Seoul Station's Necromancer

Sept. 4, 2022, 6:55 a.m.

Chapter 26. 4 star Dungeon
Chapter 28. Same Place

Chapter 27. 4 star Dungeon (2)

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“Is that a portal?”

The color was different, but the portal made by the Dimensional Guardian had the same appearance. No. The size is a bit smaller…

Suddenly, Sunggoo kneeled down in front of Woojin.

“I’m sorry, hyung-nim.”

“Huh? Why?”

“This is my fault. When I bought my car yesterday, I became too excited. I was lax in my preliminary research of the Dungeons.”

Woojin smirked.

“It’s all right. Get up.”

At Woojin’s generosity, Sunggoo stood up with a touched expression on his face. He threw away the excited feeling from his heart, then he put a tight reign over his feelings using his nervousness.

‘I’ve lost my mind.’

Suggoo looked back on the past two days, and he had to admit he had been too excited . Sunggoo normally attacked only 1 star Dungeons. The first time he raided a 2 star Dungeon he had almost died. He had acted like he had forgotten about that incident.

If it wasn’t for Woojin, he would have died on that day. Moreover, he wouldn’t even be able to enter a 4 star Dungeon or even a 3 star Dungeon. For Sunggoo, a 4 star Dungeon was basically a death trap.

Even though he was coming to such a place, he hadn’t done the proper research. He came here with light feet as if he was going to a picnic…. He had gone crazy. He really had lost his mind.

Moreover, the little amount of research he had done wasn’t for this Dungeon. It was for the previous Dungeon. When they moved to a different Dungeon, he should have done more research, and he should come up with another plan. He had been in too much of a rush.

“Now that I think about it this situation is a bit weird. Even though they said this was a favor, it hadn’t felt like they were pushing us to enter.”

“I guess.”

Woojin also thought for a moment. Woojin didn’t worry about the past events since it was a useless thing to do.

“Either they planned on screwing me over or they have a very high opinion of me.”

Woojin started thinking about the future instead of the past.


Should he go in or not?

He had searched all over the subway station, but he didn’t find the Return Stone. His path was already chosen. He was going to choose the path with no worries.

“Let’s go in.”

“Yes, sir. Hyung-nim.”

Even if it is hell, he would follow Woojin. Sunggooo decided on the spot. He didn’t care about the Guilds. Woojin was his guiding light. He was his rescue rope.


Woojin passed through portal. He didn’t feel the strain he had felt when he returned to earth from Planet Alphen. The view in front of his eyes turned dizzy. Then his visual field cleared.

It felt different from moving to a different dimension. It felt like he had passed through a sticky liquid. It was unpleasant and it made him feel dizzy.

However, there weren’t anything wrong with his body.


Woojin was surprised at the scene he saw in front of his eyes. A jungle with thick brushes and large trees was sprawled out in front of him.


At Sunggoo’s shocked expression, Woojin turned to see a naked Sunggoo. At Sunggoo’s appearance, he raised his hand, and it seemed he wasn’t wearing anything either.

“It basically means only the body can go through the dimensional shift.”

They were basically thrown naked into the jungle. Woojin opened his Achievement Store, and he started to shop for clothes. Fortunately, basic clothes with no option cost less than 4 points. It was being sold at a cheap price.

“Hmm hmmm.”

As if Sunggoo was a little bit embarassed, he let out a fake cough.

Sunggoo’s gaze secretly dropped down towards the lower half of Woojin’s body.

‘Of course, hyung-nim is great.’ (TLN: he used a double entendre in Korean( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

It felt like he had lost, but he didn’t care. Of course, the hyung-nim he admired was huge.

“Here. Wear this.”

“Uh? Where did those clothes…”

For a brief moment, Sunggoo’s eyes had been looking elsewhere as his heart was being stolen.(TLN: there is no romantic connotation here) Woojin tossed him some clothes, and Sunggoo was surprise when he saw it.

Of course, he had a large package( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), and he could make make clothes out of nothing.

Woojin put his plain clothes on then he carefully observed his surrounding. The portal was located on top of a stone altar, and there was a wide open space around it. The radius was about 5 meters.

He looked North, South, West and East. However, the only thing he could see was trees.

“I guess we entered into the real 4 star Dungeon.”

Woojin grinned.

After he finished putting on his clothes, Sunggoo looked towards Woojin with a nervous expression. He had to be on his toes. Even a small mistake will get him killed.

“I’m going to prepare for a moment. Keep a lookout.”

Sunggoo immediately started to look around his surrounding.

