Seoul Station's Necromancer

Sept. 4, 2022, 6:55 a.m.

Chapter 180. Defense (4)
Chapter 182. Bone Dragon (2)

Chapter 181. Bone Dragon (1)

“You want me to become a god?”

Celrak raised his eyebrows when Woojin answered with a question. The Immortal was a stubborn being that was incapable of being controlled by others. Was the Immortal really being persuaded by him?

“Yes! Instead of allowing others to steal your home planet, wouldn’t it be better if you protect it this way?”

He would be protecting it.

Or should it really be considered protecting his home planet? He would rule over earth rather than letting someone else rule over it….

“I guess I can see why you think we are gods.”

“What are you saying? Will you really agree to stop this war?”

Celrak put on a slightly hopeful expression. Woojin’s laughter deepened when he saw this.

“A retard is talking about retarded things.”


“Come at me, retard.”

Celrak’s eyebrows twitched.

“Eeee… How dare you.”

Celrak raged as the back of his shoulders exploded. Wings erupted from his back as it kept getting larger. The wings unfurled, and it was over 10 meters in size.

Too-dook, too-toohk.

The wings weren’t the only parts that got bigger. It was as if Celrak’s body was trying to grow in proportion with the large wings. His body steadily grew, and it was three times larger than a normal person’s body.

“How dare you order me around!”

The angered Celrak moved his feet.


The ground shook as clouds of dust rose into the air.

The army organized formation showed signs of charging too.

“You are striving for something useless. Your era will never come to pass.”

The god of Destruction… This bastard was mad as a hatter.


When Celrak extended his hand in mid-air, his weapon appeared. It was a spear containing the power of lightning. The white electricity crawled over the spear as it let out a menacing sound.


Celrak saw a small needle in front of his eyes.

Shwahhng, pah-chee-jeek!

He reflexively swung his Thunder Spear, and something bounced off of it. It was a Bone Spear thrown by Woojin.


His chest voice exploded forth as he folded his wings.

Koong, koo-oohng!

It was as big as a Titan, yet it was as fast as an Elf.

Amongst Trahnet’s great lords, he was one of the top ranked lords in terms of battle capabilities. Moreover, Celrak had fought the Immortal thrice in the past, and there had been no victors in any of those fights.

Their battles always resulted in both sides wasting their resources.

The Immortal brought back the monsters he killed, and the Dimensional lords wasted all their Points by replenishing their armies with new troops.

This was why it was important to kill the Immortal before he could turn the tables.

Celrak never joined a fight where there would be no gain for him.

However, he now had a reason to kill this bastard even at the cost of losing Points.

If he used his Points freely, there was no reason why he wouldn’t be able to win against this bastard.

The Undead army would be able to continuously add to their ranks, so it would be a fight of wills. However, it wasn’t as if the Immortal was all powerful.

Since Celrak had come here with tens of thousands of monsters, his army would occupy the Undead army. While they fought, Celrak just had to kill the Immortal.

The Immortal was the summoner, and if he was killed, the Undeads were easy preys.

“I’ll show you my full power!”

This wasn’t a battle where he had to weigh the advantages and disadvantages to change strategy.

He had to pour everything he had into this fight, and he had to tear the Immortal into pieces.

“It is too late for you to run away!”

“What did you say, retard?”


Kahng-woojin had suddenly appeared next to his ear, and Celrak was barely able to block the sword strike by swinging his Thunder Spear.


The electric sparks flew into the air, and it spread in a threatening manner.


Celrak quickly found him again, but the Immortal had already planted his sword within Celrak’s leg.


Was he always this fast?


The corpses strewn across the ground suddenly stood up. They ran towards Celrak, and they grabbed onto both his legs.

“How dare these insignificant Undeads attack me!”


Celrak unfurled his large wings, and he rose into the sky. He tried to shake off the Undeads clinging to his legs, but unfortunately, the explosions occurred before he could act.


The walking corpse zombies started to explode, and Celrak’s legs disappeared. There was nothing left behind.


A light arrow pierced through his wing. Celrak flailed around before he plummeted to the ground.


What a shameful scene!

If only he had the Alphen’s Master Code….

