Seoul Station's Necromancer

Sept. 4, 2022, 6:55 a.m.

Chapter 39. 5 Star Dungeon (2)
Chapter 41. Hot Issue

Chapter 40. 5 Star Dungeon(3)

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Sunggoo had watched what had happened from atop a roof of a building.

“Freaking awesome.”

Woojin had deployed the Wall of Bones to pen in the Naga, and he ran straight into the middle of the opposition. Accompanying a shock-wave, a virulent poison cloud started to spread to the surrounding.

Then the indiscriminate killing started.

The poison had no effect on Woojin. Woojin had moved through the Naga as he took their lives. When the last Naga struggling from pain died, the Wall of Bones came down.

The green poisonous cloud, which had filled the Wall of Bones, coalesced into a single location. Wooojin was in the middle of the coalescing poison, and the poison was being sucked into him.

All of the poisonous gas absorbed back into Woojin as it disappeared.


He was insanely strong. Were Rank A Roused supposed to be this strong? What did Woojin used to do? Why did he hide his strong powers to act as a Rank F Roused?

Sunggoo felt like Woojin was a person from another world. Somehow, Sunggoo was able to form a bond with such a person. He felt a mixture of surprise, and fear.

“Hey Sunggoo.”

“Yes, hyung-nim.”

Sunggoo quickly closed the distance, and Woojin was walked out of the gruesome battlefield.

“Collect all the loot.”

“Yes, hyung-nim.”

Woojin had already used his Marking Magic to point out which items had potential value.

“Uh? There aren’t any bloodstones, hyung-nim?”

Normally Woojin marked the monsters with bloodstones inside their body, but he hadn’t marked any of the Naga.

“The Anthropomorphic Race doesn’t possess bloodstones.”


“Just hurry up and pick up the items that are marked.”

“Yes, hyung-nim.”

Sunggoo started picking up spears, armors and other items that were marked. He would have to go through almost 100 Naga corpses.

Sunggoo’s ‘Acceleration’ Skill was first used on a stage where he had to collect the loot.

During all of this, Woojin headed towards the Naga’s temple.

The building had a basic circular design, and an altar was placed in the middle. As if they were protecting the altar, there was a statue of a Naga Warrior on the right, and a Naga Sorcerer on the left. They stood there in an imposing manner.

The Return Stone was floating in the middle of the altar.

Woojin walked to the altar, and he obtained the Return Stone. Then a box suddenly appeared below where the Return Stone used to be. When he opened it, he saw a single ring.

“I guess there is only one since this is a basic Dungeon.”

When he cleared it for the first time, he had earned 3 rings. However, this was a recursive Dungeon, so it seemed it only gives 1 ring now.

Woojin took the ring, then he pried the red gem embedded on the pommel of the sword carried by the Naga Warrior statue. Then he took out the blue gem embedded in the forehead of the Naga Sorcerer statue.

Woojin used the Analyze magic on the 3 items.

The ring received by the Naga Princess as a wedding gift.

When Equipped Heal +10

You can earn the same strength as the Naga Warriors.

Strength +3

Seal of a Naga Sorcerer.

Magic +3

“Not bad.”

One was an Artifact that adjusted one’s Stat. The other two were consumable items.

Even if this was a basic summons Dungeon, the loots here was quite good. Of course, it wasn’t as good as the first rewards.

He had earned 3 Artifacts, and 7 consumable items.

Even though the reward lessened, he could still make a tidy profit.

“Now that I think about it I should have more main skills available for the Warrior Class.”

New skills were released every 10 levels for all classes. When Woojin reached level 30, he learned the main skills of a Necromancer. He could now use Golem Summon and Poison Nova. This was also true for the Warrior class.

Woojin opened the Point Store, then he purchased all the level 30 Warrior Skills he found.

Strike the earth with a large hammer to attack the enemies.

Energy consumed : 3

Strike the surrounding enemy as you rotate your weapon.

Energy consumed : 1 per Cycle

As one trains in the using blunt weapons, one will become more proficient in using it.

He also purchased several other skills, but the most important two skills were Earth Strike, and Whirlwind. They were the Warrior Class’ first AOE attack.

Woojin immediately summoned his Warrior’s Weapon.


He read the Steel Staff’s information.

