Seoul Station's Necromancer

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Chapter 28. Same Place
Chapter 30. Same Place (3)

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“This is quite unexpected?”

Woojin frowned as he saw the figures of about 20 monsters.

He would have never dreamed orcs would show up here. Their level was visible through the Warrior’s Sense, and it was fairly high. He had to assume their actual fighting power was much higher. These bastards were analogous to humans. When the monsters of this race gather in a group, they were able to work synergistically.

“Rakur Ri Maktoo, Ri Keo Alphen.”

Sunggoo was surprised when bizarre words started to flow out from Woojin’s mouth.


Sungoo wasn’t the only one who was surprised. The orcs were surprised, and they started to murmur to each other.

[How can a human from earth speak the language of the orcs?]

Woojin made a bitter laugh. Orc were of a similar race. They were one of the tribes that made up Alphen’s society. Woojin wondered how these orcs came to be in this Dungeon.

Weren’t the Dungeons a route being used by Trahnet to invade Earth?

[Why are the Alphen’s orcs here on earth?]

When Woojin replied in a similar words to their question, a large orc stepped forward.

[Who are you? How come a human from earth knows the Alphen’s orc language?]

[That’s not important. I’m asking why you are in this place.]

[We lost our base.]

Woojin was surprised at the orc’s words.

[Does that mean Alphen was taken by Trahnet?]

The orc turned silent at Woojin’s words. How could the human from earth know so much about the matters regarding Alphen?

[That’s right. One piece of the counter weight disappeared, and Trahnet became the owner of everything. We are able to exist here after we made a contract with Trahnet.]


[Earth will become our new base..]

The invasion of Earth.

Woojin frowned. It was a bullshit contract. Earth didn’t belong to Trahnet in the first place.

“Do they want to die? How dare they come here?”

When Woojin spoke in Korean, Sunggoo asked with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

“Hyung-nim. Are you ok?”


“I thought hyung-nim was speaking in tongues.”

Sunggoo had genuinely been worried. Woojin had suddenly let out guttural sounds. Sunggoo’s concern seeped with loyalty, and it awakened Woojin’s senses.

Whew. So this is what Rage is. Woojin bottled up his anger then he looked at the orcs. He had to direct his anger towards the orcs instead of Sunggoo. After they lost their homeland, they had crawled into someone else’s land. Moreover, they were trying to take it away.

“I’m not afraid of a team battle.”

If it was a team battle, he was confident he wouldn’t lose.

“Bombard them.”

At Woojin’s words, the Skeleton Magicians on standby started to bombard the orcs with each of their own magic.

Shooooooo, Puh-puh-puhng!

The fire, ice and electricity magic flew like raining arrows toward the orc’s position, and it scorched the earth. After a moment of disturbance, the cloud of dust subsided, and Sunggoo had a shocked expression at what he saw.

“Those…those bastards are unscathed?”

The orc shaman had used a barrier magic to protect themselves. Woojin grinned.

Whether it was the orcs or whatever else, he wouldn’t allow them to take earth while he was here.

“Let’s see if they could hold out against this.”

If his magic wasn’t working, then he just had to increase their power.

Woojin opened the Skill Window, and he immediately raised the level of Skeleton Magicians to 10.


The appearance of the Skeleton Magicians started to change. A black air current started to form around their emaciated bodies, and it materialized into a black robe. If they stood still, one could mistake them for people with hood over their head.

The hands made out of the emaciated bones thrust out from between the robes. Then a light two times the size of the previous one formed to make magic.

“Shoot them.”

At Woojin’s command, magic that couldn’t’ even compared to the ones before started to rain down on the orcs.

Hwa-roo-rook, Puhng! Zzuh-zuh-zuhng, pah-jee-jeek!

When the fire ball made contact, it exploded. The ice froze its surrounding. The strengthened electric shock was the most effective against the orcs, since the orcs used tempered iron as weapons.

[Brave warriors! Charge!]

“Beat them before they charge.”


At Woojin’s command, the Skeleton Magicians let out consecutive magic spells. When their level increased, the range, shooting rate and power of the magic had increased.

The orcs had been a good distance away. While they were charging towards Woojin, over half of them had died. When the orcs closed the distance, Woojin immediately canceled the summons for the 40 Skeleton Magicians.


Their body broke down, and a pile of bones was created. Woojin grinned.

“Let’s change 2nd round into a different event.”

He used the bones as medium to summon the Skeleton Soldiers.


His 40 points of magic would all be used up, but he didn’t care. He had other methods he could use. He wasn’t only about the magic.

“Well, let’s go.”


Woojin lifted his steel staff, and he charged. The Skeleton Soldiers quickly moved behind him. The orc’s attacks were very strong. The Skeleton Soldiers were weak in endurance, so their skulls were broken after couple blows. However, Woojin didn’t care.

Every time the orc brought down a Skeleton Soldier, it got injured. The next Skeleton Soldier would also wound the orc again as it fell. The orc couldn’t face a Skeleton Soldier for the third time. It was killed after being pierced by a Skeleton Soldier’s sword.

No matter how brave the orc warriors were they couldn’t stand up against superior numbers. Woojin killed the last remaining orc. He crushed the orc shaman’s skull then he let out a sigh.

“Maybe humans might show up in Dungeons soon.”

“Hyung-nim. You are even good at telling jokes.”

After the battle ended, Sunggoo was in a familiar territory. He quickly looted the items used by the orcs.


*In front of Gwachun City Hall Station’s 11th exit*

Kim-haemin scratched his cheeks.

“Team leader. Isn’t this getting pretty serious?”

