Seoul Station's Necromancer

Sept. 4, 2022, 6:55 a.m.

Chapter 166. Entry into Alphen (1)
Chapter 168. Reconstruction (1)

Chapter 167. Entry into Alphen (2)


The goosebump inducing sound of the Skeletons hovered around their ears.

[Have I met that Elven bitch?]

[Ooh-haha! It’s a festival! A Festival!]

[You want to make a bet? As always, I will win.]

The Death Knights were boisterously talking, and the humans held their breath as the Death Knights passed by them. The Death Knights didn’t show any signs of hostility in their conversations, yet the humans knew how frightening they were.

These beings would cut off their heads as they laughed.

Immortal’s Army.

Death’s Executioners.

These beings just walked past the people.


The Skeletons and the unsightly Zombies also passed by them. The humans were treated as if they were non-existent.



The Vesics and Tudons were helplessly taken down.

No, they were being swept away. Once the army swept past them, the humans let out the breath they had been holding in.


They couldn’t even move their mouth from feeling overpowered.

“What’s going on?”

The Immortal’s Army held a great hostility and hatred towards the living. Yet they were just passing by the humans right in front of their eyes…

Moreover, the Immortal had shown up with the kidnapped Holy Maiden.

“Look over there. We have to rescue the Holy Maiden.”

“The army is at a distance now. This is our golden opportunity.”

“However, the bastard has other Familiars….”

They couldn’t come to a decision. While they were indecisive, the Immortal approached them on his Phantom Steed.

“Yo, what’s up? It’s been awhile.”

He didn’t know their names, but there was a faint memory of their faces left inside Woojin’s head. He raised his hand in a welcoming manner as he greeted them.


Tauric and the other heroes tensed at the sight. They glared at him.

“What are you planning to do by kidnapping the Holy Maiden?”

“What kidnapping?”

Woojin let Melody down.

Melody couldn’t control the expression on her face. She was thankful and apologetic at seeing the surviving people. Her expression switched back and forth.

“I’m sorry for my late arrival. To save Alphen, I went to the planet Earth to bring reinforcements.”

“What are you saying?”

“The Immortal has agreed to help us reclaim Alphen.”


Tauric, Graham, and Latasha looked at each other when they heard Melody’s words. When she saw their expressions, she laughed with tears in her eyes.

Melody had also been very surprised.

It had almost been unbelievable.

The Immortal’s name had been synonymous with calamity, yet he had become her ally.

“The Holy Maiden is dead!”

“She’s become the Immortal’s corpse puppet!”

“You evil bastard!”

Melody was taken aback when she saw them grasp their weapons as the tension in the air spiralled upwards.

“No. It is a misunderstanding. He really has come to help the coalition…”

“Stop speaking nonsense! I’m sure the Shadow Ghost is controlling her.”

“Ah ah. I can’t believe the Holy Maiden of Aria had passed on in this fashion.”

Tauric seemed genuinely sad. Tears started falling from his eyes.

“This is a true misunderstanding. I’m still alive. The Immortal really is…”

“Yes. She’s the Illusion Witch! I’m sure this is an illusion.”

“Ah ah. Oh Skia. Please give me strength.”


Tauric was swept up in a pink light. As if to let out his pent-up anger, Tauric was getting ready to charge.

When he saw Melody become taken aback at seeing these people become enraged, Woojin let out a sigh.

“Well, do we really have to explain it in such a lame way?”

“I have to resolve the misunderstanding…”

“This isn’t something you can resolve with words.”

Woojin jumped off Shing Shing, and he summoned the Warrior’s Weapon. There was a playful smile on his face.

“You just have to let them feel the truth with their bodies.”

When Woojin showed signs of getting ready for battle, Tauric was the first to charge towards Woojin. He couldn’t control the tears falling from his eyes.

“I dreamed of this day. I have the chance to eliminate the Immortal when his army isn’t around him. Isn’t this the culmination of my life destined by Skia-nim?”

Tauric charged forward. No one had been able to eliminate the Immortal, since he was always surrounded by his Familiars and the tens of thousands of Undeads.

He didn’t know the reasoning behind the Immortal’s actions, but his army was focused on eliminating the Trahnet’s army in the distance.

This was Tauric’s golden opportunity.

Hoooooong, kwahng!

His mace was blocked by Woojin’s Steel Staff. Tauric was the Monk of Skia, the god of Adventurers.

