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Sept. 4, 2022, 6:55 a.m.

Chapter 40. 5 Star Dungeon(3)
Chapter 42. Hot Issue (2)

Chapter 41. Hot Issue

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“Uh uh? The barrier is disappearing.”

“What? That’s crazy talk?”

The reporters gathered in front of the Seoul National University Station’s 6th exit was surprised when they saw the barrier start to disappear.

It takes an average time of about 8 hours to clear a 5 star Dungeon. However, Woojin and Sunggoo was showing up after entering the Dungeon for 4 hours.

Even if the time flowed 4 times faster in there, they had completed the Dungeon in about 16 hours.

“H…hurry up and write the article.”

“We’ll have to try to get an interview from him. Oh-wahh. What the heck is this?”

“Doesn’t this mean he is almost at Kim-gahngchul’s level?”

“Eh-ee. Still, you are comparing him to Kim-kahngchul.”

If one had to pick the greatest Roused of Korea, then everyone would say it was Kim-gahngchul.

“Still, his impact won’t be something to scoff at.”

“Yeah. Uh, they are coming out now.”

Surely there weren’t any Roused in Korea that was hotter than Woojin right now. He was the Roused who had cleared the 5 star Dungeon by himself.

He was still obscure since he is a new Rank A Roused, but there were a lot of controversy surrounding him.

Why didn’t he reveal his true Rank? What happened during 5 years he went missing? What ability did he have….etc.

Since not a lot was known about him, there were a lot of speculations, and the conversations were hot in the internet community.

It was the job of the reporters to reveal any information about the Roused Kang-woojin, who was hidden by a veil.

“Mr. Kang-woojin. Please do an interview with us.”

The reporters crowded in to get closer to Kang-woojin. He glared as he ascended the stairs.

“I’m not in a good mood. Why dont’ you get out of the way while I’m still being civil?”

His seething voice was fierce like the sound of a wild animal. The reporters flinched at his intimidating spirit, and they retreated to the back.

However, there were over 20 reporters gathered there. The reporter at the end of the line yelled out a question.

“Mr. Kahng-woojin. Please give us a statement.”


Woojin stood still as he looked around to see the reporters. Wooin’s gaze came to a rest on a microphone placed right in front of his nose.

“Put that away.”


After hearing his threatening voice, the reporter quietly lowered the microphone. Woojin glared at them, and the reporters all avoided his gaze.

‘Ooh. How can a person glare like that?’

Woojin started walking away, and the atmosphere deterred the reporters from talking to him again. The reporters latched on to Sunggoo, who was walking despondently towards them.

“Mr. Hong-sunggoo. You are Mr. Kang-woojin’s only team mate. How did you guys meet?”

“There are people who are comparing Mr. Kang-woojin and Mr. Kim-gangchul. Who do you think is stronger?”

At the rapid succession of questions by the reporters, Sunggoo uncharacteristically got mad.

“Are you guys taking this a little too far? Do you think a Dungeon is a playground. We came back alive, and when he just started to breathe the air of earth, you guys are pushing the cameras in our face?”


When the reporters didn’t’ say anything, Sunggoo became more irate, and he started yelling.

“Do you do this to other teams? Do you think we are that easy to deal with?”

The reporters covered them since they had been easy to deal with. The other large guild’s teams wouldn’t allow the reporters to rush them in the first place. The Support teams blocked the reporters as a matter of course.

“Please get out of the way..”

Sunggoo escaped from the grasp of the reporters. Woojin had already walked a fair distance away. Sunggo ran, and he fell in behind Woojin.

“Hyung-nim. I’m sorry about before.”



“Enough. That’s enough.”

“Yes, hyung-nim.”

“You have to act in moderation or they won’t see you in a favorable light. Weren’t you a little bit to heavy handed?”

“I’ll be careful.”

Woojin grinned when he heard Sunggo’s depressed voice. He thought Sunggoo was too innocent. He guessed it would have been more strange if Sunggoo had been fine after he came face to face with death.

How much hardship had Woojin gone through at Planet Alphen?

“You are a man…. Put your chest out, dude.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Be brave. You were only cussed out a little bit. You don’t have put on a martyred expression.”

Ah, this was unfair. He was hearing such words from the actual culprit who had berated him.

However, Sunggoo was still strangely comforted by his words.

“Yes, sir!”

“Dude. Then let’s go.”

Woojin got into Sunggoo’s car, then he made a call to Kim-haemin.

[Mr. Woojin. No. President. You’ve already come out?]

“What are you doing right now? Where is team leader Jung?”

[Team leader went home after he finalized the contract for an office. He went home to make a final inspection on the documents he will submit tomorrow….]

“You guys already acquired an office?”

