Seoul Station's Necromancer

Sept. 4, 2022, 6:55 a.m.

Chapter 198. Trahnet (3)
Chapter 200. Trahnet (5)

Chapter 199. Trahnet (4)

“What is it?”

“I’ll try to persuade the Deletion Admin.”

“He doesn’t have his memory, so what can you do!”

The risk was too large.

The man was crazy, and he was too unpredictable.

Toppler calmly tried to persuade the agitated Speaker Shelt.

“He already has the keys now. We have no choice, but to call him here for a Reset.”

“He tries to kill any one of us that he meets, so how will you be able to persuade him! Words don’t work on that bastard.”

“I’ll persuade him.”


Shelt glared at him, but Toppler didn’t blink.

“I can persuade him. I have to go to earth.”


“Do you have any other options?”


He might be right.

“I’ll have to discuss this with the Council….”


Toppler suddenly yelled out in anger.

“Are you trying to kill us all? This isn’t the time for us to hesitate. We have to get in front of this as soon as possible!”

They were in uncharted territory.

Iello had appeared much earlier than the records indicated. Kahng-woojin hadn’t finished his key, yet he had encountered Iello. Moreover, he was able to achieve a ridiculous result.

The cause of this change was numerous, but Dr. Toppler’s arbitrary decision to meet him was probably one of the contributing factors.

“Since you caused this incident, you are in charge of fixing it!”



At Speaker’s Shelt’s command, the two panels to the glass door slid open. Dr. Toppler became a free man.

He immediately gave a request to the soldier standing ready off to the side.

“Please ready my ship.”

He had to get to earth as soon as possible.

He had to get there before the Dimensional Admin arrived on earth.



The frozen Hahn river started to melt. The Thorn Tree had grown as if it was defying the heavens, and the ice covering it was melting. Even the ice castle started to melt as it fell to the ground.


The Hell Hydras were crazily pouring out flame, and it was accelerating the process.


Woojin had basically consumed all his magical energy, so he started to gather the souls of the monsters.


He absorbed all the souls at once, and his magical energy began to recover slowly.

Iello’s body melted, and one couldn’t even see the outline of its form. The only thing left was the damp spot on the ground.

Woojin unnecessarily kicked the ground.

“Didn’t I tell you I’ll kill you?”

The activation condition was troublesome, but Thrash’s Punishment was powerful. How could an elemental body avoid the God of Destruction’s Punishment?

The monsters and the Dimensional lords, which had filled the surrounding region, were close to being settled.

He had been able to achieve his Level Up thanks to the extermination of the monsters, which caused a steady increase in his EXP.


A black smoke flew to the side of Woojin. It coalesced to form Jaenis.

[What happened to the Executioner?]

“I’m not sure.”

There was no noticeable change.

Woojin opened his Status Window, and he carefully looked over it. His level had changed to 99, but the only discernable change was the increase of some Stats.

“I guess this has nothing to do with Level. Do I have to gather all of Thrash’s Set Item?”

He had hunted an incredible number of monsters, and he had amassed an incredible amount of Achievement Points. He immediately opened his Achievement Store, and he started purchasing all the Ingredients needed to make Thrash’s Glory.

“I think I’ll be able to purchase all of them..”

If he could do this with only the expenditure of the Achievement Points, he didn’t have to work so hard to gather the Dimensional Points.

Jaemin was still soloing the Dimensional Battles, and his Dimensional Points was still going up…..

“Let’s see.”

Woojin put the purchased Ingredient Items and Aria’s Holy Item into the Combination Box.

When he pressed the Combination button, several dozen ingredients mixed to form a circlet. It looked like a crown with a skull embedded in it.

“Thrash’s Glory.”

Woojin took it out from his Inventory, and he put it on.

Thrash’s Glory, Protection, Punishment, Dignity and March.

He had gathered all the five defensive gears, so all the Set Effect became active.

His Control ability increased, and now he would be able to control an army five times larger than his previous Undead army. He would also be able to summon the Death Field, which was the ultimate battlefield for the Undeads.

