Seoul Station's Necromancer

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Chapter 181. Bone Dragon (1)
Chapter 183. Descendant of a Dragon (1)

Chapter 182. Bone Dragon (2)


The beings, who were always the predators, felt an emotion only felt by their preys.


Their domineering roars sounded like wails now.

Several thousand Minotaurs in the Minotaur army was in panic, and they were running around in confusion.

In front of the overwhelming marvel from space, they were merely a speck of dust.

A very small speck….


It was only a single meteor, but when it impacted on the surface, an incredible amount of energy and shockwave was released. It turned everything into dust.


The emitted shockwave swallowed even the farthest monsters running away.


There was a massive crater, and one couldn’t even see traces of corpses in the aftermath. It only left behind the traces of this incredibly destructive magic.

The mastermind behind the attack could feel the aftereffects of the shockwave even from within his barrier.


Before the dust could settle, Jaenis’ barrier started to fade away.


Unon’s kick was concentrated at a single point on the barrier, and it broke in an instant.

“Why are you in such a hurry?”

Unon frowned at Woojin’s words.

“It seems I wasted my precious Points.”

Was it completely pointless to bring a great army to hunt down the Immortal? Maybe, it would have been better to form an elite unit like Celrak to clear the Immortal’s Dungeon repeatedly.

“Your Points…”

His loss didn’t just end at losing his precious Points when his monster army was wiped out. It also gave a new source of life energy to Woojin.

“Can’t you feel it?”

He spread both his arms.

The air was hot from the heat, and it was full of dust.


Unon glared at Woojin.

He was dumbfounded at the fact that his army was wiped away in a single move, but the Immortal was in the same boat as him.

Now he just had to delay the Immortal for a short amount of time.

The Dragons, Fatooh and Leia, should be at the Immortal’s Colony soon.

“It seems you also lost all your subordinates.”

“Really? I’m certain that hadn’t occurred.”

Was the Immortal trying to trigger him into feeling nervous?

It was nonsensical tactic.


The dust was moving in a strange way.

The bone dusts from the tens of thousand monsters were coalescing.


Unon frowned.

He could tell the Immortal’s emotions hadn’t changed much, so his response sounded out of place.

The Harpy Queen Shirao, who bas besides him, glared at Woojin.

“I’m pretty sure you’ll have your hands full fighting us.”

The Immortal’s Undead army was in excellent health. He could just re-summon them again.

However, Unon and Shirao thought they would be able to delay him for a certain amount of time.

“I’m not your opponent.”


Before she could answer Woojin’s words, the bone dusts started to form a figure.

A long spinal column formed from head to tail, and the ribs started to form. Just by looking at its skeletal structure, one could tell that this creature had been massive in life.

Its wings were only made out of bones, and it was refined to sharpness. The wing in itself would be a fantastic weapon. Then there were two pits in its enormous head. Red lights flickered to life as it flared into large flames within the pits, and they started emitting light.


It was the Undead army’s biggest problem child. Yong Yong let out a long roar.


The long neck swung, and its large head faced towards Woojin.

[You have summoned me. What is your wish?]

Woojin smirked at the familiar voice. If Bibi was here, she would have made a big fuss as she rubbed her cheeks against Yong Yong.

“Kill them, then follow me.”


Yong Yong turned his head, and his gaze reached Shirao and Unon.

[I’ve received your wish.]

“I’ll see you a little bit later.”

Woojin summoned Shing Shing, and he got on.


Shing Shing galloped into the sky, and Jaenis flew beside them using Flight magic.

[That bag of bones. It seems he still has dementia. Goo-ha-ha.]

“It’s all good.”

Woojin smirked. Yong Yong was the first Dragon. He had lived so long that he hadn’t been able to escape the curse of forgetfulness.

It had been awhile, since he had seen Yong Yong. He was just glad to see him again.

When the Phantom Steed and the Lich quickly escaped the battlefield, Shirao quickly tried to follow them through the air.


[Where are you going, my cute little bird?]