[Yes. Do you want to see it?]

What’s the point of seeing it right now? He just wanted to rest today.

“I’ll see you tomorrow. Just give me the address.”

[Yes, sir. I’ll immediately send you a text]

When Woojin’s phone call ended, a text arrived. He pressed the address, and the Maps app opened to indicate where it was located at.

“It’s close.”

At Woojin’s words, Sunggoo snuck a question in.

“Isn’t this too much like a declaration of war against the Hammer guild??”


“If our headquarters are close, then we would be in direct competitions with them..”

When a Dungeon Reset happens, the raid opportunity is given to the very first team who arrives. If one’s headquarter is close, then one will have a higher chance of arriving first.

It was natural for the competition to become intense for nearby companies.

The large guilds were called the Korea’s 3 great guild. Everyone stayed far away from them.

KH was located at Gangbuk. Hwarang was at Inchun, and Hammer was at Gangnam. Even the medium-sized guild stayed a good distance away from their territory. This was how the large guilds kept an advantage over their competitors.

“So what? It isn’t like we want to fight them. Aren’t we just trying to keep our options open?”

“I guess so….”

Initially, they had established the guild to avoid joining the army. However, the Hammer guild wouldn’t see it like that…

Jaemin’s house was only two station’s away, so he arrived at the house in no time.

“I’ll see you tomorrow at the office.”

“Yes, hyung. Please head in.”

“All right.”

“Excuse me, hyung-nim.”


“Thank you very much for saving me..”

“No problem, man.”

Woojin waved his hand then he headed towards Jaemin’s house.


Woojin opened the door to come in. It seemed Jaemin was still at his tutoring school, and he wasn’t back yet.

“Nyahh. Master has become a lot stronger again-ahong.”

Woojin grinned at Bibi, who always greeted him.

“Bibi. Do you remember Trahnet’s underlings?”

“Nyahng? What about those monsters-nyahng?”

“I was thinking about it. Let’s say these damn Dungeons were created by Trahnet to attack Earth. I understand those bastards are trying to make something like a Dimensional Tunnel. However, why haven’t we seen any signs of Trahnet’s underling?”

“Nyahk. There was that time-nyahng.”

The Rakwi and Drabbits were all low rank monsters. It was hard to call them as being part of Trahnet’s army. They were wild animals that usually showed up near Trahnet’s territory. Maybe they could be considered to be tool used by him.

“I meant that bastard’s real underlings.”

He wasn’t talking about the low rank monsters. If Trahnet’s real army showed up right now, it would be impossible for the Earth’s forces to stand in their way.

The 10 ballyhooed rank A Roused of Korea only possessed ability akin to level 60.

They were on the same class as a 6th Circle Magician.

They would have made some waves with that level of power on Planet Alphen, but it was insufficient when facing Trahnet.

“Nyahhng. Maybe they are still short on power-nyahng?”


“Look at me-nyahng. I can’t materialize my true body on earth, and I’m stuck in this state-nyahng. Myabe they can’t materialize on earth yet-nyahng?”

Woojin suddenly had a thought as a light-bulb went off in his head.

“Those bastards don’t have enough power to materialize on earth?”

“Nyahng. I think so-ahong??“

That seemed likely. No, it must be true. If not, why wouldn’t they actively attack?

“Those bastards are sending the Anthropomorphic races they had captured or enslaved as the advance troops.”

They were using the Dungeon and the Dungeon Break. This might mean the humans of Alphen might really come over to earth. From the perspective of people living on earth, they might be viewed as beings of the same race.

“Uh? Why does the Dungeon Break always happen on the 30th days?

“Nyahhn. Maybe it’s that-nyahng?”

“What do you mean?”

“Trahnet’s army always seemed to be reinforced each month-nyahng.”


“Master said so before-nyahng. The bastards only come out on their payday-nyahng.”

“Yes. I did say that.”

Bibi had the face of a cat, but she spoke in a serious manner.

“The one thing for sure is Trahnet’s smell will get stronger as the Dungeon Break keeps happening-ahong.”

That sounded like trouble. The humans of earth couldn’t face Trahnet’s army yet. Earth will probably succumb to Trahnet more helplessly than Alphen.

If he could get rid of the Dungeon itself then it would be great. However, he couldn’t come up with a good idea. It felt like there should be a good solution to this.

“Oh yeah. If you return to the Summoning room, Dolsae should also be there.”(TLN: Dolsae= Rock Iron)

“Nyahng? Really-ahong?”

Woojin’s second family member.

Bibi was very happy at the Golem Dolsae’s appearance.

“Nyahng. I’m so happy-nahohng. Can I go play with Dolsae inside the Summoning room?”

“All right.”

