Seoul Station's Necromancer

Sept. 4, 2022, 6:55 a.m.

Chapter 191. Lord of Ice (3)
Chapter 193. Blood Dragon (2)

Chapter 192. Bone Dragon (1)

The sound of the ground shaking tickled one’s ears.

The vibration was transferred from the ground to one’s feet. One’s entire body shook.

Koo-koohng, koohng!

The sound of clashes was heard from all direction, so one didn’t even need to look around to find the source of the sounds.

Enemies were everywhere, and it was a mishmash of all races.

Orcs, Ogres, Elves, and even humans….

The creatures of his Dimensions answered the call of Ibrit. All of them charged forward to fight Kahng-woojin and his Undead Army.

All the monsters, who had crawled out of the Dungeons of Seoul, stopped destroying the city. They headed towards the Immortal.

Koo-koohng, koohng.

The roads that should be filled with vehicles were now clogged by the marching monsters.

The Roused and soldiers on standby looked on with confusion. From their perspective, it as if the monsters were retreating. However, if one looked at it in a macro view, the monsters were gathering at a single point.

The monsters were all rushing towards the islet.

Enemies were everywhere.

Their eyes were red with resentment. They were sending out an almost instinctual killing intent towards Woojin, and it was laughable to him.

“It seems all the trashes from the other Dimensions are gathering here..”

Dimensional Refugees.

These were beings, who had lost their Codes. They were unfortunate individuals, who had lost their home planets. They were puppets that could be summoned if one had Points.

These beings bared their teeth towards toward him, and Woojin’s personality wasn’t benevolent enough to try to passively explain the situation with his words.

He resided closest to death.

He was the king of that defied death.

“I’ll clean this place.”

With death….


The souls materialized around Woojin, and they were formed into a large soul barrier.


The cape on his armor fluttered as if it was about to be ripped away.

〈Thrash’s Guardian〉

When he repaired the damaged chest armor, all the restriction was lifted. He could now use and store an unlimited amount of souls. It also increased his power by three folds.

Woojin also switched his shoes.

〈Thrash’s March〉

He left behind the energy of death at every step he took. It acted as a multiplier of Undead’s battle capability. Moreover, his footsteps corrupted the ground with poison. It lured all living being towards death.

Then there was the belt decorated with skulls.

〈Thrash’s Dignity〉

In front of the Thrash’s Dignity, the number of subordinate he could control increased.

Just this single Item doubled his Control ability.

The only thing lacking right now was two remaining set Items. He didn’t have enough ingredient Items to make Honor and Punishment.

The flying fortress needed Points for its defense, so he couldn’t be careless with his use of his Points. He had already depleted his Achievement Points by buying from his personal store. He was only able to complete three Items.

He would have to gather all five Items to bring out the full set effect. His Undead army would become much stronger numerically and quality wise once he had them all.

“Shall we go?”


When barrier was taken down, the sound of pitched battle between the Undeads and the monsters rang in his ears.


When Woojin started walking, souls gathered at his feet to assist his steps.

Even if he wasn’t riding Shing Shing, Thrash’s March allowed him to use Phantom Gallop. It was childsplay to be in the air now.

He could walk to anywhere he wanted to.

Woojin jumped into the empty air, and he started running towards the Orc Warriors, who were crossing the Hahn River by jumping on a congregation of Alligators.

“How should I use this?”

Woojin held up his Warrior’s Weapon.


His weapon was long, and it wrapped around an Orc’s head.

It was a whip.

When he reached level 90, his weapon could now transform into a whip. It could move in unexpected ways, and it possessed a sharp cutting force. It could slice through anything.


Before the Orc could stop its scream, its corpse exploded, and a Skeleton appeared..


His Control Ability had doubled.

The enemies kept dying one by one, and the Undead army kept getting larger.

“Kill the Necromancer!”

“Kill that bastard!”

Humans, elves…. Even Dwarven Warriors were starting to cross the Hahn River.