The Warrior’s Weapons is basically akin to one’s friend and life. The Warrior’s Weapon grows with the user. It will always be with you, and it is always be ready for your call.

Effect : Strength +15, Durability Recovery(During Canceled State)

Skill : Summon, Cancel, Change (Spear, Hammer)

The evolved Steel Staff added an additional +5 strength, and it was able to also change into a hammer.

Woojin immediately changed the staff into a hammer.


The head of the staff enlarged into the size of a human’s head, and it changed into a large Hammer. Even with his increased strength, the weapon was quite heavy. Woojin staggered when he first used it.

Hooong, hoong.

He swung the hammer, but the center of mass was towards the end of the weapon. It wasn’t an easy weapon to handle. He swung it couple times, and he got the feel of it.

The passive skill, ‘Blunt Weapon’, was of big help here.

“Being a Warrior is quite useful.”

If he want to use it in an actual battle, he would have to practice using it over and over to increase the Skill Level. Still, it seemed quite useful even though he had just learned it right now.

Woojin canceled his Warrior’s Weapon, then he put the loots into his inventory. Then he stepped back outside.


Sunggoo should be in the midst of picking up the items, but he wasn’t there. Woojin started searching for him, and he found Sunggoo lying down between the Naga.

“Are you sleeping on the job?”

Woojin grinned as he approached Sunggoo, but Sunggoo didn’t say anything. Woojin felt something was wrong, so he ran forward. Woojin saw the sight of Sunggoo on the floor, and his lips had turned blue.

His eyes were flipped over, and he was shaking. It seemed Sunggoo’s life was about to be extinguished.


Woojin quickly pulled a Naga’s soul, then he put the energy into Sunggoo.

“Ooh ooh ooh. Hy…hyung-nim.”

Sunggoo regained some of his energy. He looked at Woojin with blurry vision, and he was barely able to open his mouth.

“What happened.?”

“Ooh ooh. I cut my hand while I was moving a spear.”

The Naga’s spear was dipped in poison. Woojin looked at Sunggoo with an expression of disbelief.


Woojin stood up, then he gathered more Naga Spirits, and he poured more energy into Sunggoo. His complexion improved, and he recovered some of his stamina. However, his Poisoned Status did not disappear.

“Hy…hyung-nim. What should I do?”

“What do you think? You’ll just have to die.”


Sunggoo flopped down on to the floor. Ah, so he was going to die like this? His life would come to an end in such a stupid manner?

Woojin clicked his tongue as he looked at Sunggoo, who had fallen in despair.

‘Will the Detox Magic work on him?’

If he wanted to use a proper detoxification or healing spell, he would have to be of the Priest Class or else it would be impossible. Woojin purchased a Detox Magic one could learn before level 10. He had to spend 30 points.

“Come here.”


The light started formed in Woojin’s hand and it passed through Sunggoo. However, his Poisoned Status wasn’t dispelled.

“Chet. It’s not working.”

Since it was a low level Detox magic, it could only deal with weak poisons. Weak poisons along the level of causing discomfort to one’s stomach.

Woojin opened his Point Store then he purchased an Antidote. The Antidote suddenly showed up in mid-air in front of Woojin. He handed the Antidote to Sunggoo.

“Try drinking this. If this doesn’t work, then I really don’t have any other methods.”

“Hoo-ook, hook. Yes.”

Sunggoo prayed as he opened the bottle’s top, then he took a sip.

“Ooh ooh.”

“Well? How was it?”

“Oooh. I’m not sure. It tastes like uncarbonated cola.”

“Ah. I’m not talking about the taste. Are you being detoxed?”

“Ooh, I’m not sure.”

Woojin let out a sigh. He took back the Antidote to inspect its information.

It can cure the Poison Status.

It cannot be given to others.

“I guess it won’t work on you.”


Woojin bitterly shook his head as he looked at the crying Sunggoo. He had become quite attached to Sunggoo, so it was a shame to send him off like this.

If he died like this, he’ll probably haunt him once again….

Woojin faced was turning dark.

He could buy the Detox Magic from the Point Store, but he wasn’t of the Magician or Priest class. He had no way of using it.

Still, he had grown attached to Sunggoo, so Woojin couldn’t just send him off without doing anything.

“If you have a will then tell me. I’ll pass it on.”

