Seoul Station's Necromancer

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Chapter 29. Same Place (2)
Chapter 31. Dojiwon

Chapter 30. Same Place (3)

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*Inside Sunggoo’s car*

“Huh. I guess Krocodile leather sells for a high price?”

“I..I guess so.”

Woojin looked through the presents given by Minchan. Among the several items, he was looking at the Gwachun City Hall subway station’s 11th exit guidebook. It listed which monsters were present in the Dungeon, and the pattern they showed up in. It also listed the vulnerable points. There were a variety of information that were essential in attacking the Dungeon.

It listed how much a part of a monster could be sold for. It also described the valuable plants and what types of valuable ores could be found there.

These were easily found items. Woojin hadn’t known it, but there was a robust market for these items in this reality.

“Well, it’s too bad, but I can’t do anything about it now.”

Woojin knew he hadn’t been able to bring out a lot of things, but he didn’t feel any regret over it. Also, in the future, he didn’t have to think about gathering all those items by himself.

“Hey Sunggoo. You take care of it next time.”


Sunggoo would rather excavate the bloodstones. If he had to dismember monster’s corpses to bring the valuable parts, it was a little bit….

‘Ah, my dream of becoming a flame magician….’

The desire to advance his ability was as strong as the desire to make money. He really respected the high ranked Roused. After meeting Woojin, Sunggoo had more occasion to use the butcher knife instead of using his flame magic.

He had become a master at extracting bloodstones, but his flame ability was in a standstill.

However, he had made a contract, so he planned on being faithful to his job as a manager for 1 year. The amount of money he made was unimaginably larger than before. He would steadily save the money, then he’ll buy a magic scroll to raise his ability.

“By the way, hyung-nim.”

“Uh, what?”

Woojin’s eyes were glued to the guidebook, and he replied in a distracted manner.

“So why did you give your phone number to assistant manager Kim?”

“He said he wanted to have some soju with me.”

Was it that simple? Is he trying to act heroic? Maybe he is stu… No. Hyung-nim isn’t like that.

“Since assistant manager Kim knows your number, doesn’t that mean Team leader Jung will also know your phone number?”

“He’ll find out about it.”

“Then why did you give it to him?”

“Well, why not?”

Woojin turned his head to look at Sunggoo. Woojin answered in such a dignified manner that Sunggoo thought back to see if he asked the wrong question.

“Hyung-nim. Are you going to join a guild?”


“I…I thought you didn’t like being bothered? That Team leader Jung seemed like a pretty persistent person.”

Woojin grinned.

“Let me ask you this. After you block spam mails, does the spam mails stop coming?”

“It shows up even if it is blocked.”

“No. We just need to show moderate amount of interest. Then they’ll introduce us to Dungeons like today, and they’ll give us presents. How great would that be?”

He…he was enjoying this. Of course, hyung-nim’s heart is really…

“If it’s inside the Dungeon, do you think he will follow in after me? How about when I’m not in the Dungeon? I don’t have anything else to do. I have a lot of time on my hand.”


“He’ll eventually give up after he gets tired.”


Sunggoo grabbed the steering wheel in silence. Woojin was absentmindedly looking out the window when his eyes widened.

“Uh? Isn’t that Jaemin?”

“What? That’s the student living with hyung-nim?”

“Yeah. Pull your car alongside him.”

Sunggoo’s car stopped next to the sidewalk. Woojin got out of the passenger seat then he yelled as if he was glad to see Jaemin.



Jaemin was taken aback. He had come out near the school to eat out with his sister. He saw woojin wave at him with a bright smile. Jaemin unconsciously lowered his head.

“Hello, hyung.”


*Top floor of the Hammer guild*

One of the 10 rank A Roused in Korea was here.

[Guild Master Park-sahngoh]

The intercom placed behind the his desk’s nameplate rang. His secretary’s voice came out when he pressed the button.

[President. The 3rd Support Team leader is here for a visit.]

“Let him in.”


The intercom turned off, then the door opened soon after. The passionate support team leader was the same age as him. He was 35 years old. He had joined the Hammer guild late, but he had made significant contributions in helping the Hammer guild expand.

He managed the lower Dungeon, which were the main source of funds for the guild, with a steady hand. He also had the ability to find talented prospects, so he stood out from others in the guild.

“President. I’m hear to give my scouting progress report. It is about Kang-woojin, who I had reported to you before.”

“Have you succeeded?”

“Not yet….”

“Didn’t I give you all jurisdiction regarding this manner? You don’t have to give me progress reports. Perhaps, your negotiation isn’t going well?”

It would have been great if there had been an actual negotiation. The problem was Woojin didn’t even think about negotiating.

“If Team leader Jung is keeping tabs on him, then I don’t care about how much he wants. I’ll leave it up to your discretion. Scout him if you want.”

“You will have to settle a matter regarding him.”

Woojin was already able to make a lot of money. No, he had found an amazing hunting method that allowed him to make as much money in the 3 star Dungeon as the 4 star Dungeon.

