I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

Chapter 134 Birth Of A God slayer...
Chapter 136 Roth's Mixed Feelings

Chapter 135 Meeting Stella's Parents


[Sudden notification: One of your permanent women just became a godslayer; Blair.]

Suddenly, green words flash before my eyes, stunning me for a few seconds.

'What the fuck?! Blair became a god slayer? Is this system broken or what? Mimi, I need answers.'

[Yippie–Yippie, what you are seeing is very correct, master. Blair became a godslayer. This came as a surprise to me too, and I don't know what to say about it. That ability must be very very strong, for her to have become such a powerful entity in such a short time.]

'This makes no sense... is that ability that strong? It's not even been two months since she got the power!' I scream inwardly.

"Saviour, is anything wrong? You don't seem to be alright." A deep voice suddenly breaks through my thoughts a few meters away from me, causing me to raise my head and look at the huge muscular figure sitting adjacent to me, there is also a massive rectangular table situated between us. On my right, a woman is sitting on one of the chairs, and on the left side of the table, two people are sitting on average-sized wooden chairs; A boy and a girl.

"Hahaha, there's nothing wrong. I just remembered something." I say with a small laugh, while raising my right hand in the air as a signal that everything is okay.

"Okay, if you say so then. However, since you don't eat the type of food we eat, w-would you like to drink a bit of blood." The muscular figure opposite me asks and picks up a large knife, aiming to make a slash on his wrist.

"Wait! There's no need, I am actually okay. I drank a lot of blood before coming here." I quickly exclaim, stopping the figure from cutting his wrist.

"Master, are you going to drink my blood then?" A tiny feminine voice emerges from my side, causing me to glance towards my left.

I am currently at Stella's parent's house in the rural area of Clayreyar. The man sitting adjacent to me is her father, Madson, who is a full draugh. This is my first time seeing a draugh and to be honest, they are quite different from what I have always pictured them to look like, or what I saw on TV commercials.

Madson is a very huge, muscular, bald man, who is about 2.6 meters tall. He has one large brown eye and one crimson coloured eye with thick, brown, coarse skin. Furthermore, there are two large horns on his head, each the size of my arm. Apart from this, he looks very human and doesn't even look like a beast. To top it all off, the most fascinating thing about him are his horns, which changes colors every now and then.

And as for Stella's mother... She's a blond-haired woman who's about 1.6 meters tall. Her looks are pretty average with her sapphire eyes which Stella inherited from her. She is a big-breasted woman as well, with her wide milfy curvaceous hips. Her boobs right now look as though they are about to spill out from their cage as they strain against her yellow kimono dress.

On the other hand, a boy is sitting next to Stella on the left-hand side of the table, slowly eating some sort of meal that I have never seen before. He's Stella's little brother, Zane. A 14-year-old boy that's about 1.7 meters tall. He is bald like his father with brownish coarse skin, and has large elongated horns on his head which also change colors once in a while. To simply cut things short, he inherited more of his father's genes while Stella inherited most of her mother's genes.

"Oh savior, you don't know how happy I am that you helped us. Even if you decide to drink all my blood, I'll gladly accept." Madson speaks up, as he picks up the knife and places it on his wrist once again as if he wants to cut it, but is waiting for my permission.

'You idiot! It's not like I don't want to drink blood. But your blood is just disgusting.' I think inwardly and scrunch up my nose in disgust.

"Hahaha, Mr. Madson, you don't have to worry. I did it simply because Stella urged me to help her clan. If you want to be thankful, I think you should thank Stella instead."

"No, no, no, our savior! I understand that I need to thank Stella, but I would have to thank you first for helping us to get rid of that beast horde. Please accept my blood!" Madson says with a slight bow, then he proceeds to gulp down another drink from his cup. It doesn't seem like he will stop persisting and urging me to drink his blood, and also, he seems to be a little drunk.


"How about you compensate me with your wife?"

"You say what?"

"I say how about I cuck you?"


" I mean, how about you cook some blood candies for me."

"Oh, you mean that....haha, we don't know how to make it." Madson says while scratching the back of his head.<sub> </sub>

'What the fuck? Did I just hear that wrong? This guy is dangerous. I gotta fix my eyes on my wife.' Madson thinks inwardly and swallows a mouthful of saliva, making a gulping sound.

"Mr~" A voice suddenly breaks into the awkward silence, causing me to glance at Stella's mom on instinct.

"Please take care of my daughter. As a parent, it's not our wish to part with our daughter this way. However, since Stellar chose this path by herself, then there's nothing we can do than to support her. Please take care of her for me. And here is my last request: try to allow Stella to visit us once in a while at least to put my mind at ease that my daughter is okay. Please…" Stella's mom says in a low voice, as her eyes start getting teary.

"Okay, ma'am... I promise you." I assure her while she simply nods her head and wipes her tears. Meanwhile, my eyes have been eyeing Stella's mom's chest for a while now. To be honest, those pillowy bags are mesmerizing, making me wonder who has the most. Stella or her mother? I can't tell without stripping them both.

Shaking off all the perverted thoughts in my head, I continue to talk to the family of four and learn more about the draughs clan. They are just a small clan, with a population of not up to 500 in this region. After helping them get rid of the beast hordes that was disturbing them, the people offered me many things which I all rejected. It's somehow annoying to act as a hero and be hailed, but what to do? I did it for my servant, so I'll have to swallow my pride.

Sometime later, Stella and I bid her family farewell before taking our leave.


After killing the emperor-rank beast, Blair puts her large sword into its scabbard, which is on her back and turns around, before finally flashing a smile at Alphonso who's still in the air.

Realizing that she's okay, Alphonso puts away his barrier and quickly descends to the ground in front of Blair.

"I...I made it master...I made it!!" Blair pumps her fist in the air with excitement while tears of joy run down her face as she suddenly hugs Alphonso.

"It's okay kid... Now that you can fully control your ability, why don't you take a few days break before we begin the main training?" Alphonso says while patting Blair's head.

"Eh, I can see my darling today?" Blair raises her head while her eyes sparkling with stars upon hearing Alphonso's words.

"Yes, Roth can create a portal that will tel—" Before Alphonso can complete his words, Blair shoots into the sky and begins to fly towards Roth's location.

"Sigh, she is such a happy girl who was able to put that demonic power under control just because of her love for Jake. I just wish that the brat won't break her heart or else, this girl will become a very troublesome villain." Alphonso mutters as he walks towards the crystal that the emperor rank beast dropped after it died.

After picking up the crystal and storing it, Alphonso also leaps into the sky and chases after Blair who is heading towards Roth's location.


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Chapter 134 Birth Of A God slayer...
Chapter 136 Roth's Mixed Feelings