The Academy’s Time Stop Player

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

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When I first looked in the mirror, I was stunned and laughed myself out.

Silver hair, sharp red eyes and a youthful face.

I saw an exotic figure in the mirror.

At the same time, what was reflected in front of me was a status window, that I had seen so often.


Level: 1

Occupation:XX Title:None Fame:0

Vitality:10 Spell:0 Strength:5 Agility:5

Strength:10 Defense:0 Magic Resistance:999(Max) Mental Strength:999(Max)

Skill(s):[Time Stop] (SSS) [Supreme Fortitude] (SS) {Always active}

The Heroic Tales of Rokia Academy

It was a state window in Roa-Young that I had enjoyed for a year.

“Holy shit, Is this real?”

Who would have guessed?

That something so often mentioned in novels would happen to me…


My brows gradually narrowed .

At first I thought I had gone mad, but gradually I became aware that it was real.

Yes, it is. I had entered the game.

And it was an extra in a game that I loved to play.


A shadow began to cover Ha-Jun’s face.

In the meantime, I was sure that I was possessed by someone else’s body.

Because the loading of the window marked syncing had reached 99% since a while ago.

And when the last 1% was crossed, a change occurred in Ha-Jun’s body.


His hair color turned black and the red light in his eyes gradually began to disappear.

The impression did not change significantly, but the noticeable silvery-white hair and eyes disappeared in a manner of speaking. At the same time, a new window appeared in front of his eyes.

[100% synchronisation completed for Liber Lafilton, Phil-Ehrman].

[( ) Set name].


[Liber Lafilton Phil-Ehrman,].

It was certainly a name I knew well.

Heir of a ruined family line.

And it was the name of the only character I deleted without seeing the ending.

“But what is this again?”

[Set [( )name].

What was the synchronisation and what was the name?

You don’t expect me to decide what the character’s name is, do you?

There certainly wasn’t a system like this in the game.

In the meantime, I decided to set my name.


[Once a name has been set, it cannot be reverted.]

[Do you want to set it? (Yes/No)]


[Name: Kim Ha-jun]

[Setup completed].

Name:Kim Ha-jun

Level: 1

Occupation: NEET Title: None Fame.

Vitality:10 Spell:0 Strength:5 Agility:5

Strength: 10 Defense: 0 Magic Resistance: 999 (Max) Mental Strength: 999 (Max)

Skill(s):[Time Stop] (SSS) [Supreme Fortitude] (SS) {Always active}

As soon as the name was set, a change occurred.

The name and occupation fields, originally marked XX, changed to my name and NEET.

Other than that, however, no other changes were felt.

“Huh. Let’s take a look first .. anyway. Where am I?”

The house was a bit larger in square footage than the house Ha-Jun originally lived in.

It didn’t feel like he was living with anyone.

Because there was only one toothbrush in the bathroom.

At that moment, Ha-Jun’s gaze went to something on the table.

It was a letter. A letter inscribed with a text that was somehow familiar to him.

“Oh, this can’t be…”

The moment Ha-Jun immediately tried to open the letter.

A new window appeared in front of him.

[Main quest].

Questable character:Kim-Ha-Jun (Liber Lafilton Phil-Ehrman)

Description: Enroll in the Rokia Academy.

Reward: 100p.

[*You will not be given the option to do the main quest].

[*Refusal will trigger compulsion].

“No way, How the hell do you want me to Enroll with such a stat– Ahhhhhh!”


It was Ha-Jun who felt what compulsion was all about.


“Are you the student in exam number 257, Kim Ha-jun?”

On the day of the entrance exam.

Ha-jun got on the bus for entrance exam students with a wrinkled face looking dissatisfied.

The instructor in charge just shook his head with a frown on his brow as he expressed his dissatisfaction openly with his wrinkled face.

(Hmm, I don’t know what’s the matter with you, but you can’t be in that state at least until before the exam starts.)

“Driver, we’re all set, so you can leave.”

“Ah, yes, okay.”

Soon the bus was moving, and Ha-Jun turned his chin and began to stare blankly out of the window with a wrinkled impression. Frankly, it really was a very crappy system. The body-tearing pain inflicted by force was shocking, to the point of fainting.

But usually, these things are only done by beings like God or whatnot at times when you’re playing games like a crazy person? Ha-Jun did not particularly play the game like a crazy person to that extent.

If he didn’t want to play it, he wouldn’t. It was a level that I did just to pass the time once in a while.

It’s no use complaining about it now.

I’m already on the bus.

It was like going to the past training camp.

At that time, too, I felt bad as, like I do now.

“Um, do you have any problems with the students?”

Ha-Jun raised his head and looked at the face of the man who had called him.

It was the man who was the safety instructor for this bus.

“No, they are fine.”


The instructor immediately sat down next to Ha-Jun, sighing that it was not appropriate.

“Student. I’m sorry, but do you mind if I nudge you a bit?”

“No. It’s fine.”

“Has anything bad happened to you recently?”

Bad things?

There have been things.

It’s like going to sleep and waking up in the game with no real probability of a back-and-forth, and Is the system bastard of the Devil? Telling people to pass the academy with shit like Stats, it wouldn’t do anything good even if the Ha-jun was good. Just how do you put these into words?

I just had to nod my head .

Well, I didn’t really have to ask why.

“Yes, things may happen in life that are not good, but you have to temper your emotions well now. Especially if, as in your case, it’s before you take the entrance examinations.”

“Ah, yes.”

“Yes, that’s right. I’ve seen a few kids like you now, and they all failed. But, well, I honestly don’t want all the kids here with promising futures to fail.”

