Seoul Station's Necromancer

Sept. 4, 2022, 6:55 a.m.

Chapter 34. Dungeon Reset (2)
Chapter 36. Establishing a Guild

Chapter 35. Dungeon Reset (3)

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He entered by breaking the regulation, so will he be arrested or be given a penalty?


It was when everyone’s attention was focused on him, Woojin saw the security personnel that was still hanging around the station. He spoke towards the one who had pushed him.

“Uh-ooh, ahjuhshi. What were you doing pushing me? I almost died.”

“I…I didn’t push you…”

Woojin approached the security personnel then he gave an exaggerated hug.

“Hahaha. It’s alright. Everything is fine since I’m still alive. Ahjuhshi was probably also surprised? You don’t have to feel guilty. Aren’t I still alive?”

No. How can this be considered just being alive? This was the first incident where a Roused had successfully cleared a 5 star Dungeon by himself.

“Uh uh? Hey. Hey. Hurry up and turn the camera.”

The people from the tv station, who were taking a break, started to busily set up their cameras.

When the announcer spoke, Woojin’s image was captured by the camera, and it was broadcasted to the entire country.

“We are bringing you some breaking news. Mr. Kang, who had accidentally fallen into the Dungeon, has surprisingly come back out alive. We have no idea what has happened, but I will try to interview the person directly involved.”

When Jung-minchan saw the announcer approaching Woojin, he sidled up next to Woojin. Minchan took off his coat then he placed it around Woojin.


Woojin was confused, but Minchan quickly placed an arm around him.

“Please dont’ do anything. If your identity is revealed through the press, then the press and people around the country will gather to bother you.”

That couldn’t happen. Woojin obediently put the jacket over his head. Sunggoo was quick on the uptake, and he also sidled up next to Woojin. Kim-haemin quickly went to get his car, so they could make a quick exit.

During all of this, Jung-minchan blocked the path of television crew, and the reporters who were relentlessly pressing down on their camera’s shutter.

“He has just barely made it back out alive from the 5 star Dungeon. He is declining to do an interview. He requires stability right now.”

“Who are you dt block us? Doesn’t the public have the right to know?”

Several complaining reporters recognized Jung-minchan’s face.

“Isn’t he a Hammer guild’s team leader?”

“Does that mean the Roused in the accident is part of the Hammer Guild?”

“Was this incident disguised as an accident, so the Hammer guild could snatch the Dungeon away?”

Jung-minchan became serious when he heard the reporters talking in whispers.

“Please stop these speculative reporting. I will sue you. If the personal information of the Roused is leaked then we will respond strongly.”

Minchan blocked the reporters, who were trying to earn at least a single shred of information. Haemin brought his car around during all of this.

“Team leader! Over here.”

Sunggoo and Woojin quickly entered the back seats. When Minchan also got in the car, Haemin quickly drove into the crossroads before the mass of people could crowd around the car.

“Whew. It felt like I’ve turned into a criminal.”

Michan let out a sigh when he heard Woojin’s words.

“Whew. I’m not really sure if I am in a dream or not.”

Minchan’s heart pounded. His intuition had pointed out Woojin, but he would have never guess Woojin would be able to clear a 5 star Dungeon by himself…. Moreover, it was an undisclosed Dungeon.

“So what happened?”

“What do you mean? I was pushed, and I entered” (TLN: he clipped the word coincidentally into 3 parts)

Minchan smirked at Woojin, who answered a question with a question. If someone saw him right now, who in their right mind would think this person just came out of a 5 star Dungeon?

“So how was the Dungeon?”

“Ah. It was somewhat of a hairy experience.”

“It must have been an arduous experience, since you weren’t able to bring out any loot.”

Ah, it was a in his sub-dimension. He was late, because he was gathering every last drop of bloodstones….

Woojin didn’t feel the need to tell him the truth.

“Well, it was something like that.”

Jung-minchan half-turned his body from the passenger seat, and he stared straight at Woojin.

“There will be a lot of noise in the media for awhile. Don’t go to a Dungeon for the time being. Better yet don’t even come out. The Hammer guild will try its best to block the reporters, and the tv crews.”

Woojin grinned at Minchan’s words. Why was he putting so much effort into him? Why was this ahjuhshi so amicable towards him?

“What’s the catch?”

Minchan gulped down his saliva.

“Will you join the Hammer guild? Your ability is already proven now, so it would be possible for me to get you the vice president’s seat. I’ll be able to get the authorization from the president with no problem. Moreover, we will make a team just for Woojin-nim. You will also have free reign to choose your team members.”

Sunggoo, who was listening to the conversation from the side, gulped down his saliva.

It was understandable. There were only 10 Rank A Roused in Korea. Woojin had suddenly emerged, and he might be a new Rank A Roused. Of course, he would be treated well, but this was too shocking.

Sunggoo stopped breathing as his eyes headed towards Woojn’s lips. Even Haemin, who was driving, pointed his ears towards Woojin as he focused on what Woojin would say.


