Seoul Station's Necromancer

Sept. 4, 2022, 6:55 a.m.

Chapter 167. Entry into Alphen (2)
Chapter 169. Reconstruction (2)

Chapter 168. Reconstruction (1)

Go-shoo-shoo’s army was annihilated.

They hadn’t been repelled. They hadn’t had the opportunity retreat either. They were simply annihilated.

The corpses on Go-shoo-shoo’s vanished territory rose up as Undeads, and the Immortal was leading this army.

The people, who were confused, were the refugees that had hidden from Go-shoo-shoo’s offensive campaign.

“I don’t believe it. This is the prelude to a calamity.”

“That’s right. What reason does the Immortal have for helping us?”

The fear and repulsion towards the Immortal was almost an instinct for these people. Many people here had lost their family members in the war with Alandal. They couldn’t even recover their corpses as they became Undeads.

Melody was barely able to gather the people here, and they were talking in hushed voices. They were nervous.

The heroes, who had been the hope of the coalition, was also confused by the situation.

“What is his endgame?”

“I don’t believe it. You are saying he is doing this as an act of goodwill without any payment expected in return?”

Melody was in the middle of this dispute.

Melody thoroughly understood the confused feeling of her people. She had also been surprised time and time again by the Immortal.

She looked at the 6 heroes gathered here.

Graham, Tauric and Latasha was present. Then there was the young king of the Honshoo kingdom named Kontz, Orc chieftain Krueger and the Dwarf King Raul.

“There is something you should all know.”


When everyone’s attention was focused on her, she opened her small mouth.

“Immortal is human. He is the same as us.”


“Your joke is in poor taste, Voice of Aria!”

She calmly raised her voice at the heated responses.

“I followed my goddess’ oracle. I was guided to earth, and I saw the true identity of the Immortal. We were the ones that had misunderstood him.”


Dwarf King Raul asked a question amongst the silence.

“How was he over there? Was he less rash, less cruel and less tyrannical?”

“On earth he,…”

Melody thought over the question, and she pursed her lips.

Even on earth, the Immortal had been rash and tyrannical. He had done whatever he wanted to do.

“I knew it. The Immortal is the Immortal. He is calamity personified. We won’t dance from happiness, because he is capricious in nature. We lost too many to do that.”

His words were correct. However…

“However, it is also true that he is helping us.”


That was true. Go-shoo-shoo’s Colony was being dismantled right now. Go-shoo-shoo’s Dungeons were all cleared, and he no longer had foothold in this world. If he wanted to come back to Alphen, Go-shoo-shoo would have to return through another Dungeon. However, this was a long ways off.

Basically, a Dimensional lord that had caused terror in this region was gone. This was also the reason why the people that had escaped in every direction was able to gather here.

There were over a thousand people here, who were sick and tired of being afraid and exhausted.

“He is our hope. This is the word of my goddess.”

The heroes still wasn’t satisfied even after hearing Melody’s appeal. It didn’t matter if her words were true. They had too much enmity and feelings stacked against the Immortal.

Moreover, they couldn’t hide the fear and worry they had towards the Immortal.

“I wonder if this is like chasing a Wyvern away to bring in a Dragon.”

“That’s right. Our future will still be very uncertain if we rely on him.”

Melody’s face darkened a little bit as she spoke.

“The important part is that he is making a sacrifice for our sake.”

“Huh. What sacrifice is the Immortal making for us?”


While they continued this hopeless conversation, a Phantom Steed galloped towards them. When the Immortal got closer, the heroes unconsciously grabbed their weapons.

They were tense as their palms became sweaty just from the Immortal appearing.


Woojin jumped off Shing Shing, and he stood amongst them.

“What are you all doing?”


Woojin furrowed his brows. They were either looking at each other or they looked at the ground.

“What? What’s with this atmosphere?”

The heroes tensed at Woojin’s playful words. Melody spoke quietly into this tense atmosphere.

“They still feel awkward at receiving help from Immortal-nim… Eventually they will adjust….”

“Ah ah.”

Woojin grinned as he looked at the people that was unable to look him in the eyes.

“We’ve been fighting a life and death battle, yet it looks like I’m suddenly pretending to be friendly with you. Is that how it is?”


“Alliance. This is an alliance. Who doesn’t have enmity against others? Stop acting like children.”