He’ll be able to immediately regenerate such minor wounds. He could shape and mold everything within this planet.

Kahng-woojin walked to the head of the fallen Celrak. The Warrior’s Weapon in his hand turned into an axe.

“You’ll be able to see the world in half now.”


Celrak glared at him when Woojin raised his axe.

“You bastard. Have you been hiding your power?”

No matter how he saw it, this wasn’t the movements of a Necromancer. Was he a warrior?

Woojin grinned.



The axe fell, and it split Celrak’s head into two. His body turned into gray light. Celrak was dead, but his tens of thousand underlings still remained.

Their commander was dead, yet the monsters weren’t flustered. They didn’t run away. Instead, they charged towards Woojin, and they were full of killing intent.

This was why Dimensional lords used monsters as underlings. If they had orders, they fearlessly charged their enemies. Woojin welcomed this sight.

“Come, my sacrifices.”

The day when all his Familiars would be able to gather in a single location wasn’t too far off.



After shooting several dozen fireballs, Sunggoo came down from the Amplifier.


He couldn’t find his balance, so he swayed on his feet. Do-jaemin quickly helped Sunggoo stay upright.

“Hyung. Are you ok?”


Sunggoo didn’t look ok, but he tried hard to put on a smile for Jaemin.

Graham looked surprised when he saw the pale-faced Sunggoo.

“Please calm your magical energy.”


“Your magical energy might go on a rampage. Please hurry up and come here!”

Sunggoo was helped by Graham, and he started stabilizing his magical energy. He calmly sat as he tried to calm his insides. Graham clicked his tongue.

“Tsk. I already know you aren’t a Spirit King.”


That fact was so obvious that Sunggoo didn’t know what to say.

“I’m really curious as to who taught you about magic.”

Should he say he learned it from Woojin? Or should he say he learned it through books, since he obtained the skills through magic scrolls….

Sunggoo was thinking about what he should say when Graham kept berating him in a dignified manner.

“That person has no right to call himself a magician. You have to harmonize your magic, yet your teacher taught you to focus only on fire. If your equilibrium falters a little bit, your body will be burned into ashes.”


How should he answer such a speech?

Should he say he was self-taught? Or maybe he should tell Graham about his Lich teacher, who deserved to be cussed at?

“I believe you should be fine now. You should use your magic recovery technique as you bolster your weakened body.”

“Ah. Thank you.”

When Sunggoo bowed towards him, Graham shook his head.

This man had the potential to become an Archmage, yet he was an incomplete mage only capable of producing fire.

It was too bad.

“So who is your teacher? Do all magicians on earth use magic like you?”

“Ah… The person I call my teacher is from Alphen.”

“Huh? Who is he? I really want to question him immediately.”

Graham became surprised, and he started showing his gallant spirit. Sunggoo let out an awkward laugh.

“Haha. He said his name is Jaenis… However, he is already dead.”

At Sunggoo’s words, Graham put on an embarrassed expression as he let out a fake cough.

“Hrmm hrrm. My regret at your situation made me badmouth the deceased. I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok. I’ll introduce you to him soon.”


How was he suppose receive such words?

He said he’ll make Graham meet a deceased person. Was Sunggoo saying he’ll kill Graham?

Graham wasn’t sure if it was a ‘joke’ or a ‘forewarning of an assassination’. Graham had an odd expression on his face when he heard Sunggoo’s words.

He was akin to a fire spirit, yet he was strangely a half a mage. What should he do with this magician from earth?

While Graham was thinking over what to do, Do-jaemin let out a shout.

“He’s here! Hyung-nim is here.”

“Huh? Where?”

Energy suddenly welled up from his dry reserves. Sunggoo abruptly got up to look for Woojin.

However, the only one able to communicate with the Dimensional lord was the vassal Do-jaemin.

“He said he is just around the corner.”

“Ha. This will now come to an end.”

He had tried hard not to show it, but he was quite exhausted inside. Sunggoo started to breath easy again, but Graham shook his head as he looked below at the Colony.

“It is the end.”

“I know?”

“Our lives are at an end.”


The confused Sunggoo followed Graham’s finger.