“Chet. Why does he have to go to a place like that to get publicity?”

Hammer guild’s president Park-sahngoh clicked his tongue as if he was displeased. His ire rose when he saw team leader Jung-minchan’s face on the breaking news.

The 5 star Dungeon was only two station down from the Sahdahng station yet the Hwarang guild was in line to be the first one to attack the Dungeon. Minchan had the galls to linger around there.

In the first place, wasn’t he trying to scout a necromancer name Woojin or whatever? Wasn’t this the price of neglecting his original duties?

When Minchan returned, he would hand down a strict disciplinary action. It happened when he was having such thoughts.


The barrier being filmed by the broadcasting camera disappeared, and Woojin walked out. Park-sahngoh abruptly stood up from his seat.

“This is nuts.”

He soloed a 5 star Dungeon?

It was possible. Park-sahngoh was confident he could do it. However, he was a Rank A Roused. Wasn’t the other person a Rank C? No. He was able to become a Rank C, because Jung-minchan adjusted the Rank from the middle.

“Is he a Rank A?”

This Roused wasn’t at all like Park-jinwoo where his potential had to be unearthed. This person was already a completed product.

“This is crazy.”

Was Jung-minchan’s intuition correct?

He saw Minchan on the broadcast. He hurriedly protected Woojin’s identity. They got on a car, then they quickly drove off.

Park-sahngoh made a fist.

“Yes! I knew team leader Jung would succeed.”

Jung-minchan was about to reel in the 3rd Rank A Roused for the Hammer guild.


Hwarang guild’s Master Lee-sahngho was sighing as he read over the investigative report prepared by the Support department.

“How confident are you on this report?”

“About 70%.”


Lee-sahngho frowned.

A Roused named Kang-woojin was the subject of this investigation.

The conclusion from the investigation was written in this report.

The Roused was secretly grown by the Hammer guild. He had disappeared for 5 years, but there weren’t any conclusive evidence as to whether he really disappeared or not. He became active only recently, and he hadn’t tried to raise his Roused Rank. He had been working as a Rank C.

Moreover, he cut in line in front of the Vermillion team, who had arrived first at the Dungeon.

“Didn’t he just ignore the queue?”

Woojin was the very first person to write his name for the queue. However, he was a Rank C Roused. He didn’t have the right. His attempt at the Dungeon broke the rules.

He entered the Dungeon using an accident as an excuse. He basically worked around the rules? He also risked going in solo? Moreover, he did this while revealing his identity as a secretly cultivated Roused?

The Hammer guild did this to take a mere 5 star Dungeon?

“It just doesn’t add up. The Hammer guild is currently struggling to shut the reporters from talking. Couldn’t we draw a conclusion from this fact?”

Hammer guild wanted to keep Woojin’s identity a secret.

The Support team leader, who had made the report, furrowed his brows.

“If he isn’t affiliated with the Hammer guild, then his skill can’t be explained.”

“That’s correct. It can’t be explained. If a person could become a Rank A just from completing 4 Dungeons, then couple hundred Rank A would exist.”

“That’s true.”

“Please investigate him again. Please approach the investigation as if he was free. Please look at it as a possibility.”

The Support team leader thought hard on it before he spoke.

“President. There is one way we can find out his affiliation.”

Lee-sahngho’s ears perked up.

“What is it?”

“Mr. Kang-woojin is still an incomplete.”


Lee-sahngho’s round eyes turned into a crescent shape, then he smiled.

Of course, if they used that method, then they would be able to accurately dig up Woojin’s affiliation.


“Pooh-haha. I really like that part.”

“Haha. You are so funny, hyung-nim.”

Jaemin frowned since he couldn’t focus on his study in this environment. He turned his head to see them laughing their heads off at the comedy program. Sunggoo, Woojin and the cat… Uh? Why is a cat laughing like that?

Maybe this cat has some self-awareness?

As he looked at them, Jaemin couldn’t stop himself from speaking.

“I’m studying for test, so couldn’t you turn down the volume?”

“All right. All right.”

Woojin half-heartedly pressed the button on the remote, and a single bar of volume went down.

“Hehe. I’m sorry, student Jaemin.”


Jaemin let out a deep sigh.

Why did this house become an inn for those youths with nowhere to go?

“Hyung. Aren’t you guys worried?”

“Ah haha. About what?”

Woojin gave a half-hearted answer as his eyes never left the tv.

“It’s been 3 days since the reporters started blanketing outside.”

Jaemin’s voice was filled with exhaustion.

“They’ll start to get tired of me, then they’ll enventually disappear.”

There were a lot less reporters compared to the first day. However, that wasn’t the problem.

“Hyung. Haven’t you seen the internet? They are making a huge ruckus about the person who soloed a 5 star Dungeon. I know it was hyung.”

“I guess I’m famous now.”

Jaemin shook his head from side-to-side at Woojin’s apathetic answer.

There were several dozens of speculative articles written about Woojin every day before it got buried.

[The veiled Roused, KangXX. What is his identity?]

[Hammer guild’s secret Roused.]

