I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

Chapter 146 Sky Gazing [Part 2]
Chapter 148 A Chat With Kira [Part 1]

Chapter 147 Nailing Blair

"Darling~ do me one more time~." Blair says while flashing an alluring smile at me.

"Are you sure about that, Blair?" I ask with a brow raised.

"I want to go one more round with you, but this time let me satisfy you too." Blair says with a dazzling smile again as she turns her body around and points at my crotch.

Sigh, why is she so cute?

Giving her a small smile, I get up from behind her and push her back to the ground before sliding her panties to the side. In a flash, I also lose my pants and bring out my dick, before slowly sliding it into her naturally lubricated pussy. However, Blair suddenly stops me halfway.

"I said that I also want to make you feel good." Blair says as she sits upright in the seiza posture.

"Blair, are you sure about this?" I ask with my brow raised. For some reason, Blair is like one of my women and I don't want to engage in extreme sex activities with her, for now, just like the way I promised myself not to touch Lilith until she has fully bloomed and become a mature vampire-eatris.

"Mmm, I am sure. I know that you don't want to do extreme things with me, but sucking you off won't harm me since you reduced the size of your cock." Blair says with a blushing face as she grabs my cock and starts stroking it clumsily with her hands. Then finally lowering her face and burying it in her mouth.

Blair knows that I am holding back, huh? Well, she has seen me fuck the other women. She must know how monstrous my cock is...

[Hehehe, master... You shouldn't underestimate this girl. Although, I like the way you are taking things easy with her, that doesn't mean that you should treat her like an egg during sex. According to my observations, she doesn't look like the type who wants it soft, she's the type that wants to be completely dominated.]

Mimi's voice suddenly surfaces inside my head.

Hey, how the hell did you activate the overdrive stuff during that time? That shit was lit!

[Master, I think you should continue what you're doing....fufufu.]



A tingling sensation on my dick brings me back to life causing me to look at Blair who is bobbing her head up and down my shaft.

"Blair, how are you so good? Have you blown someone before?" I ask with a raised brow.

"Eh?" Blair lets out in surprise as she raises her head and looks at me, stopping what she's doing.

"Y-You are the only man that has ever touched me. Don't say such a thing again." Blair replies with a frown.

Oof...girls are hard to deal with.

"I am sorry, Blair. I didn't mean it that way. I was just surprised that you're so good at it." I say, scratching the back of my head.

"Humph, I have watched tons of porn just for this day to come. Furthermore, I have seen Jill sucking you off many times...teeheehee." Blair gives a small harrumph and leaks out mischievous giggles for some reason.

"Yeah, mom is so shameless. She'd suck me off at any slight opportunity." I mumble with a slightly red face. In the past month, mom has gotten more perverted and she won't let any opportunity slide without sucking me off and getting her pussy creampied. Well, I can't blame her, she's trying to get pregnant, and all our efforts have been futile. Even with my penis mastery skill, I couldn't get her pregnant.<sub> </sub>

Blair lowers her head and continues to suck me off till I eventually let out a huge load inside her mouth which she promptly swallows.

Without wasting time, I push her to the ground and thrust my cock into her tight vagina in one go, making her back arch up due to my sudden penetration.

"Y-You can't penetrate like...Aahan~!" Blair lets out a moan as I begin to ravage her in the missionary position. This time, I increase my pace and make sure to hit her womb non-stop, including her g-spot as well, making her cry in elation.


"W-What was that? I can't believe I peed... b-but it felt different from peeing." Blair mumbles with a very red face while clinging tightly to me like a koala. I have never seen her as red as this before, or possessive to this extent.

"It's not pee... you squirted. Haven't you seen Myra squirting before? After all, you're always peeping at us when I am sleeping with her." I say with a grin and pinch Blair's cheeks lightly.

"Uwaah!! You knew that I was always watching?" Blair's face burns hot red again at the sudden revelation.

Currently, we are both lying on the ground in a puddle while cuddling. Well, to be clear, It's Blair's love juice. When I went a little rough on her, she squirted for about two minutes straight, making even me surprised that a large amount of juice came from her body.

"Jake, I feel numb down there..." Blair says again while hugging me tightly.

"Should I do you again?" I whisper into her ear just like a grim reaper and lick her ear lobe as well.

"W-Waaaaah!" Blair lets out a surprised voice and her face turns hot red again, as she can feel the cap of my dick pressing against her folds once again.


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Chapter 146 Sky Gazing [Part 2]
Chapter 148 A Chat With Kira [Part 1]