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Chapter 133 Two Battle Maniacs...
Chapter 135 Meeting Stella's Parents

Chapter 134 Birth Of A God slayer...

As the tip of the spear glows brightly, it suddenly starts to extend itself towards Max, who is on the ground. At the same time, Roth is also flying towards him, while spinning 360 degrees in the air.

Max, seeing the incoming attack, simply moves to the side to evade the spear. However, the moment he moves to the side, the spear also follows him like a dancing snake as it continues to elongate itself with Roth skillfully wielding it.


“Ah, fuck you, Roth!” Max curses as he deflects all the attacks from the spear with his twin daggers.

Roth is now on the ground, and he’s now the one on the offense, while Max is on defense. Max is several meters away from Roth, and he keeps moving backwards in order to get away from Roth’s spear. However, the more he backs away, the more the spear extends towards him.

‘The active skill of this spear should wear out soon. Or wait! It must have a limit to how far it can extend, but if I make a slight mistake, then I will have to say goodbye to a chunk of my precious flesh.’ Max thinks inwardly, while blocking Roth’s attack with his twin daggers.

So far, Max hasn’t activated any of his beast gears, he is reserving them for future use. This is because, even if he activates any of his beast gears right now, it won’t save him from Roth’s spear.

Suddenly, Roth leaps into the air while raising his spear above his head, with the aim of slamming it on Max.


A loud thud sound explodes as Roth’s spear crashes into the ground, creating a long straight deep line in the hard floor.

Luckily, Max was very fast in evading Roth’s strike, as he moved sideways, and narrowly missed the attack.

Raising the spear up again, Roth swings it down in a flash, aiming to strike Max down. However, Max suddenly grabs the head of the spear with his bare hand, causing blood to drip down his arm as the blade slightly cuts through his palm.

“My turn~!” Max says with a grin before kicking the spear away with his right foot, putting Roth off balance.

In a flash, a burst of fire erupts from Max’s body, covering him from head to toe, and giving him the look of a fire god. Gathering enough strength into his legs, Max leaps towards Roth with his right fist covered in a blazing fire.

“Hahaha!! Yes! Show me all you’ve got! Show me!!!” Roth roars with excitement, while a wide grin appears on his face as he retracts the length of his spear to its original size. Skilfully maneuvering the air with his wings, Roth points the tip of his spear towards the incoming figure of Max.

“Light burst!”

Suddenly, the spear turns bright red, and a golden energy beam shoots out of it.


The beam hits Max and an explosion occurs instantly. However, to Roth’s Surprise, Max comes out of the attack unscathed.

Still stunned by what just happened, Roth doesn’t notice that Max is already in front of him. Thrusting his right fist forward, Max punches Roth in the gut.


Roth lets out a groan as he flies backward before crashing into the ground and creating a large crater, due to the impact of the blow. Meanwhile, his spear disappears after he loses his grip on it. His spear has one skill, which is to disappear and reappear in its wielder’s spatial space. Only Roth can wield the emperor-tier spear due to this skill which is a sort of contract with the weapon.

‘Just what kind of monster is this guy? It’s as if his attacks are getting stronger. Are all dhampirs like this? I guess It’s true then, now I see the reason why vampires feel threatened by them.’ Roth thinks inwardly as all his internal injuries begin to close up. At the same time, raises his body with his elbow and spits out a mouthful of blood, before sitting upright in the crater that was caused by his crash earlier.

Looking up at Max, who is slowly walking towards him, Roth can see that his eyes are glowing bright yellow.

“Are you okay buddy?” Max asks as he walks towards Roth. However, noticing that Roth is getting weary of him, Max pauses his movements.

“Hey, calm down. My eyes are just yellow because I am fighting against a vampire. It doesn’t mean that I’ve lost my sanity.” Max chuckles as he lights up another cigarette and begins to smoke again.

Seeing Max’s actions, Roth lets out a sigh and gets up to his feet.

‘Phew, I was just worried for nothing.’ Roth thinks as he dusts off the dirt on his short pants.

“Max, don’t you think it’s unfair to fight me with all those beast gears? The only beast gear I have is my spear. Let’s use only our weapons to spar.” Roth says with a smirk on his face. It will be really unfair to him if Max fights him with all the gears on his body.

Max simply puffs out a cloud of smoke and glances at Roth before letting out a slight chuckle.

“Fine then~!” Max says before clicking his fingers, causing all the gears on his body to disappear.

Right now, Max is also shirtless, and only has on black thick short pants, like Roth. He has made the game a fair deal.

“So you have a spatial ring?!” Roth asks in awe. Space rings were rare treasures that many would kill for. Most people that use spatial techniques are the ones with spatial abilities like Roth’s own or at least similar to it.

“Yeah, the ring was made from a space skylark beast. I was lucky to find it and kill it. Although it was quite troublesome to fight that beast.” Max replies, before throwing his cigarette on the ground and turning towards Roth.

His abs are well toned and carved as if chiseled by a god, making even Roth slightly jealous of him.

“Now, I’ll show you what a real battle is called.” Roth grins as a red portal appears before him. Roth pushes his hand into the portal, and instantly, another portal opens up bedside Max. Before Max can register What’s happening, Roth’s fist comes out of the portal and punches him very hard in the face, sending him skidding backward.

“Wow, t-that’s epic! Show me what you got!!” Max grins as he brings his body to a halt. In a flash, fire suddenly covers his whole body as he dashes towards Roth with his two daggers tightly clutched in his hands.


“ARGH…AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!” Blair lets out a wild cry as black shadows and mist cover the whole area surrounding her. Mean, black tendrils are also dancing around her body violently.

Alphonso can also be seen a few distance away, floating in the air, while encased in a transparent red bubble shield to avoid making contact with the shadows.

Blair begins to feel an excruciating pain, as all her muscles tense up as if they are going to rip apart, when many tendrils burst out of her body. Even the humanoid emperor ranked beast halts its movements when it sees what’s happening to Blair right now, while its instinct screams at It to run.

After several minutes of going through immense pain, a big explosion suddenly occurs around Blair and black mists cover the whole area. Even Alphonso has to strengthen his shield due to the impact of the explosion. At the same time, all his attention is focused on Blair, checking her out with his senses to see if he should butt in.

Sometime later when the mist settles, Blair’s figure can be seen standing upright with her sword tightly clutched in her hands, while her eyes are shut.

Suddenly, Blair’s eyes open, and she instantly swings her sword in the air a few times, creating a few slashes in the air before lowering her sword. Anyone who sees her right now won’t know that she swung her sword, because it was too fast for ordinary eyes to follow.

Instantly, after swinging her sword in the air, the emperor ranked beast in front of her falls to the ground bit by bit, as if it was sliced. The beast itself has no idea as to how it died, but there is a look of horror on its head, which is now rolling on the floor.


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Chapter 133 Two Battle Maniacs...
Chapter 135 Meeting Stella's Parents