Seoul Station's Necromancer

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Chapter 31. Dojiwon
Chapter 33. Reset

Chapter 32. Dojiwon (2)

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Sunggoo had a hard time moving moving his lips. Woojin didn’t speak. However, it wasn’t as if he stopped moving.

He grabbed a piece of beef entrails with his chopstick. He dipped it in the sauce, then he placed it on top of a perilla leaf. He also placed a garlic he had dipped in the soybean paste on top of it. Then Woojin emptied a glass of soju.

Crunch, crunch.

Wooijn smiled as he ate the wrapped meat.

“Ah. This really goes well as a side dish for the soju.”


Woojin raised his empty glass towards Sunggoo, and he wordlessly filled the glass.

“Hey. Let’s not do any games like this next time. How about we just quietly eat and drink alcohol?”


Woojin brought the soju glass to his mouth when Sunggoo didn’t give him an answer. When their eyes met, Sunggoo spoke.


“Uh, what?”

“Why aren’t you saying anything about it?”

“About what?”

Sunggoo glanced towards the passed out Do-jiwon, and he gave a meaningful gaze towards her.

“What? Her bald spot?”


Wa. How could he say such words so easily?

“Dude. So what?”


“What’s wrong with it?”

“…hyung-nim is ok with it?”

“What about it?”

Woojin emptied the soju into his mouth.

“She has a small scar. It isn’t like she is going to die from it.”


That wasn’t what he meant.

“What? Do you pity her?”

“Of course, wouldn’t anyone feel sorry for her?”

Woojin grinned.

He had lived in Alphen where the wars were endless. He grew up in a world where it was normal to arm oneself if one wanted to survive.

Deformed appearance? Handicapped?

If one was able to run on one’s own two legs, and one was able to grab a spear with both hands, then the person was considered to be a normal person.

From Woojin’s perspective, Jiwon was just a woman with a scar on her head. She was Jaemin’s noonah, and she was an alumni from 5 years ago.

Nothing had changed.

“Pour me some more alcohol. I’m in a good mood.”

Sungoo didn’t react to Woojin’s words. Woojin was starting to frown, and it seemed he had drunk a lot of alcohol since his face had turned red.

Sunggoo mustered up his courage.

“Once in a while, I am scared of hyung-nim. You are too cold-hearted.”


When Woojin became dumbfounded, Sunggoo suddenly stood up from his seat.

“If a woman hurts her face in Korea, it might be a fate worse than death!”


Sunggoo flinched and he walked stiffly to the side. Then he exited the restaurant. Woojin still had his glass up in the air. He had a dumbfounded expression as he looked towards the restaurant’s door where Sunggoo had exited.


Woojin put his glass down. He picked up a soju bottle then he poured it into the empty glass.

Ggol, ggol. (TLN: sfx soju pouring)

“I’ll just fill it up myself.”

Woojin emptied another glass of soju, then he picked up some beef entrails. As he chewed, he glanced at Jiwon.

“So what?”

Was it because he was used to dealing with the wild women of Alphen? If it was on Alphen, no woman would cover up a scar of that size from shame. Instead, they would show it off. It basically told everyone she had survived from the wounds received from the monsters.

Basically, it was a badge of honor.

“I don’t get why it’s such a big deal. She’s still pretty.”

She had a great body and a pretty face. A scar was just a scar.

“Whew. Earth….”

Was he too used to living in Alphen? Was there too much of a gap between how one thinks in Alphen and Earth?

If he went to the hospital right now to take a psychological examination, then would they want him to admit himself into the hospital?

“I’ve changed. Everything has change…”

Too many things had changed. He became monster of his own volition. Even if he had pined for his home land everyday for the past 20 years, it was inevitable for him to become estranged.

Woojin emptied another glass of soju.

As he was refilling his glass, he glanced towards Jiwon.

“That son of a bitch. Now I can’t get it off my mind.”

Sunggo’s words were bothering Woojin for no reason at all. After emptying his glass, he picked up the fallen hat, then he placed it back on Jiwon’s head.

Ggol, ggol.

He spoke aloud as he refilled his soju glass.

“Ah, this is my last glass.”

Woojin looked towards the inner part of the restaurant. The granny, who was the owner, had already went in to sleep. It basically meant they were suppose to leave on their own after they finished drinking.


Woojin emptied the last precious glass of soju. Then he patted Jiwon’s shoulder.

“Let’s go home.”



Woojin carried the completely passed out Jiwon in his arms.


