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Chapter 70. To the US (2)
Chapter 72. Terror

Chapter 70. To the US (3)

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“Mr. Kahng-woojin, who is the most popular man right now, came to see our movie. It is really an honor.”

At Cindy’s words, everyone inside the theater turned to look at him. Kahng-woojin let out a bitter smile as he looked at Cindy.

“If you don’t mind me asking, could I bring you up to the front of the stage?”

At Cindy’s words, a staff rapidly approached Woojin. The staff spoke as he bowed towards the audiences sitting close to Woojin.

“Excuse me. Please move for a brief moment. Yes. Excuse me.”

The people sitting next to Woojin all stood up, and they moved into the aisle. They made way, so Woojin could come out. The staff approached Woojin, and he spoke.

“Please come this way.”

I do mind, so fuck off.”


If she already knew she was being a bother then she should have left him alone. Why did she have to annoy him by asking him a favor?

“Tell her I said hello and to fuck off. I’m starting to get annoyed.”

“T…that is…”

“Are my words insufficient?”

When Woojin started gathering his magic, the staff member started feeling a threatening energy, so he started backing off.

“I…I’ll deliver the message.”

The staff member quickly approached Cindy to deliver Woojin’s words. The theater was quiet, so everyone heard what was being said. The director laughed as he grabbed the microphone.

“Haha. I’m sorry for making you wait. I’m sure his rebuttal means he really wants to watch our movie as soon as possible. Please have fun. Enjoy the movie.”

After a brief farewell, the director and actors exited the stage. Everyone kept sneaking glances towards Woojin. Jiwon whispered into Woojin’s ear.

“It seems Cindy doesn’t know she graduated from the same high school as you.

Well, it was likely she had no idea.

Woojin didn’t know Cindy, and Cindy didn’t know Woojin.

The movie was quite entertaining.

The Roused used magic. They showed abilities that was impossible in real life.

They were very expensive to hire, but a movie casting the Roused didn’t need special effects or CG. They could film everything on the spot.

They were Rank F and Rank E Roused hired professionally for these works.

They didn’t make a lot of money, but not everyone wanted to risk their life for a large income.

When the movie ended, it was close to the appointed time.

Since the weather was getting chilly, people were wearing a thick layer of clothes. Woojin suddenly realized Jiwon was wearing a very worn coat.

“Didn’t you say before that you have some debts?”

“Ah. I paid it all off. I received my severance pay.”

“Hmmm. If you need some help, just tell me.”

“Eh-ee. You don’t need to help me. I’ve already received too much from you.”

She owed him an incalculable debt from the fact that he had restored her face.

“What’s Jaemin doing these days?”

“His college entrance exam is right around the corner, so he is really busy. He is taking his studies really seriously these days.”

“Is that so? I guess he got past the shock.”

“Huh? Shock?”

“The girl he liked entered a trainee program for entertainers. He made a big scene. He cried a lot.”

“Huh. Jaemin said that?”

“You didn’t know?”

This was the first time Jiwon heard about this. She had thought there were no secrets between her sibling. She was a little bit disappointed that he didn’t tell her what had happened.

“So that is why he is study so hard these days….”

“Haha. There aren’t any downside if he studies hard.”

Woojin decided he should meet with Jaemin after he took his college entrance exam. He always talked about entering a guild, so he’ll let Jaemin enter his guild.

Woojin followed Jiwon to the appointed grilled meat restaurant.

They were led to a room reserved to Nahm-jihyuhk, but no one had arrived yet. After a brief amount of time, Nahm-jihyuhk and Park-soojin opened the door, and they carefully entered the room.



Park-soojin was her friend who had kept in contact with Jiwon until the end. Since Jiwon had been busy with her factory work, she was rarely able to keep in touch with Soojin, so they had become estranged.

When Woojin cleared the Dungeon in Daegoo, Soojin saw the article with the picture of Jiwon kissing Woojin. Soojin had recognized her, and she had tried to get a hold of Jiwon again.

When Soojin saw Jiwon’s face, she started crying.

“Good for you. Girl! You are all better now. You are whole.”

“Ooh-oong. I’m all good now.”

“Hoo-hook. Good. That’s really good.”