Aside from those powers, all the basic abilities he commanded in Alphen was also restored.

The desperate feeling he had was wiped away, but his expression eventually stiffened.

“It’s not working.”

[The Executioner…….]

He had gathered all his Set Items, and he had raised his Dual Class to Level 99. Still, the Thrash’s Executioner hadn’t appeared.

[The earth’s Master Code….]


However, he blocked Jaenis from talking any further.

“Don’t say it.”


Jaenis saw Woojin’s expressionless face, and it could no longer continue its words. Jaenis could feel Woojin’s anger settle.

Jaenis was Woojin’s teacher, and it had witnessed him on the battlefield. If not, Janeis would have needed to see his anger with its own eyes.

“Let us slowly look for it..”

[I bow to the lord’s will.]


Jaenis’ body turned into black smoke, and it swirled out of existence.

Woojin let out a bitter laugh when he saw Seoul, which was razed to the ground.

This was hell amongst hell for him.

There were the corpses of beings, who looked similar to humans, mixed in with the monsters. The corpses were everywhere, and there was only one being alive there.

It was a bad feeling, but it was also a familiar feeling.


At Woojin’s command, the corpses exploded as the Skeleton Warriors appeared. He was now able to command more Skeletons than before. He assigned the Skeleton Warriors to the command of the Death Knights, and he replenished his Undead army.

[My king.]

Kiba came to his side, and they faced each other.

Its large tusk and the shaking red flame in its eyes revealed its concern for him.

“I’ll call you next time.”

[I bow to the lord’s will.]


It started with Kiba, then all the other Death Knights turned into smoke as they disappeared.


The sound of impact was heard. It was hard to tell if it landed or crashed. He looked at the Blood Dragon.


Unlike its usual self, the Blood Dragon was silent. Woojin unsummoned it.


Blood started to evaporate, and the blood surrounding the Blood Dragon sloughed off. Dolsae, who was in its Golem’s Heart form, revolved around Woojin before it disappeared.

Even the Bone Dragon dissolved into black smoke, and the only one left by Woojin was Bibi.

“Master. I want to go back.”

“…all right.”

Woojin summoned Shing Shing, and they flew towards the Flying Fortress in the sky. The clue to the Executioner….

He hadn’t found it yet.

No, even if he hadn’t acquired the answer, it didn’t matter.


Toppler’s ship parted the black atmosphere, and it landed on dead land.


The thruster engine turned off as the ship landed onto earth.


The floor to Toppler’s ship opened as a ladder descended.

Tuhung, tuhng.

Earth’s air was no longer breathable by humans. Dr. Toppler descended the ladder wearing a spacesuit.


When he stepped onto the surface of earth, the soldiers detached to Leone’s ship approached him.

“I received the news, Professor.”

“We don’t have much time, captain Leone.”

“We’ve secured the tunnel leading to the target.”

Captain Leone had taken care of everything, so Dr. Toppler nodded his head.

“The plan is simple. I’ll approach him. If I’m successful in persuading him, please be ready to rescue him.”

“Wouldn’t it be best if we pull him out immediately?”

“We can’t say for sure that he is an ally yet. I have no idea what he’ll do. Let me talk to him first.”

“Mmmm. All right. Please hurry. The concentration of Energy looks quite serious. I believe the Dimensional Admin is getting ready to descend.”

“Understood. Where’s his current location?”

Captain Leone fiddled with the tablet attached to his wrist, and a hologram map appeared. A bright dot could be seen. Leone gave an answer.

“It is the Seoul Station’s 1st Exit. The energy loss rate is 28%.”


“What if you aren’t able to persuade him?”


The Code needed for a Reset wasn’t with Iello anymore. Kahng-woojin possessed it. If they wanted to revert the already damaged earth, they needed him.

“We need him even if he have to force his cooperation.”

“Mmm. All right.”

“Then let us start.”

The captain shook Toppler’s hand before he went on his way.

Leone’s ship locked into the target, and Toppler used the space ship as a Dimensional Interface….


Flying Fortress Bibi’s Castle.

