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Chapter 4 Part2
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“Yeah…. It was really amazing.”

Ha-jun was called to the principal’s office the day before the entrance ceremony.

For the most part, Ha-Jun could guess what the reason was for calling him in.

“Is it because of the oath?”

“Yes, it is. So, what are you going to do? So our school’s oath of office is an academy tradition. I can’t help this time, it’s a real headache.”

“Can’t you just pass it on to the runner-up?”

“You see there are more than 10 instructors who already saw your footage. Do you think they will agree?”


A sigh came naturally to me at the painful situation.

Honestly, I expected it to some extent, but I didn’t expect him to speak so directly.

Ha-jun didn’t need the top position anymore.


[Main Quest]

Questable Character:Kim-Ha-Joon

Description:Enroll in Rokia Academy as a ( Head of The Class ).



[Reward will be given.]

[Occupation changes. (Neet ↔ Student)]

Because I already received my Reward.

It was a system window that popped up to alert me last night.

The quest was as good as passed because Choi Joong-Won, the principal of Rokia Academy, named me as the head of the class.

“Yes, you should have adjusted your power.”

“… I guess you’re right.”

“Well, I understand to some extent that you don’t want to do it that badly, and there are circumstances, so I’m willing to cancel it, but I also prepared for it just in case.”


A strange color appeared in Ha-Jun’s eyes.

Soon, however, the strange color disappeared and returned to his normal eyes.

[Main Quest].

Questable Character: Kim-Ha-Jun

Description:Read the oath of office at the entrance ceremony of Rokia Academy.


(Damn it! Reward is a dirty trick!)

“Then, it can’t be helped…”

To the old man who was about to leave with such a disappointed look on his face.

“I’ll do it.”

Ha-jun said.


Soon it was Choi Joong-won who looked at Ha-jun with a bright face.

Why is this old man’s house so happy with a single oath?

“Ho, ho, ho. You’ve thought it over. Don’t worry too much about the Villains’ Alliance. As long as you’re in the academy, I’ll protect you no matter what.”


Ha Jun nodded immediately.

It wasn’t that he didn’t believe Choi Joong-won’s words, but he would be prepared anyways.

I don’t know about him, but there are a few instructors and students at the academy who are turning into villains.


The day of the entrance ceremony

From early in the morning, the spacious auditorium was crowded with people.

From high-ranking officials of hero associations of various countries to guild leaders of the highest-ranking guilds and famous top heroes. All of them were gathered from all over the world to scout for promising talents.

“It’s so spacious…”

Of course, a somber look crossed Ha Jun’s face.

How wonderful it must be to have to recite the oath of office in front of High-Ranking nobles, citizens, and reporters..

(If it weren’t for the system…)

Of course, the story could be changed by player interference.

But never the ending.

Because every playable character has one fixed ending.

After all, the story of the future’s end predetermined whether I was involved or not.

Well, there are stories in which the main characters die or are corrupted by villains in the process.

In a manner of speaking, as long as they were not related to me, they were as good as strangers.

Of course, now that I’m here, I suppose I’ll eventually relate.

(I don’t know where to sit.)

Ha-Jun put his hands in his pockets, yawned, and sat down in the random seat.

Now Ha-Jun was quite tired.

He couldn’t sleep because he had been under duress last night from rebelling against the system.

It’s a dirty, doggy system, he tried to persevere, but to no avail.

It was Ha-Jun who wasted his sleeping time for nothing.

(Let’s get some sleep)

He decided to sleep a little bit for a while.

In any case, thanks to the side effect of supreme fortitude, it was peaceful even under people’s gaze.

The moment I tried to close my eyes.

“Wow! That’s Han Si-Young.”

“Kyaa! Si Young Oppa!”

The annoying noise woke Ha-jun instantly.

When he looked at the source of the noise with his thinly open eyes, he saw a playable character he knew well standing there.

Black eyes, black hair, semi-curly hair, dark eyebrows and a sharp nose, and a calm expression.

It was the first of the playable characters Ha-jun had seen the ending of, the Sword King Han Si-Young!


“Look! Anna!”

