Seoul Station's Necromancer

Sept. 4, 2022, 6:55 a.m.

Chapter 24. Looking For a House
Chapter 26. 4 star Dungeon

Chapter 25. Little Devil Bibi

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They would move in a fortnight. The contract fee, and the intermediate payment would be required on the day of the move. Therefore, Woojin didn’t need to borrow Sunggoo’s money.

Woojin had been summoned to the Planet Alphen during his 3rd year of high school. No real estate contracts existed on that side. The locations he traveled to and where he fell asleep for the day was his home.

He lived like that for 20 years.

He had never made such a trifling contract like this. This was why Woojin didn’t know what the intermediate payment and contract fee was.

While they were looking at the houses, the sun had long ago descended. They filled their hungry stomachs at a nearby restaurant, and Sooah was already sleeping from exhaustion.

He carried Sooah back home, and he laid her down. Lee-soogyong had a disappointed expression since she didn’t want to part from her son.

“Why don’t you live with us until we move?”

“No. However, we will have a place to live together soon.”

Woojin wanted to stay. He had looked forward to meeting his family for 20 years, so why wouldn’t he want to? However, there were things he didn’t want his family to see.

This was why he was trying to buy a house as fast as he could.

She couldn’t force her uncomfortable son to sleep in the small house. She couldn’t keep him here.

“All right. As soon as I quit working, I’ll makes some banchan for the dongsaeng you live with.” (TLN: banchan=korean side dish. dongsaeng=refer to younger sibling used in a general term to refer to Jaemin, gender neutral term)

“Eh-hem. It would build up my face a little bit.”

At her son’s cheeky behavior, Lee-soongyong was able to banish a little bit of her unease from her heart. The fact that her son had returned was like a dream. However, consecutive dreamlike events were continuing to unfold in front of her.

“I’ll see you tomorrow. Please quit within couple days. If you are bored after sending Sooah to kindergarten, then I’ll set up a cafe for you.”

“Uh-muh, son. I’ll be happy if I’m able to eat dinner with you and Sooah every night.”

“I feel the same way..”

Woojin stroked Sooah’s head as she slept. Then he stood up from where he sat.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, mother.”

“Ok. I’ll see you tomorrow, son.”

Woojin was sorry to have to say goodbye.

He headed towards Jaemin’s house.

“Whew. Still, I’ve been fortunate.”

Woojin was harassed by an evil spirit every single night. This was why he couldn’t sleep peacefully. He wanted to avoid it, but he couldn’t since it was a curse.

Fortunately, a path opened up for him where he would be able to have some relief from the pain.

After walking for awhile, Woojin turned in to an unpopulated alleyway.

“Come out, Bibi.”


At Woojin’s call, a wind seemed to pick up, and a black smoke started to clump together. The black smoke seemed to coalesce then it scattered. This happened several times. The black smoke materialized then it scattered into some unknown place.

“What the heck? Come out, Bibi.”


The black smoke disappeared deeper into the alley way then it started to materialize in front of Woojin again. However, it was much smaller in size than before.


The appearance of Bibi wasn’t that of a small young demon. She looked like a cat. A very small young kitten.

“What? What’s wrong?”

“Nyahh. I couldn’t materialize my body. I had no choice, but to search for a small creature-aohng.” (TLN: korean sfx for cat is yah-ohng. Every time she ends a sentence with the second half of the cat sfx)

Woojin pressed his hand firmly on his temple.

“Where is this place? I can’ feel any of Trahnet’s influence-aohng.”

Woojin picked up Bibi.

“Can you used your ability with that shape?”

“Nyahhng. Master is low level, so I am also low level-aohng. I can only use my Nightmare-ahong.”

Woojin’s family also possessed levels. When Woojin had been transferred back, it seemed their levels were reset. Bibi was a low level succubus. However, it seemed her basic abilities like Nightmare wasn’t tied to her materialized body.

“If you can use that then that will do.”

Even if Bibi leveled up, Woojin didn’t really need her abilities that’ll show up later.

“Nyahhng. It smells nice here. It’s the smell of peace.”

She was a demon yet it seemed she was wishing for peace. He couldn’t keep a wry smile off of his house from her words.