There were so many of them. If one didn’t know this was Seoul, one would think it was the territory of the monsters.

Pah-paht, paht!

Light pillars were shooting consecutively into the skies of Seoul, and one could tell a lot of Dungeon were being reset.

Since the Dungeons could forgo the Synchronization, the monsters kept crawling out of the Dungeons. The guilds and the army didn’t have the time to stem the flow.

Even the residents of Seoul didn’t have the time to evacuate. People were becoming stranded in the streets, and they were being killed.

This was a great lord of the 70th Throne.

Ibrit’s authority made every monster gather at the islet.

Ironically, this gave time for the civilians to run away.

Some ran towards the opposite direction as the monsters. Some gave up running away, and they decided to wait for a rescue. A very small number of people watched and filmed the battle occurring on the islet.

[Koo-oh-oh! It is too bad Kiba cannot join us.]

Death Knight Ramson swung his hammer with regret. Even for the Death Knights, who were quite used to battles, it was rare to face a continuous stream of enemies.

They killed and killed, yet there was no end to the enemies.

The air of the battlefield was oppressive and dense from the fear and madness emanating from the living.

[How great is this?]

The Death Knights willingly became drunk on this atmosphere.

Hwah-roo-roo, gwahng!

The Hell Hydras appeared from various locations, and they spat out fire from their mouths.

Lich Jaenis used his enormous staff to shoot consecutive magical spells. The magical energy around him was so thick that Jaenis’ face looked red.

[Come to me! I will save you all!]

If living caused pain, he’ll save all of them by killing them.

The Lich’s magic was endless.


Che-che-che-cheng, tee-teeng!

Every time the Iron Golem moved the nearby trees fell and the corpses piled up.

The monsters that seemed to have stepped out from literary fame died. The swords, shields and anything made out of metal were pulled towards the body of the Golem. The Golem was like a magnet, and its body kept growing in size.

The corpses kept piling up, and now it was filling the Hahn river. Blood was flowing out of these corpses, and it was like a river made out of blood.


An enormous being was raging around as it raised violent sprays of water.

[What is your wish?]

The Bone Dragon kept asking a question that no one answered. It kept chewing up its preys.


The red water sprayed into the air, and the rolling of the water doused the surrounding.

Before one knew it, there were mostly Undead and corpses left around Woojin.

It happened at that moment.

The Undying Crow, who had shot high into the air, was diving towards the ground.


The Bone Dragon leaped into the air to ram into Ibrit. Ibrit became lodged in the Thorn Tree. It shot out its sharp feathers indiscriminately, and it decimated the surrounding.


The whip flew in like a snake, and it encircled the Crow’s neck.

“I caught you…. Uh?”

Woojin was speaking with a smirk on his face.

However, when Ibrit jumped, Woojin and his whip was dragged along by its enormous strength.

“Huh. Jeez..”

The whip was sharp, yet it couldn’t even pierce through Ibrit’s skin. It couldn’t even harm the feather on its body.

Woojin hung onto his whip, and Ibrit kept increasing its speed as it ascended into the sky.

He could do nothing by being dragged around everywhere, so Woojin unsummoned his Warrior’s Weapon.

He landed atop a branch of the Thorn Tree.


[I guess I’ll watch you perform more cute tricks.]

Ibrit spoke after climbing high into the sky, and Woojin tried to hold back his bitter laugh.

The bastard was waiting for him to tire out.

Moreover, the Dungeons nearby were resetting, so Woojin surmised Ibrit had some kind of a scheme.

Seventieth Throne.

It had the Codes to 70 planets, so how much Points did it have saved up?

How large of an army could it field if it used all its Points?

“So you are saying you can’t take me on yet?”

It was waiting for Woojin to tire out, so basically, it was admitting to a weakness. Ibrit’s combat ability was below his.

Woojin looked down from the Thorn Tree.

The Undead Army was surrounded by dead bodies, and the still living enemies were being slaughtered.

