Seoul Station's Necromancer

Sept. 4, 2022, 6:55 a.m.

Chapter 192. Bone Dragon (1)
Chapter 194. Moon World (1)

Chapter 193. Blood Dragon (2)


An enormous red body was flying through the sky.

[What is my name?]

It didn’t remember previous name before it was named Yong Yong.

Blood was being pumped by the Golem’s Heart, and it was a familiar sensation to the Dragon.

Ancient Dragon.

It felt as if the surging blood would allow it to regain its sense of self.


The Dragon flew up into the sky at an incredible speed, and it barrelled into the Crow, who had been flying in circles.

[You are an odd one.]

At the Crow’s short observation, Yong Yong opened its jaw in response.


The Crow planned on dodging, but it couldn’t. After gaining blood and wings, Yong Yong’s movements couldn’t be compared to before.

Moreover, his strength had become so strong that Yong Yong’s teeth was able to plunge into Ibrit’s wing. It broke through the knife-like feathers and its leather.

It was a simple act of biting, yet the damage it dealt was beyond imagination.


Yong Yong gripped Ibrit’s body with its claws. While its teeth were lodged inside the wing, Yong Yong twisted its midsection.


The sound of destruction was loud.

The wing was ripped away as Ibrit writhed.


It wouldn’t have been strange if they plummeted to the ground, but Yong Yong’s powerful beat of its wings kept both of them in midair.

[You brutish bastard!]


Yong Yong spat out the wing that filled its mouth, then it immediately bit Ibrit’s head.

[This doesn’t make any sense.]

Ibrit could smell a foul stench coming from the Dragon.

The smell of blood gave Ibrit a headache.

The black maw of Yong Yong had encased the whole head of Ibrit, and the Crows body started to burn.


The black body was on fire, and the flame ran along the feathers.

The wings were now made out of fire.

Once the fire died down, Ibrit would be able to regenerate itself.

The heat was filling up Yong Yong’s mouth, but there was nothing within its mouth that would be burned by the immense heat.


Yong Yong bit off the the Crow’s head, and he swallowed it alongside the scorching heat.


Ibrit’s body turned into gray light as it disappeared, and the Blood Dragon roared into the air.

[Your wish has come true.]

Once it finished what it had to do, Yong Yong started to descend.

The monsters, who had been madly charging forward, came to a halt.

These beings had been blindly charging forward towards their target, but the battle ended when these monsters started worrying about their own lives.

When Woojin saw the confused monsters, the tension left his body..

“It seems Yong Yong has killed it.”

Once Ibrit was killed, these monsters were no longer an army. The only thing left was for the monsters to be slaughtered by the Undead Army.

As if to confirm his conjecture, the Blood Dragon landed next to him.


The waters of the Hahn river made waves, and islands of corpses started to form in some parts of the river.

If he had completed the Thrash’s set, he might have been able to revive all the corpses here as Undeads.

The Blood Dragon trampled over the corpses. It asked a question as it brought its head towards Woojin.

[What is your wish?]

Woojin smirked as he placed his hand on its horn.

“I want to fly with you.”

He jumped on the back of Yong Yong.


Accompanying a powerful push off, the Dragon flew into the air.


Woo-soonghoon and the employees could only monitor the outside situation through the enormous monitor and the radio. They focused on the stations that were still able to broadcast.

「This is amazing. The Prime Minister said before that all of Alandal’s power resides within its king. We had assumed it to be a lie. However, before the situation could devolve into the worst possible situation, he saved Seoul.」

“Huh. I have no words to say.”

“Shit. Why did it take him so long to come back?”

“Ah ah. Dongmin-ah. My baby… Hoo-hook.”

Some shouted with joy. Others yelled out with words full of despair and complaint.

Woo-soonghoon and the employees quietly exited the shelter. The surrounding was a mess as if a bomb had been dropped in their midst. The soldiers and Roused were patrolling the streets as they took down the pockets of remaining monsters. They also rescued the injured people.

“Hoo-ooh. Our king is incredible.”

“It makes me proud to be a citizen of Alandal.”

The employees had been conscious of the people inside the shelter, but they started speaking their mind when they exited the shelter.

When Kahng-woojin went to Alphen, Alandal had received international pressure. They had faced a lot of stress, because of it.

Moreover, Koreans had been the strongest in their criticism.

They threw around words like traitors, deserters and even cowards towards the people of Alandal.

They kept trying to chip away and disparage Alandal. The media scraped the bottom of the barrel in bringing out their criticisms, and it had caused the people of Alandal to become sick and tired of them.

“Uh uh? L…look over there, chief!”


When Woo-soonghoon looked towards the direction pointed out by the employee, he saw an enormous monster flying towards them.


The being made the wide 10 lane road feel cramped

The monster landed, and it pushed through the cars on the street. Everyone gulped at the sight.

‘It feels as if an apartment building is crawling towards us.’

They were frozen by the monster’s overwhelming size and pressure.

When the Blood Dragon reached the group, it dropped its head towards the ground.

Woojin slid down the neck before he stopped on top of the Dragon’s head. The fear and tension on the faces of the employees receded.

“My king!”

“Get on. Let’s go.”

Woojin spoke stiffly as if nothing unusual was happening.

Woo-soonghoon quickly moved to comply.

“Where should we get on?”


A single talon was larger than a person, and a regular person would have to climb up the Dragon as if one was climbing up a cliff.

When Woojin raised his hand, a soft magical energy surrounded the employees. They were lifted onto the back of Yong Yong.


“Oohk. ”

This was contrary to their expectations. The smell of blood was thick, and the faces of several employees darkened as they gagged.

