Seoul Station's Necromancer

Sept. 4, 2022, 6:55 a.m.

Chapter 32. Dojiwon (2)
Chapter 34. Dungeon Reset (2)

Chapter 33. Reset

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“Ooh ooh.”

Jiwon’s head felt like it was about to split open. She got up as she moaned. When she looked around her surrounding, she was at Jaemin’s house. Bits and pieces of her memories started to piece itself together.

Woojin’s dongsaeng named Sunggoo took the lead, and he started a crazy storm of games. It caused her to frantically drink alcohol. Sunggoo had wished in vain for her to take off her hat, and he was persistent in getting her to drink.

Then everything became too dizzy, so she leaned forward on the table, and her hat had fallen off.

“They saw everything….”

She wanted to hide it. She met someone who only remembered her beautiful old self. However, she had shown all of her embarrassing personal matter now.

‘I don’t get why it’s such a big deal. She’s still pretty.’

When her hat fell off, she didn’t have the courage to get up. So she pretended to have fallen asleep. However, she did drink too much alcohol, so her memory was fuzzy…

She thought Woojin had carried her over here… Then her film of memory was cut for real, and she couldn’t remember anything aftwerards.

Jiwon put her hands over her reddened cheeks, then she realized she still had her hat on. She tried to take it off.


Jiwon slowly pulled against her hat and several strands of her hair was pulled along with it.


On both side of the hat, several strands of hair came off with the scotch tapes. When she saw this, Jiwon could’t help but laugh.


She couldn’t remember when he stuck it on her, but it strangely made her heart flutter. How could a scotch tape shake a person’s heart like this?

This was the first time.

This person called her pretty even though she had changed into a monster. She had assumed no one would think such thoughts about her unless the person was crazy. However, Woojin had appeared in front of Jiwon.

“Ooh ooh.”

Her heart fluttered, and she was hungover. After quenching her thirst with water, she tried to go into the restroom, but the door was locked.

“Uh, uh? Noonah is awake? Wait a moment.”

“Why are you awake so early in the morning?”

“Uh uh? While I was sleeping, I realized I didn’t do the l…laundry. I didn’t want noonah to work too hard on my behalf.”

“What the heck. At least leave the door open.”

“Uh uh? W…wait a moment. I’m almost done.”

It was 5 in the morning.

The door to the restroom didn’t open for a long time.



Woojin woke up from his sleep, and the first thing that greeted him was Bibi.

“Did you sleep well-ahong?”

“Whew. What were those things chasing after me?”

“It’s Pororo’s friend-aohng. I saw it on the television-ahong.” (TLN: It’s a real tv show. If you are curious, google this. “??? ???”)


It was a long dream.

They chased after him with a bright smile… He could still hear the laugh of the animal friends circling around his ears.

“Bring me my hand phone.”


Bibi brought the hand phone with her mouth. He opened the phone then he composed a text message.

[Hammer Hotel Room 1703. If you come later than 9 o’clock then I’m going to beat you up.]

It was 8 o’clock right now. One hour was plenty of time for him to come here. Woojin’s body was soaked with sweat. He got up from the bed to wash his body.


He finished showering, and when he came out, Bibi was looking at a brochure.

“What are you looking at?”

“It’s the Room service guide-ahong. I want to eat this-nyahng.”

“Room service?”

Woojin looked at the guide, then he picked up the hotel’s phone.

“I guess they deliver food.”

Soon after Woojin ordered the room service, the food picked out by Bibi showed up. It was spread out as if he was at a restaurant. Woojin was astonished by the food.

‘Earth stacks up well against Alphen.’

He thought the nobles of Alphen lived in extreme luxury. However, if one had money, one could live in comparable luxury on earth.

No. Woojin hadn’t experienced being in the upper class on earth yet, so it might be more luxurious over here.

When the plates of food were spread out, Bibi quickly jumped on top of the dining table then she picked up a fork.

“Nyahng. I wanted to eat this-ahong.”

Bibi picked up a Tonkatsu, which didn’t exist on Alphen.

“Nyahng. They fried the pig. The cooking methods of the Earthlings is fascinating-aohng.”

“Even if it isn’t pork, they fry everything.”

“Is that true-nyahong?”

