is turning her on further. In her clan, it's believed that only their husband has the right to grab their horns during sex, yet this stranger is grabbing onto her horns strongly with his muscular hands.

Suddenly Jake raises his right hand in the air and lands a strike on one of her ass cheeks.


"Aaaaaahaan~"<sub> </sub>


"Kyaaaaa!! It's painful!!" Stella lets out a loud cry as a more powerful strike lands on her ass cheek this time around.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah* *Pah* *Pah*



"From now on you'll be my personal cum dumpster and do everything I say, bitch!! Your dirty pussy will only be mine!" Jake says with a loud voice as he smacks Stella's ass mercilessly.

"Iyaaaaaaaann~! Stella's pussy will only be for her master." Stella also lets out a cry upon hearing Jake's words. Her mind is filled with nothing but excitement right now.

After a few minutes of thrusting, Jake tightly grabs Stella's horns as he can feel the pressure building at the base of his cock.

"Ahhhhhh.... I am going to dirty your insides, Stella!!" Jake groans loudly and begins to squirt his semen inside Stella. At the same time, he raises his hand and lands a very powerful strike on her ass cheek.

"Iyaaaaaaaaan~!!!!!!" Stella lets out a wild cry as she can feel all her pelvic muscles contracting nonstop, while Jake also fills her inside to the brim. In the next instant, her body begins to convulse violently, while Jake's cock slips out of her pussy as she falls to the ground like a log. She's having the biggest climax of her life.

However, Jake hasn't finished cumming yet. He gets up and begins to cum all over her face, giving her a lewd makeup while she climaxes.


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Chapter 127 Public Humiliation [Part 2]
Chapter 129 Unboarding The Train