There were all kinds of speculative reporting rampant everywhere, yet how can the people directly involved be so relaxed?

Woojin was annoyed at Jaemin, who kept talking to him. So he brought out his wallet.

“Ah. I’m in an inconvenient situation, so I can’t eve go out right now. That being said could you go out an buy some tangerines?”

“Student Jaemin. Please buy two bags.”

Hul. These hyungs looked frighteningly more relaxed than me? Furthermore, I’m the one who is being inconvenienced. He was damn uncomfortable right now.

“Hyung. It’s my testing period.”

“You can have the leftover money as a tip for shopping for me.”

Woojin took out $50 bill and he waved it around. Jaemin had a sullen expression as he glared at the money. Then he stood up from his chare/

“Do you need anything else?”

“Student Jaemin. I want a Melona.” (TLN: ice cream)

“I want a Wonder cone.”

“Nyahh, Nyahhng.”


Woojin immediately raised the volume as soon as Jaemin left.

“Hyung-nim. Aren’t we being too much of a bother to student Jaemin?”

“Haha. Where else are we going to go? Everywhere we go the reporters are following us.”

The reporters had even come looking for them at their home, and they were making life difficult for their family members. This was why the two of them had escaped to Jaemin’s house. It had already been 3 days, but the undercover reporters were still hanging around where they stayed. They couldn’t even go to a Dungeon, so they were just staying inside Jaemin’s one room.

“Also, hyung-him. Are you really going to keep turning down the Hammer guild’s offer?”

“Uh. Why?”

Ah, it was a great opportunity.

They don’t give the vice president seat to just anyone….

“Whew. It’s nothing, hyung-nim.“


At that moment, Woojin’s hand phone started ringing, so he answered it.

“Yes, mother. Are the reporters still showing up? Yes. What?”

Woojin, who had been lying down on his side as he watched tv, suddenly sat up.

“They still send those things out?”

Sunggoo was curious to know what was said on the phone. What made Woojin so surprised?

“Whew. I understad. If I have the chance later, I’ll go pick it up.”

“Hyung-nim. What’s going on?”

Sunggoo asked the question as soon as Woojin ended the call.

Woojin’s face turned as serious as Sunggoo had ever seen.


“Yes, hyung-nim.”

“Did our countries unify yet?”

“Not yet.”

“Why not?”


If he knew the answer to that question, then he would be the Minister of Unification. Why would he be sitting here?

Woojin pressed firmly on his temple.

His draft notice had come.

It had been 5 years since the Dungeon had formed, but this damn country was still divided.

“Hey, Sunggoo. You should come with me to Pyongyang.”

“What? Why would we go there?”

“Let’s go kill Kim-jungil.”

“What? Kim-jungil has been dead for awhile….”

“What? He’s dead yet the countries aren’t united?”

“His son took over.”



After thinking over it for a moment, Woojin spoke again.

“Then let’s go kill that son of a bitch.”


Woojin was looking at Sunggoo with a serious face, so he knew Woojin wasn’t making a joke at his expense. So he sobered up.

“Hyung-nim. What’s causing you to act this way?”

“My draft notice was issued.”


Sunggoo’s expression turned serious. Woojin abruptly stood up.


“Let’s go! Let’s unite the country. Let’s unite it before I have to join the army.”

“H…hyung-nim. Please calm down. Do you really think both countries will immediately unite just from killing that person?”

“Why not? It’ll work.”

“It won’t.”

Woojin sat down in despair when he heard Sunggoo’s words.


What era were they in? Why was the compulsory military service still a thing?

Sunggoo seriously thought about the situation alongside Woojin, when a thought suddenly came to him.

“Ah, hyung-nim!”


“When a Roused goes to the army, they are assigned to a special division.”


“They are the first ones to be mobilized to the station when the Dungeon Break erupts”

“So what?”

“There is a way you could do the same work without entering the army.”

“Explain it so I can easily understand it.”

Sunggoo had dropped out of school, so his draft notice would also be coming soon. This was why Sunggoo had done some research on the army, so Sunggoo was well informed on this subject.

“It is like working for the public interest. You don’t enter the army, but when the military asks for help, you have to cooperate with them to suppress the monsters.”

“Oh! So how do I apply for it?”

“This option is only available for the Roused who are verified as being a member of a guild.”


Sunggo slyly spoke to Woojin, who was racking his brain.

“Why don’t you use this opportunity to join a guild?”


Woojin thought about it.

‘Should I secretly enter Pyongyang for an assassination?’

He didn’t want to join a guild in the first place, so entering one wasn’t even an option. Then Woojin suddenly had a good idea.

“Hey, Sunggoo.”

“Yes, hyung-nim.”

“Let’s make a guild.”


Woojin put on a satisfied smile.

“Get ready to establish a guild.”

He didn’t want to bow his head to enter a guild. So he’ll just make a new one. It’s just a guild, so he could probably half-ass it when he made one.

Chapter 34. Dungeon Reset (2)
Chapter 36. Establishing a Guild