“Eeek. Let me go!”

Shirao struggled, but she was in Yong Yong’s grasp. He moved her towards his mouth.

Shwahhhk, kwahng, kwahng!

Unon desperately kicked him, but the Undead Dragon’s bones were too sturdy.


Yong Yong took a bite out of the Harpy Queen as if he was eating a biscuit, and he moved to squash the being that was kicking him.


However, Unon had trained his body to the extreme, so his movements was extraordinary. There was no way he would be easily caught by Yong Yong’s claws.


The angry Yong Yong let out a sigh, and he started to curl up. The dry bones of his wings quickly covered him, and the Dragon curled up as if it was going to sleep. Unon looked at the Dragon with disbelief on his face.

“…what kind of…”

From one to ten, he hated everything about the Immortal. He hated all of Immortal’s Familiars.

Yong Yong wasn’t showing any will to fight, so he turned to looked at Woojin and the Lich, who was flying far into the distance.



It had been a brief moment, but Unon had took his eyes off of Yong Yong. A long bone that looked like a hook was protruding from Unon’s stomach.


Yong Yong took a bite out of Unon, who was stuck on his claw. His sharp canines separate Unon’s body from its head.

Yong Yong licked his chops when Unon disappeared into a gray light. He once again looked at Woojin flying into the distance.

[Your wish has been fulfilled.]

Koo-oohng. Koong.

Soon, it started running after Woojin. It looked clumsy running on all four feet, but it was so large that the sight was scary rather than it being funny.

[Too bad. Koo-roo-roo.]

Yong Yong flapped his bony appendages.

His wings had lost the ability of flight, so it looked pitiful.


Fatooh and Leia.

They were similar to the Gold Dragon Rajakui, who appeared on earth. They were Dimensional lords from the Dragon race.

Amongst the Dragons, Fatooh and Leia were the only great lords, who possessed Codes. They enjoyed ruling over other beings, and they would rather accept a bribe rather than pillage. These two beings had come out of their Dungeons, and they were aiming for Woojin’s Colony….

“Is Thrash really worth this much fear?”

Trahnet’s great lords were pooling their strength for this all out attack.

Jaenis and Woojin could see the pointy peak of the Saurus mountain, and they could also see too large creatures approaching the mountain from the sky.

They were so big that Woojin could see them from afar.

[Is it more useless Dragons again?]

Jaenis looked a bit wistful. A Dimensional lord’s body was never left behind after death, so Jaenis wouldn’t gain much from killing them.

He wasn’t a Dragon Slayer, but Dragons left behind pretty useful ingredients.

“Who cares if it is a dragon or a person?”

They were great lords of Trahnet.

The fact that they had to die wouldn’t change.

[This isn’t good.]

Jaenis felt the resonance of magical energy, and it alerted him to the danger. The Dragons were arched like a bow, and their stomachs were bloated. It seemed they were about to let out the Dragon Breaths from mid-air.

They were already too late.

“…you should Blink us above them.”

It was a short distance teleportation spell.

One could move anywhere where one could see, and the range was dependent on one’s control over magical energy.

Woojin had the best magician by his side, but Jaenis was also the worst magician for this situation.

[That is a good idea.]

Woojin was riding on top of Shing Shing, and Jaenis placed his hand on Woojin’s shoulder.


[I’m not in range yet.]


Woojin’s face was filled with anxiousness.

The engorged stomach of the Dragons looked very large.

“Are we there yet?”

[A little bit more…]

The Dragon that had been lagging behind the other one brought down its head as red flame erupted from its wide open jaw.

It headed towards the Colony’s Symbol. The Dragon’s Breath shot towards the World Tree like a laser, and Woojin felt his heart lurch.

It he lost the gate, he couldn’t return to earth. He would be able to gain another Dungeon, but he had to wait for the Synchronization…


Accompanying his shout, Jaenis and Woojin disappeared at the same time. However, they appeared above the Dragon’s head.