He needed something more than money to entice him.

Park-sahngoh looked at the document he had to sign, and he frowned.

“Do we really need give him the position of vice-president? Does he really have that much worth? Hah. The vice president seat is no joke……….”

Park-sahngoh looked through the other files. Kang-woojin’s background was written in detail

“He returned after he went missing for 5 years. As soon as he came back, he went to the 2 star Dungeon once and 3 star Dungeon once. Today, he completed a 4 star Dungeon once.”

“Yes. I predict he is a Rouse possessing a very outstanding ability.”

“Have you seen it?”


“I said have you seen it.”

“I haven’t seen it yet, but my prediction….”

Park-sahngoh threw the documents, then he leaned back to bury his body into his chair’s backrest.

“Look here. Team leader Jung.”

“Yes, president.”

They were of the same age, but there was a large gulf between the boss and a subordinate inside the company. Minchan had the better educational background, but the gap between them was large. It was like the difference between a Roused and a civilian.

“If he was really that competent, then why would I spare the cost of giving the vice president seat? However, this is laughable. The position of vice president in the Hammer guild isn’t some part time job. This guy is a baby who only cleared the Dungeons three times. He isn’t a known quantity. How can we give him the position solely based on potential?”

There were additional problems.

“Moreover, his potential is based only on team leader’s hunch?”


Jung-minchan gritted his teeth. He had brought in numerous outstanding individuals based on his hunch. Hammer guild was one step in front of the other guilds in terms of finding talents, and Minchan had a lot to do with it.

“He has to display his potential in a tangible way. If that isn’t possible, find out about his abilities. Then I will be able to decide if he is worth the investment the guild will have to put out for him. How long did you expect us to make an investment solely on Team leader Jung’s hunch? It isn’t like you are successful every single time?”

He was right.

Numerous Roused were brought in at Jung-minchan’s strong assertion, and there were a lot of them who hadn’t reached their potential yet.

Still, if the president would just think of all the times they made a profit, this level of investment shouldn’t be too much….

“We shouldn’t throw around the vice president seat easily. Everywhere we go people will look down on us. It’ll bring down the Hammer guild’s prestige. Do you understand?”



The intercom rang just in time. He pressed the button and his secretary’s voice leaked out.

[President. The vice president is here for a visit.]

Vice president Park-jinwoo.

He was the greatest talent found by Team leader Jung-minchan. He was a 27 years old with a handsome face. Recently, he made a lot of appearance on tv, so he was as popular as an entertainer.

He was also the only other Rank A Roused in the Hammer Guild aside from the president. His worth to the guild didn’t even need an explanation.

Park-jinwoo was tall, and he was wearing a suit. When he opened the president’s door to come in, he came face to face with Team leader Jung-minchan. Jinwoo’s eyes became round, and he smiled as he gave his greeting.

“Uh? Team leader Jung was here..”

“Yes. Well, please go have your conversation with him.”

In the past, he had merely been a cub when Minchan had found. However, he was a vice president now. His station was markedly different from the past.

Jung-minchan walked passed him with a rigid expression, and Park-jinwoo shrugged his shoulders. By looking at this mood, it seemed he was chewed out by the president again.

Still, he had recognized Park-jinwoo during his noob Roused days. Minchan had also introduced him to the the Hammer guild, so he had an attachment towards him.

“What’s going on with Team leader?”

“Chet. I don’t know. He saw some necromancer, and he want to give the guy one of the vice president seat.”

Park-jinwoo laughed at the annoyed words of the president.

“If Team leader Jung is advocating for him, then don’t we have to try to catch him no matter what?”

“What do you mean catch him no matter what. I think that guy’s eyes have deteriorated. Every kid he brings in are mediocre now.”

Recently, the prospects found by team leader Jungminchan was very mediocre. They were talented, but they didn’t develop fast enough.

“The fact that Team leader Jung was able to recognize your talent was pure luck.”

“Eh-ee. Still, don’t be too harsh on him.”

“Chet. All right. Anyways, how was your work in the US?”


He had the wholehearted support of the guild, since he was a Rank A Roused. He was also the representative of the Hammer guild, so he had been elevated to the position of vice president.

The Guild Conference opened in the US. As the representative for the Hammer Guild, he had to participate in it. He had just returned from New York.

Park-jinwoo’s expression turned serious.

“I looked at the surrounding moods, and I think the rumor is correct..”

“It’s true?”

President Park-sahngoh also put on a serious expression. There was a very weird rumor circulating between guilds that started not too long ago. He had sent the vice president to the conference to confirm whether if the rumor was true.

“In your opinion, who procured it?”

“I think it’s the Titans.”

“The Titans….”

There were several large guilds in the US, but if one had to choose the best, one would pick the Titan. It was an obvious choice. If the rumor was true then the possibility of the Titan having the person was highly probable.

“A person who came out of a Dungeon….”

