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Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

Chapter 147 Nailing Blair

Chapter 148 A Chat With Kira [Part 1]

Once we are done having another round, both of us look extremely tired and exhausted, with my semen flowing out of Blair's pussy. I creampied her intending to get her pregnant since she requested it. Well, in the past month, Blair underwent a complicated ritual that's meant for vampire and human couples. This ritual will enable them to give birth to a half-vampire rather than the accursed dhampir. Seeing Blair exhausted, I order Fleecy to clean up our bodies. And just like before, a bright light erupts from the machine and covers us, and in a flash all the semen and juices disappear.

After purchasing Fleecy from the system, I was instructed to find a place where she can get an unlimited supply of wind due to her being weak. After a week of research, I learned that the top of this mountain has quite an insane amount of wind despite its height, which is a good place for Fleecy to grow.

According to the system, once Fleecy acquires her full power, I can summon her to anyplace just by sprinkling my blood on the ground and chanting some words. However, this mountain will always be her home and source of energy since it is where I created her.

"Blair, are you ready to go?" I ask with a small smile.

Seeing her give me a small nod in confirmation, I hold her tightly by her waist. (I got a little naughty and squeezed her boobs.)

In a flash, two wings burst out of my back and I begin to fly back, towards the castle.


Sometime later, the castle appears before our eyes and we safely land on the ground. The castle has been restored to its normal state and every broken wall has been fixed.

The guards are still in a little bit of shock at the sudden invasion that occurred today, so they are always tense and at alert. But they lower their guard when they realize that it's just me and Blair.

"Your majesty, where have you been? Y-Your mom has been searching around for you." One of the guards who is extremely fat tells me. He's very fat and he looks like he is going to explode from within his armor.

"Oh, okay, thanks for informing me." I say as I simply wave my hand. The guards go back to their position and begin to give each other a strange glance with slight chuckles.

These little actions of theirs don't escape my notice, due to my heightened senses. I also realize that their gaze is fixated on Blair.

As if noticing this, Blair hides behind my back in embarrassment since she's wearing a pretty thin nightgown.

"Hey, let this be the last time you guys will do this kind of shit. She's also my wife and well, she saved you guy's ass from that cunt who would have killed you." I say with a deep frown on my face.

"Either way, assuming you guys had joined Magnus when he offered you a chance. Then you would have died by my hands, your blood will be very tasty." I say, baring my fangs at the guards before I start to walk away while Blair follows me from behind.


Meanwhile, in one of the rooms in the towers, Alphonso can be seen glancing through the window, looking at Jake, who is down below.

"Sigh, Jake still has this young master vibe. I am just glad that he is at least special. Speaking of an heir, since Jake is the heir to the throne now, aren't the other males in the royal family going to loathe him? Meanwhile, he doesn't even care about the throne in the slightest. Also, the old man doesn't look like he's willing to leave the throne any time soon, at least not without achieving his goals. This is such a headache." Alphonso says as he rubs the back of his neck and lights up a cigarette.

Then he continues...<sub> </sub>

"Jake is so special, he will be the best king for the vampires with me assisting him. If only he isn't a degenerate and only stuck to Misty. Tch...Tch...Tch old man, it looks like your plan failed. I am just anticipating what is going to happen when Jake meets Zamira who loathes men to the core. Mmm, this is so exciting." Alphonso grins while he puffs out a cloud of smoke.

In reality, what Alphonso is saying is correct. Zella's relationship with Jake was just a setup between Duke and the witches to achieve their one goal. The perfect bride who the old man Duke had in mind for Jake was Jake's sister; Misty. Duke really wanted Misty to be Jake's queen when he becomes the king and be his only legal wife. However, when the old man wakes up, he'll realize how messed up things became while he was in slumber. Even his dear daughter has married her son and she's also willing to bear a child for him.


Right now, I am the only one walking through a hallway that leads to a room where Kira is situated. In my absence, everyone was returned to their specific rooms by the healers and maids who's care they were kept in. Kira was transferred from the maid's dormitory to one of the rooms in the royal chamber.

When I arrived back home, mom nagged at me and Blair for taking so long, but she was quick to catch the mood that I had a special time with Blair, and she insisted that I check on Kira since she was awake, unlike Anne, Hayes, and Myra who are still unconscious.

Sometime later, I'm in front of a room with a door that's embedded with beautiful ornaments. This room is Kira's new room.

Letting out a soft sigh, I knock on the door.

*knock* *Knock* *knock* *knock*

"Come inside, your majesty..." A soft familiar voice emerges from within, making my heart skip for a moment. If it hadn't been that my penis mastery skill failed me, I wouldn't be in this position.


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Chapter 147 Nailing Blair