Alphen’s cuisine didn’t have any fried foods. Bibi started talking about various foods she saw on tv, and how she was going to eat all of them next time.

Woojin realized something, while he was looking at her.

“Ah. I should also watch some tv.”

It was the 20 year gap in his consciousness. He was gone for only 5 years, but Woojin had returned to earth after 20 years. It wouldn’t be strange if he claimed the earth in his memory and the current earth were basically different worlds to him.

Excluding the time he spent in the Dungeon, Woojin decided to dedicate all of his time on watching tv. He’ll be able to enjoy the popular culture, and it will allow him to quickly adjust to society.

In the midst of the meal, the bell rang.

“Bibi. Go back into the Summoning room.”

“Nyahng. I haven’t had my fill yet-nyahng..”

“I’ll buy you more later.”

“All right-ahong. You most definitely have to buy it for me-nyahng..”

Bibi turned into black smoke, and she suddenly disappeared. Woojin packed his belongings, then he opened the door.

Sunggoo was waiting on his knees in front of the door. When Woojin came out, he prostrated himself on the floor.

“I’m sorry. I lost my mind after I became drunk yesterday. Please forgive me, hyung-nim.”

“It’s all right. Were you able to make an appointment for a 4 star Dungeon?”

If he thought about the money he made per hour then quickly clearing the 3 star Dungeons was the way to go. However, the experience he earned was low.

If his goal was to level up, then it would be better if he attacked a 3 star Dungeon. The money he lacked in purchasing his house could all be earned before he moved.

“I’ll find it soon.”

“Let’s go down and have a cup of cofee.”

Woojin and Sunggoo went down to the coffee shop provided by the hotel on the 1st floor. They made their orders, then they sat down in the chairs.

“The coffee price here is really expensive.”

“This is a hotel…. Hotels are originally expensive.”

“Chet. Anyways, hurry up and find it. Since you are making an appointment, why don’t you just book us for everything available this week.”

“Yes, sir.”

Woojin was a bit different from the others. If one was a normal Roused, 4 star Dungeons were more profitable than the 3 star Dungeons.

Woojin had a monstrous clear time, so he was able to finish a 3 star Dungeon in a blink. He could make more profit per hour in a 3 star Dungeon.

However, if he became familiar with the 4 star Dungeons, then he could probably decrease the clear time. It would allow him to make more money per hour.

The 4 star Dungeons were very large and there were too many variables. The 4 star Dungeons were dangerous, so the Roused teams attempted it carefully. Still, there weren’t that many 4 star Dungeons in existence, so there weren’t many open spots.

While Sunggoo was busyily searching for a Dungeon, Woojin focused on the game on his hand phone.

Pew pew, Pahng-yah!

“Look who it is?”

Woojin heard a pleasant voice, and the voice wasn’t welcomed by him. Woojin turned his head to see a smiling Jung-minchan.

“Jeez. You show up like a ghost.”

“Haha. Before I go to work, I always drink a cup of coffee here.”

He was lying. Hammer hotel was managed by the Hammer guild. He had known since yesterday that Woojin had checked into this hotel.

“Ahjuhshi. This is another coincidence?”

“Hahahaha. I guess so. Maybe we are fated to meet each other?”

Woojin shrugged his shoulder when he heard the sly words. Then he pointed towards a seat.

“If you are here then why don’t you have a seat?”

“Should I?”

When Jung-minchan took a seat, Woojin asked him a question.

“If you have some business with me then be quick about it.”

“Haha. What business would I have with you? I’m sorry about what happened yesterday. If you need anything, just say the word. I’ll give you anything as an apology.”

Woojin grinned. Why was this man so passionate about bringing him into the same guild as him? What did he gain by it?

“Is Mr. Sunggoo perhaps making a appointment for a Dungeon?”

“What? Yes. I’m trying to find an empty spot in the schedule for a 4 star Dungeon, but there aren’t…”

“Dungeon Forum has a number of uses, but it isn’t specialized. Please wait a moment.”

Minchan took out a notebook he brought on the table. He ran a program, and all the appointments to the high ranked Dungeons was projected on the screen.


Sunggoo was surprised, but Woojin wasn’t interested. He didn’t care if a good computer program or his underling was used to make an appointment. If he was able to make an appointment, then either method sufficed.