Monk Tauric’s strength wasn’t insignificant.

His eyes widened from surprise.

Shwahhk, kwahnk!

His surprise didn’t end there. Woojin used his strength to push him backwards. Tauric was skidding backwards when the Steel Staff impacted on his knee.


He had thought there was no way he would lose in terms of strength. Tauric was being overwhelmed by strength. Was the Immortal always this strong? Moreover, the consequent attacks were swift.

He was as fast as Latasha when she was going all out.

Kwah-jeek, kwahk!


Tauric was victimized by the Immortal’s cruel hands. The Immortal’s Steel Staff crushed Tauric’s knees, and Tauric was also struck on his head.

Blood exploded forth as his scalp bled freely, but Tauric was barely able to avoid death. However, he couldn’t stop himself from passing out. One could see the white of his eyes as he lay on the floor.

Woojin left behind Tauric, and he immediately surged towards Graham.



Graham’s body disappeared in a flash as he reappeared a little ways off from his original position.

He had used the close range teleportation spell called Blink.



The souls that inhabited Woojin’s Soul Armor turned into several dozen spears, and the Soul Spears chased after Graham.


The Soul Spears followed until it impacted on their target. Graham was tirelessly moving to avoid the Soul Spears. Kahng-woojin changed his Warrior’s Weapon into a bow, and he shot an arrow.



Graham had deployed his defensive magic, yet his shoulder exploded in a bloody mess. Graham rolled on the ground.

“My father’s murderer!”


She was only 60 years old, yet she had risen to the position of Elf Lord. She had filled the position out of necessity as countless elders had sacrificed themselves in battle.

The Immortal had killed her father!

Kah-ahng, kahng!

Latasha danced with daggers in each hand. In a flash, Woojin had transformed his Warrior’s Weapon into a daggers as he faced her.

Hoo-ah-ahk, kahng, shwee-sheek, shoohk!

The four daggers clashed against each other, and the battle was becoming prolonged. Latasha possessed the tragic Elven Blood in her veins, and the Elves were second to none in terms of agility. However, he was as fast as Latasha.

She would have never imagined the Immortal was this fast.

There were only a handful of times the Immortal had personally entered a battle, so it wasn’t surprising that Latasha had no idea about the capabilities of the Immortal. She had heard countless stories about his notoriety, but she had only faced him twice before.

This would be her third time.


The Immortal used the split-second opening to strike Latasha’s thigh.


It wasn’t a critical wound, but it was an effective blow that was enough to decide the outcome of the battle.

Shoo-shoohk, shahk!

Kahng-woojin’s daggers danced as wounds opened up all over Latasha’s body.


In the end, each daggers were embedded in her shoulders. Her arms were sealed from moving.


As a last-ditch effort, she attempted a low kick. Maybe it was because she couldn’t control her strength, but her shin broke. Her lower leg was hanging at a weird angle as she lost her balance.

“Son of a bitch! I’ll curse you even in my death!”

Woojin’s smirked at Latasha’s struggle.

“Let’s just forget about the past.”

“You want me to forget about my enmity against you for killing my family?”

“You caused harm to my subordinates too.”


Even if Latasha had fought against the Immortal Army, how many could she have killed? In the battle where she had face off against him, she was placed in the rearguard unit.

“I destroyed the soulless Undeads. How can you compare it to losing family…”

“Ah, I don’t care. They are precious to me.”


“We have enmity against each other, so let’s just call it as being even.”


He unsummoned the Warriors Weapon jammed into her shoulder. More blood spilled out through her open wounds.

Woojin glanced behind him, and he saw the pale Melody. Then there were the terrified village people that couldn’t even meet his gaze.

“Well, shall I go out and help in earnest?”

“…you should be a little bit more merciful…”

Melody started mumbling something as she looked at Woojin, but she gave up on it. The three of them were still alive. The only problem was the fact that they were in critical conditions.

“You take care of it.”

Woojin got back on Shing Shing, and he summoned Jaenis and Dolsae.

[Are we going to save Alphen yet!]

Woojin grinned as he looked at Sunggoo, who was fighting a fierce battle with the Feris.

“It’s about to start.”


Jaenis’ body flew into the air.

[I’ll save you all from this dreadful life!]

Jaenis’ staff started to emit fire as it ruthlessly impacted on the incredible number of Vesics that were swarming towards them from distance.

