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Chapter 145 Sky Gazing [part 1]
Chapter 147 Nailing Blair

Chapter 146 Sky Gazing [Part 2]

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"Kyaaaa~!" Blair leaks out a small moan upon my sudden action. Right now, I am feasting my eyes on her alluring body on the bed. Although, her stature is still churning my stomach somehow, but since we're almost the same age and we have each other's consent, there's no need to worry.

"J-Jake, what's this this place?" Blair asks me with a lovely gaze. Although she also wants to get laid right now and then, but her curiosity is getting enough of her.

"I also don't know, Blair. I just discovered this place by chance."

"B-By chance? And also that strange machine?"

"Yes, I met everything here. If we want to turn this canopy to a huge house, Fleecy will help us. However, I haven't used Fleecy much, so I don't know her capabilities."

"She's a girl?"

"Oi, Oi, looks like someone is getting jealous of a machine...fufufu." I say as I climb on top of the bed too. In reality, I bought Fleecy from the system shop a month ago after me and Myra's wedding.

"Aaahan~" Blair leaks out a moan as I slide off the sleeves from her shouders.

"Blair, you look nervous... but before we started dating, you are always seducing me and offering me sex. Even the first day that I agreed we shoud date, you also tempted me to fuck you that day. But now, why are you looking so nervous?" I ask as my hands moves downward, pulling off her panties.

"T-That question is so embarrassing Jake. It's not like I have had sex before. I was just a desperate girl at that time. I was scared of sex, but it felt like an adrenaline was always rushing through my body anytime I set my eyes on you. However, after we started dating, the adrenaline vanished. That's why I am always nervous anytime you touch me." Blair replies with a very red face.

"Ah, that makes sense. I am going to make you feel good, Blair." I say as I also remove all my clothes in a flash.

Next, I grab Blair's legs spreading them apart, revealing her small hairy pink alluring pussy that's giving off a musky scent right now. Blair's pussy is so small to the extent that my index finger would even have a hard time penetrating her.

But before touching her down there, I lean my face forward and plant a kiss on her face while my cock keeps pressing against her pussy in advance. After passionately kissing Blair for a few minutes, I can feel her body getting hot and her pussy juice dripping wet on my cock.

Raising my left hand, I place it on her tits and begin to fondle them roughly, making Blair moan underneath me non-stop. After a few moments of intense kissing, I seperate my lips from Blair's lips.

Her face is all bright red and breathing is getting rough as her heart's pace increases significantly.

"I...I love you, Jake."

"I love you too..." I reply lovingly as I raise my upper body a little while still in the missionary position. Next, I grab my shaft and reduce the size of it to 5 inches in length and 4.47 inches in girth. With this size, I wouldn't injure her or make her feel severe pain since her vagina is way too small. I start rubbing my shaft against her sopping wet pussy, making Blair clench onto the bedsheet in anticipation of what is to come.

Suddenly, I start pushing the cap of my dick into her pussy inch by inch. With each of my movement, I can see Blair's face distorting in pain. After pushing 30 percent of my cock inside, I feel a little resistance. Yes, this her hymen.

Thrusting my waist forward for more force, I plunge my dick into her vagina in one go.

"Iyaaaaaaaannn~" Blair lets outs a loud cry as I plunge my cock into her hole. In response, she pulls me closer into a very tight missionary embrace while her fingers dig into my back. This doesn't hurt much since it's just a natural instinct of females after getting deflowered or pounded very hard.

I look down a bit a my cock and see blood flowing out of Blair's pussy with my cock still buried inside. This sights made me a little nervous and guilty of not reducing my cock to a smaller size. Furthermore, her hymen was a little thick which made everything more complicated. In females, the thicker their hymen, the more blood and pain they're going to feel while getting deflowered.

p<anda> "Aaahan~ I love you Jake." Blair suddenly declares, making me aroused further and causing me to plant a kiss on her lips.</anda>

"Jake, when we return to earth, I want our wedding to commence. I...I have already spoken to my parents about it a-and they agreed. Even my brother also agreed. I was scared that they woud reject the idea but after confusing them, they agreed to it. You don't know how happy I am today, Jake." Blair says with a mezmerizing smile, causing me to kiss her lips again.

"I'll start moving, Blair..."

Seeing her nod her head in confirmation, I start to move my waist slowly, fucking her in a slow pace.



"Mmmm~"<sub> </sub>

Blair moans begins to increase in volume as I increase my pace as well. The way her vagina is gripping so tight on my cock is making me feel the urge to cum right now and then, but I can't be defeated like this. Gritting my teeth, I start to fight the urge to cum while hitting Blair's women with each of my thrusts, making her moan loudly.

After having sex a couple of times with Barry's mom who's a human, I have learned that going too rough on a human isn't a good idea since they are not physically strong as a vampire apart from a few ones who have a high level ability and mastered Ki to a certain degree.

In extreme heat, I spread Blair's legs further apart, causing the cap of my dick to hit the end of her womb while her pelvic floor muscles contracts non-stop and making several farting sounds as Blair climaxes at the same.


"Mmm~ Ummn~"

Blair keeps giving me otherworldly moans as I keep plowing her sopping wet vagina. Suddenly, her vagina starts sucking and clenching my dick as if it wants to devour it. No matter how I try to move, her vagina doesn't release my cock, it's as if it wants something in return.

"Aargh.... fuck it! Such suction..." Grabbing Blair's two hands in elation, I strongly starts moving my waist despite the suction of her pussy. However, I can't take it anymore as I start to feel the pressure build at the base of my dick.

"I AM CUMMING, BLAIR!!" I let out a loud grunt...

"Do it inside me!!" Blair also gives a swift reply while she wraps her legs around my back.

In extreme heat, I begin to squirt my semen inside her....

"Iyaaaaaaaaan~" Blair lets out a loud moan as her pelvic floor muscles contracts again upon feeling my hot semen inside her womb.

After two minutes of filling up Blair, I stop squirting my semen and slowly retract my cock from her vagina. Instantly, mixture of blood and excess semen begins to pour out of her vagina, staining the bed.

Immediately, I slump onto the bed in exhaustion after Blair sucked me dry. Looking her face sideways, she's also looking at me with a lovely gaze. It's as if our love increases leaps by bounds after exchanging body fluid.

"S-So much semen inside my womb.... At this rate, am I not going to get pregnant?" Blair asks with a red face with her gaze shifted to the side.

After resting for a few moments, I order Fleecy to clean up all the mess we made on the bed and on our body. Just as anticipated, every trace of sexual intercourse between Blair and I are completely erased.


"Isn't the sky beautiful?" I ask while hugging Blair from behind. Right now, we're both sitting down on the floor inside the canopy with the wind slowy wheezing onto our body and making Blair's hair flutter in the air. During our sexual intercourse, her two side buns were loosened upon my request.

"Yes, the sky is beautiful, and thanks for making me see this, Jake. Like those two stars close to each other, don't ever leave my side..." Blair says, pointing to two stars above in the sky.

"I'll never leave you, Blair. I promise..." I say and begin to kiss her nape.

Blair simply smile and lean backward on my chest making this moment more romantic. Furthermore, after deflowering Blair, something feels different about her demeanor. The aura of becoming a woman is surrounding her.


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Chapter 145 Sky Gazing [part 1]
Chapter 147 Nailing Blair