Park-sahngoh’s face had turned serious. Should he call that person an alien? Should he call the person a new species? He hadn’t seen this person, so he had nothing to say.

No. It might be a rumor made up by Titan in the first place. The absolute truth would probably only be known to the top executive of the Titans.

If the rumor was true, this would be the first such incident since the Dungeons formed 5 years ago.


In the heart of Manhattan, a limousine parked in front of an building that rose into the sky in an imposing manner. People who looked like security surrounded the car. They quickly moved to open the trunk and they took out a wheelchair.

The limousine’s door opened, and a brown haired middle-aged woman moved to the wheelchair.

A blonde beauty in a tidy outfit approached her with a smile on her face.

“Mrs Hamilton. Was there any discomfort in coming here?”

“Discomfort? This is the first time I’ve traveled in such luxury.”

She had flown here by plane for 6 hours. However, there wasn’t a single moment in the journey where she felt discomfort.

“Thank you for accepting our guild’s request.”

“It’s no problem. If someone needs my help, I’ll most definitely agree to it.”

Mrs. Hamilton was America’s most respected psychotherapist. With guidance from the blonde beauty, they headed towards the top floor of the guild.

“Mrs Hamilton. Before you meet the patient, you will have to sign this contract.”

The contract given to her by the blonde beauty was a commonly seen contract. It was a non-disclosure agreement. Many wealthy individuals were her regular customers, so she was used to seeing such agreements as their psychotherapist.

When she signed the contract, the blonde beauty guided her to the patient’s room. She was handed a concise summary of her patient. Hamilton asked in confusion as she read it.

“Does she have global aphasia?”


Mrs. Hamilton didn’t ask any more about the patient’s diagnosis. The file only had information regarding the symptoms exhibited by the patient. It didn’t have any person information on it.

“She doesn’t have any name, birthplace, age or anything”

The blonde beauty nodded her head.

“She was rescued from a Dungeon.”


“Your job is to find her voice again, Mrs. Hamilton. It is your job to fill the empty personal information of the patient.”

The beautiful blonde secretary led Mrs. Hamilton to a room. When she entered the room after opening the door, she couldn’t help but yell in surprise.

“Oh my God.”

She had never seen such a beauty in her life.

Even as a fellow woman, her almost unrealistic beauty surprised Mrs. Hamilton.

As befitting a 5 star hotel, the room was decorated in an extravagant manner. However, it didn’t even register in her eyes. She could only look at her.

She was simply a mysterious beauty with unearthly beauty. Moreover, she also gave off an unearthly feeling.

For a woman, who was rescued from a Dungeon, her face was too peaceful. Pyschotherapist Hamilton quietly approached her in the wheelchair.

The secretary stood by her side as she looked on.

After calming herself a little bit, Mrs. Hamilton started speaking towards the unidentified beauty. While Hamilton was calming down, the unidentified beauty had put on a faint smile, and it made her look very alien.

“Hello. My name is Mrs. Hamilton.”

The beauty didn’t respond at all to her gentle greeting. She couldn’t speak, but her eyes was letting out a light as if she was yearning for something.

“If it’s too difficult, you don’t have to speak. Do you want to write to me? Or you could draw some pictures.”

As if they had already tried this, the table next to them had a paper and pen on top of it. Hamilton smiled as she started to draw a picture first.

She just had to go slow. Maladies doesn’t suddenly get better in an instant. She couldn’t suddenly make a hole through the barrier in her heart. She can only get closer to her a little bit at a time.

The most important thing was always having sincerity in one’s heart.

“I’m ready. I want to understand you.”

[Can you hear me?]


Hamilton was surprised when a clear voice rang out inside her head. She turned to look at the secretary.

“Did you just hear someone speak?”

“What? I didn’t hear anything….”

[Your trust allowed you to receive my voice.]

Hamilton’s surprise-filled eyes turned towards the unidentified beauty. It was as if the light in her eyes were speaking to her. It was as if that was her voice.

“I…I can hear you.”

[I guess my god hasn’t abandoned me yet.]

“My God.”

The beauty’s lips hadn’t moved yet she was sure the woman was speaking to her. Her voice was clearly heard by Hamilton’s ears.

[May you grant me my request?]

“How…how are you able to speak to me? Who are you? How can this be…?”

The confused secretary looked at the flustered Hamilton, who was talking to herself. She couldn’t hear the patient’s voice at all.

Only Mrs. Hamilton was able to hear her voice.

[I’ve been rude.]

She had abruptly asked for a request. The unidentified beauty slowly stood up from her bed. With an elegant movement, she bowed. When Mrs. Hamilton saw this, she could only look on dumbfoundedly.

[I am Alphen’s Seventh Highest. I am the Mother of the Land. I am the Divine Wing, and the Voice of Aria. My name is Melody.]

“My God.”

She was the holy priestess of the church of Aria. Her name was Melody.

She had taken her first step on earth.

Chapter 29. Same Place (2)
Chapter 31. Dojiwon