Seoul Station's Necromancer

Sept. 4, 2022, 6:55 a.m.

Chapter 197. Trahnet (2)
Chapter 199. Trahnet (4)

Chapter 198. Trahnet (3)


The fragments of ice flew in all directions. The sharp dagger-like ice was turning the surrounding into rubble.


Their bodies shook every time the swords clashed. The aftershock was considerable, so an endless amount of dust rose into the air.

The fierce battle continued. Neither the monsters nor the Undead army was able to approach the two.

In contrast, the Undead army was slowly gaining the upperhand.

It was a free for all where the allies and enemies were jumbled together, but this was the type of battle most favored by the Undead army.

Several Death Knights, who could spare the time, hovered near the battle occurring between Kahng-woojin and Iello.

[Should we help him?]

[It is our King’s battle.]

It was an enormous Death Knight with large tusks.

Kiba just watched as Kahng-woojin fought in a fierce battle.

He was the supreme commander of the Undead army.

He was a Necromancer, yet he was about to enter into a realm of being a true Warrior.

His king was about to take a step forward in this fight, so Kiba couldn’t interrupt the fight.

[Let us clear the surrounding, so we can watch our King’s fight.]

[Let us do that.]

At Kiba’s words, the group of Death Knights near him marched forward with their subordinate Skeleton Warriors to clean up the surrounding.


A being impacted on the wall of an enormous building, and it rolled as it took down the building.

[This is my sixth.]

The enormous teeth had chewed and spat out its sixth Dimensional lord. The Blood Dragon let out a roar. It raised its head to look for the mad magician.

The being was letting out a too dangerous of an atmosphere to be called a human.


The Hell Flame Dragon Hydra had taken shape as if it was a flower blooming. It raised all of its head. It let out streams of flame as it made the surrounding into a sea of flame.

During the conflagration, Dread had become a grilled octopus. The Skeleton with the red eyes stepped on Dread as he laughed.

[This one is my seventh.]


When the Dragon met the Lich’s eyes, it let out a roar as it ascended into the skies again.

[Kool kool. There is a limit on what a Blood Dragon can do by running amok.]

This was a bet against a large lizard, who had lost its Dragon’s Breath. If Jaenis lost, his pride as a Lich would suffer.



As the Lich swept his hand towards the fallen buildings, the heads of the Hydra appeared as they roared.

[I’ll show you all hell.]

The Hellfire was emitted from the Hell Dragons. Seoul started to resemble the depths of hell.


Accompanying an explosion, Iello pulled away as he glared at Woojin.

The corner of Woojin’s mouth lifted.

“You are better than I imagined.”

“Hoong. For a guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing, you are pretty good.”

Iello’s words kept getting on his nerves, so Woojin gave a response.

“Why do you keep speaking as if we are acquaintances?”


“It is the truth.”


“You know about it, Kahng-woojin.”

Woojin’s eyes narrowed further as he glared at Iello.

He had always been called the Immortal.

How many Dimensional lords actually knew his name?

Woojin’s name was extremely famous on earth. However, there was a sense of dissonance when his name was spoken by Iello.

It gave credence to his words…..

“You exist in this world to hand over the key to me.”

“Thrash’s Executioner?”

“You are well informed.”

The corner of Iello’s mouth lifted into a smirk.


The ice sword had become small as ice was chipped away. However, it grew back to become a large sword again.

“It is time for you to die now for earth..”


Iello’s sword came up in a flash, and it aimed for Woojin’s head.


His Warrior’s Weapon deflected the strike, but Woojin’s expression was much more complicated than before.

“I’m sure about one thing.”

Woojin opened his mouth as if he was trying to chase away the thoughts cluttering his mind.


The two swords had crashed into each other three times already, and they were about to repeat the process.

“What is it?”

“You are going to die by my hands.”

“Hoong. You’ve already reached your limit.”

Iello had poured everything into this venture to kill Kahng-woojin. Time and preparation was on his side.

No simulation predicted his loss. The Authority would be transferred to him when he killed Woojin.