The serious atmosphere around Kahng-woojin prevented Jung-minchan from opening his mouth. He decided to delay the report to another time.

The battle between Iello and Kahng-woojin started not too long ago. This was why Japan had already announced their alliance with Iello. Now they had sent a strongly worded requests to Alandal asking for an explanation.

Jung-minchan was in a bind, because Japan was showing signs of starting a war over this incident. He had no choice, but to ignore it.

If he gave the report at an ill-advised time, Woojin might want to invade Japan. They would be in a deeper mess if such a thing happened.

“Did something happen?”

“Please leave master alone”


Even Bibi sounded serious, so Minchan had to accept the situation.

When Woojin arrived at the Flying Fortress, the first person he visited wasn’t his mother or his sister. It was Kim-kahngchul, who had been locked up.


Kim-kahngchul was just sitting in place, yet Kahng-woojin suddenly threw a punch in Kim-kahngchul’s face.



Kim-kahngchul unceremoniously fell over. Woojin grabbed him by the back of his neck, and he spoke as he grinded his teeth.

“How will I be able to meet those Moon World bastards.?”

“Kook. Even if you ask me…”


Kim-kahngchul was roughly thrown to the floor again, and Woojin growled at him.

“Call those bastards to me.”

“Shouldn’t you go ask this of the Holy Maiden of earth?”

When he spoke about the Holy Maiden of Earth, Woojin grabbed Kim-kahngchul’s neck. Woojin easily raised Kim-kahngchul by his throat. Hechoked as his legs futilely struggled.

“You want to die?”

“Koo-oohk. E…earth’s god is in their world….”

When it looked as if he could no longer breathe, Woojin put him down. Woojin’s eyes narrowed as he perked up at his words.

“The god of earth is on the Moon World?”

“Koo-oohk. That is true to my knowledge.”


He knew the Executioner could sever the connection between the Dimensions. If this was the only solution, he had to acquire it.

However, the earth’s Master Code…. What if it was a task that required his dongsaeng?

If there was a way to save earth, while he saved his sister…..

“Moon World…. How do I get there?”

He opened his Dimensional Store to find a Dungeon that linked towards the Moon World. He couldn’t find it. If one wanted to link to a location, a Dungeon was needed.


At that moment, an unexpected figure stepped in as he opened the door.


“We meet again.”

At Dr. Toppler’s greeting, Woojin’s expression remained crumpled.

“I want you to guide me to the Moon World.”

If the god of earth was there… He’ll kill the god for his dongsaeng. He’ll acquire the Master Code.

“You can’t reach there using conventional methods.”

“If you know what is good for you, you’ll guide me there.”

Woojin took a step forward. It was just a single step, but the sense of danger made Dr. Toppler flinched. However, he held his ground.

It was the same for him and the Moon World. They no longer had the luxury of stepping backwards.

“I’ll guide you. However, you have to listen to my words before I do so.”

“I don’t need to.”

“It is related to the origin of the Dimensions. It is also about the origin of the Dungeons, which allows travel between Dimensions. Everything I’m telling you is the truth.”

Woojin’s eyebrows twitched.

“The origin of Trahnet…. Don’t you want to know about it?”

“Stop talking shit. Just tell me about the Dungeon that leads to the Moon World!”

“There are no Dungeons on the Moon World.”

Woojin’s face crumpled further.

“You can summon me!”

It was a method that worked on Alphen. He just had to accept the summon.


“Unfortunately, you cannot go there through a summon. There are no portals, and it isn’t possible to use Dimensional Shifts. However, I do know of one method that’ll work.”

Woojin’s eyes twitched.

If there wasn’t a way, Kim-kahngchul and Toppler would be dead already.

“What is it?”

“You can log out.”


Toppler calmly accepted the fearsome glare of Kahng-woojin, and he gave a prayer inside.

“Please listen to my words before you do anything..”


“Trahnet. This is about origin of the transcendent travel between planets, and it is about the future of humanity.”

Woojin took another step towards Toppler.

Chapter 198. Trahnet (3)
Chapter 200. Trahnet (5)