Seoul Station's Necromancer

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Chapter 35. Dungeon Reset (3)
Chapter 37. Establishing a Guild(2)

Chapter 36. Establishing a Guild

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“Should I make a new one? Or should I steal one?”

“S…steal one? You can’t do that.”

“I guess I have to make one.”


“You should find out how to make one first.”

Sunggoo was taken aback, so he didn’t know how he should answer Woojin. A guild wasn’t some kind of a club. It wasn’t something that could be made just on a whim.

“I probably won’t be able to go outside since there are a lot of reporters out there.”


“Yes, hyung-nim.”

“You can’t hide from them for the rest of your life. It would be better for you to get used to ignoring the attention early on, so you can get along with your life.”

“What? I thought hyung-nim didn’t want to receive any attention?”

“I did?”

Woojin had a confused expression on his face. What kind of a person was Woojin at Alphen? His every movement, and whims were of great concern to everyone in the continent.

It was natural for everyone to be interested in him. This was why he didn’t feel the slightest of excitement or repulsion from receiving exposure from the media.

Should he live the life of an average middle class citizen?

Nonsense. Trahnet was digging an underground tunnel through the subway stations, and he was aiming to take over earth.

“So what if my face becomes famous? There are things you can prevent in this world, and there are things you shouldn’t block.”

“Well, that is true.”

Normally he seemed immature, but he always seems to come up with the right words for situations like like this. As hyung-nim said, they were already receiving a lot of publicity from the press.

The Hammer guild pressured the media, so the media hadn’t released their information. Still, this caused public interest to almost explode.

The person was able to accidentally enter a 5 star Dungeon, but he was a monster who could solo the Dungeon. The Management Bureau admitted Woojin’s Roused Rank was incorrect, and they said his Rank would be newly measured.

“I’ll go do some research.”

“Take care of everything before I have join the army.”


“If I go to the army, aren’t you the one who is lose out?”


Anyways, a high ranked Roused like Woojin would most assuredly receive preferential treatment…

Sunggoo was booting up his computer when Woojin’s hand phone rang.


[Yes, Mr. Wooijn. This is Kim-haemin.]

“Ah. What can I do for you? Isn’t it too early to drink soju?”

[Haha. We can do that next time. I have something to discuss with you face to face. I have to talk to you about who you are going to entrust with the management of the Seoul Station’s 6th exit.]


Woojin thought of a good idea when Haemin contacted him.

“Let’s talk in person. I have to talk to you about the guild, so why don’t I also meet with team leader Jung?”

[What? The guild? Are you sure?]

“Yes. Where do you want to meet?”

[I…I’m on my way right now. I’ll be there soon!]

Before the phone call could be severed, he heard the sounds of Haemin running around.

“Huh. Why do they like me so much?”


*4th Support Team. Team Leader Room.*


The door opened in a rough manner, and Jung-minchan’s face automatically knotted into a frown.

“Which bastard is being so rude….”

“Team leader! We did it. We did it.”

Haemin ran in, and his face was dripping with happiness. It was as if Korea had won the World Cup.

His overwhelming attitude made Minchan drop the etiquette between a superior officer and his worker. Moreover, he also stopped using the deeply ingrained Korean cultural etiquette between a senior and a junior to start the conversation.

“What…what did you just say?”

“Mr. Woojin wants to meet us. Mr. Woojin want to meet us about guild business!”


Minchan suddenly stood up from his seat. His butt tipped over his chair, but he didn’t care.

“You got another one, team leader!”

“Haha, haha-haht!”

He had received a lot of stress recently, but could there be a more happier event? Jung-minchan quickly wore his jacket, then he spoke to Haemin.

“Let’s get ready to meet him immediately. I’ll go make my report to the president.”

“Yes, sir. Haha.”

Haemin started to run with elation. Minchan also couldn’t hold back his joy as he headed toward the president’s office. The female secretary pressed the intercom button when Minchan arrived.

“President. Fourth Support Team leader is here for a visit.”

[Aigo. Please bring him in.]

Minchan’s ears picked up the small sound coming from the intercom, and it made him smile. Yes. Jung-minchan isn’t dead yet!

Minchan confidently entered the president’s office, and Hammer guild’s president Park-sahngoh greeted him near the sofa.

“Aigo, our Team leader Jung. What has happened?”

“We were contacted by Mr. Kang-woojin.”

“Aigo! What a happy occasion.”

Park-sahngoh grabbed Jung-minchan’s hands.

“Our team leader Jung-minchan endured a lot of hardship. Huh huh huh.”

