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Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

Chapter 140 Grand Battle [Part 4]
Chapter 142 The Final Battle

Chapter 141 Grand Battle [Part 5]

Blair slowly flies towards Jill and helps her get up, sitting her upright.

"What's going on here Jill?" Blair asks as she casually sits down beside Jill like she always does.

"Sigh, this crazy guy is Myra's uncle and he's trying to become the king of this kingdom by force. He's unbelievably strong too."

"Uh, what? D-Doesn't he know that Myra is pregnant?" Blair asks with confusion on her face.

"That's why I said he is crazy." Jill lets out a cough again which brings out black blood, as her energy isn't regenerating because of the strange energy Magnus used on her.

"W-What about darling?" Blair asks with her eyes shimmering and her body getting hot, as she thinks about him.

"Jake? He just disappeared all of a sudden. But I can feel my connection with him and I can tell that he's okay. If I want to teleport to his side right now, I can do that. But who knows whether he's in the middle of some important things. I don't want to get scolded by him, you know how he can be sometimes." Jill replies as her face flushes red and her gaze shifts to the side.

"I...I am happy to learn that darling is okay. You don't need to disturb him then, let me deal with this peasant." Blair says with a fierce gaze as she turns her face to where Magnus was sent crashing.

"Blair, be careful that guy is using a strange ene–"

"It's okay, I also know how to use Ki. Master Alphonso taught me." Blair says, flashing a smile at Jill.

"K-Ki.....Alphonso taught you? Did he also teach Jake how to use it?"

"No, he taught only me. He didn't even teach Roth or Jake. He said that it's very complicated for vampires to learn how to use it. Well, I'll explain it to you later, Jill." Blair tells Jill while rubbing the back of her head. She also begins to hear rumbling sounds from the rubbles.

In the next moment, Blair shoots up in the air and flies towards Magnus.

'Alphonso~ that b-bastard! Why didn't he teach my son how to use that energy? I'll teleport to earth and smack his face once all this is over.' Jill thinks to herself while gritting her teeth. No doubt, her son is the most important thing to her, and he is also her happiness. Furthermore, Jill has been getting frustrated for some time over her inability to get pregnant. Although, she didn't mind much about it before, her infertility was now bothering her. Making her wonder if that is the reason her father forced her to have children through artificial means.


"Hahaha... I see... you are one of us. Since you are one of the king's wives, how about we forget everything that happened here and let me go my own way." Magnus says with a small laugh as he turns around to leave.

"Not so fast. You can't just say you want to leave after causing a lot of trouble here. What's the assurance that you won't come back here again? Your men, are all died. Yet, you are unfazed by it since they are nothing more than tools to you. You're nothing but a coward, your head would make a great collection in the trophy room of this castle… Hehehe." Blair says with small giggles as she unstraps the large sword on her back.

Hearing Blair's words, Magnus pauses his footsteps as his face turns dark with anger, while he slowly turns around to face Blair.

"You say what little girl? Just keep your mouth shut and let this end here. I promise not to return here. Besides, I'll eventually get bored If I become king."

"You heard what I said right? How can you make up for all the innocent people that died here? I am no saint, but I hate guys like you." Blair says as she raises her sword.

"Be ready to die then!"


A ridiculous amount of Ki bursts out of Magnus's body as he flies towards Blair. Meanwhile, Blair simply closes her eyes while shadows slowly start seeping out of her body.

"Oh darkness, grant...." Blair starts to mumble some words as she envelops herself and her sword with the dancing shadows.

However, when Magnus gets a few meters close to Blair, she suddenly swings her sword in the air once, and in a casual manner. "Shadow blast!"

However, the attack was so fast that Magnus's eyes weren't even able to follow the movement of her sword.


A loud explosion occurs as a huge ball of shadow shoots out of Blair's sword and hits Magnus.

When the debris of the attack settles, Magnus can be seen panting very hard with several bruises on his body. However, not a single significant damage was done to him.

'W-What he survived my shadow blast!' Blair exclaims inwardly while adrenaline rushes through her body.

All the buildings several meters away from her have been razed to the ground.<sub> </sub>

"Kid, you've got quite a strong ability there. But I held back to know your full capabilities. I took that attack head-on without using my ability, bummer." Magnus says with a grin and laughs hysterically. His ability is 'balls of steel'. An ability that makes his body as strong as zlatherium. Furthermore, he also has his innate ability; vine manipulation. And to top it all off, if Magnus combines his Ki with his balls of steel ability, he'll be almost impenetrable.

"Hehehe, I was also holding back. Okay then, I am going all out now." Blair giggles as a huge wave of Ki also bursts out of her body. If Magnus' Ki is like a running tap, then Blair's own is like a dam.

Soon after, loud explosions occur as the two titans clash and exchange several blows.


Currently, Amber can be seen inside a huge room that has a single chair at the center of the room. On the walls of the room, are several torture weapons of various kinds, also the boxes on the floor are filled with torture tools.

Apart from the weapons hanging on the wall, there is also fresh blood that was splashed on the wall.

Standing in the center of the room is Amber who's looking at the butchered pieces of meat on the ground. It would be almost unbelievable that these pieces of meat are the body parts of a higher demon. This is indeed a gruesome scene.

"Tch, I thought he would last longer with his endurance ability. It's not even been up to two hours and yet he died so soon." Amber clicks her tongue and throws the axe in her hand onto the floor before turning around.

It was quite a painful death for the demon because Amber repeatedly hacked him with the axe without showing any signs of getting tired. Even though he had an endurance ability, he was after all still a living being. He could feel the pain of repeatedly getting hacked for over one hour non-stop. He had to cancel his ability so that his suffering would come to an end.

"Now, I remember everything. I remember everything that happened back then. Those damned, shameless, two-faced gods allied with the demons and Balors!!!!" Amber bellows, while her green eye glow brightly. Her destroyed soul has finally been repaired, and now she finally remembers who she really is and how she ended up merging with a vampire girl who is now her sister.


"No doubt, you are one of the strongest god slayers out there. But it's all useless if you have no experience. I warned you earlier, but you refused to back off, now only death awaits you!!" Magnus bellows as he raises Blair's sword in the air in order to separate her head from her body.


Magnus slams the sword downward, only to hit the empty hard floor. Blair was nowhere to be found.

"No one hurts my woman and lives to tell the tale."


Magnus suddenly hears a voice from behind, causing him to turn his body around with a jerk, and his gaze falls on a tall vampire who is carrying Blair in a princess carry.


That's the only thing Magnus can see right now.


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Chapter 140 Grand Battle [Part 4]
Chapter 142 The Final Battle