Seoul Station's Necromancer

Sept. 4, 2022, 6:55 a.m.

Chapter 72. Terror
Chapter 74. Meeting

Chapter 73. Terror (2)

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As soon as he saw the approaching missile, he started running.


Woojin ran towards the window instead of running towards the door.


Woojin’s body broke through the thick window, then he jump as he pushed off the window frame.

Hejumped as he soared through the air.

Woojin headed towards the missile. His shadow rode along the darkness to head towards the laser.

The missile was flying towards him at a high speed, but Woojin only had to travel a short distance. How large would the explosion be? He couldn’t test it inside the hotel since Jung-minchan was there. Moreover, a lot of people were in the vicinity.

When Woojin was in mid-air, he punched the head of the missile.

It would be great if he could change the direction of the missile, but he didn’t care if it didn’t.


The contained energy burst outwards as it caused an explosion. The Soul Armor that was always around Woojin activated much quicker than the explosion. The barrier of Soul was thickest at Woojin’s fist. It created multiple layers to protect his hand.


The incredible explosion was obstructed by the Soul Armor, so the flames exploded up into the sky. Moreover, Woojin endured the entirety of the repelling force caused by the explosion.

Shoooook! Kwahhhhng!

Woojin’s figure fell to the floor several times faster than the the speed he had ascended with. Woojin flew between buildings as he barely avoided them. He crashed into the road, then a large crater was formed.

Bbeek, beeek!

The shock wave caused the surrounding parked cars to blare out noisily.


The fragments and dusts from the cave-in of the road rose thick into the air. In the midst of it all, Woojin stood up.

The Spirit Armor had somewhat contained the exploding missile, but all of his stored souls evaporated midway. Afterwards, he crashed to the ground, and Woojin had to absorb the damage with his body.

“Koo-ooh. How can they act like this on US soil?”

Woojin wiped the blood that trickled out of his mouth. His chest hurt, and he was having a hard time breathing. It seemed he had broken couple ribs.


He had used up all of the souls he had imprisoned, so he couldn’t use Soul Extraction to heal his body. He didn’t want to kill and absorb the souls of the surprised people looking out their windows.

If he was Alphen’s Immortal, then he would have already killed them. However, Earth’s Woojin had other options.

He bought a Potion from the Point Store, then he poured it into his mouth.


As he roughly started to heal, the pain receded, and he started to get annoyed.

A missile attack on US soil…. Which bastards did this?

Did the Titan do this with the approval of the Department of Defense? Or was it some other powerhouse?

Whoever it was, they had basically sent a declaration of war to him. When he was in North Korea, the explosion was set off in the closed confines of a subway station, and he had barely been able to stay alive. Still, if he hadn’t had his Spirit Armor, he would have died a fruitless death by the attack.

“Why are they keep targeting me?”

He knew different people was gunning for him, but the important part was they were all aiming for him. It just reaffirmed the fact that the people of earth won’t be able to come together to resist against Trahnet.

No, it was impossible from the start.

He hadn’t run amok like a jackass. He just lived according to his personality. He decided to show the world who he was as he ignored other’s gazes. He hadn’t cared if he made enemies during all of this.

If he had enemies then it also mean he was making allies.

He’ll have to make some adjustments again.

Who’ll grab the leadership role of protecting earth?

Will it be the existing groups of capitalists? The Roused with strength in their hands? The nations with the strongest military?

Every bastard with a modicum of power would try to seize the leadership role.

Trahnet would attack when earth’s powers were split.

Trahnet would bring over his endless army, and only when some of the world’s power starts to fall, earth will try to build an allied force.

This was a pattern he had already experienced on Alphen.

When Kahng-woojin was summoned, the allied forces of Alphen and Trahnet was in midst of a tense war. Many people had died, and a large portion of the land was wasted. Woojin’s voice didn’t have any influence or power in the alliance, so he decided to build his own forces on the abandoned dead-lands.

Should he quietly grow his power here on earth again?

