Seoul Station's Necromancer

Sept. 4, 2022, 6:55 a.m.

Chapter 196. Trahnet (1)
Chapter 198. Trahnet (3)

Chapter 197. Trahnet (2)

“Professor Toppler!”

“Huh? What is it?”

Toppler heard the unusually urgent voice, so he followed suit by asking his question in an impatient manner. The day of the decision was getting closer, and it felt as if he was walking on thin ice everyday.

“Kahng-woojin went to meet Iello.”


Professor Toppler yelled out in surprise.

It was still too early for them to meet. No, this had never happened before. Currently, they were off the preordained path, so it made him worried and anxious.

“What has caused this change….”

Things weren’t going as planned. However, none of their plans had succeeded before, so it was true that Toppler felt a sense of expectancy.

Kahng-woojin was meeting Iello before he acquired his qualification.

“Please ready the Toppler’s ship.”


“Wouldn’t it be too dangerous?”

Toppler got up from his seat.

He had dedicated his whole life to this old research room, and he took in the whole room.

There was no longer a future on the Moon World.

If he didn’t want to miss this opportunity, he had to be in a place where he could instantly react to changes.

“I’m going to earth.”

Professor Toppler looked to the sky as he looked at the black planet.


After Woojin exited the Portal, he looked over the pictures taken by his recon team. He just blinked at what he saw.

“Their number increased this much in just a day?”

“…Yes. Even the government forces stationed at Suwon was told to retreat to Pyongtaek.”


Woojin stroked his chin. The Seoul reflected on the screen was already a paradise for monsters. No, it wasn’t just the monsters. The place was crawling with Dimensional lords.

Amongst the Dimensional lords, he saw some familiar faces. He saw the enormous octopus named Dread, and the Golden Dragon Rajakui.

Now he was sure that the previous Dungeon Breaks in Seoul was directed by Iello.

“This guy is worse than Ibrit.”

He saw a lot of Dimensional lords.

They were acting as middleman for controlling the monsters.

The death of great lord Iello wouldn’t stop all of this. Woojin would also have to kill the several dozen Dimensional lords under Iello.

These beings were all gathered in Seoul, and they were making preparations. It was obvious as to whom they were waiting for.

They were gunning for him.

They had all their ducks in a row to face him.

Woojin had a smile on his face as he looked at the obvious trap.

“This will push me to max level.”

The sacrifices needed for him to reach level 99 was all present.

How could this be words of a person, who should be worried?

However, he no longer had to travel to various locations to hunt. This would make his task less laborious.

Currently, Jaemin was going all out as he continued the Dimensional Battles. Thanks to Jaemin, he was gaining a lot of Dimensional Points. Now his return to Seoul would allow him to increase his Achievement Points. He’ll be able to gain a massive amount of Points.

He’ll have enough Points to purchase the miscellaneous Ingredients using the Dimensional Store and the Achievement Store. When the battle ends, he’ll be able to gain the last Item called Thrash’s Glory.

There were two possibilities. He might gain a clue when he gathered the Thrash’s Set Items or he might gain a clue when he reached the max level of 99.

He could feel that he was close to Thrash’s Executioner.

“We don’t need to land. I’ll be back after I finish this.”

“Yes. Please return safely.”

Woojin patted Minchan’s shoulder, and he walked out onto the deck.


“Uh? Why did you come out here? I told you stay inside.”

“I just….”

Woojin lifted Sooah, and he came face to face with her uncomfortable face.

“Are you ill?”


“Then what is it?”

“…can you not go?”


“I…it’s nothing.”

“You rascal. You should stay inside with mother. You shouldn’t come out on a whim.”


Woojin put Sooah down, then he started walking again.

“Let’s hurry up and go, master.”

It had been a long time, since she had stepped onto the battlefield with her master. This was why she was excited as she urged Woojin forward. By his side, the Death Knights and Lich Jaenis was making preparations as they waited.

[The end is near.]


[If we can’t find clues to finding the Executioner….]

If he couldn’t gain any information after completing the two requirements….. Woojin turned down Lich Jaenis’ worry.

“We’ll think about it when we run into that problem.”