Woojin opened his Achievement Store then he started getting ready for everything that could be thrown at him. He was level 10. He had his transfer bonus, so he would be rated higher than a normal level 10. However, this was a 4 star Dungeon, so even he might be in danger.

Necromancer’s characteristics allowed one to deal with numerous low level enemies with no problem. However, a Necromancer would have a hard time with a single powerful enemy.

He didn’t know which monsters would jump out at him, so he had to make preparations beforehand. Fortunately, he had hunted like a madman at the Rakwi spawn site. He had taken a loss in how much bloodstones dropped, but his Achievement Points had steadily stacked up. So he had a lot in spare.

Woojin bought all the small magic he would need for everyday life. Then he purchased several Warrior class skills.

One could feel how strong one’s opponent is.

Don’t make the Warrior angry. His anger allows him to use an unbelievable amount of power.

Once he rages, his enemies will be slaughtered.

Strength, Agility, Stamina stats are increased by 50%.

Duration Time : 30 sec Reuse Cool-down time: 60 min

The Warrior from time to time shows an unbelievable jumping ability.

Energy Consumption : 1

A Warrior’s charge is reckless.

Anywhere he wants to be, he is already there.

Energy Consumption : 1

Warrior’s powerful blow.

+100% attack is added to the basic attack.

Energy Consumption : 1

Warrior’s Sense and Rage were passive skills. Moreover, he purchased Jump, Charge, and Strike, which were active skills. All of them were Class skills one could learn at level 10. If one wasn’t a Warrior then one wouldn’t be able to learn it.

‘All right. That should be enough. Now the leftover Stat….’

Strength : 30 Agility : 30 Stamina : 30 Intelligence : 30

Magic : 25 Vitality : 0 Recovery : 10 Healing : 10

Control : 34

Unassigned Points : 0

Woojin had stacked 20 unassigned points as he leveled up to level 10. He put the points into Magic and Control. Then he bought several potions from the Achievement Store. He might run out of magic during a battle.

‘If I want to work on my Stat, then I’ll have to increase my inventory.’

He decided to raise his Stat through research. He needed various ingredients to make his drugs. Woojin’s inventory was only 3 shelves. He bought 3 Dimensional bags with 3 shelves each.

The purchased Dimensional bag immediately expanded his Inventory into a space of 12 Shelves.

If he wanted to expand his Inventory again then he had to buy different types of bag. It seemed the purchase limit for the same type of bag was three.

‘The 6 shelve bag costs 10,000 points.’

The price was too burdensome for him right now. He had to see the recipe then he would know which ingredient items he needed to gather. Therefore, he bought all the reasonably priced recipes.

‘I guess this much battle preparation should be enough?’

In the first place, Necromancers use their summoned beings to fight their battle. They didn’t put much importance on equipment. Their Skills were more important.

He had a lot more Bonus Points left, but he decided to save it. If the difficulty of the battles were too high, then the Bonus Points would be invaluable. It was basically Woojin’s hidden trump card.

Woojin used the rest of his points to purchase small items. He put it into his Inventory, then he stood up. Woojin thought about summoning his steel staff, and it popped out into being in his grasp.

“Let’s go.”

“Yes, hyung-nim. By the way…”


“Is hyung-him able to use the sub-dimension?”

Woojin suddenly produced clothes from thin air, and he had also taken out a staff. This was why he asked the question. If it wasn’t a sub-dimension, then he had no explanation on how Woojin was able to do this.



The sub-dimension artifacts were very expensive. Woojin wasn’t using an artifact, so it meant he was using magic. One had to be Rank B to use the sub-Dimension magic.

There weren’t that many Rank B Roused in Korea.

“Hy…hyung-nim. You are incredible. I admire you.”

“Stop playing around, and hide your life signature.”

“Yes, sir!”

Woojin took deliberate steps forward. From now on, they would be in the real 4 star Dungeon. The Detection Skill he had steadily raised was level 3. Now it was possible for him to detect a monster’s life signature from a distance.

“There are three of them in the front. I don’t know what they are.”

“What…what should we do?”

“You hit them. When those bastards start attacking, just escape towards me or you’ll be summoned back as a Skeleton Soldier.”


Sunggoo had a vivid image of his body exploding and a Skeleton Soldier being summoned through him. Even if he died, he didn’t want to die like that.

“You dork. Stop being so afraid. I’m just telling you to be on your toes.”

Nervousness was like a poison in battle. However, the day you don’t feel nervous on the battle field is probably the day you will die. This was more poignant in a battle with monsters.

Whether you become the hunter or the hunted, it wasn’t like the faces of a coin where it is one side or the other.

Are you going to melt and become the water or freeze to become an ice…

Woojin always looked relaxed, but his senses were wide open and it was on edge.