It was a good option if he wanted to repeat his past mistakes.

“It would be great if they revealed themselves to me like this…”

Woojin didn’t care if those aiming for his life came out into the open. He’ll make an example out of them, so the entire earth will imprinted with the image of him inside their memories.

He didn’t care if such an act would make people fear him.

A more brutal enemy was in front of them, and the earth had to come together. Woojin was going to lead them. At the very least,he wanted enough presence where his voice would be heard.

He didn’t care if he gained fame or notoriety from achieving his goals.

The problem was….

“It’s way too early….”

Events were happening much faster than Woojin had expected.

He hadn’t purposefully held back his personality, but at the same time, he hadn’t done anything that would have made enemies… He was disillusioning himself.

So which dimwit was so impatient to get rid of him?

Pah pah pah pah pah.

Woojin lifted his gaze. The helicopter in mid-air a long distance away started to fly away.

“Bibi. Go follow it.”

[All right.]

A black smoke formed, and she was carried off by the wind. She flew under the helicopter’s fuselage. The black smoke changed back into a cat, and she clung on tightly.

“Hoo. Should I go see what these bastards look like?”

Woojin put Ggaebi on the bastard, who shot the laser pointer. He walked towards Ggaebi’s energy signature.


“Holy Maiden. Guild Alandal’s president Kahng-woojin just arrived at the airport.”

Melody was surprised by Mrs. Hamilton’s words.

‘Why was she so nervous when she heard the Korean name Kahng-woojin?’

Hamilton wondered how Melody, who had come from Alphen, was acquainted with a Korean man. Moreover, she couldn’t help but wonder why Melody overreacted every time his name was mentioned.

Still, she couldn’t ask Melody these questions.

Hamilton was a convert of the Aria Church, and Melody was the precious Holy Maiden.

“Are you sure we didn’t do anything that would incur his displeasure?”

“No. I made a special request to the Titan Guild, and they will guide him to the hotel with utmost care.”


She bit her lips as it trembled.

When she thought about their eventual meeting, she couldn’t help, but tremble. He probably knew about her being here, and he had come here to meet her.

She couldn’t avoid him. She knew the only answer to this problem was to meet him head on. Still, she couldn’t help, but feel afraid when she thought about it.

No. Shouldn’t she be the one to visit him first?

He had a fiery personality. Would he cause her trouble if she didn’t come greet him first?

‘It was more than likely if it was him.’

The Holy Maiden suddenly stood up from her seat.

“Which hotel is he staying at?”


Hamilton was very surprised. Melody was the most important person after the goddess Aria. Was Kahng-woojin worth all of this?

“I’ll have to go see him.”

“…I’ll go prepare the Holy Knights.”

Most of the Holy Maiden’s business was conducted inside the Aria Church at the Titan Guild’s headquarters. However, she sometimes had to attend public events, so she received protection from her Holy Knights.

On average, the Holy Knights had the ability of a Rank B+ Roused. Her protectors was the strongest group on earth.

“I will be honored if I was able to follow you, Holy Maiden.”

“I will volunteer my services to the Holy Maiden.

The Holy Knights scrambled forward to be in the group that would accompany her. Ten knights were chosen amongst them.

They accompanied Melody as she headed towards the hotel where Kahng-woojin was staying at.

There were 3 vehicles, and the Holy Maiden got in the second car. James sat next to her.

The Holy Maiden had healed his daughter’s incurable disease. After he witnessed the miracle, he became the most fervent vassal of the Aria Church.

He used to be a Rank A Roused representing the Titan Guild, but now he was the head Holy Knight of Aria’s church.

“Is something bothering you, Holy Maiden??”

“It’s nothing.”

Some unknown uneasiness shown through the Holy Maiden’s eyes, and James wasn’t used to seeing her like this.

She was always serene and happy. The Holy Maiden was like a real life angel, who had descended from the sky. She was beautiful, and she had a majestic bearing befitting an agent of the goddess.