“Hmm hmm. I need to settle a matter regarding Mr. Kang-woojin.”

“Huh huh. Didn’t I entrust my full authority to team leader Jung??”

“We previously talked about the vice presidency seat….”

“Aigo. If our team leader Jung wants to give it to him, then we have to give it him.”

Park-sahngoh’s enthusiastic and almost burdensome support made Jung-minchan throw couple of victory uppercut inside his heart.

“Huh huh. Thank you for your efforts. Thanks to team leader Jung our Hammer guild would establish our foothold as the number 1 guild in Korea.”

The three great Guilds of Korea.

None of the Hammer, Hwarang or KH possessed 3 Rank A Roused. If they were able to make Woojin their new guild member then the Hammer guild would rise up to an unrivaled position.

Jung-minchan looked like a treasure to Park-sahngoh.

“So I’m going to go knowing I have your approval.”

Park-sahngoh himself showed Jung-minchan out of the president’s office.

“Of course. Please have a safe journey. I’ll be waiting for the good news.”

“I’ll be sure to return with good news.”

“Hahaha. Hey, secretary Kim. Prepare a guild-wide company dinner!!”

“Yes, president.”

Even when Jung-minchan got on the elevator, Park-sahngoh still shook Minchan’s hand with a smile on his face.

When the elevator door closed, Jung-minchan made a fist, and he let fly an uppercut.


Hoot. If it wasn’t for him, they wouldn’t have been able to find a Rank A like Park-jinwoo. It was all thanks to him.


Minchan felt his fallen confidence recover. Did healing feel like this? He had done it once again.

Jung-minchan wasn’t dead yet. He was alive and kicking.

He gathered the contract, required documents, and his notebook.

When he arrived at the 1st floor, Haemin was already on standby inside his car. Haemin looked as happy as Minchan.


*Sahdahng station’s cafe. Angel Angel’s business room.*

“What? Did I hear you wrong?”

Minchan was suspicious as to whether his ears were really working or not. He didn’t even have the chance to take out the contract. Woojin repeated his words once again.

“I want ahjushi to come to our guild.”


What kind of situation was this? He couldn’t’ grasp what Woojin was saying, because his reply was so unexpected.

“When you called, it wasn’t about making a contract with the Hammer guild?”

Woojin grinned.

“Why would I go there? I want Team leader Jung and Mr. Haemin to come to my guild.”


Jung-minchan was surprised. Kim-haemin was also surprised.

Jungminchan groaned.

He already had a guild. Woojin was already affiliated with a guild. This was why he refused the temptation of joining the Hammer guild.

Where was he from? Hwarang? KH? Or some other small guild?

“Whew. What’s the name of Mr. Woojin’s guild?”

“It’s the Alandal guild.”

What? Alandal? This is the first time he had heard of this name. If he didn’t know about it then it must be a very small guild. Haemin was quick to pick up on the situation, so he searched for it. However, the guild didn’t exist.

“Excuse me. The guild named Alandal doesn’t exist?”

Woojin nodded his head if Haemin’s words were reasonable.

“Of course.”


Woojin looked at Haemin and Minchan.

“You two have to come…”


“and make it.”


Did someone spike his morning coffee with drugs? Why did he keep hearing bullshit? So he wants to make a new guild?

“How much do you make currently, Mr. Haemin?”


“Your annual salary.”

“I make a little over 50 thousand dollars….”

“I’ll give you a hundred thousand dollar.”


“If that is too little, I’ll give you an additional 50 thousand dollar.”


Haemin’s eyes turned round, and Woojin turned to look at team leader Jung. Jung-minchan beat him to the punch.

“I’m not someone who will be moved by money. No. Moreover, isn’t this a little bit too absurd?”

“What is?”

“You are suddenly talking about making a guild. Moreover, you want us to change employment. I am a team leader of the Hammer guild.”

Guild was where the Roused gathered, but it was also a company. It saw similar to a talent agency. Each Roused was in a contractual relationship with the Guild.

The normal people entered as employees to departments like the Support division. Jung-minchan was an old hand in the guild. He had joined the Hammer Guild late, but he had enough ability to climb up to the rank of Team leader.

So how could he change guild based solely on money? If he took the long term view of his future, it would leave a huge dent in his career.

Woojin grinned.

“Guild Alandal. Why don’t you become one of the founding members?”


Jung-minchan’s eyes shook. The word, ‘founding member’, shook his heart.

“I’m trying to make a guild, but I know nothing. Why don’t ahjushi come over and help a little bit?”


“If you don’t, I’ll just go to Pyongyang.”


What did him changing his employment have to do with going to Pyongyang?



