Seoul Station's Necromancer

Sept. 4, 2022, 6:55 a.m.

Chapter 169. Reconstruction (2)
Chapter 171. Oracle (2)

Chapter 170. Oracle (1)


The water from the lake flew into the air as if it was ascending into the heavens. Each Breath let out by the Water Dragons were streams of water. Each stream turned into something akin to sharp assassin needles.

It was hard to maintain a sane mind when watching several hundred thousand sharp needles flying through the air.

Elf Lord Latasha was hanging in the air. She felt dizzy when she saw that attack coming towards her.

Her body was stiff as a board, and she was so surprised that she forgot to breathe. It felt as if several dozen water drops containing the sharp energy would pierce through her.

No, it was going to happen.


Latasha let out her breath as she saw the water droplets disperse as it impacted on an invisible barrier.



It felt as if she was watching a heavy rainfall from below the eaves. The water came flying at incredible speed, yet it dispersed into the surrounding after impacting against the barrier. One couldn’t just laugh it off when one thought about the power behind attack.

“They aren’t that big of a deal.”

Latasha reflexively turned her head. She looked at the man flying in the air as he held onto the collar of her shirt.


She had never seen or hear of someone that was as unreasonable as him.

He was trying to brute force himself into the Litan City, which was protected by the Water Dragons…. It was something even the Dimensional lord of Trahnet avoided doing.

“The Breaths aren’t the end of it!”

Even if the Soul Barrier allowed him to avoid any damage, there were dozens of additional reason why Water Dragons of the Litan Lake were dangerous.

“What? It isn’t as if the Water Dragons can fly. Can they?”

“They can.”


Woojin was dumbfound as he looked at Latasha.

“They can fly?”

“W…we have to take shelter…


The whirlpool split apart as the heads of the Dragons surfaced.


Accompanying the roars, the Dragons appeared. They were so long that their tails were still within the water even though the Dragons had almost reached Woojin.


Woojin quickly shifted his body, and he avoided the sharp teeth of a Dragon. The Dragons had long whiskers as long as its body, and it was reminiscent of a catfish. Moreover, it was closer to looking like an Eastern Dragon from legend then a Western Dragon.

There were 17 of them, and they rose into the sky as if they were swimming through sky. When they earnestly started to attack Woojin, he couldn’t defend against it for too long.

‘My souls will dissipate first.’

If the Soul Armor had enough souls in storage, it formed a barrier to automatically protect Woojin. The continuous threats were quickly dissipating his Souls.

He had diligently gathered souls after he arrived at Alphen, yet he might regrettably lose all he had gained.

This was the first time Woojin felt taken aback.


They quickly changed direction, and they escaped from the skies above Litan Lake.

They landed on the ground as if skipping across the ground. The 17 Dragons, which had been swimming in the air, glared at Woojin, then they returned below the surface of the water.


The lake waters became waves as it wetted the land.

“Kook. What the hell?”

Woojin got up, and he looked at the sloshing lake.

“Kuhk. What did I tell you?”

Latasha had rolled alongside Woojin, so she scolded him.

He had pompously stepped forward, yet he had come up with empty results.

Latasha was about to say something more, but she shut up when the furrows on his forehead deepened. There was nothing good about unnecessarily getting on his nerves.

Anyways, the Water Dragons were a disaster level power.

It was so bad that Trahnet’s Dimensional lord left this place alone.

Just because he was the Immortal didn’t mean he’ll do any better. Latasha made this accusation inside her head as she check up on the Immortal’s expression.


Laughter? Was he really laughing right now?

“This is fun.”

After he laughed for a brief moment, he took out his Warrior’s Weapon.

Was he trying to attempt it again? Was he going to go against the Water Dragons of the Litan’s Lake?

“Y…you are being reckless!”

“We won’t know what will happen unless I try it out.”

In the past, the first Dragon he had caught was hard, but it got easier as he hunted several more of them.

It would be a bit troublesome fighting 17 of them, but it wasn’t as if it was impossible.

