Seoul Station's Necromancer

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Chapter 168. Reconstruction (1)
Chapter 170. Oracle (1)

Chapter 169. Reconstruction (2)

Dwarf Nosam was an expert in mechanical engineering. He scouted out the aircraft carrier, and he returned to Bibi to give a report.

“It is excellent. I’m surprised by Planet earth’s technical skills.”

“Is that so? Will it be able to fly?”

“This is unsuitable for flight…. This ship is supposed to be used to float on water….”

“What are you saying? Are you saying it won’t be able to fly?”

Bibi’s bright eyes glared at him, and the surprised Nosam bowed his head. As a Dimensional refugee, the admin of a Colony was the next highest person in terms of ranking after the Dimensional lord.

“I’ll do my best.”

“That’s right. Hurry up and fix it. I think it can’t fly, because it is broken.”


“Are you saying you can’t fix it?”

“N…no. I’ll do my best.”

“If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask. I’ve received the authority to use unlimited amount of Points.”


Nosam lowered his head deeper towards Bibi. If a Dimensional lord allowed her to use unlimited amount of Points, it meant she was in his inner circle. There was no downside in getting on her good side.

“I’ll release a blueprint soon.”

“All right. I’ll look forward to it.”

Bibi’s eyes were twinkling from anticipation.

Nosam bowed, and he was about to leave when he came face to face with Jung-minchan at the doorway. They gave each other an awkward greeting. After passing by Nosam, Minchan approached Bibi.

“What are those things that suddenly formed on the deck, Steward Bibi?”

“What do think it is? Those are essential buildings.”

She had bought several buildings from the Dimensional Store, and those buildings were being built on the deck. There were new workers she had hired, and the Dimensional Domain residents of Alandal were naturally coming back and forth from the Colony and the Domain.

“If you build all those buildings on the deck, what are we going to do about the planes?”

If the runway was taken over by the buildings, they would only be able to operate the several helicopters they owned from that space. Minchan didn’t know what Bibi was planning, so he had come looking for her.

“Ah. Don’t worry about it. Master decided to give the heli-whatever to Dolsae. He prefers to use the Wyverns flying in formation.”

Bibi had already been told about Woojin’s plans. The Wyverns were able to take off vertically, so they didn’t need a long runway. The outer parts of the Colony city would be decorated by Bibi. It was up to her discretion.

“Hmmm. I guess if we use the Wyverns…”

After imagining it for a moment, Minchan nodded his head.

However, what did that have to with constructing these buildings….

“Why are you building a cafe and a dessert store on top of the deck…..”

He would understand it if she erected a Wyvern’s Nest or a Training Facility. Why was building a cafe the most important task on the agenda?

“They are very important.”


Minchan became momentarily speechless at Bibi’s sure attitude. Currently, restaurants, entertainment facilities and cultural facilities for the residents had already been built beneath the deck.

However, Bibi was filling the top teck with buildings that had nothing to do with battle. Moreover, the other races were crossing over from the Dimensional Domain, and the residents of Alandal wasn’t used to this sight. He worried there would be friction amongst these two groups.

“More importantly, our residents aren’t able to communicate with the Dimensional Domain residents….”

“Oh yea. I’ll have to sell some of the Language Drugs.”

She was direct in her actions.

How could there be such an easy solution like this?

Minchan was at a loss for words. Bibi immediately bought a store that sold Language Drugs from the Dimensional store. She would build it right at the base of the control tower.

In the end, the Colony city was built through Point consumption. If she could complete a blueprint, it’ll all be built within the day.

“I want you to tell the Domain Residents to buy and eat the Language Drug. Tell them to buy it with the Blood Stones.”

Alandal’s Prime Minister Minchan spoke a long time with Bibi, who held authority over the Colony. They discussed various issues.

A city where the current Domain Residents and the residents of this planet could gather Bloodstones on earth was being made right now.


“Uh? What is that?”

On the deck below the control tower, a new portal was formed. The eye-catching part was that this new portal was different in color to the red portal next to it.

“It seems master has made a Colony in Alphen. Of course, it hasn’t been fully activated yet.”