The corpses were clogging the Hahn river, and now it was acting as a bridge. The monsters, who were still arriving at the Hahn river, used the corpse bridge to cross.

Woojin smirked.



The Skeletons, Death Knights, Lich and the Bone Dragon disappeared.

Woojin was the only one left on the islet.

“The Necromancer has run out of magic!”

“Kill that bastard!”

The monsters…. To be precise, the Dimensional refugees ran towards Woojin as if it was a race to reach him.

When they arrived at the islet, some tried to climbed the tree. The impatient ones threw their spears, or they shot their arrows. In a flash, tens of thousands of enemy troops gathered on the island.

“Do you guys really think I’m short on magical energy?”

Woojin’s two hands were pointed downwards.

There were corpses and screaming souls everywhere.

How could he be low on magical energy?

“Corpse Explosion.”


All the corpses exploded. The explosion swallowed everything nearby. The explosion caused more corpses to form. The number of corpses was much higher than before. Blood and chunks of flesh flew everywhere, and the surrounding looked like a scene from hell.

The aftermath of the explosion destroyed the island.


The Thorn Tree shook fiercely. It seemed as it would fall over, but the roots suddenly hardened as it pierced into the surface.

Half of the Hahn river’s water evaporated, and the red water rushed in to fill the void.

Moreover, Woojin’s eyes could see tens of thousand of souls….


All of them were sucked into the Thrash’s Protection. He absorbed several hundred souls, and his almost depleted magical energy was filled to the brim.

Moreover, if he wanted to use Skeleton Summon again, he had more than enough sacrifices. His surrounding was filled with blood, bones and corpses….



He summoned his Undead army again, and they met the charge of the roaring monsters, who were coming towards him again.

Woojin looked up to see the Undying Crow, then he looked towards his Bone Dragon.

“Hey, Yong Yong. It is our turn to counterattack.”

[What is your wish?]

“What is your wish?”

The Dragon, who suffered from dementia, was usually chatty. However, it was silent now. The corner of Woojin’s mouth started turn up.

It was his baddest and strongest Familiar.

After a short silence, Yong Yong spoke a desire he always had for the past couple thousand years.

[Give me wings.]

A flightless dragon wasn’t a true dragon.

“I’d love to give it to you.”

Woojin smiled as he looked at the Iron Golem.


Koong, koong, koo-koohng.

The chunks of steel, which made up its armor, started to fall off.

In the end, only the wisp-like heart of the Golem was left. It started to suck up the nearby blood.


It was like a fog made out of blood….

The blood swirled like a whirlwind, yet it unexpectedly gathered around the Bone Dragon.

The Golem’s Heart had settled within the enormous ribcage of the Bone Dragon, and it sucked in all the blood nearby.


The Dragon roared, and it stretched itself out. Blood started to stick to the bones. The blood coagulated, and it started resolving itself into flesh. The bones of the wings, which looked like spears, started to grow a membrane.

Blood started covering the reddened bones and the bridge of its nose.


It absorbed an endless amount of blood…. Blood….

Tens of thousand were sacrificed to combine the power of his two baddest Familiars.


The Blood Dragon let out a roar, and the Fear made the monster army flinch.

[My wish has been granted. What is your wish?]

The imposing Ancient Dragon had revived. Woojin laughed in a playful manner as he pointed towards the sky.

“Go bring me that Crow.”

[It’ll be my pleasure]


It left a big mark as it pushed off, and the Blood Dragon climbed into the air.

Wooijn’s magical energy had once again bottomed out, so he used the souls to replenish it. Woojin once again used his Control ability to its utmost on the corpses.


It was as if consecutive explosions were occurring. The Skeletons were ripping themselves out of the corpses.

The Crow had been waiting for a Necromancer to become exhausted?

His Undead army had doubled in size, and they waited for the Immortal’s command.

“Sweep them.”


At Woojin’s order, the Death Knights roared, and the Skeletons followed them into battle. They charged in all directions.

Chapter 191. Lord of Ice (3)
Chapter 193. Blood Dragon (2)