“Wow… you see such a big shots when you come here.”

A girl with blue eyes and platinum blonde hair, next Sage.

She was the second character Ha-jun played, Anna-Elizabeth Hartel.

There was also Haruna-Ruel, a blue-haired runic child, and Liam-Martel, a blond boy who was chosen to be a Mythic Class National Treasure in the United States.

All of them seemed to reflect the reality of the illustrations as they were.

Would it be better if I called it cosplay? That’s how strong the feeling was.

(The first, second, third, and fourth ranks that shouldn’t be the most tangled came together.)

All the monsters who may or may not come out once a year got together.

To think that all those guys would be gathered in the first class special group made my head dizzy.

Is this the harmony of despair?

(Am I supposed to be in the same class as those kids, too?)

Really, it’s awful to even think about it.

And those guys aren’t the only ones I have to watch out for.

Although they are not playable characters, some of the kids who belong to the starring roles have caused incidents and accidents that are almost comparable to those kids—

“By the way, there was a rumor that the 1st rank this time is not Han Si-Young.”

“Eh? Then is it Anna?”

“I heard that it’s not her either.”

“Eh, then who is it? Don’t tell me it’s that irregular? That’s all a rumor.”

“Sure, it can’t be. How could a student who isn’t even a student defeat a class A villain?”

Ha-jun, the actual protagonist of the rumor, had no particular reaction.

No, his eyebrows began to narrow a little for other reasons.

Every time one of the famous kids appeared on stage, here and there, Kyaa! Kyaa! The sound was annoying.

At the same time, he was really disappointed by the fact that he had to read the oath over such kids.

(Since when?)

The moment when my peaceful and cozy life was disrupted.

Probably since I entered this game.

While Ha-jun laments his pitiful situation like that.


Han Si-Young, who was looking around from afar, started to approach me.

Han Si-Young immediately sat down beside Ha-jun without saying anything, and Ha-jun’s expression gradually began to harden.

(What’s this?)

Ha-jun began to look at Han Si-Young with a strangely furrowed face.

However, Han Si-Young only silently closed his eyes with his arms crossed.

Seeing this soon, Ha-jun’s expression relaxed at Han Si-Young’s reaction.

Oh, coincidence?

Surely, how could Han Si-Young have noticed me and sat down next to me?

He would have just sat wherever he could see.

But why would he of all people, sit next to me, leaving that many empty seats?

(Let’s bounce.)

And so, just as Ha-Jun was about to move to another seat.

“Hey, you there.”


It was Ha-Jun, who turned his head at the sound of someone’s voice.

He looked at her, barely holding back from a frowning expression at the same time.

Ha-Jun knew the name of the girl who had called him better than anyone else.

Anna-Elizabeth Hartel.

She stood there with a haughty look on her face as she stared at him.

“Excuse me, but would you leave the seat? I like the place.”

Her face was full of the prideful arrogance of an English princess.

Of course, my character wanted to reply that she should be gone, but I had intended to move seats from the beginning and had many eyes on me. Besides, I didn’t want anything to do with her.

Ha-jun quietly turned his face to look at Han Si-Young.

Frankly, this guy was the cause.

Anna, the English princess, approached me because…

(I guess she wanted to sit with Han Si-Young…)

I knew this scene was from the story, but I didn’t expect her to ask me to disappear, leaving the seat next to me on the opposite side of Han Si-Young, which was empty.

Of course, the moment Han Si-Young took this seat, the seat next to him on the other side was already taken by the owner.

Anna on the left, with Han-Shi in the center. On the right, the runic Haruna-Ruel, and right next to her was Liam-Martel.

They looked like they were sitting in the company of each other, as if to prove the value of their classmates to each other.

(This is, well, not the four emperors of the new world.)

Ha-jun let out a deflated laugh in dismay and got up from his seat.

Anna, who was watching the scene, didn’t like it, but Ha-jun didn’t know.

“This place is nice.”

Ha-jun found an empty seat on the opposite side, farthest away from them, and sat down.

Even so, it was a little quiet here. Maybe it was because they were all gathered in one place with their friends.