Woojin titled his head in confusion as he looked backwards.

“We haven’t even lifted off, yet you guys are already suffering from motion sickness?”

“Haha. I…I guess so.”

Woo-soonghoon’s face was also blue. However, he let out an awkward laugh as he agreed with Woojin. Woojin put up a barrier around them again.


The Blood Dragon pushed off the ground, and while in the air, the employees didn’t have time to worry about the smell of the blood. The barrier was blocking the wind, but it was up to them to cling to the body of the Dragon.

The Blood Dragon quickly left Seoul.

The news helicopter flew over the battlefield as the sound of the battlefield died down.

“King Kahng-woojin of Alandal has left without giving any comments. The army and the guilds are clearing the….”

The camera panned the surrounding, and one could see beings that looked similar to humans amongst the monsters.

There were people that looked too human to be called beings of a different race. The camera also took in the sight of the enormous and unreal Symbol called the Thorn Tree.

“Is this the moment when the invasions from alien planets hit their stride? Koreans might have to abandon Seoul.”

There were too many Dungeons in Seoul.

He would become the ruler.


The ground near Iello froze, and a pillar of ice extended from the ground. It stretched towards the Thorn Tree..

As the road of ice formed, Lee-sahgho surveyed the cluttered surrounding.

‘Isn’t this place a bit too quiet?’

This was supposed to be the sight of a fierce battle, yet he felt a weird sense of dissonance. He looked at the corpses and the broken buildings. Every sign indicated that this was the site of the battle, yet it was too quiet.

There no sounds of explosions or shouts.

Ring ring.

His handphone had let out an alert. Lee-sahngho’s face hardened when he read the screen.

[Kahg-woojin has already pilfered that place. Recommend retreat.]

Lee-sahngho’s expression crumpled when he saw the text from his employee.

He quickly searched the internet.

He saw the breaking news informing the defeat of Ibrit, and the pacification of the wide outbreak of Dungeons in Seoul. There was also a video showing an unknown red dragon fighting Ibrit.

“Shit. We were a step too late.”

He had implemented a plan with a fail-safe, yet Kahng-woojin had managed to return from Alphen.

“Those damn Japanese.”

His expectation had not been high. However, he expected them to stall Woojin for couple days. However, they had only delayed Woojin for a day.

The battle had already come to an end.

“Iello-nim. Currently….”

The pillar of ice kept elongating as if water was being shot out from a fountain….

The pillar of ice was still growing, and it was approaching the Thorn Tree.

An Ice Human had made his entrance on an already concluded battlefield….


He wouldn’t be viewed as a savior. He would be perceived as a new invader.


The enormous flying fortress wobbled. The Wyverns had gathered at an empty spot on the deck. However, they were chased away when the Blood Dragon landed. The appearance of the Blood Dragon created a big fuss inside Bibi’s castle.


They didn’t have the energy to throw up anymore. However, it seemed when the tension had left their body, they felt the need to gag even though nothing was coming up. Woojin jumped off the Dragon as he left behind his employees.


In a single bound, the succubus jumped into his arms.

Woojin’s expression stiffened at Bibi’s hug.

He didn’t really care if she was wearing a risque outfit.

She could no longer be called a little demon. She was in a form he became familiar with on Alphen, and there was only one reason why she would be in this form.

“As expected, the Synchronization has come to an end.”

“Yes. I can use all my powers now.”

Bibi spoke in a proud manner, but she didn’t seem too happy. The Illusion Witch was powerful now, but this also meant their opponents had regained their strength too.

All the Dimensional lords would be able to use their power as if earth was their home.

“We’ve been waiting for your return.”

Jung-minchan gave his greeting. Sooah and his mother stood next to Minchan, and Do-jaemin stood behind them as a reliable guard. Then there was Do-jiwon…

“You’ve done well.”

Woojin grinned at his mother’s words. Sooah held her mother’s hand, and it seemed she felt awkward, since she hadn’t seen her oppa in several days.

“Mother is busy, so I’ll see you later. You do what you have to do.”

She knew he was busy. After she saw his face, his mother excused herself.

“My king. Shouldn’t you go meet….”

Woojin shook Jung-minchan’s hand as he cut him off.

“Why did you send the Daken guild?”

“What? They volunteered to be the advance group in using the Gate….”

It seemed Minchan still didn’t know about their betrayal.

Woojin nodded his head as if it wasn’t a big deal.

“Well, we can talk about it later. So how many locations had Dungeon Breaks like Seoul?”

“Almost every one of them suffered the same fate. There are still a lot of cities that are unable to recover from this event.”

Fortunately, England was in the final stages of stabilizing the situation. In the first place, most of the population had been moved to a enormous refuge where they were far from the subway stations.

Since they didn’t have to worry about civilian casualties, the army would use their weapons with abandon.

“Still, the situation in England is almost stabilized thanks to Bibi-nim’s efforts.”

When Woojin turned to look at her, Bibi had a bright smile on her face.

“I killed a Dimensional lord by myself.”

“Good job. So what’s the closest country going through an on-going Break?”

“It’s Greece. We were about to head there. However, there is someone here you should meet before we do that.”

Bibi’s castle was moving across the sky.

Their destination was Greece.

“Who is it?”

Jung-minchan answered in a careful manner. After resolving the Dungeon Breaks in England, a person had come aboard Bibi’s Castle in an attempt to meet Kahng-woojin.

“It’s Kim-kahngchul.”


Woojin’s eyebrows twitched.

He came here out of his own volition?

Chapter 192. Bone Dragon (1)
Chapter 194. Moon World (1)