He wasn’t alone either.


Black smoke coalesced around Woojin to form Death Knights.

[Are we hunting Dragons?]

[It has been awhile since we’ve seen Dragons.]

[I think this is the Litan’s Lake….]

All the Death Knights were Woojin’s familiars, but they were all from different races. Moreover, they all had distinct personalities. Their memories all varied, so several of them knew about the Water Dragons residing in Litan’s Lake.

It didn’t matter what they remembered. If Woojin ordered it, they wouldn’t hesitate to charge forward.

[Goo-ha-ha. Are you trying to make friends for Yong Yong?]

Lich Jaenis was summoned besides Woojin. It would be possible to hunt all of the Water Dragons at the same time if Jaenis was by his side.

It would be possible with the help of a Lich, who was unrivalled at Debuff magic.


Moreover, they would be unrivalled if Dolsae joined the party.

It would be best if Yong Yong was with him, but he had enough power to hunt down the Dragons.

Woojin was about to confidently step forward towards the lake.

“Let’s do this ag….”

Woojin was about to speak gallantly when he swallowed his words.


A boat was swiftly moving through the water towards Woojin.

In front of the boat, a 10 year old boy was steering the boat. He was wearing clothes that were way too big for him. Woojin tilted his head in confusion when he realized the clothes looked familiar.

“What the hell?”

The boat docked, and the boy placed a ladder over the railing. When he got off the boat, he approached Woojin.

There were Death Knights lined up all around him, yet the boy didn’t back down at all.

The boy stood in front of Woojin, and he gave his greeting.

A cowl was precariously hanging on top of his head, but it refused to fall off.

“Are you the Immortal?”

Woojin’s eyes twinkled when the clear voice came out of the boy’s lips.

“Are you Lecia’s high priest?”

“Yes, I am.”

“I hadn’t called you, so why did you come out here?”

“I didn’t invite you, so why did you come here?”


Woojin didn’t say anything. He silently stared at the boy.

“If the sacrifice of myself could protect the Litan’s Island, it is worth it.”

“Why do you think I’m here to kill you”

“Aren’t you here for the Lecia’s Gloves?”

The boy pushed Lecia’s Gloves towards Woojin.

It was a Holy Item that could grow a bud from all seeds, and it guaranteed the harvest of fruits.

This was Lecia’s treasure. He was the god of fertility.

Of course, a high priest’s authority was diminished when one lost the Holy Item. In certain circumstances, it was a worse offense to lose the Item than to die.

He was voluntarily giving away such a treasure….


Was he a plucky little guy? Or was he being sensible?

“I’ll use it well.”

Woojin unhesitatingly took the gloves.

It was the Ingredient Item needed to make Thrash’s Punishment. The Holy Items were basically tokens of the high priests. However, as Lecia’s high priest, he didn’t look bothered at losing the Item.

“I pray that the oracle comes to pass.”

“The oracle…”

Woojin let out a bitter laugh.

“What did Lecia say?”

The boy let out a faint laugh at the question.

The Immortal was a being that had faced the gods. He wasn’t an insignificant being to the priests, who worshipped those gods. He had received an oracle yesterday night.

“I was told to give you the treasure. She told me my wishes will come true if I do….”


Woojin blankly stared down at the gloves.

He had gathered three Items that were crucial in making Thrash’s Protection, March, and Punishment.

He only had two left.

Woojin unsummoned his familiars, and he left behind the Litan’s Lake.


New Colony on the Saurus Mountain.

People were gathered in groups of twos and three around the World Tree. They were building houses, and the two flags were planted in the middle of everything.

“So that’s what you were talking about?”

“That’s right.”

The people kept talking about the identity of the flag besides the Coalition’s flag.

It was a roaring baby lion. No, it kind of looked like a cute tiger.

“I can’t believe that is the Immortal’s symbol. What does it mean?”

“Isn’t it roaring towards the world?”

“I think it is just yawning….”

