Seoul Station's Necromancer

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Chapter 25. Little Devil Bibi
Chapter 27. 4 star Dungeon (2)

Chapter 26. 4 star Dungeon

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“Team Leader. These guys made an appointment at the Gwachun Station’s 6th exit?”

“Which guild does the Dungeon belong to?”

“They are owned by the Hwarang guild.”

Jung-minchan frowned.

“They are acting no better than poor noobs. ”

It wasn’t possible for an F ranked Roused to attempt a 4 star Dungeon. How could they not know such a basic thing? They just blindly made an appointment. It seemed they were nothing more than amateurs.

However, he hadn’t verified their abilities himself, so it made him more curious. How much confidence do they have for them to attempt a 4 star Dungeon with only the two of them?

“Do we have a 4 star Dungeon near there”

“We do. It is the Chungsa station’s 11th exit.”

“It’s right next door. Is there an appointment around that time?”

“Mmmm. It is scheduled for a training session for our new recruits.”

“Tell them to go elsewhere. Empty the schedule over there.”


“If you want to catch a fish, then one has to throw in the chum. The bait.”

He always talked about fishing. Kim-haemin grumbled inside, then he started modifying the schedule.

“You come with me to Gwachun.”

“Yes. Yes.” (TLN:lost in translation. Nae=yes. Haemin changed it to nae-ee)

“Sssoop. I’ll go to the market. Prepare everything for me.”

“Yes, Yes.” (TLN: he change nae to Nwei)

Haemin replied in a playful manner. Minchan hit him as he got up. Haemin was an asshole, but he trusted Haemin the most on his team. He was quick on the uptake, and he took care of business fast.


Woojin and Haemin reached the Gwachun station at the appointed time. However, Woojin had bumped into a precarious situation.

“Aren’t you only a F ranked Roused? Why are you here at a 4 star Dungeon? Moreover, there is only two of you”

“Ah. Didn’t I say it was all right? I am very confident that we could do this.”

“Still, you can’t go in.”

“You don’t have to take any responsibility for what happens to us. Just let us in.”

“If you want to suicide, then go to the Hangang River. Why are you doing this over here? No. The regulation says so.”

The Bureau employee blocked his way, and he wasn’t budging. Sunggoo returned to Woojin with a hopeless expression on his face.

“H…hyung-nim. I don’t think we’ll be able to go in. I’m sorry. I should have found out everything about this place.”

Sunggoo blamed himself since he had been too excited about signing his car contract yesterday. His earnings had significantly increased, but that was only possible since Woojin had gave away his earnings.

“Well, we can’t do anything about it.”

“I’ll cover the lost appointment fee.”

It cost him $2,000 just to make an appointment.

The person in charge of the appointment never thought that 2 Ranked F would try to raid this Dungeon. The employee thought Sunggoo was making an appointment at the behest of an organization. This was why he accepted the appointment request.

This was a unique experience.

“I guess we’ll have to write-off today. I’ll have to go to the Bureau to renew my rank. See if there is a 3 star Dungeon nearby.”

“Yes, sir.”

Sunggoo had an apologetic face. He was about to move quickly when it happened.

“Oh my. We meet again in such a place?”


Jung-minchan had a surprised expression on his face, and he approached Woojin and Sunggoo.

“What a coincidence. I’m sorry, but what’s going on? If it’s possible, I would like to lend a hand.”

Sunggoo told Minchan about their situation. Minchan put on his thinking face, then he secretly glanced at Woojin to see how he was reacting.

Woojin could see through Jung-minchan’s intent, so he grinned. Coinicidence? Bullshit.

Woojin gestured with his chin towards Sunggoo. It basically meant for Sunggoo to talk.

Sunggo gave a detailed explanation.

“So what if we do this? Our guild’s Dungeon is located at the next station. I’ll let you use that place.”

“Uh? Hy…hyung-nim?”

Sunggoo turned to looked at Woojin, and he waited for Woojin to make a decision. Woojin nonchalantly asked a question.

“I’m sure you expect no return for the favor?”

“Just a favorable impression toward us.”

Minchan put on a friendly smile. This caused Woojin to laugh with him.

“I’ll use it with thanks.”

“You are very straightforward.”

Minchan smiled as he looked at Woojin.

His reaction was softer than yesterday.

No, he might not be a psycho in the first place. Yesterday’s reaction might be an exception to the norm.

“Haha. Follow me.”

Minchan yelled in delight inside his heart as he escorted Woojin and Sunggoo. When they left, the dispatched employee of the Hwarang guild quickly made a call.

“Team leader. Jung-michan came here not too long ago. He took two rank F Roused away, and he treated them like royalty.”

[What are you saying all of a sudden?]

“Ah. Recently, two ranked F wanted to enter the 4 star Dungeon. They were being unreasonable, and argumentative. Do you remember the Team leader from the Hammer guild, who tried to act all elegant? He took the two Rank F to somewhere else. No, he pretty much escorted them out.”