Soojin started crying from genuine happiness, and it made Jiwon’s eyes well up with tears. It was as if separated family members had reunited after a long time. They hugged each other as they cried with runny noses. Nahm-jihyuk felt awkard by the scene, so he approached Woojin.

“It…it’s been awhile?”

The friend he had thought was dead when Woojin went missing had suddenly shown up after 5 years. Moreover, he was one of the top Roused in the world, and the media covered him daily.

He used to worry about the college entrance exam with Woojin. They used to study and play Chaos together. Only 5 years had passed, but his friend had become someone amazing.

Jihyuhk couldn’t help being awkward and he was mindful of how he acted around Woojin.

Woojin was meeting his friend after 20 years….

“You’re here?”

He wordlessly raised his glass.

Ggol ggol.

Woojin smiled as he filled the glass. He thought he wouldn’t recognize anyone since it had been 20 years. He dimly remembered some names, but everything was fuzzy.

‘Nahm-jihyuhk. I remember him.’

Woojin recognized his face. He had seen his friend’s face in 20 years, and couple memories from his third year in high school started surfacing.

He was happy.

He was so happy that he wanted to cry.

“How have you been?”

“Dude. What have you been up to before you suddenly fell out of the sky? I was so surprised when I saw you on TV.”

Woojin treated Jihyuhk in a relaxed manner. Jihyuhk started to grin when his nervousness dissipated.

“Hey, let’s have a drink.”

All of his classmates from Mido High school was gathered here.

There were friends he was close to during his high school days, and there were those he only remembered by their faces. However, this moment was very precious to him.

It felt as if the Immortal of Alphen was turning back into Kahng-woojin of earth.

He wouldn’t be lying if he said he would be satisfied if he was struck dead right now.

His family was here, and now he had friends here.

He wouldn’t mind dying in battle now. There were people who will remember him…

He wouldn’t have any regret even if he died. However, he wanted to live much more now.

He wanted to protect his family and friends, who remembered him.

He hadn’t fought tooth and nail to surive, so he could just return to earth.

The war to protect everyone was just starting.

When the meat and alcohol started coming out, the atmosphere turned mellow.

Woojin listened to old stories about his life from his friends, and it was great.

He felt warm, and cozy when he started dwelling on his old memories.

He was happy as if he was a babe in his mother’s bosom.

For a moment, he escaped from his worries about Trahnet and the Dungeon Break. He felt as if he was in a dream for a brief time.


After they parted from their friends, Jiwon and Woojin walked the night streets together.

“Ha. It was great.”

Woojin let out a breath, and the happiness could be heard in his voice.

“I’m glad you liked it.”

Jiwon also smiled. It felt as if she repaid a small portion of the kindness she had received from him.

“I guess we’ll meet more of our friends at the end of the year, right?”

“I guess so.”

Jiwon didn’t meet as many friends as Woojin. There was an alumni reunion at the end of the year, and she was already looking forward to it.

A person, who kept glancing at Woojin and Jiwon in the street, approached them with a pen and a paper.

“Mr. Kahng-woojin. I’m a fan. Please sign this for me.”


Woojin looked back dumbly, and the people in the surrounding rushed towards him.

One person after another continuously stepped up towards him.

Even if they took home the paper with signature, it was of no use. However, everyone still tried to get a signature from him.

“I’m not a celebrity, so why should I sign this?”

“Aren’t you a public figure?”

“Why don’t you get out of the way? You are being annoying.”

At Woojin’s cold response, the people crowding around him hesitated.

Woojin started walking, and the people made way for him. He escaped from the crowd while he led Jiwon by her hand.

“Chet. What the hell?”

“Can a public figure act like that?”

Woojin stopped walking when he heard the people whisper behind his back. He was about to turn around and say something, but Jiwon grabbed Woojin’s arm.

“Let’s just go.”


He shook his head. Woojin started walking again as he looked at Jiwon. Was he too emotional right now since he met his high school friends? He became angry at the whispers he would usally ignore.

“I’ll have to buy a car.”


Yes. That will be for the best. Since he can’t wipe out the people in the street, he’ll just have to avoid them.

“You don’t have a driver’s license?”

“Nope. I don’t have one.”


Woojin was summoned during his 3rd year in high school. There was no way he would have a driver’s license.

“I guess I’ll have to get a driver’s license first.”