“This might be to my advantage. There won’t be any problem if you live with me like this.”

“Is that so-nyahng? I can stay with master instead of waiting in the Summoning room-nyahong?”

“All right. But you can’t speak.”

“Nyahhng. I know at least much-nyahng. How would a cat be able to speak-aohng?”

Bibi was quick on the uptake, so she’ll be fine. Bibi was a big help when Woojin slept. Instead of suffering through the evil spirit’s curse, he would rather have the nightmare. Was that too perverted? (TLN: preferring one pain over another)

Bibi was an important being to Woojin. If she was in her young demonic form, it would be a bit problematic if this situation was viewed through the morality of earth. However, she looked like a cat now, so it wouldn’t be a problem. No one would care if he slept with a cat by his side.

Now that he thought about it Sooah wanted a dog…….

“Hey. Can you change into a dog?”

“Nyaahng. The model for my materialization is already set, and I can’t change it-aohng.”


Well, she might also like a cat.


After his tutoring school ended, Jaemin headed toward his home.

“Uh, noonah. Please take care of yourself when you travel here. I’ll meet you in front of my tutoring school.”

Today was Friday. His sister was coming home tomorrow.

Ddi ddi ddi, ddi-rori!

When he opened the door, he instinctively put his guard up as he looked around his room. As expected, Woojin was sitting on the bed. He was watching the tv as he ate a tangerine.

“Hahaha. You are here?”

Even though Jaemin had appeared, Woojin’s gaze was still fixed on the television. If someone saw this scene, it would look like Woojin had lived here for a year. No, he acted so naturally that some would mistake him for Jaemin’s brother.

Moreover, Woojin wasn’t alone today.

“Hy…hyung. What is that?”

Jaemin pointed towards the cat with a surprised expression on his face. His finger was shaking.

Five hundred dollar was too large a sum, so he couldn’t call him a trespasser…

However, he was living off of me yet he brought home a pet!

“Ah, I picked her up on my way here. I’m going to keep her.”

“Huh huh. It’s a cat. The fur, the fur, the smell, the smell….”

Jaemin had a dejected expression on his face. He feebly took off his shoes, then he took off his bag. He opened the refrigerator, then he chugged down some water.

‘This can’t happen.’

His sister was coming tomorrow. His sister had provided this precious one-room, so he would be able focus entirely on his studies. He was already unhappy by the fact that a man was in his room yet this person brought a pet without the owner’s consent.

His action had crossed the line this time. He had to regain his identity as the owner of this house. Jaemin placed the empty water cup on the dinner table. He brought it down hard enough that a ‘tahk'(TLN: sfx) was heard.


“Uh. I placed some more rent money on top of the dinner table. Haha. This is so funny.”


Woojin went back to watching the tv. Jaemin peeked inside the envelope on top of the dinner table.

‘Th…th…three hundred?’

At the unexpected large sum of money, Jaemin’s eyes turned round. How could he have so much money? Jaemin’s gaze headed toward Woojin once more.

“JaehoonJaehoon. Can you buy me this? Pooh-hee-hee.”

When he looked at Woojin, who was immersed in watching the tv, he looked like a poor neighborhood bum. Even though he was an unemployed hyung, it seemed he had some money. He must have been born with a golden spoon. (TLN: born into a rich family)

No, how could such a wastrel of a golden spoon exist?


The cat next to Woojin was eating the tangerine with him… Uh? The cat ate the tangerine?

“Why are you standing there like that? Come here and have some tangerine. It’s really delicious.”

The Planet Alphen only had apple trees. It didn’t have any tangerine trees. Woojin had always liked tangerine, and quite a few places sold it on every street he visited. So he bought it whenever he saw the tangerines.

Jaemin didn’t say anything as he sat next to Woojin.

“Ah, this is so funny.”

The comedy program’s sketch ended. Woojin finally looked away from the tv, then he turned to look at Jaemin.

“JaeminJaemin. Why? Why the long face? JaeminJaemin.”

Why does this hyung enjoy life so much? It made Jaemin look like the abnormal one, since he lived with so much worry.

“JaeminJaemin. Do you need spending money? JaeminJaemin.”