There was a Death Knight a head taller and bulkier than all the other knights.

“It has been awhile, since you’ve come out. How is it?”

[I just carry my master’s orders.]

Kiba had always been left behind to guard the Dimensional Domain. It was boring work, yet Kiba didn’t show any signs of complaint. Woojin tapped Kiba on his shoulder bone before he headed towards the Blood Dragon.

[What is your wish?]

When it came down to it, the Dragon wasn’t able to grant a wish, yet it kept asking the question. It was his Dragon, who suffered under dementia.

Then there was Golem Dolsae, who had turned itself into blood for the Dragon.

“Do whatever the hell you want. Run amok to your heart’s content.”

[It’ll be my pleasure.]

The Blood Dragon flopped over the deck as if it was diving.


When it unfurled its wings, the enormous body descended towards Seoul.

“Let us go too.”


Woojin summoned Shing Shing, and he got on.

The Death Knights got on their own Phantom Steeds, and they jumped off the deck.


Bibi no longer looked like a child. She summoned her staff for transportation. She’ll show everyone the true power of the Illusion Witch.

“Hoo. We’ll focus on defending our fortress.”

“Yes, sir!”

At Minchan’s order, the employees moved in perfect order. The members of the Phantom Unit were each assigned a Wyvern, and they were placed on standby. They were readied just in case.

They weren’t going to be used in battle. The king had ordered all of them to protect the fortress.

He wanted to monopolize the EXP, but he also wanted to prepare for a possibility for a sneak attack. Sooah had to be protected.


“That bastard is coming.”

Iello was at the ice palace located at the center of the Thorn Tree. He looked into the sky.

“Let us rescue the contaminated earth from this most troublesome thorn.”

As he stood up from his seat, he gave an order to the several dozen Dimensional lords, who followed him.

“Kill the Immortal.”

They’ll kill the bastard, then Iello would find the earth’s Code.

This was the only way he’ll be able to rule over this perilous earth.


The Gold Dragon Rajakui pushed off the roof of a building. The several Dimensional lords and the monsters capable of flight rose into the air.


The Gold Dragon and the Blood Dragon crashed into each other. They rolled across the ground.

[You are too young to be able to handle the passage of time.]

[Hoohng. You ugly ball of blood!]

Koo-oohng, koong!

The roads became a mess, and the buildings impacted by their bodies crumbled. When the Dragons started to fight, both army clashed against each other.

[My soldiers!]

[Slaughter all of them!]

All the Skeleton Soldiers and Skeleton Magicians under the Death Knights were summoned. The already chaotic battleground became much more chaotic.


A bitter sound forced its way out from Iello’s lips.

If the Immortal had remained as being Kahng-woojin, they could have painted a big picture together….

If they couldn’t do it together, Iello had to make up for the other.

“I’ll kill you.”

He’ll do it by killing him….

“H…he’s coming!”

Kahng-woojin and the Death Knights looked angry as they descended from the sky. Lee-sahngho yelled out in fear.



Blades made out of ice started to grow from Iello’s hands as they stacked. He formed an enormous saw blade sword.


Iello pushed off the floor of the ice palace, and the body Iello shot up into the sky like a needle in flight.


Woojin changed his Warrior’s Weapon into a sword, and he blocked Iello’s attacks.

Kah-ahng, gwahng!

Each attacks were increasing in strength, and the shockwaves started to ring out into the surrounding.

King of the Dead.

The Death Knight respected their King more than any other being in existence. This was why they went past Woojin to charge into the battlefield.


Lee-sahngho pushed both his arms forward as he tried to use his Telekinesis…..



The crude axe passed by, and Lee-sahngho’s two arms fell to the floor..

[Scream for me.]

Death Knight Kiba snarled as he revealed his grotesque tusks.

[My King has arrived.]

The royal procession was occurring, so a march had to be present.

[Scream louder for him!]


The enormous blade of the axe sliced open his neck.

Slaughter and the screams of madness would open the path of his king.

Kiba’s axe started to dance.

The fragments of ice was sent towards him like a hailstorm, and it impacted on his defense. It was more annoying than the endless swords strikes flying towards Woojin.