“Uh-muh. Look at that woman.”

“Is she dead? Did that person do that to her?”

“Ooh. Disgusting.”

“I think I’m going to throw up what I ate earlier. Ooh-ook.”

Woojin was carrying Jiwon in a princess carry. Every time her hat slipped off they became the center of attention, and he was annoyed by it.

Why did he have to go through this after drinking alcohol in a good mood?

Woojin was putting back her hat again when he had a great idea. He approached a convenience store, then he placed Jiwon on a chair for a brief moment. Then he headed into the convenience store.


“Everything will probably be all right.”

As Jaemin headed back home, he let out a sigh of worry. In the past, his noonah had been praised as being a Queen card. (TLN: Queenca~basically the queen bee)

Everything changed after her accident.

She used to be very prim and proper. She had a lively personality, and her looks… Moreover, the people around her changed.

She worked hard at the factory to earn a living for her only remaining family, Jaemin. Jaemin knew how his noonah felt, so he studied hard without going astray.

Ddi ddi dii, ddi-ro-ri.

When he opened the door, he saw the baby cat lying on top of his bed watching the tv.

Uh? Something was off?

Jaemin was surprised. He took off his shoes, and he looked at the tv inside his room. It was showing a children’s animation show called Pororo.

“Huh. Did you turn it on?”


The cat vocalized in a cute manner. Jaemin grinned as he looked at her. What kind of talent did this cat have where she was able to watch the tv? She probably stepped on the remote control by mistake.

“Ah. Hyung picked up the cat, but he didn’t buy any items needed for a cat.”

Jaemin changed out of his school uniform then he sat in front of his computer. He accessed a portal site, then he searched for essential items for a cat like a litter box, sand and cat food. Then he suddenly remembered this cat had been cooped up in this house for the entire day.

“Ha-ah. Come here.”


As if she understood human words, the cat didn’t run away even when he stretched out his arms towards her. Jaemin looked into the cat’s eyes.

“Hehe. She’s very cute. Are you hungry, Bibi?”

Jaemin momentarily placed the cat on top of the dining table, then he opened the refrigerator. He was going to give it a sausage he usually buys…

Did someone eat it?


He had no memories of eating it, but the sausage was gone. He looked through the trash can, and he saw the plastic covering of the sausage thrown away there.

“Ha. This hyung really…”

There was no way a cat would be able to open the refrigerator and eat the sausage. Woojin was the culprit. Since it had already turned out like this, Jaemin hurriedly went to a convenience store to buy various cat items.

Woojin had given him a lot of spending money, so Jaemin wasn’t tight on money. Even if he invested his money into the cat, it wouldn’t be burdensome.

“Hehe. Is it tasty?”


Jaemin opened the can, and he stared at the cat. The baby cat, Bibi, sniffed at it several times. However, it seemed she had no thoughts of eating it.

“Uh? Why aren’t you eating? Try eating it.”

His anticipation-filled gaze fell on the cat, and the cat let out a light sigh…. Uh? Do cats have such expressive faces? Anyways, she let out a light sigh then she started lick the contents of the can.


When the tip of her tongue touched the food, the cat’s eyes widened, and she quickly ate the entire content of the can.

“Hehe. Eat well.”

She hadn’t eaten all day, so she must have been very hungry . Jaemin looked at the cat with satisfaction, then he sat in front of his computer. Like always he enjoyed surfing the web for a brief moment, then he glanced at the front door.

“Recently, I….”

Jaemin usually lived by himself, but after Woojin show up, he wasn’t able to have his own personal private time.

“Ah. This is the time.”

Jaemin quickly calculated in his head. The adults were drinking alcohol, so at the very least, they will be gone for 2 hours. Jaemin would be alone for at least that amount of time.

He used his mouse pointer to find the files hidden deep within the computer.


“Ah. Why is this bastard not picking up his phone?”

Jaemin wasn’t picking up his phone, so Woojin eventually opened the door while he was carrying Jiwon.


Bibi ran towards him, and she started rubbing her body against his leg. She had really wanted to see her master.

“Master. It seems you have become stronger than last time-ahong..”

“I leveled up a little bit. Anyways, why is he sleeping?”

Woojin pointed toward Jaemin, who was passed out on top of the bed. He had fainted with a blissful expression on his face.

“Nyahng. He was watching humans copulate, and he was taking care of himself. So I let him have a good dream-ahong.”

Low ranked Demon. Nightmare. Succubus Bibi.