Woojin looked over them when his gaze stopped at Latasha.

“Are you going to keep acting up?”

Woojin unfurled two fingers to point at her eyes. She looked up at him.

“If you continue to glare at me like that, I’ll string up your bones.”


Her pride didn’t allow her to avoid his gaze, but Latasha’s eyes were unfocused as it shook. The light in the Immortal’s eyes said he was telling her the truth. He wasn’t joking.

“It isn’t as if you guys are the only ones with enmity. I’ll bury my enmity towards you all. So let us refrain ourselves. If you really don’t like me that much, you can attack me. Do you think it’ll make much of a difference if I kill one or two more people?”


He was probably the only one that could speak those words so naturally on this planet. No… Even if one searched through this Dimension, the Immortal was unique.

“If you don’t have a death wish, don’t look at me with that look in your eyes. Ok?”


“You aren’t going to answer me?”


It was as if Latasha had unwillingly squeezed out those words. Woojin smiled when he heard it.

“All right. Give me your opinions about the Colony.”

“Which Colony are you talking about?”

“I’ll have to set up a base of operations where all the forces of the coalition would gather.”

The heroes looked at each other, and their face was glowing. They were going to rebuild the scattered coalition forces….

“Don’t we have to pick a place that is easy to defend?”

Dwarf King Raul started drawing a map on the floor.

“There is a deep ravine here. It’ll be a good enough place to gather the people.”

Woojin look at the map, and he pointed at a location.

“Where’s this?”

“This is the Sauraus mountain. The surrounding region is quite open around this pointed mountain, so one would be easily found by one’s enemies.”

“An open space….”

“The area is elevated, but it is debateable as to whether one could use that to one’s advantage in defending the place. Moreover, it is an easy place to isolate and cut off the supplies to the mountain. The most important factor is that Juliel has set up his Colony there.”

“So this place is where the dog house is located at?”

Trahnet’s great lord.

Second Throne Juliel.

Woojin laughed as he picked up a stick to plant it at the location.

“I’ll build my Colony here.”

“As I said, that place is…”

Raul was about to protest, but he shut his mouth when he caught sight of Woojin’s eyes.

“I’ll do the cleaning. Just get ready to move.”


After Woojin finished talking, he called over the two dongsaengs that was approaching them.


A ball of fire suddenly dropped from the sky accompanied by a small explosion. When the flames died away, a man with a warm expression greeted the others.



A swarm of bats coalesced to form a person. This person lowered his head.

“Nice to meet you.”

The heroes awkwardly nodded their heads when Hong-sunggoo and Do-jaemin arrived.

“Both of you get acquainted with them, since you’ll be travelling together often.”

“Heh heh. I look forward to working with you all.”

“Let us all get along.”

Woojin secretly smiled at their naive greetings. This reminded him of the time when he was first summoned to Alphen during his 3rd year of high school.

I was a hellish period in his life.

“Uh? Where are you going, hyung?”

“I’m cleaning up the place where we’ll be moving in.”

“What? This place has apartments?”


It wasn’t even worth his time to respond to those words. Woojin rode Shing Shing as he waved his hand, then he disappeared far into the distance.

“Heh he. Since the atmosphere is a bit awkward, how about we introduce ourselves over some alcohol?”


The people were still being awkward at Sunggoo’s words, so he turned to look at Jaemin.

“Hey, Jaemin. Why don’t you bring out some stuff from that Dimensional storage or whatever. Alcohol and…”


Woojin had granted authority to Do-jaemin, so he had a partial access to the Domain storage. It was usually used to put in any loots they gathered, but it could also be used to take stuff out.

Jaemin started taking out food and alcohol. Sunggoo diligently filled each cup.

“Shall we drink?”

As the alcohol started being passed around, Suggoo had a bright smile on his face.

It seemed like a distant memory, but his college life hadn’t been all for naught.

What better way was there to break the awkwardness? Alcohol and games were the best way to become friendly with others.

“Well, since we’ve started, let’s go full tilt. Let’s share it with everyone.”

There were almost 2000 people gathered here.

However, the Dimensional Domain’s storage was massive.

The storage would still be overflowing with food even if they fed everyone here. Do-jaemin didn’t hold back in taking out the food. It had been a long time since the village people were able to satiate their hunger.

Maybe what the people really needed was a solution to hunger and safety rather than revenge.