And so Ha-jun could sleep in a quiet and secluded place.

On the other hand.

While he, Ha-jun fell asleep.


“Tsk, it’s not a big deal, but why are you staring at me?”

The place where Ha-jun disappeared.

Anna was complaining about Ha-jun.

I remembered Ha-jun looking dissatisfied, even though I had asked him nicely in my own way.

It was the first time.

The one who expressed such obvious dissatisfaction with me.

“Ha ha ha! Anyone would be dissatisfied if you phrase it that way.”

Those were Liam’s words.

He was smiling brightly as he looked at Anna.

Anna glared at Liam with a disapproving look on her face.

“The other kids didn’t, did they?”

“Well, not everyone likes you, I suppose. That guy might have been famous elsewhere in his own way, you know?”

“It’s all there in my eyes.” (Notes: Meaning i can see right through you, your worth & charecter. Etc with just a glance)

“Ugh, You’re not going to fix your habit of disregarding people. You might regret someday for that.”


What do I care about minor things that don’t interest me.

Soon, Anna snorted as she turned her head away.

Soon after, the entrance ceremony began with the sound of the microphone on stage.



Behind the stage.

“Who will be this year’s headliner?”

“Han Si-Young, isn’t it?”

“Well, I don’t know. Surely, he’s the only one, isn’t he?”

The student council officers were behind the stage assisting with the entrance ceremony and making a lot of noise about the head of the class.

Of course, Anna-Elizabeth, Haruna-Ruel, and Liam-Martel were all on the short list, but only Han Si-Young was the lone contender.

Who is Han Si-Young?

The legendary hero and sword king Han Joon-ho, who lived at the same time as Rokia, the first hero of the past and founder of the academy.

He was the only disciple of the Sword King, whom he raised and nurtured before his demise.

Would there really be a new student who would be able to surpass such a boy and become a No.1?

“No, but if you think about it, there is that boy. Irregular.”

“Do you believe that?”

“I don’t know. Suddenly, such a youngster falls out of the sky.”

There was one rumor that had already spread among the students.

Of course, it was so absurd that most of the students did not believe the rumor because it was a hoax.

“What do you think of the president?”

Dark hair, sharp eyes, and perfect facial features.

The student council president, Lee Joo Hee, did not answer the question, but instead looked at the boy in the far corner.

As student council president, Lee Joo Hee already knew who the head of the class was.

And of course, the fact that he was her sister’s benefactor.

“Um, are we going to start the proclamation now?”

“Wow, but I’ve heard all the declarations from Han Si-Young alive, and he’s famous for not talking”

“Yes, I guess so.”

Then, after the Principal’s Instruction and introduction of the first-year class instructors.

Hereafter there will be an enrollment proclamation, which accepts the students into the Rocia Academy.

“Ah, it has begun.”

“Who is it? Who could it be?”

“No, it’s Han Si-Young.”

But contrary to their expectations.

Kim Ha-jun, the first representative of the new students, came up to the stage.

At that one word, everyone’s faces were tinged with confusion.

From the executives of each country’s association to the guild officials.

“Did we ever get called by the wrong name at the entrance ceremony?”

“It hasn’t happened before.”

Even new students.

“Kim Ha-Jun? Who is that?”

“I don’t know, I don’t think that, um, that… isn’t that the rumor?”

While everyone’s faces froze in panic.

One boy stood up.


“Who is that boy? What about Han Si-Young?”

While everyone’s eyes were full of questions.

The boy went up on the platform with a bored look on his face.

Then he raised one hand and began to recite the oath.

The Oath.

Normally, all the freshmen in the auditorium should have followed their representatives in reciting the oath. But they were speechless at the unbelievable turn of events.

But Kim Ha-Jun, began to continue with the oath, with no care in the world.

—-As we enter the year 2232, the year of new hope, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing us 153 students to enroll in the freshman class, and I pledge to fulfill my duty as a hero.

The unaffected, no highs and lows of the voice.

It’s done. Until the end of the oath.

No one opened their mouths.

Chapter 4 Part2
Chapter 6