Two beings showed their clear presence from afar.

There were two Dragons flying towards them. One was red and the other was yellow.

“Can’t you do something with your barrier?”

“My barrier can’t block a Dragon’s Breath.”


Sunggoo wished Woojin would show up before the Dragons could let out their Breaths.


Woojin let out a sigh when he saw Unon and Shirao block his path.

“Couldn’t you guys have just fight me at once? Why fight me in order like this?”

“I don’t know.”

Unon really looked like an Asian man. If he said he was Korean, it would have been believable. He was wearing thin hemp clothes, so Unon looked like an ancestor from medieval times. It evoked a weird feeling inside Woojin.

“Whatever. Just hurry up and attack me.”

His Colony was right in front of him if he pushed past these bastards.

In some ways, Woojin had been fortunate. The most dangerous Dimensional lords headed towards him instead of going to his Colony.

It would be hard to face the army of monsters, but he thought the Coalition would be able to hold out until he got there.

“Why are you in such a hurry?”

Unon’s easygoing attitude got on Woojin’s nerves.

“Are you worried about your comrades?”


“I miss it. I miss the ability to worry about others.”

He had lived so long that he wasn’t able to feel such emotions.

Unon let out a bitter laugh as he looked at Woojin.

“Fatooh and Leia is already heading towards your Colony.”

“Those lizards?”

The Dragons were considered to be incredibly powerful compared to humans, but they didn’t rate too high amongst the great lords.

Maybe, this was true, because humans were much more proficient at Domain battles. Amongst the Trahnet’s great lords, there were an unusually high number of humans.

Even if one observed old records, one would find that humans built nations. They were quite talented in ruling and supervising their lands.

Dragons were shown to be poor leaders.

They were a race that would rather cause fear and destruction rather than rule.

Weren’t the Dragons the 6th and 9th Throne?

If they were on their way to his Colony…

“Even if you leave right now, it’ll take you 10 minutes to get there. It is enough time for them to raze the Colony to the ground.”

Even if he left right now, he would be cutting it close. No, it might be too late for him.

“Well, how long will it take for you to take me down?”


He had reached the extremes in regards to techniques dealing with the body. Unon was a hard opponent to face even if he received help from the Death Knight. On top of that fact, Unon wasn’t by himself. He had a large force of Minotaurs with him.

“Is that impatience I see?”

Was this what he was aiming for?

Was he trying to slightly increase his odds by using such a tactic?

Unlike his relaxed appearance, it seemed he had been thorough in his preparations. It was cute.


Woojin shook his head from side to side.

“Well, this should be just the right amount.”

“…what are you talking about?”

“I’m short around 5%.”


“It’ll be here soon. I prepared this just for you.”


He had been looking at Woojin to decipher the meaning behind his words. Unon suddenly tilted his head up until it looked as if his neck would snap. He could see a shining star in the clear sky.


Unon’s eyes opened wide when he saw the meteor slicing through the atmosphere.

When did he use the meteor summon magic?

“You are already too late.”


“As you said before, I’m in a hurry, yet I’ve been talking to you in a relaxed manner. Why did you think I was doing that?”

What this his plan?

It felt as if he had the table turned against him. Unon had thought he was the one waiting with the trap prepared, yet the Immortal had used his tactic against him.

The meteor summon magic had a long preparation time, so he must have used it earlier. The Immortal had just been waiting for them to show up.

“This doesn’t change anything.”

Unon clenched his fists.

The meteor couldn’t tell the difference between allies and enemies. It would destroy both the monsters and the Undead army. Moreover, Unon and Shirao would be unharmed.

The two of them would be enough to stall the Immortal. Once the Immortal’s Colony was destroyed, he would be stuck on Alphen. He would be trapped until he was able to acquire a new Dungeon or a Colony.

[Goo-haha! Is this the last sacrifice needed for our friend?]

Jaenis had perfectly completed his mission. After appearing next to Woojin, he immediately formed a barrier. Woojin was able to unsummon his Death Knights and Undead army just in time.


The meteor impacted the surface, and the incredible explosion obliterated the monster army.

Chapter 180. Defense (4)
Chapter 182. Bone Dragon (2)