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Chapter 70. To the US (3)
Chapter 73. Terror (2)

Chapter 72. Terror

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In front of the airport’s entrance, a soldier in uniform was waiting for him.

“Uh? Hey, Haesol.”

Woojin was glad to see a familiar face, so he wave his hand.

“You are here?”

“Please greet him for me. This man is our guild’s general director.”

“My name is Jung-minchan.”

“I’m Lieutenant Che-haesol. In the near future, we will be eating from the same pot of rice.”

Minchan tilted his head in confusion as he shook her hand. Woojin grinned.

“She the new recruit I chose.”


Lieutenant Che-haesol was the new recruit he was talking about last time.

Woojin looked towards Haesol.

“I thought I told you to apply for discharge from service. Why are you here?”

“I’ll be a civilian around the time president returns. Until then, I’m still a solider, and I have to faithfully do my job.”

“What? Don’t you have any vacation time?”

At Woojin’s word, Haesol let out an awkward laugh. She didn’t know how he could make such a silly joke in situations like this.

“I’m sure you heard about the intel. We were tipped off on a potential terrorist attack.”

“I know. So will I be able to go to the US?”

“Since there are a lot of potential risk factors, it’ll take a long time make preparations.”

They would have to delay the take-off. Every single passenger and flight crew would have to go through a background check, so the long delay was inevitable. Moreover, they were sweeping the baggages multiple times.

“So when will we be able to lift off?”

“At the very least, it will be tomorrow.”

Woojin’s brows furrowed.

“Shouldn’t we be inquiring about taking another plane instead?”

“That is why my commander requested cooperation from the KH Guild.”

“KH Guild?”

KH group was a guild that ran a large company.

“Why them?”

“KH Guild is also participating in the consortium. Their group is travelling using a private jet, so you can use it with them. I’ve already received their permission.”

“Oh-ho. That’s good.”

With Haesol’s guidance, Woojin went through a simple screening process before the departure. Minchan and Haesol took care of all the small matters. Woojin just had to show his face.

“Is that my passport?”

“Yes. I’ll keep it in my possession.”

A photographer had come to the office not too long ago to take Woojin’s portrait shots, and it must have been used to make his passport. Woojin handed the passport over to Minchan then he shook hands with Haesol.

“Then I’ll see you when I return.”

“Yes, sir. Have a nice trip.”

After Haesol finished her duty as a guide, she departed. They walked through a long passageway. After reaching the runway, the two of them got on a shuttle bus.

Woojin looked out the bus’ window to view the runway. It was the quintessential image of a person about to ride a plane for the first time, so Minchan couldn’t help but smile.

He had a hard time thinking of him this way, but Woojin was a 24 year old with no experience in taking overseas trips.

“What are you looking at?”

“I’m looking at the air planes.”

“The one we will ride won’t be as large as those.”

Minchan spoke as he looked at the line of A380s. Woojin grinned.

“It’ll be fine. I’ve ridden something much larger.”

“What? Didn’t you say this was your first time riding an airplane?”

“It will be the first time I’ll be flying on an airplane, but I’ve ridden many things that could fly.”


There was something that flew that was much larger than an airplane?

“I’ll let you ride him next time.”

“I’ll look forward to it.”

Woojin put on a bitter smile at Minchan’s answer. It wouldn’t be a comfortable ride. He could imagine the expression Minchan would make at the rough ride.

The bus stopped in front of an air plane with a KH group logo on the side.

In front of the steps, a man in a neat suit was waiting for them.

“My name is Jung-chansung. I am the senior vice president of KH Guild. I was notified of your arrival.”

“We’ll be imposing on your hospitality for a little bit.”

Jung-chansung smiled at Minchan’s words.

“You won’t be imposing anything on us. It is an honor to serve president Kahng-woojin. Please come up. Our guild’s president is waiting for you inside.”

Woojin walked up the stairs.

When they entered the passageway, they didn’t see any airplane seats. Instead, a room arranged like a living room was revealed. There was a 40 year old middle aged man sitting on top of a sofa.

Woojin was recently on the news on a frequent basis, so his fame was quite recent. However, the masses already knew the face and profile of all top 10 Rank A Roused of Korea. Jung-minchan recognized the man’s face, so he whispered into Wooin’s ear.

