I’ll Quit Being a God

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

Novel details:

  • Status in COO: Completed
  • Translation: Active
  • In original: 414 chapters
  • Translated: 155 chapters
  • Year of publishing: 2021
  • Language: Chinese
  • Authors: July Wine Immortal
  • Translator: XianXiaEngine
  • Publishers: Ciweimao

Novel description:

The sky and the earth are infinitesimal as a grain, and a life of peace is like the sea.

Lu Heng, who crossed over to the other world, found himself transformed into a huge white wolf, a mountain God of a remote mountain with a group of villagers under his rule.

In this strange and wild world, demons and giant beasts run rampant, and human order is almost non-existent.

These, however, are not what Lu Heng needs to think about. What he needs to think about now is how to tell this group of villagers that he does not need little girls.

Besides, he actually doesn’t want to be a God anymore…
I’ll Quit Being a God

Novel Chapters

Chapter 31 Heavenly Thunder Sand
Chapter 32 Lu Heng's Sense of Crisis
Chapter 33 Heavenly Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 34 Heavenly Thunder Sword
Chapter 35 The Devil Seed
Chapter 36 Something Big Has Happened
Chapter 37 The Order of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 38 Devil Girl
Chapter 39 Xiao Ai Likes It Very Much
Chapter 40 Reversing Yin and Yang
Chapter 41 White Wolf Girl (1)
Chapter 42 White Wolf Girl (2)
Chapter 43 Xiao Ai's Wishes
Chapter 44 Yuan Shen Leaves the Body
Chapter 45 Flawless Jade