The aircraft carrier had several portals.

There was the one heading to the Dimensional Domain of Alandal, Seoul Station’s 1st exit and Necia’s Pillar on planet Jaku.

When the newly added portal was activated, a portal heading towards Alphen would be formed.

“So I can head to Alphen if I pass through that one?”

“Mmmm. Yes. However, you’ll need permission from master.”

“So the king was successful in building his Colony.”

“Isn’t that a given?”

Bibi’s faith in Kahng-woojin was the deepest compared to anyone by his side. She was his first familiar, and she had aided him for the longest time.

Minchan spoke as he laughed.

“I’ll go ready the second party.”

It wasn’t too long before Che-haesol, Blanka and the Phantom Unit would have to cross over.

“You do that.”

Bibi gave a general answer, then she opened the Dimensional Store. She busily started decorating the aircraft carrier.

The Point Total for the Domain was dropping at a rapid pace.


A tree was planted on top of the Sauraus mountain. Latasha was shocked when she saw how fast it grew.

“How do you have a World Tree….”

Tree of Life.

The Mother World Tree communicated with the world, yet a Necromancer, who studied death, had planted it. He was the most unlikely person to interact with the World Tree.

Of course, it was only a symbol chosen for the Colony, and it didn’t hold much significance to Woojin. However, each person felt differently about such symbols.

“What did the crest of your Coalition look like?”

Alphen’s heroes were surprised at Woojin’s words.

“Why are you so surprised? Do you think people will gather if I put up my flag?”

They had to make it known, who is residing at the Sauras mountain. In the first place, he hadn’t picked this place with his enemies in mind. He had placed the Colony here with the surviving Coalition members in mind.

“Y…yes, that’s right. We have to make it known that the Coalition is alive and well.”

The shocking part was that those words had come out from the Immortal’s mouth.

Currently, the person that was breaking down everything in a rational manner was the Immortal.

Melody made a suggestion as she looked at Woojin.

“You should put up Alandal’s flag.”

“Mmmm. If I did that, wouldn’t people avoid this place?”


Melody let out a sigh. Just from looking at the expression on the heroes here she knew everyone held a deep-seated fear and wariness towards him. She realized how much her way of thinking had changed.

‘Kahng-woojin-nim isn’t a bad person.’

No, he might be a bad person. However, he wasn’t the unbelievably scary Necromancer that she had vaguely imagined in her mind. At the very least, he was someone she can converse with.

She had watched Woojin as she lived near him on earth, and this was her feeling on this subject.

“All right. Let’s put this out too.”

Woojin took out the flag that had been purchased by Bibi. It had the picture of a cat that seemed to be roaring.

It was quite different from the symbols and imagery that had been associated with Alandal in Alphen.

“Is Lecia’s high priest still alive?”

“He tried to resist against the Undead Army….”

It seemed he had killed the high priest. Woojin let out a bitter laugh.

“Shouldn’t there be a successor?”


Melody had come back from earth with Woojin. She didn’t have the answer to his question.

The answer came from Latasha’s lips.

“The high priest that received Lecia’s Holy Item is staying in the north. He is staying at the city of Litan.”

“Ho-oh. That’s great. You should lead the way.”

“W…why would I…”

“Let’s just go.”


Latasha frowned, but she didn’t have much choice. She stepped forward.

“The Colony will be activated in a day. Do a good job and protect it.”

His Colony had just been formed. Until it activated, Woojin didn’t have much to do here. He’ll be able to build a city later through the Dimensional Store.

It would be better for him to go out and find the Items he needed.

“I’m going to clean the surrounding. You should rest a little bit. I’ll be back.”

Go-shoo-shoo’s army had been annihilated, and he had even stolen Juliel’s Colony.

Two Dimensional lords in this region was dead, but their underlings were still out and about. However, Woojin didn’t need to stay behind to clear them out of this region when there were no Dimensional lords nearby. Sunggoo and the heroes of Alphen was sufficient in being able to take care of them.

The most important part was the fact that he was forming a base camp here. He needed either a Colony city or a town.

