The Academy’s Time Stop Player

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

Chapter 2

Chapter 1




There was a game called “The Heroic Tales of Rokia Academy.”

This game started only a year ago and was a game that kept me entertained for quite a year, with its excellent graphics, vast maps and immersive storyline.

However, it wasn’t a game I played with much passion, as I started it at a point where it was already crumbling.

Then one day.

“Wow, Hahaha really.”

Kim Ha-jun’s mouth erupted in stunned laughter.

Today is April Fool’s Day, 1 April.

However, the creator updated their ridiculous skills for an April Fool’s Day event in this dying game.

“But It’s really looks awesome.”

Is it because the game is negotiated three days later anyway?

When I opened the random skill box I got from the April Fools’ Day event, a weird skill popped up.

[Supreme Fortitude]

Your inner mental strength becomes stronger. Any agitation disappears, and endless concentration and perseverance transcend human levels.

Immune to mental magic.

Grade: SS

Type: Active

Cool time: None.


[Time Stop]

Time stops for all but you.

Grade: SSS

Type: Active

Cool time: None


The former is okay, but the latter is a bit strange.

Did time stopping really go as far as it was going to go? It seems like a skill produced just to destroy the game for free.

“It seems like they’ve really screwing.”

Of course, since the skill came out of an April Fools’ Day event, it is understandable to some extent that such a Cheat-like skill was given out. It’s a game that will be ingested in three days anyway.

The creators probably made it to have fun.

“Hmm, but it’s three days…”

Three days seems like a lot of time to spare…

At least with the time-stop skill, you could see all the endings for the last remaining characters. It’s a skill that’s almost like a free pass in a way.

“Well, what’s the use of all that now?”

Ha-jun did not want to create any extra loose ends.

When Ha-jun started this game, it was already dying.

Having nothing really to do, Ha-jun enjoyed the game from time to time to pass the time, and now a year had passed and he had cleared all the characters, leaving one last character.

Of course, if he used this skill and started now, he could see the ending of that character three days later, but he did not dare to do so.

Three days later, Ha-Jun will be a respectable company employee.

Before becoming a company employee, he wanted to go around with a little more challenge than sitting in the corner of his room playing games.

“Well, let’s get started, shall we?”

Just in case, Ha-Jun was going to be well-prepared.

Unwillingness is terrifying. Even if I don’t, I might reach for the keyboard at a certain moment. This game is surprisingly addictive, and you never know when you’ll get around to it, so Ha-Jun needed to make sure he was sorted out.

“Okay, delete everything.”

After deleting all five characters that had taken full leveling, and even the last one remaining a new character, Ha-jun lay on his bed and looked at the ceiling.

From now on, Ha Jun intends to live an industrious life.

No, I have to live. The money he has saved is about to run out.

An unplanned life. That was Ha-jun’s life at the moment.

He had no family to rely on or reach out to. He is an orphan.

“Tomorrow I’ll go out and walk around a bit.”

Ha Jun closed his eyes like that.

In the dimly lit room.

The moment Ha Jun fell asleep, the computer, which should have turned off, turned on itself and the faint light of the monitor began to illuminate the area around the room.

Chapter 2