This was all for saving earth and all the Dimensions.


Iello’s sword was aimed at Kahng-woojin again.


He was within a cage made out of glass.


Toppler was frustrated. He would lose his mind if he didn’t cuss out loud.

The Council was ignorant. They didn’t realize how important this change of events was. They were excessive in their zeal to walk the proven path. They continuously revised the errors, yet they kept repeating the same path endlessly.

Wasn’t it time for them to step forward now?

How long will they restrain themselves before reaching out for the light of hope?

Toppler wanted to reach it before his life ran out.

This was why he had met Kahng-woojin.

He had talked to the Seed of the God of Destruction.


The frosted side of the glass brightened before it became transparent. When the glass cleared, Speaker Shelt was standing on the other side.

“It isn’t too late to stop the Leone’s ship, Shelt.”

“Hah-ah, Toppler. It isn’t as if I don’t acknowledge your ability. However, we have to be a bit more careful in this endeavor.”

“We don’t have time to do so.”

“We can still survive two or three more Resets.”

“Before that happens, we’ll die from natural causes.”


It was an undeniable truth.

Toppler and Shelt was already old.

“It isn’t as if we can’t do it. You just don’t want to do it.”

“Please watch your tongue.”

Shelt’s face immediately turned ugly at Toppler’s attempt to get a rise. As if to reply with his own expression, Toppler’s expression turned fierce.

“We’ve already reported this several dozen times. Don’t we have to accept our failures and try something different?”

“Our plan wasn’t a failure. It’s just incomplete.”


Toppler felt devastated.

They had awakened the Recovery Admin, and they had tried to normalize the system.

They tried hard to regain their lost home planet, yet they kept failing.

They kept going back to the starting point, but they had continued to follow the same path they had traversed before.

While they were doing this, the Moon World’s time continued to flow. Now there were only old people left in charge, and they were too afraid of making changes.

The Reset had restarted the events, but the time on the Moon World had never stopped.

“Your theory has too much risk involved.”

“It is worth trying it out.”

“You want to bet the future of the Moon World on your imagination?”

“The mechanism maintaining our lives are failing. Is that really a path to our future?”

Toppler restlessly walked back and forth.

He was surrounded on all sides by glass. There was a wall across the glass, and empty space was beyond that…..

They lived on the moon, yet they hadn’t been able to colonize it.

They were just the new lives that had continued the existence of their race.

“Please think about the children and our descendents. Please discuss the option of carrying out my prepared plan with the council.”


“We need both of them. In the first place, the Deletion Admin and the Recovery Admin has to be summoned at the same time.”

“Then we are already too late. The two of them has already started their fight.”


The former had lost his memory, and the latter had only retained partial memory. The relationship between the two was already antagonistic, so if both were summoned, it would lead to destruction.

It wasn’t up for debate as to who they’ll choose and who they’ll throw away.


Shelt glanced backwards. When the door opened, a soldier entered. Shelt once again looked at Toppler.

“It seems the result is already out.”


Toppler let out a sigh.

There must be a reason why two beings each held different keys. Now one had died, and the other would hold two keys.

“What happened?”

“That is….”

The soldier had come searching for Speaker Shelt, since he had to give his report. The soldier spoke with a dark expression on his face.

“The outcome was decided before Leone’s ship could arrive.”

“So who won?”


The blades made out of ice flew in all directions, and they left sharp marks behind. A good number of blades flew towards Woojin. His Soul Barrier formed automatically, and he received no wounds.


However, each ice particle sent towards him consumed a soul. The soul disappeared after doing its role.

“I’ve reached my limit?”

Maybe the bastard’s words were right. No, the bastard was aiming for this result. He was able to store unlimited amount of souls thanks to the Thrash’s Protection. However, the souls were being consumed each time to form a small barrier, and he was reaching an end to his reserves.

If he didn’t have any souls, it would cause problems in creating barriers. However, the bigger problem would be his inability to recover his magical energy in a short amount of time.