As time passes, monsters will start to gather around the Sauraus mountain.

As he methodically take over the Dungeons and Colonies of other Dimensional lords, they’ll start to counter-attack.

“Well, let’s go.”


Latasha looked at the World Tree once again, then she floated into the air.

“Follow me.”

Her body was encased in a fierce wind as she accompanied a Wind Spirit into the air. Woojin got on Shing Shing as he chased after Latasha.

When they left, Melody unfurled the flag.

“Mmmm? Is that really the symbol of Alandal?”

“The combination of those two is a bit…”

What sane person would think about Alandal when one saw a picture of a cat? She had already seen it several times before, but Melody couldn’t stop her laughter from coming out.

“Let’s hang it up.”


“We have to advertise the alliance between Alphen’s Coalition and Alandal.”

They put the two flags representing the two forces in front of the World Tree that was growing atop the Saurus mountaintop.

“So why is the Immortal trying to find Lecia’s high priest?”


When trying to predict a person’s action, one usually thought about their past actions. In the past….

The Immortal threatened, stole and killed all the time. This was why everyone’s expression darkened.

The Immortal’s relationship with the priests, who worshipped the gods, was especially poor.

“Maybe… I wonder if he is planning on stealing Lecia’s holy object again…”

Tauric was god Skia’s monk, and his face crumpled. He had experienced it before too.

He gnashed his teeth when he thought about the time when the Holy Item called Skia’s Boots were pulled off his feet.

“It seems his desire to collect the Holy Items is still present.”

It had been a subject that had been discussed for a long time in the past about the Immortal’s peculiar collection

He broke a branch off the World Tree, and he stole Holy Items from each temple….

The Immortal’s Army had been getting to become a serious problem when he started to gather all these treasures.

Tauric suddenly looked at this boots.

As expected of being a god of adventurers, Skia’s Boots allowed one to run without getting exhausted.

A Holy Item was newly made when a new high priest appeared.

His boots were the 21st Skia’s Boots to be made after the Immortal stole one. The boots were a treasure that proved that he was the First Monk of the god Skia.

“Why wasn’t he covetous of my Item?”

If he still coveted the Holy Items, Tauric’s Item should have been the first one he should have taken. The fact that the Immortal left him alone made him feel leery.

“Hmm. I have no idea.”

They didn’t know why the Immortal went to look for Lecia’s high priest, but there was no way he would just unreasonably steal the Item like before. They were allies now.



They were at the biggest lake in the northern region.

“Is that the Litan’s Lake?”


“There is a city there?”

“This is the final city of the Coalition still left standing. However, only the chosen people could enter this place.”

Litan’s Lake was large like the sea. There was only a single green island floating atop the waters.

“You have to be chosen?”

“The Water Dragons bar intruders from entering the Litan’s Lake.”

This was the reason why the city of Litan was able to avoid attacks from the Dimensional lords. At the same time, there weren’t many in the Coalition that had access to this place.

This was their hideout, and it was also the final supply depot for the Coalition.

The food from the Litan’s Island provided the main supplies for the Coalition.

Latasha sat down at the dock, and she turned to look at Woojin.

“Even I do not have permission to enter this place. The lookouts at the Litan Island probably caught sight of us already. A person will appear soon to talk to us.”

Woojin’s brows furrowed.

“We have to wait until that time?”

“This is the only way you will be able to meet the Lecia’s high priest.”

If one couldn’t go to the Litan Island, one had to wait for the people on the island to come out.

However, Woojin smirked as he grabbed the collar of Latasha’s shirt.

“W…what the hell are you doing?”

“In this world, there is no such thing as an only method.”

It was a binary choice. There was a road or there wasn’t.

Instead of walking on the road, Immortal frequently made his own roads to travel. He grabbed Latasha’s back collar, and Shing Shing flew into the air.

“T…the Water Dragons will attack….”

She was dangling in the sky, and Latasha’s face turned pale. A whirlpool started forming in the lake. There were 17 of them.

The Water Dragons readied their Dragon’s Breath.

Chapter 168. Reconstruction (1)
Chapter 170. Oracle (1)