“You are pretty good.”

Iello’s transparent face moved at Woojin’s invidious remark.


Woojin’s eyes narrowed when Iello refused to reply.

“Have I seen you before?”

“I won’t converse with a bastard, who lost his sense of self.”

The only thing Iello wanted was a mortal combat.

When one gained a Dimensional Fragment, one could be revived after time passed. It would be enough. Everything will end, and everything would just turn back to the beginning.

Then he would live an eternal life as a ruler…..


He had lost his sense of self?

If what he had lost was his sense of self, then he’ll make Iello lose his life.


The sword of Woojin and Iello started to clashed against each other again.


Third Gate Runway, Moon World.

“I cannot let you depart.”

“What? Did you forget who I am?”

At Toppler’s baffled voice, the Gate Guard shook his head from side to side in a firm manner.

“Who doesn’t know about Dr. Toppler?”

“Then I want you to immediately open the Gate. Our future and lives depends on me solving this problem.”

“If you want to use it, please receive permission from the Council.”


Professor Toppler’s face crumbled. The council was getting in his way.

“It doesn’t matter if you try to convince me. It would be much faster if you attend the Council meeting.”


The Gate guard was just doing his job.


Dr. Toppler changed direction, and he headed towards the Council. The walls were like windows of a green house. It was transparent. Toppler could see bright stars across the ceiling..

He looked at the closest star.

It was a dying black planet, and the sight made his heart feel more desperate.

The soldiers guarding the Council chamber became nervous when he showed up.

“Open immediately!”

“You need permission to enter….”


Before the soldiers could protest again, Toppler opened the door. He walked towards the Council chamber where he could find the council members. Twelve council members were sitting in a circle. They welcomed the professor.

“Please allow me to use the space shuttle.”

At Toppler’s determined voice, an old council member spoke.

“You shouldn’t be going to earth, professor. We should lock you up in isolation.”


“You willfully went out of your way to contact the admin in charge of the deletion.”


Another council member took up the thread of the sentence. A middle aged woman with a sharp face spoke. She didn’t hide her anger.

“You dared to scheme such dangerous plans without our knowledge.”

“This is for the survival of the Moon World!”

“Huh. You want to revive the god of Destruction for our survival?”

“It is possible….”


A middle-aged man with red hair sat in middle seat. He slammed his hand on the table.

“Speaker Shelt….”

“Your theory has merit, but the risk is too high.”

Yes, it was true.

This was why he had a plan, but he hadn’t received permission to carry it out.

Professor Toppler had secretly attempted to carry his plan. He had attempted to contact Kahng-woojin away from the eyes of the Council members, because they opposed his plan.

“It is possible to carry out this plan! There is no point in supporting the Recovery Admin. We are just wasting our time.”

When Professor Toppler spoke with fire, Speaker Shelt tried to convince him with a calm voice. Toppler’s ability was undeniable, but his actions tended to be extreme at times.

“We can shore up the shortcomings in the professor’s plan, and we can implement it next time. I’m sure it won’t be too late to do so.”

Professor Toppler’s face was filled with despair at the Speaker’s words.

Did the Moon World have a future?

Their resources were almost depleted, and they couldn’t survive under their own efforts.

The fear was preventing them from stepping forward, and they might die in place.

“We might not have another chance if we don’t act right now!”

“The professor’s rash actions had already caused a change.”

Kahng-woojin hadn’t acquired all the keys, yet he had met Iello. The result of this meeting couldn’t be predicted, so everyone in the Council had their nerves on edge.

“For a short amount of time, let us place the professor in isolation.”

At the Speaker’s declaration, the soldiers grabbed both of Toppler’s arms.

“It isn’t a threat. This is an opportunity.”

“Just because the horse is exhausted doesn’t mean we have to climb atop a lion.”

They wanted to be rescued….

He was still the Moon World’s only hope. A despairing Toppler was dragged away, and the Speaker spoke into the microphone to finalize the decision made by the council.

“Please send Leone’s ship to earth. Please help Iello achieve victory.”

The large number of Reset was proof. They had to do as they always do….

Chapter 196. Trahnet (1)
Chapter 198. Trahnet (3)