Woojin took hold of Jiwon’s hand and they walked the streets.


One week passed by quickly.

Woojin went around to gather information about setting up a cafe for his bored mother. In the evenings, he set aside time to play with Sooah. Sooah, who had felt a bit awkward at his presence, started to slowly open her heart. It warmed his heart.

Sunggoo soloed 3 star Dungeons during the day, and at night, he went to the 5 star Dungeon owned by Alandal with Woojin. He also made appointments for 5 star and 6 star Dungeons owned by other guilds. It was advantageous to spend the night inside the Dungeon since time ran 4 time longer insdie. It was better to sleep briefly inside the Dungeon to relieve the mental fatigue.

Sunggoo diligently ate Reinforcement Stones, and he continued to learn various Skills. He also learned how to deal with variety of monsters. He came up with various battle tactics using his magic and skills.

It had been only a week, but he had spent a much longer time inside the Dungeon. It was enough time to allow the Roused Hong-sunggoo to turn from Rank C to Rank B.

“Hyung-nim! I changed it.”

He proudly displayed his Roused Registration card, which had changed to Rank B. Woojin grinned when he saw Sunggoo.

“Too bad. I planned on going to the US after I raised you up to Rank A.”

“No, hyung-nim.”

Sunggoo’s voice trembled from being overwhelmed by his emotions.

“I’m a Rank B now. This all thanks to hyung-nim’s teaching”

“Don’t enter anything above 4 star.”

“Of course, hyung-nim.”

Sunggoo had soloed 4 star Dungeons several times under the administration of Woojin. Sunggoo thought he could solo 4 star Dungeons with no problem, but the future wasn’t set in stone.

Woojin held up a fist-sized red gem. Sunggoo’s eyes turned round when he received it.

“H…hyung-nim! Isn’t this a Return Portal?”

“Don’t die because you got cute. If you are in danger, just come out.”


He had easily gave up a rare 10 million dollar item to him… Sunggoo looked like he was about to cry.

“You’ve developed into something useful, so it would be a loss if you die now.”

Ah. He was always like this in touching situations… Sunggoo knew his indifferent words was different from what Woojin felt.

“Don’t die a pointless death. I’ve invested a lot of money in you. If you die, wouldn’t it have all been a waste? How wasteful would that be?”


He was almost sure Woojin’s real feeling was warm….

Still, Woojin had invested couple million into Sunggoo. The Reinforcement Stones, Artifacts, and Skill books he had used… Moreover, the ring on Sunggo’s finger was a sub-dimension Artifact able to store 3 items. It was worth around 3 million dollars.

The Return Portal was like a lifeline. Sunggoo put the item into his sub-dimension.

“Then keep up the good work.”

“Heh hehe. I’ll accompany you to the airport.”

“It’s alright. Just go clear a Dungeon.”

“Heh hehe.”

Sunggoo was still giddy from becoming a Rank B Roused, so he kept laughing for no reason. Woojin and Minchan got on the taxi.

If Woojin went alone, he would get into all kinds of trouble. Woojin didn’t know anything about the consortium, so Minchan would accompany him to take care of the Alandal’s business. Woojin was just here to meet the Holy maiden.

“Have you been to the US, Minchan?”

“I’ve been there 3 times.”


“Have you been there, president?”


This was the first time Woojin was riding a plane, let alone visiting the US. After a momentary silence, a cheerful song rang out inside the taxi.

[The only thing I want is your!]

“Yes. This is Alandal’s Jung-minchan.”

After picking up the call, Minchan started speaking in a serious manner.

“Yes. Yes. I will do so. Thank you for giving us a heads up.”

“What? Who is it?”

After ending the call, Minchan spoke with a serious expression on his face.

“It’s a call from the Ministry of National Defense. They were tipped off on a terrorist attack.”

“Is that so? What about it?”

“President. It seems you are their target….”

“Me? Why are they targeting me?”

Minchan didn’t know what to say when Woojin asked the question in such an oblivious manner. Woojin had made a lot of enemies recently. Woojin just shrugged his shoulders at Minchan’s serious expression.

“I guess they want to entertain me since the road to the US is boring.”


It would be a problem if he was joking. It would also be a problem if he meant those words.

Minchan secretly let out a sigh.

Chapter 70. To the US (2)
Chapter 72. Terror