Woojin took out his wallet. Jaemin took out his handphone when he saw the $50 in Woojin’s hand. Then he started writing a message to his noonah through KaTalk.(TLN: Kakao Talk = very popular Korean Mobile messenger app, free text/call )

[Noonah. I think noonah will have to sleep in a hotel tomorrow…]

“JaeminJaemin. Take this pocket money. JaeminJaemin.” (TLN: He is speaking like this b/c he is copying the punchline to the joke he heard on tv)

“Thank you. What is the cat’s name, hyung? It is quite beautiful.”

Jaemin’s voice turned gentle like a spring weather melting snow.



Sunggoo whistled. Even if he was standing still, his shoulders felt like it was about to dance by itself.

“Hee-yah. I can’t believe this is my car.”

BMW 5 series.

He could have spent more, but he had thought about the entrance fee to the 4 star Dungeon. He left enough cash in reserve.

When he visited the sales office to sign the contract, he had been quite nervous. He was about pay a lump sum for the contract, but Woojin had called him to borrow his money. It made him want to cry.

Eventually he said to sign a contract on an installment plan for 60 month, and his car was delivered to him today.

When the tinting was done, it was already 12 o’clock.

“Hehe, Vroom-vroom.(TLN:This is what he named the car) Should we go on a drive?”

Hong-sunggoo. 21 years old. This was the first car he had purchased in his life, so his affection for the car was extraordinary. His car was much better than what his friends had. No, there weren’t that many friends who even owned a car.


The car’s power and handle couldn’t even be compared to the Matiz. It elevated Sunggoo’s mood. He had returned home to eat lunch with his parents, and it was already 2 o’clock now.

It was time to pickup Woojin.

“Shall we go full force?”

Woojin was a scary Roused, who could extract $400,000 from the 3 star Dungeon. Normally, the 3 star Dungeon yielded around $50,000 per run. He wondered how much the 4 star Dungeons would give….

For Sunggoo, Woojin was basically a lotto ticket for him.

[Oppa bought a car. I’ll go get you~]

Sungoo sang at top volume as he headed towards the Sadahng station.

Woojin received a call from Sunggoo, and his eyes turned round when he went outside.

“Eeeyah. You bought this car?”

“Haha. It troubled me that hyung-nim had to ride in the small Matiz. This is why I bought this car.”

“Oh yeah. You don’t have to lend me your money.”


“I decided to settle the balance in a fortnight.”


He had signed a contract for a 60 month installed payment plan because of him…. He could have told him a little bit sooner.

“That’s too bad. If it is for hyung-nim, it would be well worth it even if you spend my entire fortune.”

Woojin was used to Sunggoo’s brown-nosing, so he let it flow over him as he looked at the car.

“Wow. This car is great.”

Woojin sat in the passenger seat. As if he was amazed by the car, he started touching every inch of the car’s interior. Sunggoo, who was the car’s owner, looked on with nervousness.

‘Ah. The oil from his hands.’

He couldn’t say anything, and he put on a smile. However, his inside were burning to pitch black. Woojin still pressed against various parts of the car as if he was fascinated by it.


Sunggoo was letting out a anguished scream inside. However, Woojin’s hand didn’t stop as his eyes was filled with curiosity.

“What are you doing? Aren’t you going to start the car?”


The car would eventually become dirty. New cars became used cars. Children became adults. This was the law of nature. Sunggoo chanted a Buddhist prayer as he tried to take care of his mental health by himself.

“When is the appointment?”

“It’s 5 o’clock.”

He had already put down the appointment fee, so they could use a the Dungeon. They didn’t have to go early to line up. They just had to make an appointment. It was a popular Dungeon, so the entire week was packed with appointments.

No one knew when the Dungeon Reset would happen, so they only took appointments for one week at a time.

“Where are we going this time?”

“We are headed to the Gwachun Station’s 6th exit.”

Uh? It was near his high school.

In the beginning, Woojin had gone into the Gwachun Station’s 1st exit by mistake. He grinned as he thought about it.

The two rode the new car, and they headed towards Gwachun.

Chapter 24. Looking For a House
Chapter 26. 4 star Dungeon