“Aigo. Hyung-neeeem! Please save me. Ooh-uh-uhng.”

Sunggoo cried as he approached Woojin, and he grabbed on to Woojin’s pants leg.

“Uh uh? Hey. I’m not a god. How am I suppose to save you?”

While Woojin was backing away, the content inside the Antidote Bottle sloshed, and it spilled into the surrounding.


The Antidote fell on a Naga’s Spear nearby, and it let out a sound as it smoked.


Woojin’s eyes opened wide when he saw this.

Maybe, if he used it like that?

“Ooh-uh-uhg, Hyungneeem. If you save my life, I will never turn on you. Ooh-uh-uh.”

Sunggoo had always regretted becoming mad at Woojin in his drunken state. Crazy. He had been crazy. He had lashed out against hyung-nim.

Woojin pushed Sunggoo, who was tenaciously sticking to Woojin.

“Hey. Get off me for a sec.”

“Aigo. Hyung-nim.”

Sunggoo wrapped himself around Woojin’s legs as if Woojin was his last lifeline. The only one he could believe in now was Woojin.

“Uh uh? I might be able to save you, so get off me.”

“Is that true? If you can save me, I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Then get off me first.”

“No. I won’t. I will never let go until you save me.”

“Huh. Jeez.”

Woojin looked at Sunggoo, who was tenaciously clinging on to him. Woojin clicked his tongue.

“Then open your mouth.”


Sunggoo raised his head in surprise. Woojin spoke as he met Sunggoo’s eyes. Sunggoo was told to do as Woojin instructed, then he would be saved.

Sunggoo was wrapped around both legs of Woojin, and his gaze fell on that place…. He said to open his mouth. Does that mean…


Sunggoo groaned.

He had to either die as a man or live as a gay.

“Hook hook. Hyung-nim. You swung that way? Hoo-uhng. Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“Did you go mad from being at death’s door? Your face is already blue. Hurry up and open your mouth.”

Sunggoo’s recovered stamina was quickly dwindling in his poisoned state. Sunggoo was becoming dizzy. While he cried, he grabbed Woojin’s belt.

“What…what the hell are you doing? Didn’t I tell you to open your mouth??”

“Hook hook. Don’t I need to take it out first? Hoo-uh-uhng.”

Sunggoo cried as he tried to unbuckle Woojin’s belt.

“Ah, this mother fucker is giving me a headache.”

Woojin grabbed Sunggoo’s head, and he forcefully pulled it back.


As his head was pulled backwards, Sunggoo cried out in pain. Woojin poured the antidote into Sunggoo’s mouth.


Accompanying a scream, and a gargling noise, the antidote disappeared into Sunggoo’s gullet.

“Ggoo-rook. Kuk, kuk.”

It seemed the liquid went into his airway, so Sunggoo coughed as he cried.

“Hook hook. Does hyung-nim like the rough stuff?”

“Why don’t you just shut your mouth unless you want to be beaten?”


“You’ve been detoxed..”

“Hoo-ook, yes? What?”

Sunggoo was started touching his face in surprise. He didn’t have any fever, and his sight had returned to normal. The pain in his head was gone, and he was now sure he had escaped his poisoned state.

Woojin smiled when he saw this.

‘Now I know how to use the consumable items.’

The items bought from the Point Stores will lose its magical property at the same time as it was given away. When Sunggoo drank the antidote by himself, it had turned into regular water.

It seemed only Woojin could use it.

If he couldn’t transfer it to someone, then he would just have to use it himself. He just had to feed it to the other person.

Sunggoo was filled with joy from the fact that he would live, and a strong question popped up in his mind. This was the most important question in Sunggoo’s life now.

“Then I don’t have to do it?”


Did this bastard go mad from the poisoning?

This guy was uttering nonsense for some time now.

“Hyung-nim wasn’t a homosexual?”


Woojin summoned his Bone Spear.

Why did he save this kid? He couldn’t reign in his anger.

“I guess you need a little bit of a beating.”

“Hook hook. I knew it. You lean towards the S&M…”

Tears flowed down Sunggoo’s face as he modestly pushed his butt toward Woojin.


The frowning Woojin’s forehead furrowed deeper.

Chapter 39. 5 Star Dungeon (2)
Chapter 41. Hot Issue