It wasn’t only nighmares. Bibi’s specialty was causing erotic dreams.

“Chet. You are going to unnecessarily give the kid a wet dream….”

“Nyahng. He is probably tasting heaven right now-ahong.”

“All right. Just unfold the blanket.”


Bibi opened the closet, then she took out a blanket. It was hard to think of her as a cat when one saw her powerful strength.

Woojin placed Do-jiwon on top of the blanket then he turned around.

“Whew. I’m going out.”


Bibii jumped on top of Woojin’s shoulder. Woojin thoughtabout finding a motel, but there weren’t any nearby. He thought about going back home to his mother and Sooah, but he gave up on that idea.

He was worried about showing himself suffering under a nightmare. Fortunately, Woojin had a key that opens any door in the modern times. He had money.

He headed towards a hotel near the Hammer guild.

The employee told him he couldn’t bring his pet to stay in the hotel. Woojin told the employee he’ll put the cat somewhere else. He stepped outside for a moment, and he canceled Bibi’s summon. Then he was able to book a hotel room.

“Come out Bibi.”

After he locked the door to his room, Woojin called for Bibi. A black smoke formed, and it coalesced into the shape of a baby cat.

“Nyahhng. This is a hotel-ahong?”

“That’s right. This room cost $300.”

“Nyahhng. Earth is a really nice place to live. Oh yea. The thing called cat food is really delicious-nyahng. The cats on earth grow up eating such delicious food. It is a happy planet-nahong. Next time give me more as a favor-nyahng.”

Woojin grinned.

“By the way, Bibi.”


“Do you remember what Alphen was like before Trahnet invaded it?”

“Nyahng? Master was my first contract, so I have no idea-ahong. I lived in the Demon world before that.”

“Whew. I guess I’ll have to level up fast.”

At the very least he had to reach lvl80, so he could summon the Lich.

“It’s been a long time. Let’s sleep comfortably.”


Woojin laid down on top of the bed, and Bibi placed herself next to Woojin’s pillow. After a brief silent moment, she heard Woojin’s rhythmic breathing, and Bibi’s eyes turned entirely black.

“Kyahhk. You lowly demons.”

The evil spirits suppressed by Woojin’s Control started to swirl around Woojin. They took advantage of Woojin’s consciousness becoming murky. These evil spirits existed to torment Woojin.

The low rank Succubus Bibi was the only one who could help Woojin. She helped prevent the evil spirits from tormenting Woojin.

She controlled Woojin’s dream by making it a nightmare.


Woojin’s consciousness became fuzzy.

It felt like he was being suck into the abyss. He was in the deep recess of his consciousness.

It felt like he was sinking indefinitely, and he felt his limbs tremble as a sticky liquid bound them.

It was red and sticky.

Blood. Blood. Blood. And then more blood…

Woojin was standing on top of a lake made out of blood. The blood darkened, and it reverberated as it made a wave. Then the wave turned into hands and they grabbed his ankles.

[Don’t abandon us.]

The black hands swayed towards him, and the hands stretched towards Woojin. The contorted faces was despair itself.

[Please save us.]

They had been thrown away. He had thrown away these beings.

[Us. Our Monarch. Please take us away from the pain…]

Some only had hands, and others only had their upper body. There were corpses of various size and shape. The corpses clung onto Woojin’s body.

Woojin couldn’t shake them off. He couldn’t even take one step.

He silently endured everything.

[Oh Monarch of Alandal….]

Woojin’s two eyes, which had been lively, started to shed tears. It was filled with regret and lingering attachment.

“I’m sorry….”

Were these the beings he killed? No.

These were those who he hadn’t been able to protect. The souls of the people he couldn’t protect had turned into evil spirits, and they were circling around him. These souls had no where to go, and they couldn’t let go of their vengeful spirit.

“…I’m sorry I couldn’t protect… I’m sorry.”

This was how Woojin was able to persevere through everything.

Before Woojin could be swallowed up by the swamp of evil spirits at the field of corpses, a booming sound was heard from the distance.

A large penguin, a dinosaur walking on two legs, a beaver, a bear, and even a fox showed up.

Large friends of Pororo mounted an attack.

‘Am I going to be chased by them ii today’s nightmare?’

Before he knew it, the evil spirits had disappeared. If he was stepped on by one of Pororo’s friends, he would probably be crushed to death. As he was chased by them, Woojin smiled.

Chapter 31. Dojiwon
Chapter 33. Reset