“Shall I gather the souls first?”

Woojin possessed Thrash’s Protection. Most of its abilities were sealed from being damaged.

There were no limits on how many souls he could store inside his Soul Armor, so he welcomed the presence of the thousands of ingredients he would be able to use.

He could also see the Dimensional lord Go-shoo-shoo, who was personally leading his army into the battle field.

“Let’s go, Dolsae.”


Dolsae started to gather all the blood spilled on the Battlefield. Since Bibi wasn’t here, it would be hard to calm down the Blood Golem. However, there was no better warning he could give to this world than the rampaging Blood Golem.

Kahng-woojin’s… No. The Immortal’s Undead Army had returned to Alphen.


The giant Cyclops Go-shoo-shoo was lying on the floor. He was a bloody mess.

“A bad egg has returned.”

“I know you missed me. Isn’t that right?”

“Koo-roo. Choose your territory. I won’t encroach on it.”

Woojin had his axe rested on his shoulder, and he stood in front of the Cyclop’s single eye.

“What should I do?”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“I want to take possession of the whole planet.”


Go-shoo-shoo’s big eye blinked.

“So you are aiming for the Alphen’s Code?”


Woojin furrowed his eyebrows.

“What is this Code suppose to be?”

Go-shoo-shoo’s eye rolled as he looked over the Immortal.

“I see. You don’t know about it. This is why you are uselessly helping the residents of this planet.”

If he he knew about it, he probably would have spent more effort on the Dimensional battles. The Immortal’s deeds were eccentric. It was hard to see him as a Dimensional lord.

“You could be a little bit more friendly by telling me what you are talking about. Would that be a problem?”

“Why should I do that?”

Woojin knitted his brows. He brought down the axe in his hand with force.


“If you plan on playing twenty questions, you can just fuck off.”

The axe was embedded inside the Cyclop’s head, and his body started to fade away into gray light.

“This is annoying.”

Maybe all the 72 thrones of Trahnet were gathered at Alphen for this Code. The Dimensional lords at Planet Jaku was comparably weak to the ones in Alphen.

Woojin brushed off his hand, and he looked at Jaemin and Sunggoo.

“Do you think you’ll be able to do this?”

“Well, I don’t see much differences from any previous tasks we had to do.”

Woojin looked at the location where Go-shoo-shoo had disappeared, and he looked at all the corpses of monsters filling up his surrounding.

“This bastard is on the level of being a small-fry. Don’t let your guard down too much.”

“Yes, hyung-nim.”

“Yes, hyung.”

“Then you guys clear the surrounding. If you see something useful, pick it up.”

“Yes sir!”

When they moved away, Woojin absorbed all the souls floating around the surrounding. Moreover…



Several thousand Skeletons rose up once again, and they replenished his army.

“I have to gather all the Set Items as fast as I can.”

If he gathered the Set Items once again, he would able to maintain a much bigger army.

Woojin headed towards Melody.

She had healed Tauric, Graham and Latasha. Then she had healed the townspeople. She was in the process of blessing them.

Since they had confirmed that her holy power wasn’t fake, Tauric and his party looked at Woojin with dumbfounded expressions.

“Why…why did you spare us?”

“You want me to kill you?”

They weren’t asking him to kill them. They were just curious about the reasoning behind his actions.

“Why are you helping the coalition?”

“Well, is there some rule that says I can’t?”


The Immortal was strong, and he was still an asshole.

“I’ll clean this up for you guys. Just don’t interfere with my work.”

He’ll hunt them all down.

At the very least, he wanted to return to Earth with Yong Yong.

Woojin ended the conversation by walking away. Everyone gathered around Melody when he left.

“Is that person a hero, Holy Maiden?”

She let out an awkward laugh at the child’s question.

“…I’m not sure…”

Latasha let out a low growl as she looked at the Immortal’s back.

“I don’t know what he is thinking. I’m sure he will cause us harm in the end.”

“I’m not sure about that.”

The Holy Maiden looked at Woojin with slightly saddened eyes.

‘Even after hearing the oracle…’

She had delivered Aria’s words.

Nevertheless, Woojin’s behavior hadn’t changed. He didn’t show any reluctance in entering Alphen. She didn’t know his true intent, but it was true that she should be thankful towards him.

Melody bowed her head towards his back.

Chapter 166. Entry into Alphen (1)
Chapter 168. Reconstruction (1)