“Let it fly.”


At Wooin’s command, Sunggoo threw his fireball. His ability wasn’t a bad one. If one compared one’s long range magic, Sunggoo’s fireball was stronger than any long distance magic Woojin possessed.


The fireball made impact, and it let out sparks to the surrounding.


There was a problem he hadn’t had to worry about in the subway stations. A forest fire started to spread, and it accompanied a…


As it let out a terrible cry, an alligator shaped monster named Krocodile showed up. It charged towards them like a soldier crawling underneath wires in training.

Boom, Boom.

It busily moved its short legs quickly as it wiggled its body from side to side. It possessed prodigious strength and it broke all the small trees in the way of its charge.

It was as large as a bull.

Its saw like teeth was as large as a kitchen knife.

‘I’m fucked.’

At the incredible sense of danger, Sunggoo couldn’t even think about running away. At that moment, Woojin walked in front of him.

‘I guess this is the Warrior’s Sense.’


In a flash, Woojin charged forward as he plowed through the brushes. He looked like an Olympic sprinter. No. The movement technique in Muhyup novels would probably look like this.


It opened its mouth in a threatening manner. Woojin’s jumped 3 meter in the air to avoid it. Sunggoo’s mouth dropped open.

How could a person move like that?

As he was falling, Woojin grabbed the steel staff with both hands, and he accurately planted it on the Krocodile’s head.

The series of moves were so perfect that Sunggoo couldn’t help but admire it. If Woojin was a gymnast, he would have given him a perfect score.

Sunggo saw Woojin’s movement, and it was beautiful.


“Ah. Its leather is really tough.”

Puh-uhk, puk!


He was rough, and violent.


*In front of Gwachun City Hall Station’s 11th exit.*

Minchan and Haemin continued to stare at Dungeon’s barrier with a stunned expression on their face. The barrier hadn’t dissipated, so it meant there were people still alive inside.

“Ha. How long will they last?”

“Wouldn’t they be able to at least defeat a Krocodile?”

“They’ll probably able to kill it.”

“How about if they meet 3 of them? Wouldn’t it be too difficult for them?”


Krocodile was a difficult monster to kill. Most physical attacks couldn’t damage the tough leather, and it also had a pretty good resistance to magic.

Maybe if one had a sharp spear-like weapon, then one could probably attack the inside of its mouth, which was its weak point. However, 4 star Dungeons didn’t allow one to bring outside items.

Only the Roused and the items from the other world could move through the portal. The items in the survival kit were manufactured from ingredients brought back from the other side.

“Mmmm. They are fighting barehanded, so even one Krocodile might be too hard.”

“Even if they are able to kill the monsters, food and water is a problem.”

Also, monsters weren’t the only danger present. Even if there were no monsters, one was dropped bare-naked in the middle of an amazon forest. The probability of a human surviving there dropped sharply.


Minchan and Haemin could only let out a sigh when they felt the guilt about getting innocent people killed.


Sizzle sizzle.

Sunggoo ate the well-cooked skewer of meat, and his eyes turned round.

“Hyung-nim. This taste is to die for!”

“Alligators taste great if you tenderize the meat.”

“You are amazing, hyung-nim!”

In Sunggoo’s eye, Woojin was basically a god-like figure.

He didn’t know when he had the time to pack everything, but he took out a sharp cooking knife from inside the sub-dimension. He also took out pots, and other cooking utensils. Woojin cut the meat, and he pierced it with wooden skewers. A little bit of salt was sprinkled before they cooked it over the fire, and the taste was fantastic.

Woojin’s omniscience was endless.

He took out an oak cask, and he even poured out some beer.

He brought alcohol to a Dungeon!

“Dude. Try this out. Krocodile skewers go great as side-dish with the beer.”

“Kyahh. This is so delicious.”

Suggoo raised both his thumbs. The beer had a much deeper taste than the imported beers. Sunggoo wasn’t proficient at tasting alcohol, but even he fell in love with it. Woojin was in a good mood when he was able to taste the Planet Alphen’s beer he had purchased from the Achievement store.

He thought he would never be able to enjoy this taste again.

“Eat a lot. This place is large, and we have to search all of it.”

“Yes, hyung-nim.”

They didn’t have any information regarding the Return Stone, so they had to search the entire jungle. However, Woojin was in a good mood since a single Krocodile gave 30 Achievement points.

It was 10 times the point he made from killing the Rakwis.

‘I guess I’ll level up a little bit.’

Woojin grinned as he thought about the vast jungle.

Chapter 26. 4 star Dungeon
Chapter 28. Same Place