“The Guild Support Division is specialized to deal with such problems. Moreover, if a Roused like Woojin joins our guild, you will get free housing. Ah. If you prefer the hotel, then you could use this place indefinitely. A lot of Roused already use this place as their lodging.”

Woojin glanced at Minchan.

“That does sound good.”

“Hahaha. Are you a little bit interested now? Look over here. This is the list of the empty slots for the 4 star Dungeons.”

Four slots of 11 am, 2 pm, 5 pm and 10 pm was empty. The Appointment fee, and Usage fee was all listed on the side. The program was most definitely better than the Dungeon Forum.

“So what should I do? Should I make you an appointment? If you were in a guild, then you wouldn’t have to worry about such cumbersome procedures.”

It really seemed he would be more comfortable if he had a guild. Woojin asked a question.

“If I take down your guild leader then will I become the guild master??”

“No way.”

“Then I’m not interested.”


Jung-minchan couldn’t speak for a long time after he heard such absurd words.

‘I knew it. I guess he wants a high position?’

Minchan thought his prediction had been correct. Woojin was in the midst of negotiating with him. He acted uninterested, but he kept leaving hints.

The fact that he checked into the Hammer hotel was a signal being sent to Minchan. It was a signal saying I am staying here, so come find me.

‘I have nothing that could reel this guy in. However, I have to catch a Roused of this caliber no matter what.’

It would be best to accede to whatever he wanted. Adding Woojin to the guild would be a gain for the guild. Without the president’s approval, it would be hard to give him the vice president seat. However, if Woojin was able to get the position of team leader for a Roused team, then would he accept Minchan’s offer?

Minchan’s mind raced as Woojin pointed to the very top Dungeon listed on the screen.

“Will I be able to make appointments with this?”

“Of course.”

“Is it ok to help people who aren’t in your guild?”

“This is a favor. A favor.”

When Minchan laughed, Woojin also laughed after him.


It was too elaborate for this meeting to have been a coincidence. Kim-haemin was ready outside the hotel with his car.

“Well, let’s go.”

“My car is in the parking lot.”

“Don’t worry about it. When you finish clearing the Dungeon, I’ll bring you back here. Ah. Of course, this is a benefit provided to the Roused who join our guild.”

As they listened to Minchan’s guild promotion, Woojin and Sunggoo got into the car. Haemin drove two station down from the Sahdahng station. They headed towards the Seoul National University Station.

It was within walking distance.

“I’ve finished making an appointment. There is a little bit of time left before you can use the Dungeon. Why don’t we come back after having some tea?”

There was 1 hour left until the appointed 11 o’clock time. This was a great opportunity for Minchan.

“The descriptions of the Seoul National University Station’s 2nd entrance is in the guide. However, would you give me some time to brief you on this Dungeon?”

Seoul National University Station’s 2nd entrance wasn’t owned by the Hammer guild. However, the information about the high rank Dungeons were traded between guilds. This was why Minchan knew all the details about this Dungeon.

It was important to have a briefing before attacking a Dungeon. If one paid attention and acted on the information, the Dungeon attack becomed much easier.

Knowledge was power! If one enters a guild, then one could clear a Dungeon comfortably! Minchan wanted Woojin to know this.

“Ah. That’ll be great.”

As Minchan’s face brightened at Woojin’s assent, a bright light was emitted by the 6th exit across the intersection.

“Uh? It’s a Dungeon Reset.”

He had seen it on film, but this was the first time Sunggoo had seen it in person. He spoke out in surprise.

There was only one reason why the Dungeon would glow.

Dungeon Reset.

The Mine’s life span had come to an end, and it had turned into a new Dungeon. If the Dungeon couldn’t be cleared in 30 days, then a Dungeon Break would happen.

“J..jeez. Hurry up and contact the guild, Haemin.”

“Yes, sir.”

Kim-haemin busily made a call. Woojin’s gaze rested on the location across the intersection as he spoke.

“So a free Dungeon formed over there?”


Dungeon Reset. The first one to clear the Dungeon went missing, so the Dungeon basically became owner-less.

However, a Dungeon wasn’t like picking up a coin off the floor. It would be reckless to attempt it…

Woojin’s two eyes became fully alert when he saw the people busily moving around the 6th exit.

Chapter 32. Dojiwon (2)
Chapter 34. Dungeon Reset (2)