I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

Chapter 126 Public Humiliation [Part 1]
Chapter 128 Public Humiliation [Part 3]

Chapter 127 Public Humiliation [Part 2]

[Warning: full smut chapter....]

'Damn... T-This is insane! B-But for some reason I'm getting excited!' Jake grins inwardly while glancing at the beastkin in front of him.

This girl has so many qualities like cooking. She can literally cook any type of food. Thinking about this made Jake's little brother turn erect. He begins to picture the girl inside his head, cooking naked while only wearing a see-through apron.

Although, his wives do it all the time, most especially Aurora and Jill, It is a different type of turn-on seeing a rare species of a beastkin doing it!

[Master, you have to be fast. Remember, the fear aura will only last for thirty minutes.]

Nodding his head inwardly, Jake moves closer to Stella and grabs one of her plump butts through her short skirt with his muscular hand, then begins fondling it.

"Aaahan~! U-Uncle w-what are you doing?" Stella asks with a shaky voice as if shocked. But the mischievous glint in her eyes can't be hidden from Jake.

"Shut the fuck up, hoe!" Jake whispers inside her ear with a grin, as he grabs the girl's chin with his left hand while slightly using his right hand to strangle her. But he isn't putting too much strength to the extent of harming her.

"Ahh...Argh...uncle... I-It hurts. I didn't do anything to you." Stella says with tears in her eyes, but inwardly she is feeling a heavenly sensation. The way the large hands of the stranger strangles her neck is making her pussy drool with love nectar right now. If Jake can look down a bit, he'll see the water trickling down her legs.

'Y-Yes finally! I have finally seen someone who can do despicable things to me!' Stella rejoices inwardly and her pussy drools again.

"Come here," Jake whispers as he ruthlessly drags her to the center of the train where there are lots of people. He also notices that the "fear-aura" has been taking effect, since all the people here didn't bother to reprimand him for his actions, despite looking at him. Even the securities are all stationed in their positions.

When they get to the middle of the train, Jake forcibly pushes Stella into the senzia posture.

"Kyaaaa~!!" Stella lets out a cry as Jake forcibly grabs her chin again with his left hand, while his right hand begins undoing his pants.

"U-Uncle w-what are you going to do to me?" Stella asks in a low voice.


A large hand lands across Stella's face making it turn red and swollen.

"Kyaaaaaa!!!!" Stella lets out a loud cry again as Jake strangles her neck after slapping her hard.

"Who said you could talk, huh?" Jake asks as he applies a little more pressure with his hand, causing him to strangle her further.

"Nyaaaaaaaa~ I am sorry...." Stella cries out as Jake strangles her further, and her love juice gushes out of her lower lips as if a dam burst open.

"Sorry, my foot. Suck my dick!" Jake says as he spits on her face and shoves his dick into her mouth.

"Argh...ahhh," Stella lets out a groan as Jake's 10 inches dick penetrates her throat.

'Ah, fuck it. Her gag reflexes are insane!' Jake also lets out a groan as the back of Stella's throat contracts around his dick as if pushing it out. However, moving his waist forward, Jake thrusts the whole of his penis into her mouth, going deep into her throat.

"Mmm....mmm...ahhh' Stella lets out muffled sounds as the girth and length of this stranger's penis stretches out her throat, and it is so painful it feels like it is touching her larynx.

After deepthroating her, Jake starts to move his waist steadily while he slowly increases his pace and begins to fuck Stella's mouth.

*Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp*

Lewd sounds ensue as Jake's cock explores the orifices of Stella's mouth. Right now, Jake's cock is covered in slimy-yucky saliva as it goes in and out of the deepest part of her throat. Her face is streaming with tears and she can feel immense pain as Jake's massive cock violates her mouth like a pocket-pussy.

Suddenly, Jake starts to feel the pressure build on the cap of his dick, causing him to let out a loud grunt.

"Ahhh....ahh I am cumming!" Jake starts spurting his semen into her throat. Meanwhile, he hasn't deactivated his mind-read skill for some reason. As long as he doesn't deactivate within 24 hours, he can read every thought of the person he is using it on.

After squirting his semen, Jake removes his cock from her mouth. Lo and behold he can see the river of thick white-reddish milk inside her mouth.

"Swallow everything bitch!" Jake commands and strangles her neck again.

"Urgh...ugh," Stella groans in response and swallows all of his thick milk.

After Stella swallows his thick milk, Jake grabs her chin and raises her head before spitting onto her face like trash again.


The saliva lands on Stella's face, smearing her beautiful innocent face.<sub> </sub>

"How does my milk taste?"


Jake lands a slap across her face when he doesn't get a quick reply.



"Y-Your m-milk is delicious~"

*Sob* *Sob *Sob* *Sob*

Jake ignores Stella's cries and gets behind her. He removes the bow and quiver that are strapped onto her back, before carefully depositing them down. Of course, he doesn't want to mess with her stuff since they are precious to her according to her thoughts.

Once the obstacles are gone, Jake lowers his face and begins to kiss her nape.

"Aaaaaaahan~ U-uncle n-not there~"

Seeing her all aroused with her face flushed, Jake decides to take things to the next level. He moves his two large hands towards her chest and grabs the two large dumplings on her chest.

"Iyaaaaaann~!" Stella lets out a cry as Jake's hands roughly massages the large dumplings on her chest that have been itching her for a while.

'Ah, fuck it?! This girl is not even wearing a bra. I just couldn't see her nipples because of her thick blouse.' Jake thinks inwardly and he can feel his meat rod throb in excitement.

He slowly raises her blouse and stops halfway through when two large fleshy mounds with pink cherries appear before his eyes. Sitting behind her, Jake starts kissing her nape while roughly fondling her meat bags as if he's aiming to burst them.

Next, he slowly starts circling both his index fingers around her areola before clamping his fingers on her pink nipples.


Stella lets out a loud cry this time around as Jake strongly pinches, drags, and stretches her nipples as if he is trying to rip them off.

Suddenly her body begins to quiver and convulse heavily under the manly touch of this stranger. She's having an orgasm.

Seeing her convulse heavily like this, Jake's meat pulses with blood, clearly getting thirsty for a pussy. Removing his hands from her breasts which have red marks all over them, Jake slides his hand downward and slips his hand into her skirt.

'W-What t-the fuck? She's not wearing a pantie as well? T-This girl really is a big pervert. She's also freaking wet down here....' Jake thinks to himself in awe, when he feels the wetness of her pussy and sees the puddle she has created below.

"Fuck it~!" Jake lets out a groan and pushes Stella to the ground, making her lie down on her back.

He doesn't stop there, though, instead he spreads her legs apart and raises her skirts, revealing her small pink lips with plenty of hair around it. Although Jake likes a clean shaved pussy, for some reason, inhaling the scent that is emanating from Stella's pussy makes his lust for her explode further.

Stella's bushy cunt looks so appetizing to him and he can't wait to ravish it. Lowering his pants further and spreading her legs very wide, while in the missionary position, Jake leans forward and rams his cock into her cunt in one go without minding the gazes of all the other passengers...


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Chapter 126 Public Humiliation [Part 1]
Chapter 128 Public Humiliation [Part 3]