“He is KH Guild’s president Baek-jongdo.”

When Woojin walked closer, Baek-jongdo suddenly stood up, and he quickly walked towards Woojin. Then he raised one hand high in the air.

“Aigoo, president Kahng!”


Woojin blankly stared back at him. Jung-chansung, who was also his personal assistant, quickly approached Baek-jongdo to hold him back. His face and ears was red.

“President. They are guests we are seeing for the first time, so please restrain yourself.”

“Ooh huh huh. Understood.”

Baek-jungdo pushed his hand out towards Kahng-woojin.

“I thought you watched this drama since it is very popular right now. I’m KH guild’s Baek-jongdo.”

“I’m Kahng-woojin..”

Woojin asked a question as he shook the other man’s hand.

“What were you doing before?”

“Huh? It’s something they do on a popular drama on tv right now. Huh huh.”

“Ah. I thought you wanted to fight me.”

Baek-jongdo let out a cheerful laugh at Woojin’s words.

“Do you like dramas?”

“I like it.”

“Ooh-huh huh. Since we have a lot of time before we get to the US, let’s watch some dramas together.”

“Ah, that’s great. I was bored, so I was wondering what I should do to entertain myself.”

Woojin enjoyed watching TV. The problem was he didn’t have time to watch it. This was why he put a TV inside the president’s room. Whenever he had a spare moment, Woojin watched dramas.

“I installed a fantastic multimedia room inside my private plane. Come this way.”

When Baek-jongdo and Kahng-woojin moved past Jung-changsung, he was left standing inside the parlor with Jung-minchan. Jung-changsung lowered his head to his chest.

“I’m sorry. Our president is a really eccentric person…”

“Ha ha ha. It’s ok. Our president is also…”

Minchan answered awkwardly, but somehow he felt some unknown kinship with Jung-changsung.


Hwarang Guild’s President Room.

A TV was mounted on one side of the wall. The news about the terror intelligence, the closure and inspection of the Inchun Airport was being reported. Moreover, there was a breaking news that said Kahng-woojin was accompanying the KH Guild’s president to the US.

“He’s really become a celebrated figure in Korea.”

His every move was now being reported on the internet, and the news. The cameras were constantly on Kahng-woojin, since his clearing of the 6 star Dungeons, and his visits to the US were big news.

Lee-sahngho frowned as he glared at his silent hand phone.

Ddi-ri-di-ri ding dong, ddi-ri-di-ri…..

It was call from Korean broker Lee-sahngho had been waiting for. He pressed the answer button, and he put the phone up to his ear.

[It’s me.]

“How can you work so sloppily?”

[Sloppy? I’m disappointed in your words.]

“The whole country knows about the planned terrorist attack, and the target just left the country. Can you afford to be so relaxed??”

[Koo-kook. Our plans are well under way, so you don’t have to worry about it.]

“Hoo-ooh. Are you sure?”

[Who would be so uncouth these days to carry out a terrorist attack on an air plane? This is only the initial smokescreen. Be at ease. Just wait and see.]

“Hoo. All right.”

Lee-sahngho ended the call. Were they pretending to cover up the fact that their plan had gone side way? Or is this really their initial smoke screen? He had no way of finding out which was true.

The broker called him everyday with a different number.

He had no way of contacting the man unless the broker contacted him first.

He had already paid a substantial price, so they would fulfill his request. They were a group of professional killers, who have yet to fail yet.


KH Group’s Private Airplane Multimedia Room.

Three people were sitting in a place set up like a mini theater.

The screen was showing a currently popular drama called ‘Reply 1988’. (TLN: If you want to see the scene: )

“Hoo hoo.”

After exiting the restroom, Baek-jongdo looked at the others busily watching the drama, and he felt a rewarding feeling. He was able to share something he enjoyed with others. He felt great joy at experiencing something with others he liked.

When Woojin saw Baek-jongdo returning from the restroom, he suddenly stood and approached Baek-jongdo with one hand in the air.

“Aigoo, president Baek!”

Baek-jongdo raised one hand.

“Aigoo, president Kahng!”

The two hands met. When they grabbed each other’s hands, they started squatting up and down repeatedly.