“How long has it been?”

“It’s been 6 hrs and 20 min.”

At Haemin’s words, Michan’s expression also turned serious. The normal clear time for a 4 star Dungeon was 4 hrs. That meant 20 hrs had passed within the Dungeon.

The two of them had already spent 25 hrs 20 min inside the Dungeon.

This meant they had survived for over a day within the Dungeon….

“Uh, uh, Team leader. The barrier.”

Jung-michan gulped as he saw the barrier disintegrate.

Come out. Please come out alive.

He yelled those words inside, but he didn’t see any changes at the bottom of the stairs.


When he let out a small sigh, he heard the sound of footsteps on the stairs.

“Ah. Maybe I should take a cart next time.”

Woojin and Sunggoo complained as they carried up the leather armors and weapons worn by the orcs. They were bring up a lot of stuff.

“C…congratulation on your safe return.”

Minchan ran down the stairs, and he was emotional as he grabbed Woojin. Woojin stared back at him with a blank face.

“Why are you making such a fuss?”


“Ah. Just Go down and bring those stuff up.”


Woojin and Suggoo had gathered a massive amount of loot. They had 2 full bags of bloodstones, and the size of the bloodstones couldn’t even be compared to the ones in the lower Dungeons.

Moreover, the equipment worn by the orcs were quite valuable. They also brought iron weapons, animal leathers, and rough cloths. It was items that could be purchased on earth. However, these were valuable since it could pass through the portals.

Any Roused could enter the low ranked Dungeons. It was possible for them to take modern items. Those Dungeons were basically neutral territories.

However, the higher ranked Dungeons only allowed the Roused to come across the portal. Modern items were useless.

When Woojin returned to the other side of the portal after obtaining the Return Stone, his clothes, hand-phone and bloodstone bags were strewn all over the floor.

They had to bring those items out too with the loot.

With the help of Minchan, Woojin and Sunggoo were sorting the loot.

“You are saying I could exchange the bloodstones at the exchange store, but it is up to us to sell the other items?”

“Yes. That’s correct. Wait a moment…”

Minchan opened the sportsbag, and he took out a scanner. He brought it over the items as if he was scanning it.

“Mmmm. They are all normal items. There are no artifacts. However, these items came out the Dungeon, so they should be quite valuable..”

“So where do I go to sell this?”

“Usually the support division of the guilds takes care of it….”

Michan stopped speaking, and he looked at Woojin to see how he responded. Would it be okay for him to talk about it?

“Well, if you enter a guild, then the support division will take care of these minor tasks…..”

“It does sound convenient.”

“Why don’t you enter into our guild? I promise we will give you the best treatment.””

“Ah, that’s all right. Why don’t uncle’s guild buy some of this stuff. It’ll be inconvenient for me to carry these around.”


Michan bought all the loot Woojin had brought. He also gave a good price on it.


“The profit here isn’t that great.”

“I guess so. However, wasn’t it a bit easier than before?”

Sunggoo knew what Woojin was getting at. At the Rakwi spawn site, he was busy extracting the bloodstones, so this was a bit easier for Sunggoo. Woojin also never felt he was in danger at that place. However, if he thought about the profit in terms of how much they made per hour, the 3 star Dungeons was a better option.


The gears inside Jung-minchan’s mind started to spin quickly. By loooking at Woojin and Suggoo’s reaction, it seemed they had never really been in danger inside this Dungeon.

‘Maybe he is Rank A.’

Minchan felt his heart pound . If it was possible, he wanted to accompany Woojin into the Dungeon. He wanted to see with his own eyes as to how he attacked the Dungeon.

This particular Roused had only attacked the Dungeons on three occasions yet he shook Minchan’s heart. This was the first time he had felt this way.

“Please give me your phone number.”


“Please give it to me.”

“You are going to bother me if I do.”


Of course.

Minchan wasn’t going to lose the Roused he had an eye on. However, Woojin was a tough cookie. He had given a lot of help to Woojin and Sunggoo even though they weren’t members of his guild. However, he didn’t want to lord it over them.

It seemed Woojin didn’t feel thankful towards him. It felt like his treatment of Woojin was considered as matter of course.

“Let’s coincidentally meet again next time.”


When the money was deposited, Woojin brushed himself off, and he stood up. Minchan didn’t have any reason he could use to stop him.

“I’ll see you out.”

“Ah, it’s all right.”

“Haha. I insist. Let’s go.”

Hamein followed after the two, and he saw them off from the parking lot. Minchan felt dejected as he sat down. Soon, Haemin hurriedly came running back.

“Team leader! I got it.”

“What did you get?”

“His phone number.”

Mincha’s eyes turned round, and he looked at the phone number in Haemin’s grasp.

[Kang-woojin 010-12xx-xxxx]

“Are you sure this isn’t a fake number?”

“No. I called it up.”

“Huh. If he was going to give it away so easily then why did he play so hard to get?”

“I…I’m not sure.”

Minchan frowned. He couldn’t make heads or tails of this situation. Previously, he acted like he would reject joining the guild yet his action right now left some room for doubt. It seems he isn’t entirely opposed to joining the guild.

‘Is he some kind of an expert at negotiations?’

Michan thought Woojin was a 24 year old young man, who was short on experience in society. He had to revise this opinion. After thinking for a long time, Minchan suddenly asked a question.

“What did you say that convinced him to give you his number?”

“I just said I wanted to have some soju with him next time?”


Ha. He had no idea what was going on inside of Wooijn.

Chapter 28. Same Place
Chapter 30. Same Place (3)