With these words, the instructor smiled.

Ha-Jun immediately relaxed his expression, bowed his head and apologized, saying, ‘I’m sorry.’

To be honest, I was a bit rough on him emotionally earlier.

“Well, are you feeling better?”

“Yes. I’m fine.”

“Okay, but. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be nervous, it’s better to do your best and fail than to fail because you’re not feeling well. It is even better if you pass.”

Ha-Jun nodded in agreement with his instructor.

Of course, the instructor was a little old and not without talent. But it was not all wrong words.

It was time to find a way to pass rather than complain about the events that had happened now.

Because if he failed the main quest, who knows what the system would do to him.

“Yes, thanks for the nice words.”

It was then.


We were passing through a long tunnel, when the noisy horn of a bus drew Ha-Jun’s gaze forward. Then a certain huge man in a black hood blocked the front of the bus.

“What the hell, Get away!!!!”

The bus driver shouted at him.



“W-what? are you doingg?”

“What’s wrong?”

The driver immediately braked suddenly, but the man rather blocked the charging bus with both hands with room to spare and started to lift it up. At the same time, Don! with a roar, the bus shook once and landed on the ground, and shortly afterwards the man walked to the side of the bus with a leisurely step and began to grip the bus’ iron gate as if it were a piece of paper.


“No way. He’s a villain, Everyone run!”

At the same time, the instructor, who had grasped the situation, swung his fist and tried to subdue the villain…

The villain, holding the instructor’s fist, easily, grinned and began to clench the instructor’s fist as it was.


It was the instructor who slumped down with a pained scream.


But the instructor did not give up.

The moment he tried to stand up by raising his head and putting strength into his legs as it was.

The instructor’s expression gradually began to harden.

This was because he saw the man’s face hidden by the hood.


Class A Villain Armstrong.

The moment the instructor realized the man’s identity.

The eyes that had been sending hostility gradually died, and the legs that had been exerting strength loosened up and slumped down. His legs were shaking with fear, and Armstrong, who was looking down at such an instructor, just smiled wryly at him.

And when the students taking the entrance exam heard the instructor’s words…

“Wow, it’s the Armstrong!”


“Oh, no no no way!”

“I don’t want to die!”

The bus quickly turned into an uproar.

The Armstrong was notorious for ripping people’s bodies like paper and splitting their heads like fruit.

“Quiet, all of you. I’ll kill anyone who moves.”

Soon a cold, heavy sound flowed from Armstrong’s mouth, subduing everyone at once.

The students’ bodies began to freeze in fear.

None of them dared to open their mouths or move.

Armstrong’s words continued.

“Is this Joo-ah Lee here?”

At these words, Ha-Jun’s brow began to furrow in annoyance.

(Already! No luck either)

Lee Joo-ah.

Although not a playable character, this was the name of a minor character who passed by him in the game’s prologue. She is the younger sister of the current academy student president and the youngest daughter of the Lee clan.

If the episode follows the original storyline, Joo-ah dies here.

Along with all the students on this bus will also be massacred. Yes him too.

Ha-jun is able to spot a certain female student shivering in the very back seat with her head down. Long hair down to her waist and a sculpted statue of a beautiful woman.

Maybe that’s her, that’s Joo-ah…


The moment Ha-joon clicked his tongue in frustration.

Armstrong’s gaze shifted towards Ha-jun.

“What are you?”

Armstrong asked.

He seemed to be asking if he was not afraid of this situation.

But Ha-jun also wondered.

A half-destroyed bus, an A-Class villain who jumped out of nowhere, and a fallen instructor.

Even in such a shura situation, Ha-Jun’s emotions were calmer than ever.

He was not shaken by the surrounding situation.

Rather, he was looking for a solution with a calm expression on his face from the moment he appeared on the scene.

This is …… probably because of this, right?’

[Supreme fortitude].

It strengthens your inner mental strength. Any agitation disappears and calmness is maintained. Constant concentration and perseverance transcend human levels.

You will be immune to mental magic.

Somehow when I first came to this world, I was more irritated than upset.

Even when I got the quest, it was because it was more tedious than the nursery rhymes.

This skill must have caused some problems with my personality .

“Hmmm … you later for now.”

Soon the Armstrong’s gaze turned to Joo-ah, who was shivering in the very back seat.

Just as he was about to step over to Joo-ah.

Ha-jun stood up.

No, he had to stand up.

For a new quest, a window appeared before him.

[Main quest].

Questable character:Kim-Ha-Jun

Description: Defeat the Class A Villain Armstrong.

Rewards: 250p.

‘X shots! Even Satan shaks his head.’

The moment Ha-Jun dissatisfiedly blocked the system notification.

Armstrong’s eyes flashed brightly.

He began to look at Ha-Jun as if he did not understand the situation itself.

“What the hell are you doing? Don’t tell me you’re trying to stop me? Me? You?”

Ha-Jun just stared at Armstrong without reply.

Then a loud sneer erupted from Armstrong’s mouth.

“Kuhahahaha! This guy is crazy. Kuhahahahahaha!”

I can understand his taunts to some extent.

Because I also know very well that I am doing crazy things.

But that didn’t mean there was no possibility from the start.

For starters, let me try…

Because this is the only way to solve the problem at present and himself.


Ha-Jun is the face of a bold, mocking man.


He activated his Time Stop skill.

And the moment the Time stop is released.

“Kuhahahaha – Guhhu Ghuuhh~!”

Armstrong vomited blood and began to roll around miserably.

(Chapter continues on how he vomited blood in the next Chapter)

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