“It’s really great to see you. Really great to see you.”

Minchan felt his hands and feet shrivel up when he saw both of their antics.

He was well aware Kahng-woojin lived without caring about what others thought of him. However, it seems KH Guild’s Baek-jongdo was also formidable opponent in that respect.

Minchan glanced to his side, and Jung-chansung was red up to his ears.

When their eyes met, Jung-minchan and Jung-chansung exchanged sorrowful gazes.

‘I guess it is our role to be embarrassed for them.’

Minchan prayed they wouldn’t act that way in a crowded location.


After the 20 hours flight, they finally arrived at New York.

The Titan Guild was hosting the consortium, so an employee was dispatched for each guild.

“Welcome. I’m Titan guild’s Richard Che. I’ll be guiding you to the hotel.”

For the convenience of guests of each country, the Titan guild sent employees capable of speaking the native language of each guests. The guide led them to vehicles on standby. Before Baek-jongdo got in the car, he smacked his lips in regret.

“Why don’t we have a drink after a brief rest?”

“Ah. That would be great.”

“Hoo hoo. I’ll see you later. Ah-ooh.”

“Ill see you later, Baek hyung.”

Woojin and Minchan got into the car with Richard Che.

“President. I guess you are quite taken with President Baek?”

“Haha. He’s quite fun. Moreover, he’s of a similar age as me.”


Baek-jongdo was 42 years, and Woojin was 24 years old….

“Ah. You said you lived on Alphen for 20 years.”

He estimated Woojin should be around 39 years old. When Minchan thought of it this way, it was obvious why he felt Woojin wasn’t like a young person.

No. Isn’t Woojin older than him?

“Well, the concept of age is a funny thing now, because of the Dungeon.”

“I guess so.”

This wasn’t only true in regards to Woojin, who had returned from to Alphen. The time within all the high rank Dungeons ran 4 times longer inside… It would be laughable to apply the standard age on the Roused.

Instead of age, shouldn’t they measure the time experienced by each Roused?

Still, isn’t he a little immature for a 39 year old?

“Well, one’s life is weighted differently depending on the life one lived.”

When he heard Woojin’s quiet mumble, Minchan felt guilty. It felt as if his inner thoughts had been revealed.

Woojin spent a hellish 20 years over there.

If he wasn’t able find merriment, he would have probably killed himself long before. Even though Baek-jongdo was a scion of a rich family, he might had led a similar life to Woojin.

They probably lead a life heavy with burden.

The car left the airport, and they stopped at a hotel nearby. It was a dark night, and one could only see hotels lining the street. One couldn’t see any place that would provide entertainment.

The consortium would start tomorrow at lunch.

“Please rest comfortably. We’ll have a vehicle ready at 11 AM.”

After finishing the check-in, Richard Che returned to where he came from. Woojin and Minchan greeted each other inside the elevator.

“Come out immediately after you wash yourself. I’m going out to drink.”

“Yes, president.”

Everyone invited to the consortium were special guests, so there were no special treatments among the guests. Minchan was placed in a business room on the 3rd floor, and Woojin was guided to a VIP suite on the top floor.


Woojin took a shower, then he dried his hair. After he drank the water bottle he took out of the fridge, he opened the carrier packed by Minchan.

There were several formal wear he would wear tomorrow packed inside, and there was also a sweatsuit in there. He took out and wore the sweatsuit.

Even though it was only a sweat suit, it was made from materials brought out from the Dungeons. It was something a Roused would wear. He wasn’t too familiar with the subject, but clothes like this could easily go for several thousand dollars.

Before he was about to head out, Woojin turned off the light to his room.


He felt a strange sense of danger. When he swept his gaze across the room, he saw a shaking red dot on one side of the room.

“A laser?”

Sooah and Bibi played frequently with the laser pointer, so he was used to seeing the red light. The only difference was the size. The laser point was about 5 times larger.

Woojin walked several steps forward to see where the laser point was originating from. When he looked out the window, he could the light of a laser being shot from a far off building.


At the same moment, Woojin saw a missile falling from the sky.

The missile was heading straight towards Woojin.

Chapter 70. To the US (3)
Chapter 73. Terror (2)