I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

Chapter 141 Grand Battle [Part 5]
Chapter 143 Aftermath

Chapter 142 The Final Battle

Magnus is stunned for a moment as he looks at the boy in front of him. The vampire looks like every other male vampire except for his extreme handsomeness and sharp crimson eyes. And then, there's also a strange beast girl beside him which Magnus doesn't sense any threat from.

"Mmm, so you're Myra's husband huh? You don't look as mighty as I pictured you, what a shame." Magnus mumbles as he scrunches up his face in hostility.

However, the vampire doesn't say anything. He's only staring at the girl in his arms.

"You did this to my woman, huh?" Jake mumbles while his eyes continue to glow brightly.

"Hahaha...I also beat the other women to a pulp. Especially that cat woman, she should have already met her demis–" Before Magnus can complete his sentence, he finds himself being raised up in the air, and in a flash, Jake slams him very hard into the ground with telekinesis.

Jake doesn't say anything as he flies towards Myra's location, tracing her with her scent. Abruptly, he sees them behind the wall of the castle, which is opposite a vast garden.

"Myra! Hayes! Mom!" Jake bellows as he descends to the floor and dashes towards the women.

Sometime later, after making sure that everyone is alive, and after listening to the story of the women, a red aura begins dancing around Jake violently. His anger keeps surging, but he's trying to remain calm and keep his emotions under control according to the teachings of his teacher, Alphonso.

"Jake, I don't think you can win against that guy." Aurora suddenly speaks with worry etched on her face.

"Darling, she's right... I was stronger than that guy and gained the upper hand while we were fighting. However, he has so many tricks up his sleeve." Blair says as if remembering something sad.

"Jake please don't go, that guy separated Anne and Hayes and made them fight independently. Please, be calm, I have called for reinforcements." Jill also speaks up with tears streaming down her beautiful face. Blair extracted the Ki in Jill's body after she woke up from her unconscious state.

"I will finish him." A familiar voice suddenly sounds from behind them, causing everyone to turn their heads around in sync.

"Amber~" Jill mutters as she instantly stands up and runs towards Amber, hugging her tightly.

Jake also walks towards Amber and hugs her tightly before planting a deep kiss on her lips and placing his hands on her waist. Although Jake has never gotten romantic with Amber before, it doesn't matter, since she and Misty are both sharing the same body.

"You are okay now, Amber. I am very excited."

"It doesn't matter, Jake. Misty and I are the same, you don't have to differentiate us. All I want is just to protect Misty anytime she's in danger."

Jake flashes a smile at her before replying, "The look in your eyes says it all, Amber. No one knows you better than me. You feel like you don't want to take over Misty's body because she's the sole owner right? That's why you only come out to protect her. Don't worry Amber, I'll find a body for you once we go to the vampire world since you're now stable." Jake says, and hugs Amber tightly again.

"Thank you, Jake! You're the only one who understands me." Amber mutters as emotions surge within her. She moves her face towards Jake's and plants a deep kiss on his face.

After their deep kiss finishes, Amber gestures with her face towards the beastkin who is standing several meters away from the other women, and a smirk forms on her face.

"I...I found her....a-and..."

"Pervert~!" Amber punches Jake in the ribs as she turns around.

"I'll be watching you, Jake, if anything goes wrong, I'll butt in." Amber says before walking away.


Jake's eyes suddenly fall on Blair, whose eyes are already getting teary.

"I...I was thinking about you day and night, and yet you were cuddling with a-another woman. Uwaah!!!" Blair starts crying and instantly turns around before running towards Jill and snuggling into her arms. Jill and Myra are the only two people whom Blair is very close to. Since Myra is still unconscious, she can only cry to Jill.

Jake glances at the figure of Hayes, Anne, and Kira before turning around and shooting into the sky.

"I'll avenge you guys." Jake thinks inwardly as he flies into the air.


'Mimi, are you sure about this?'

[Yes, master. As long as you can finish your enemy within five minutes. System overdrive will give you almost infinite stats and MC cells for five minutes. Once the five minutes are up, you'll be weaker than an average human.]

'Almost infinite huh? That means it also has a limit.' Jake thinks to himself as he flies towards Magnus who's currently gathering Ki around his body. He has also activated his ability; balls of steel. Making him as sturdy as zlatherium.<sub> </sub>

"I have been waiting for you kid. Now, it's time to die!" Magnus says as he also starts flying towards Jake.

'Mimi, now!'

[System overdrive activated! You have been given unlimited stats and almost infinite MC cells.]

Green words flash before Jake's eyes. The moment Magnus is before him, Jake catches his incoming fist as if it were simply a sheet of paper floating in the air.

"Is that all you've got?" Jake says with a smirk as he flicks Magnus away with his finger, sending him crashing into the ground.

'T-This power... Is this what it feels like to be very powerful?!' Jake exclaims inwardly. At the same time, he's calculating how much time he has left.

Similarly, Magnus is feeling troubled and his instincts are screaming at him. Not even a god has made him feel this scared, yet, this normal vampire is making him feel fear.

'T-The intel was wrong. T-This boy is a monster just like his father. T-That aura is also the same as his father's. Fuck! I have to run away from here. Even my balls of steel won't save me from one of his punches.' Magnus thinks to himself as he turns around and begins to fly away for survival.

However, he suddenly pauses when he Jake appears before him.

'H-How did he get here so soon? He was there before.' Magnus shakes in fear. In reality, Jake only blinked to his location.

"Trying to run away huh?" Jake asks with a chuckle as he grabs Magnus's neck with his bare hand. No matter how much Ki Magnus tries to use to free himself, he is unable to budge.

"If you didn't hurt any of my wives, I would have freed you and allowed you to go. However, you hurt my women and one of your men even attempted to kill one of my women who is carrying a baby." Jake says while his anger surges.

He also just learned about Kira's pregnancy while he was in Stella's parent's house. It didn't shock him much because it was his fault for not controlling the potency of his semen when he creampied her. After all, he was in haste not to get caught by Myra. Furthermore, he is willing to accept Kira since he was the one who deflowered her.

Jake grabs Magnus' right arm and rips it off, "For Anne."

He grabs his left arm and also rips it off, "For Hayes."

He doesn't stop there though, as he also rips out Magnus's two legs, avenging Blair and Jill.

Jake also thrusts his hand into Magnus's chest and pulls out his beating heart, before crushing it in his hand, "For Kira."

Jake says before finally detaching Magnus's head from his body with his clawed hand. The look on Magnus's face is that of horror and regret. If only he hadn't come here.

Jake descends to the ground with Magnus's head in hand, before picking up a spear.

Throwing Magnus's head in the air, Jake aims the spear at it, and the spear successfully pins it to the wall of the castle's tower.


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Chapter 141 Grand Battle [Part 5]
Chapter 143 Aftermath