Still, this was the first time James had seen her act this way.

He was unaccustomed to it.

“Hoo-ooh. I’m fine. Please don’t worry about me.”

“Yes, Holy Maiden.”

James decided he would have to pay more attention in protecting her, when he saw Melody’s anxiety. As they were about to head towards the hotel, the vehicle came to a stop.

“What’s going on?”

“Please wait a moment..”

James pushed the mic button on the device in his ear, and he spoke.

“What is it?”

[Chee-jeek. There was an explosion nearby.]


James looked over the driver seat, then he caught sight of the city that was beyond the window. There was a large bank of clouds on top of the city. It wasn’t a natural phenomena.

Did the windows shake a little bit before because of the after-effect of an explosion?

“It seems there was a terrorist attack. We’ll have to return for your safety.”


The Holy Maiden’s chin shook.

Is he on a rampage? Shouldn’t she go see what’s going on?

“I have to know what had happened.”

“We have to turn back. I’ll report to you after I find out what happened.”


At the Holy Maiden’s silence, James radioed a message to his teammates.

“We are heading back to church, Nick. Take some of our boys to see what happened.”


Two cars did a U-turn, and the last car in the convoy headed towards the street where the explosion happened.


Nick stood in front of a very large crater.

“Did a meteor fall here?”

When they looked around the surrounding, the impact hadn’t brought down any buildings. However, the fragments from the walls, and the damaged cars were quite noticeable. There was also a crater that looked like a sinkhole.

One of the team members sent out to scout the surrounding returned.

“You might not believe this, but a person fell at that spot. There were a lot of witnesses.”

“Where’s the corpse?”

At Nick’s question, Jimmy shrugged his shoulder.

“He’s alive. Witnesses said he just walked out of there.”

“Are you kidding me, Jimmy? Why don’t you just say the terminator came here? Would you survive a collision that would cause a shock wave of this magnitude?”

“You never know. If it’s a Roused with physical abilities, it might be possible.”


There was some logic to his words. If it was a Roused with magic based abilities, a gun shot would kill the person. However, a bullet wouldn’t’ even be able to pierce through the skin of a Roused with physical ability. Many of them had steel-like skins.

At the very least, one had to be a Rank B Roused with physical ability to survive this. Did a Roused specializing in defense fall from the sky?


Too too too too too too.

The sounds of rotors made him look up, and he could see the news helicopters up in the sky. When he looked around his surrounding, several reporters were already taking pictures.

“Let’s head back.”

“As it is? What about our investigation?”

“The news will inform us.”

Jimmy let out a guffaw at Nick’s easygoing words.

“All right. Let’s head back.”

The Holy Knights of the Aria Church headed back towards the church.


In front of Kahng-woojin’s hotel room.

“Ah. Please.”

Jung-minchan stood behind the employee, who was using the master key to open the door. He restlessly bounced on his feet with a nervous expression on his face. The building shook, while he was taking a shower. Moreover, he also heard the sound of an explosion.

The vibration felt like an earthquake.

The first serious thought that came into his mind was about Kahng-woojin.

He immediately went to Woojin’s room, but it was locked. Moreover, there was no response from inside the room. This was why Minchan had quickly chased down an employee.

“Ah, President. Please.”

When the employee with the master key opened the door, Minchan’s eyes took in the dark room with his eyes.


When the room was illuminated, the wind blowing through the empty room made Jung-minchan’s blood run cold.


Minchan looked at the broken window with a devastated expression.


He felt resentment. He guessed what had happened when he heard the sound of an explosion.

‘It’s president’s doing.’

Jung-minchan looked out the broken window, then he searched the entire room. However, Kahng-woojin was nowhere to be found.

“Huh huh.”

Did the president carry out an act of terror on US soil?

Even he couldn’t settle this affair.

Woojin said he wouldn’t make any accident…

Minchan plopped down in front of Woojin’s messy carrier bag.

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Chapter 72. Terror
Chapter 74. Meeting