“Yah-ohng. When you go to a Dungeon next time, please call me out-ahong.”

“Ok. I understand.”


It seemed Bibi was happy at Dolsae’s appearance. She quickly disappeared as she turned into black smoke.

“Mmmm. Then should I start studying about the society?”

Woojin found the remote control, then he turned on the tv. Then he started writing a text to Jaemin.

[Buy me one bag of tangerine when you come.]


It took less than 10 seconds before a reply came.

[I’m almost home.]


Before Woojin could respond, the front door opened.

Ddi, ddi, dii. Dddi-ro ri.

“Hey. Why don’t you go out and buy some for me?”

“Yes. Let me change my cloth first.”


Woojin had a puzzled expression when he heard Jaemin’s obedient words.

“I’ll be back.”


Jaemin put away his bag then he changed his clothes. As he watched Jaemin leave, Woojin spoke as he decided not to take out his wallet.

“He isn’t even going to ask me for money?”

Soon, Jaemin returned with a bag of tangerine, and he handed it over to Woojin.

“Hey. Did something bad happen in school? Is someone bothering you again?”

“No. Thanks to hyung I’m doing well. I want to thank you once again..”

Jaemin bowed his head. Woojin’s eyes turned round, because he wasn’t use to this Jaemin. Why was he being like this?

“Do you need some spending money?”

“No. The money hyung gave me last time should last awhile. I don’t need more spending money.”

“Huh. This guy. He’s being really serious today. How odd.”

“Well, I have to study now. It’s my testing period.”

“Uh, uh. You do that.”

When he saw Jaemin open his book after sitting in front of the desk, Woojin had a sour expression on his face. This kid suddenly turned very serious, and it bothered Woojin.

Woojin pressed his remote control, and he decreased the volume.

Jaemin had his book open, but he couldn’t concentrate. He wasn’t bothered by the sounds of the drama coming from tv or the sound of Woojin peeling the tangerine.

He felt a heavy feeling in his chest. It felt like he was suffocating.


Before he knew it, a sigh leaked out Woojin, and he called out to Jaemin.

“Well, what? What’s going on? Are you going through puberty?”

“It isn’t anything like that…….”

Jaemin’s face was filled with worry. He looked like he was holding the burden of the whole world on his back.

Woojin called out as he clicked his tongue.

“Dude. Just hurry up and tell me. Stop sighing and just talk.”


At Woojin’s word, Jaemin closed his book, then he sat down heavily next to Woojin.



Woojin turned off the drama. Jaemin bit his lips several times, and he was barely able to find his tongue.

“Do you remember the time I told you about my dream?”

“Uh, what. Do you mean you wanting to join a guild?”


“I do. You said you want to make a lot of money.”

Woojin remembered what Jaemin had said. Jaemin bolstered his nerve, then he continued to speak.

“Hyung’s story is all over the place recently. In the past, I didn’t know hyung was such a great person.”

He extorted a high school…. No, he gave the money back. Anyways, Woojin had borrowed money for transportation, and Woojin didn’t have a place to live so he was living at his house. It would have been weirder if he had thought Woojin was a great person.

“So what? Are you sulking because I didn’t tell you?”

“No. I heard hyung-nim is making a guild….”

Woojin secretly smiled.

“Ah. So that’s what it was. Do you want me to give you a spot in my guild? Hey. I was already going to add you in, but I was told under-age kids can’t join a guild. Dude. Were you disappointed?”


He wasn’t disappointed. However…….

“My dream is to get a job at the Korea’s 3 great guild. Then I would have a higher probability of obtaining that medicine. I am studying hard for that dream.”


“It isn’t something one can purchase with money. It is given when you distinguish yourself in a guild…”

“What kind of medicine.?”

“It’s the Regeneration Salve..”

“Ah. For your noonah?”


Jaemin clenched his mouth shut.

Recently, he searched Woojin’s name on the internet when he was bored. Woojin was being compared to Kim-kangchul…

Will it be possible?

However, he couldn’t…. He wasn’t shameless enough to ask him for it.

Gga-ddok, gga-dok.

Jaemin’s hand phone rang just in time, and the awkward atmosphere was dispelled.

“Hyung. I have to go out for a moment.”

“Y…you do that.”

Jaemin hurriedly put on his coat, and he left. Woojin grinned.

“That guy needs to grow a pair.”

Jaemin always studied hard. It seemed money wasn’t the reason why he wanted to be hired by a guild. It was all for his noonah. Currently, his noonah was working hard for her brother….

He thought they were a very loving brother and sister.

“If he wanted to make a request, then he just needs to spit it out.”

Woojin laughed, then he opened his Point Store.

Chapter 40. 5 Star Dungeon(3)
Chapter 42. Hot Issue (2)