The common thread amongst these discussions were the Immortal’s symbol. They were guessing the meaning behind it. The cute image didn’t match up with the Immortal, and this incongruity fostered their curiosity.

“I’m sure it is a lion.”

“What are you saying! It’s obviously a tiger.”

This was a topic that kept flaring up between the people. The one that was the most curious was the young king of the Honshoo kingdom named Kontz.

He had heard about the Immortal through oral history, and this was the first time he had seen the Immortal. It was the first time he had seen the Undead army fight.

The Immortal was much different from the stories his father had told him.

The Immortal’s existence was sufficient enough to draw the curiosity and admiration out of the young ruler Kontz.

There were several dozen lookouts around the Sauraus mountain hastily made out of wooden logs. Both the flags of Alandal and Coalition were hung out on these outposts.

Kontz had climbed up one of these lookouts, and he let out a bright laugh when he saw a fireball coming towards them.

“Sunggoo-nim is back.”

The heroes that had accompanied the Immortal was no joke. There was a Vampire Lord and a Fire Spirit.

Weren’t they worthy of being companions of the Immortal?

Sunggoo was very good at drinking alcohol. His shoulder dance made everyone want to dance, and he was great at leading a party. Kontz had never heard of a Fire Spirit that was great at drinking alcohol.

“Sunggoo-nim is back.”

Kontz had become fairly close with him as they shared alcohol. Kontz quickly came down from the look out, and he vigorously shook his arms in greeting. The arc of fire in the air located Kontz, and the fire landed right in front of him.


“Thank you for your hard work.”

“Heh heh. I have to practice a little bit more before I head back to training.”

“As expected.”

He was so strong, yet he still thinking about training….

“There is something I always wanted to ask you.”

“What is it? Anyways, hasn’t it been a day since the Colony was built? Shouldn’t it be done by now?”

“Mmm? I think it should be done soon.”

Kontz looked up at the sun in the sky, and it looked to be in the same spot as yesterday. He nodded his head.

“Let us talk as we walk.”


“What do you want to ask me?”

“The people are very curious about Alandal’s symbol. Is it a lion or a tiger?”


Sunggoo tilted his head in confusion as he looked at the flag. The first person that came to mind was Bibi when he saw it….

“It is probably a cat.”


“You don’t know what a cat is?”

“I do, but…”

“I’m sure.”


“I think?”

Kontz looked disappointed by Sunggoo’s answer. It looked as if his high expectation was stabbed in the back. Sunggoo shrugged his shoulders as he looked at Kontz’s sulking face.

He knew the flag was hung around Alandal, but he had never asked about how it came to be. This was why Sunggoo didn’t know the story behind it. The only thing he knew was that the picture made him think about Bibi. That was what what came to his mind first.

“Haha. I’m pretty sure the Holy Maiden knows the story behind it.”

“Of course! I’ll have to quickly go see Melody-nim.”

In any case, all the heroes of the Coalition was climbing up the Saurus mountain to watch the completion of the Colony.

They had superior physical ability compared to the civilians, so they would be able to climb the mountain in a short amount of time.


Jaemin had gotten there before Sunggoo. He approached Jaemin, who had a sour expression on his face.

“Jaemin! Is something wrong?”


“Uh. What’s up?”

“Did you hear about the oracle?”


Sunggoo didn’t know what Jaemin was talking about, so he tilted his head in confusion. Jaemin discreetly pointed towards Melody, who was kneeling in front of the World Tree.

“I heard the goddess Aria gave an oracle before Woojin-hyung came back to Alphen.”

“What about it?”

Didn’t anyone, who went to school, know that gods and goddesses gave oracles? Wasn’t it a given?

“Goddess Aria is the goddess of prophecy.”


Was he talking about a prophecy?

Sunggoo’s expression also got serious, and Sunggoo asked a question.

“What did she say?”

“That is…”

Jaemin opened his mouth with a dark expression.

Chapter 169. Reconstruction (2)
Chapter 171. Oracle (2)