Woojin was in freefall as he brought out his Warrior’s Weapon. After changing its form to an axe, he brought it down on the Red Dragon Leia’s head.

“Block it!”

Woojin let out an order, which was filled with desperation.

He hoped Jaenis’ barrier would be able to protect the World Tree….

[Too late…]

He had Blinked across a large distance, so his magical consumption had been quite significant. In a flash, Jaenis had run out of magical energy.

He quickly tried to gather more, but Jaenis doubted he would be able to block the Dragon’s attack.

On the other hand, Leia had been defenseless, since it was about to let out its Breath. Woojin had brought down his axe in anger, and Leia’s head was split open.


Leia let out a roar as she plummeted to the ground with Woojin and his axe.


Woojin’s gaze headed towards the World Tree. If his Colony took a direct hit from the Breath, it would burn….

It didn’t.

[It is a miracle.]

The Coalition had blocked it.

Woojin let out a sigh of relief, and he pulled out the axe embedded inside Leia’s head.

“Drop Fatooh.”

[That won’t be difficult.]

Jaenis started to pour out the magical energy he had gathered towards the Gold Dragon Fatooh.



The meteor fell a long distance away, but the aftershock was felt at the Saurus mountain. It even made the monsters, who had be tirelessly attacking the Colony, to pause.

“That’s Jaenis! My teacher is here.”

His teacher was the only one, who could used Delay, on a meteor summon spell of that caliber. Sunggoo let out a shout filled with joy. Graham’s eyes became round when he saw Sunggoo’s behavior.

“Didn’t you say your teacher was dead?”

“He is dead, but he is still very energetic.”

Was there a difference in definition between the word from earth and Alphen? Graham had a frown on his face as Jaemin laughed from the side.

The tension and the oppressive feeling that had been suffocating them vanished just from the appearance of Woojin. It felt as if the sense of responsibility they felt was lifted.

“Jaenis is a Lich.”


A single eyebrow twitched on Graham’s face.

If he was referring to a Lich, it was understandable to refer one’s magical teacher as dead…


Graham became startled.

There was only one Lich, who traveled with the Immortal.

“Y…your teacher is the Sovereign of Pestilence?”

He was the worst, the strongest and the best magician.

His existence itself was a calamity.

“My god….”

Sunggoo let out a broad smile at the shocked Graham.

“Heh heh. It seems teacher is quite famous over here.”

He was famous, but he was known for being bad.

“When he comes here, I’ll introduce you to him.”


Should he run away?

While Graham mulled over useless worries, Jaemin pointed towards that sky.

“Is that hyung-nim?”

“Mmmm. It is.”

Sunggoo nodded his head when he saw Woojin streaking through the sky.

The Lich was trailing behind Woojin using Flight Magic. Sunggoo had seen Jaenis in flight, so he was able to identify Jaenis.

One was Shing Shing, and the other one was the Lich in flight.

“We just have to hold out a little bit more.”

Kahng-woojin was back. Since the Colony was intact, it would be trivial for him to recover the destroyed castle.

Moreover, he would be able to replenish their troops. The monsters running across the outer wall wouldn’t be a problem.

This also held true for the two Dragons in the sky.


“Uh uh?”

They had unintentionally looked up towards the sky, and they became surprised.

“It’s a Dragon’s Breath!”

The first one to come to his senses was the Archmage Graham. He reflexively put up a barrier, but it was broken too easily by the Dragon’s Breath.

Leia’s Dragon Breath was heading towards the World Tree.


Sunggoo ran forward.

If they lost this location, they would lose the ability to get back to earth.

‘Will I be able to do it?’

He wasn’t confident he could do this. No, he was a little bit confident that he’ll be able to pull this off.

‘It will work out somehow.’


His running body was engulfed in flame, and Sunggoo quickly stood in front of the World Tree. When the Breath arrived right in front of him, the burning Sunggoo opened both his arms wide.

Chapter 181. Bone Dragon (1)
Chapter 183. Descendant of a Dragon (1)