[If that bastard Jung-minchan moved then something is fishy…….]

“Right? It seems those bastards have something up their sleeves? The F ranks tried to attempt a 4 star Dungeon.”

[First, let’s end the call. I’ll try to find out some information about them.]

Hwarang guild’s Support team leader also started to get busy.

The Gwachun Station and the Gwachun City Hall Station wasn’t that far away. They walked for a short amount of time as they conversed, and they were able to arrive at their destination in no time.

“If you join our guild, you could have prevented such minor things from happeing in advance. Moreover, you could raise your Roused rank in a flash with us. Our guild is well known for giving a lot of support to our Roused.”

During the brief walk, Minchan had repeated numerous selling points of the Hammer guild. Woojin knew what was happening. This was the price for his favor. Woojin was expected to listen to him prattle on.

So, he decided to just listen.

“Jeez. That seems quite convenient?”

“It really is convenient. If one needs money then money is provided. If one needs an artifact then an artifact will be given. You will be provided with any support you want. ”

Woojin replied to humor him a little bit.

“The members of the Hammer Guild must really like it.”

“Hahaha. Thank you for acknowledging our guild.”

He somewhat spoke the truth.

“Ah, we are already here. Please be at ease as you use this Dungeon. You don’t have to pay the fees for its use.”

“Is that also a favor?”

“Of course.”

The fees for the 4 star Dungeons were known for being very high. However, he said he won’t charge us at all, so it was a pretty significant favor.

Woojin didn’t hesitated as he agreed to it.

“I’ll gratefully accept it. How about that public employee over there?”

“I’ll quickly work to adjust Woojin-nim and Sunggoo-nim’s ranks.”

“Those are some welcoming words.”

At Woojin’s answer, Minchan smiled inside.

There were no favors without a string attached to it. No. Even if he didn’t want something back, the favor he gave would put a favorable light in their heart for the Hammer guild.

If someone bought you a meal, then you’ll naturally wonder if you have to buy the other person a meal the next time. It was human nature to feel this burden.

At the very least, Woojin would think more highly of the Hammer guild compared to the other guilds. When one builds a fire, one had to be sure to build a proper one.

“Please wait a moment. I’ve prepared a present for the two of you..”

“Uh-ooh. You also got us a present?”

Woojin didn’t show any signs of refusing the present. Michan yelled in delight inside his heart. As a Roused, his potential ability was mind-boggling, but Woojin was still a 24 year old cub.

He could tell Woojin hadn’t had much of a societal life. He unhesitatingly took everything just because it was given. Minchan was sure now. This opponent had basically climbed on top of his palms.

“Then please wait for a moment.”

Minchan went to the car he had parked nearby to pick up the present. While Minchan was doing this, Kim-haemin turned towards the two. He tried to start a friendly conversation.

“Hehe. Mr. Woojin seems very different from yesterday.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Uh-ooh. I was too scared to start a conversation with you.”

Woojin laughed at Haemin’s brashness. His head was a mess yesterday, because he was thinking about Trahnet.

“Yesterday I wasn’t feeling so well.”

“Hehe. You must be a man who act on his feelings. Now that I see you today it seems you have a good personality. Do you want to have some soju after this ends?”

“That’ll be great.”

Ah. He’ll welcome soju anytime.

Haemin tactfully praised Woojin and Sunggoo. He tried hard to match their moods.

Sunggoo could only shake his head when he saw them act like this. They were trying hard to fawn over Woojin, but would he actually join the guild?

‘These guys are barking up the wrong tree. Tsk tsk.’

Sunggoo felt sorry for Minchan and Haemin. They were purposefully trying to be on the same beat as Woojin. Woojin wasn’t evil, but he didn’t have a conscience.

Sunggoo thought his hyung-nim looked splendid when he acted that way.

“Ah, I’m getting bored waiting for him. Tell him to give me the present after I come back out.”

“Ah. You want to do that?”

“I’ll see you later. We’ll talk over some soju.”

“Hehe. I’ll take you to a great place.”

Woojin and Sunggoo quickly descended the stairway.

“We gave you plenty of time for your appointment. Fighting.”

Woojin grinned and he disappeared as he waved his hand. As he watched them disappear in to the barrier, Kim-haemin smiled brightly, and he waved his hand.

Suddenly, Haemin felt a terrifying sensation. His neck retreated into itself like a turtle then he turned his head to his side.

Waa, his heart.

Team leader Jung-minchan was frowning as he glared at Haemin.

“Hey. What the hell are you doing?”

“I’m…I’m seeing them off?”

A vein popped out on Jung-michan’s forehead.

“Didn’t I say I’ll go get the present?”

“Haha. Weren’t…weren’t you going to wait for them to clear it before you were going to give it to them? Just give it to them when they come out.”