They had been fighting tooth and nail to live and have some semblance of life…

Maybe they’ll have to live in the shadow of a being that lived in order not to die.

“Drink! Drink! Chug down that alcohol!”


Sunggoo took the lead of the party, and it continued into the dawn.


Summit of Sauraus Mountain.

Juliel had a stunned expression as he looked at Necromancer Kahng-woojin, who had brought his Undead army to his doorstep.

“I don’t understand you.”


“What enmity do you have against me? We are Dimensional lords, so why do we have to waste resources to fight each other?”

“You think this is a waste?”

“It is a waste. In the end, there is nothing to be gained from this. Isn’t this a waste of Points?”


Woojin stroked his chin.

If one excluded death, what did one gain from this? Maybe he’ll be able to find out a little bit about how the Dimensional lords think.

Woojin discreetly threw a bait out.

“So do you have the Code?”

“Are you coveting the throne? If so, why the hell are you doing this?”

Woojin’s eyes shone.

“Weren’t you on the Second Throne?”

“You are very clueless about the Rankings. I stole one Throne. I’m in the Third Throne now.”

He understood it.

There were 72 great lords of Trahnet.

The Throne were numbered from 1 to 72.

This was a Ranking they kept, and it depended on how many one posessed.

If one wanted to steal a seat, one had to accumulate points. Once one gets to the 73rd Ranking, one had the qualification to challenge the first Throne.

“There’s the Code I haven’t found yet….”

Woojin’s mumbling was well received by Juliel.

“Ah, you are talking about the Code. Ah ah. You came back to Alphen to look for it?”

“Isn’t one Code the same as all the other Codes?”

“What the hell are you talking about? Each Code’s authority….”

Juliel’s expression hardened in mid sentence. He suddenly stood up.

“You bastard. You don’t know about the Code.”

Woojin shrugged his shoulders.

“If I knew about it, why would I need to put out my feelers?”

“How dare you! How daaaaaaaare you!”

Juliel became enraged when he realized he had been tricked.

Woojin smirked as he took out his Warrior’s Weapon.

“Our Bibi is the best in taking care of dogs.”

If Bibi was here, she could have use her illusions. Wouldn’t she have been able to gain more information?

Woojin was disappointed, but he quickly let go of those feelings.

‘Well, Bibi has her own work to do.’

She was probably having a good time decorating the Colony.

She had the experience of building up the Dimensional Domain, so she would do really well in her current task.

“You bastard! How dare you trick me!”

“You were the one that allowed yourself to be duped.”


Woojin and Juliel clashed.


Bibi was in the control tower as she looked over the large aircraft carrier. The vine tree had grown over the control tower to become the Colony’s symbol, and one could enter the control tower from the root like a house.


The deck was large, but most of the living facilities were at the passenger’s quarters.

“What’s troubling you, Bibi?”

“Ah, Sooah.”

Bibi happily greeted Sooah, who was as tall as her. Did this little child know that she was the cat?

Currently, they both looked like little girls.

“I was thinking about how I should decorate this place.”


“Do you know what an aircraft carrier is, Sooah?”

“Aircraft carrier?”

Sooah tilted her head in confusion. She was barely a kindergartner, so maybe the word was too difficult for her. Sooah had become the Holy Maiden of earth’s unknown goddess, yet this didn’t mean her knowledge had expanded.

“I know what aircraft means.”


“It is a more difficult word, but it has the same meaning as a plane.”

“Ah ha. So that is why they call it an aircraft carrier.”

Bibi looked at the wide deck as she nodded her head.

“No wonder.”

So that’s what an aircraft carrier was.

Aircraft was a plane.

“So that’s why it is called an aircraft carrier. I wonder what carrier means?”

Bibi tilted her head in puzzlement.

She used her authority over the Colony to search through the Store. She needed an expert that would be able to renovate this rundown Colony city.

– 1,400p

One of the Dwarf Engineers of the Black Mine tribe.

He is adept at creating magical machines.

Design Option – Flying Boat, Mechanical Golem, Tank…

Build Option – Siege type Vulcan Cannon, Offensive Buckshot…

“I found it!”

She found the talent that’ll renovate the aircraft carrier. Bibi didn’t think twice about consuming the Points needed to appoint this talent.

Chapter 167. Entry into Alphen (2)
Chapter 169. Reconstruction (2)