As they headed back to the Hammer guild, Haemin and Minchan didn’t speak inside the car. Angel Angel was next to an intersection near the Sahdahng station, so the Hammer guild was a walking distance away. Before they could blink their eyes, they had arrived in the parking lot, and the silence didn’t last too long afterwards.

“Team leader. I’m going to jump ship.”

“Hey, you.”

“No. To put it bluntly, isn’t it great what he is trying to do? Mr. Woojin might be a Rank A Roused. No, I am sure he is one. Who else could solo clear a 5 star dungeon? Do you know how big his guild will become? If I stay in the Hammer guild, then how far could I climb up?”

Hammer guild had grown as large as it could get, and the guild would have a hard time expanding any further. His seniors, who had entered the guild before him, was firmly entrenched in the top seats. The prospect of him advancing in the guild was quite hopeless.

“Doesn’t Mr. Woojin already possess one 5 star Dungeon? To tell you the truth, if he manages just that Dungeon, he wouldn’t need to renege on my annual salary.”


He was right. Just by looking at the pattern in which Woojin attacked the Dungeons, he could tell the guild formed by Woojin will have a very bright future.

“I have the chance to become a founding member. To tell you the truth, I could probably become a head of the Support Division.”

A position that handles everything that has to do with the Support teams. By the way he said those words, it seemed Haemin had dreamed of the position for a long time.

Minchan thought about it.

Where was his ambition? Where did he fit in the Hammer guild?

The Hammer guild’s department heads, and the members of the board were all founding members. Even if he kept making serious contribution to the guild, Jung-minchan would never surpass them to become part of the management.

“I’ll also go.”

“Team leader.”

When he heard Minchan’s decision, Kim-haemin took out his resignation letter he always carried around.

“Do you always carry that around?”

“Heh heh. All salary man do so.”

Jung-minchan grinned, and he also took out his resignation letter from the pocket of his suit. Haemin’s eyes turned round.

“You too, team Leader?”

“All salary man do so.”

“Kooo. Let’s toss the resignation letter in style, then we can go have some soju.”

“All right.”

Jung-minchan and Kim-haemin headed towards their possible last day at the Hammer guild.

They took the elevator to the 11th floor where the 4th Support team was located at. The office lights were all turned off.


The curtain was closed, and it was dark inside. He saw the members of his team standing around a cake with lit candles.

It wasn’t only the 4th Support team. All of the Support teams were assembled in the room. Moreover, president Park-sahngoh, and vice president Park-jinwoo was also present.

“Team leader Jung-minchan! Congratulation on being promoted to the head of the department!”

“Uh uh?”

While Minchan was being confused, President Park-sahngoh spoke as he laughed out loud.

“Hahaha. I had my eyes on Mr. Minchan, and I find the team leader position to be lacking. You will become the head of the Support Division starting tomorrow.”


As Minchan looked at them in surprise, his team members egged him on.

“Team leader. Hurry up and blow out the candles.”

“Please don’t forget about us after you become the department head.”

“Hahaha. Congratulation on your promotion, team leader.”

“Huh huh.”

Minchan was too flustered, so only laughter leaked out of him. He blew out the candles in bewilderment, and the office filled with people clapped.

“Well, he is back after finalizing an incredible deal. He is a genius of negotiations. Please clap once again for Department Head Jung-minchan.”

“You are so cool, department head!”

Park-sahngoh started a chant, and the continuous clapping assaulted Minchan’s ears. Minchan and Haemin had pale faces, and they were just laughing.

Yes, president. The genius of negotiation went to negotiate, but he was negotiated instead. He was ashamed of himself.

“Excuse me, president.”

“Ha ha ha. Let’s go to the company dinner to hear your good news. I booked a really nice place to today.”

“Wahhhhh! It’s a company dinner.”

‘Huh huh huh.’

He could only laugh.

He could become the Hammer guild’s department head or a founding member of a new guild.

The sweet fruit he had always wanted was in one hand, and a seed that could grow into anything was in the other.

Before he could hand over his resignation letter, everyone moved out towards the location where the company dinner was being held.

“T…team leader. What should we do?”

“What do you expect me…”

The flustered Haemin asked the question, but Minchan could only shake his head. Why was the president overdoing it today…

“Ha-ah. They are throwing us a farewell party, so we should go.”

This big fuck up wasn’t created by Jung-minchan. Park-sahngoh. The president brought it on himself. Minchan took out the resignation letters from his jacket, then he stabbed it into his back pocket.

Chapter 35. Dungeon Reset (3)
Chapter 37. Establishing a Guild(2)