At Haemin’s words, Jung-minchan felt himself raise his hand in anger. He was barely able to hold himself back. He dropped the bag he brought on the floor. The large sports-bag let out a thump as it fell on to the floor.

It was quite heavy, so the impact ripped the zipper open, and the content was revealed.

There were water filters, first-aid kit, cloth and a seeker. Moreover, it held a map with the location of the Return stone, and a Dungeon guide with the location of the enemy’s position.

‘A survival kit?’

The 1~3 star Dungeons were low level Dungeons. The 4~6 star Dungeons were high ranked Dungeons.

It wasn’t simply about the classification of high rank and low rank. There was a fundamental difference in the structure of the Dungeons.

The present Jung-minchan had prepared was none other than a survival kit.

“The F ranked bastards came to attempt a high ranked Dungeon, but how much do you think they know about the high ranked Dungeons?”

“That, that is…….”

Haemin’s face was turning pale. The recommended team composition for attacking a 4 star Dungeon was to have a Rank C team leader. The rest of the Roused team had to be at least Rank D.

However, only two of them entered without any information about the Dungeon.

“This isn’t a favor any more. We basically cornered them into the jaws of death.”


A 4 star Dungeon with no information about it…. It was a horrifying situation.

Haemin spoke carefully.

“Do…do you think they’ll come back alive?”

“They basically went into jungle barehanded.”


Haemin’s face turned white. From the beginning, he should have said it was a survival kit instead of a present. Minchan and Haemin didn’t speak for a while.

“Exscuse me, team leader. What if they do?”


“What happens if they do come back alive?”


They had gone to the jungle barehanded. Moreover, if they returned alive from a place crawling with monsters, and it was only the two of them instead of a team…..

“At the very least, they will be Rank B.”

Minchan’s face turned dark as he spat out those words.

“Moreover, they’ll probably be filled with animosity. They won’t have any goodwill towards our guild.”

They had cornered them into the jaws of death without giving them any proper information. No, he wouldn’t be able to say anything if they accused him of pushing them in a trap after digging it. They would also be reprimanded from the Roused Affairs Bureau.

On the surface, it looked like they had thrown two rank F Roused into a 4 star Dungeon.

“Whew. Hurry up and tell them to change their Roused rank right now.”

Jung-minchan’s sigh made Haemin more timid.


Woojin and Sunggoo steadily went down to the lower floors. Woojin defeated the monsters, and he searched for the bloodstones. Then he marked the corpses with his Marking magic. Sunggoo followed after him, and he cut open the monster’s corpses to bag the bloodstones.

They had been nervous since this was a 4 star Dungeon, but the monsters were much weaker than they had expected. It was on the same level as the monsters from the 2 star and 3 star Dungeons.

“Are you really sure this is a 4 star Dungeon?”

“I…I’m not sure”

He hadn’t fought against the monsters, so he had no idea. Even the 2 star monsters had been a tough opponent for Sunggoo. Therefore, he could’t tell the difference. Woojin said they were weak, so he just took Woojin’s words at face value.

“Maybe this Dungeon is more easier than the average Dungeon?”

“Well, who knows? Let’s quickly dispatch them then we could head out.”

Woojin cleared the lowest floor where the subway train would be parked then he used his Search magic. For the first time since he had entered the Dungeons, Woojin was taken aback.

“What? The Return Stone isn’t here.”

“What? That can’t be”

Sunggoo stopped extracting the bloodstones. He approached Woojin with a worried expression on his face.

‘Maybe my Search Skill level is too low?’

If he increased the Search Skill level, it would only increase the search radius. If an item was hidden in a secret location, he had to learn a higher ranked magic. This required one to be a Magician class.

“Mmmm. Well, let’s search again as we head back. Extract the rest of the bloodstones.”

“Yes, hyung-nim.”

Woojin was suspicious as to whether this Dungeon was really a 4 star. The quality of the monster here was subpar. He had a method that could accurately measure this.

Achievement Points.

Monsters of Rakwi quality gave 3 Achievement Points. The bloodstone drop rate wasn’t that high, but there were a lot of them. He thought it would be better to attack a spot where a lot of Rakwis spawned.

“I’ve excavated them all, hyung-nim.”

“Then let’s search for the Return Stone as we head toward the Station’s entrance.”

The Return Stone doesn’t always come out from the monster’s corpse. It could be hidden in various locations. This was why Woojin retraced his steps, and he used the Search Magic again.

Even as he approached the entrance, there was no trace of the Return Stone. He suddenly felt uneasy.

“If we ascend here, it’ll be the entrance…”

Sunggoo mumbled to himself. When they climbed the stair, a portal emitting a red light formed in front of the barrier.


It let out a strange sound. Woojin and Sunggoo looked at it with a queer expression on their faces.

Chapter 25. Little Devil Bibi
Chapter 27. 4 star Dungeon (2)