The Undead army was incredibly powerful, but all their magical energy came from the Necromancer. It came from Kahng-woojin.

His driving for all things was the souls he collected. It was his source of energy.

Too-too-toong, pshhhk!

A sharp shard of ice went past the souls, which had been blocking all the fragments. It slid by Woojin’s side.

Iello smiled when he was able to wound Woojin for the first time.


All the fragments of ice that had pieced together to form a saw-like blade fell away. A long ice spear made its apppearance.

Iello gripped it as he charged towards Kahng-woojin.

“This is the end for you.”

“No way.”

He had consumed all his souls, yet he was unbelievably calm. For a brief moment, Iello flinched. He had almost been convinced that Kahng-woojin had a hidden card he hadn’t used.


Woojin raised his great sword to block the Ice Spear, and his body slid backwards. He had used up all his magical energy, so he was akin to a common Roused.

“You are bluffing.”

Kwahng, kwahng!

Kahng-woojin was busy focusing on his defense. He was being pushed backwards by the constant attack.

‘What a tenacious bastard..’

Kahng-woojin looked as he was about fall over, yet he resisted. Iello pushed forward as he clicked his tongue. How many years of preparation and Points did he have to waste to catch this single human?

Kahng-woojin was able to command the dead, and the ability to use souls was almost a cheat ability. Iello had just peeled away the many shell around Kahng-woojin, but he had to use most of his Points gained from being the 25th Throne.

“Hoo-oohk, hoo.”

When he saw Woojin take ragged breathes for being exhausted, Iello reformed his broken ice spear.


“This is really the end for you.”

“No way.”


It was a bluff. The bastard’s magical energy and stamina should be close to zero. There was only one problem that troubled Iello. The corner of the bastard’s mouth had be steadily lifting as the fight progressed.


Iello was executing his final charge when he caught sight of a broad smile on Kahng-woojin’s face.



〈Level Up!〉


In a flash, his nearly non-existent magical energy and stamina was restored. He felt his weakened and damaged Warrior’s Weapon recover its durability.


The Warrior’s Weapon changed into an axe. It split Iello, who was charging with his spear, in half.


The bastard’s body was made out of ice.

The exploding fragments of ice impacted on Woojin’s body, but he endured it by gritting hsi teeth.

He had activated his basic barrier using his magical energy.

“Your resistance is useless.….”

The broken body of Iello was knitting back together. He regenerated as if nothing had happened to him. Iello had consumed a massive amount of Points, but he didn’t particularly care.

However, instead of distancing himself from Iello, Kahng-woojin grabbed Iello’s body after he flung his Warrior’s Weapon onto the floor.

Iello was a Iceman with no heart. He didn’t possess any vital spots.

How do you kill a bastard of his constitution?

Kahng-woojin had racked his brain, but he could only come up with a single method.

It was a troublesome Power that could only be used if he consumed most of his magical energy in an instant.

“This is your Punishment.”


The glove touching Iello’s body was dyed black.

This was a Punishment that allowed Woojin to destroy an opponent’s soul by burning all his magical energy.


Iello was caught by the black glove, and his body started to melt.


“Who won?”

“T….the Deletion Admin won.”


This was unprecedented.

A change that had never happened before had occurred, and Shelt’s face stiffened. The inside of his head was white like a blank piece of paper.

Naturally, his head turned towards Toppler. Toppler also had a dumbfounded expression on his face as if he had been hit in the face by a hammer.

Toppler had wanted both of them to survive.

Since one of them had died, his plan was already dead.

“Professor! In the end, you screwed up everything.”

At Shelt’s angry scolding, Dr. Toppler raised his head.


“He will soon descend, and if he dominate all the Dimensions, we’ll have no future!”

They had to stop him from gaining control over all the Dimensions. The only way to pull this off was to turn back the time, but the Recovery Admin was dead….

Toppler, who had his head lowered in despair, suddenly stood up.

“Ah. There might still be a way.”

Chapter 197. Trahnet (2)
Chapter 199. Trahnet (4)