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Chapter 4 Part1
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Chapter 4 Part2




“Senior, what are you looking at at this late hour?”

“Huh? No, I was just… watching the practice videos of the students taking the entrance exam.”

Late at night after the entrance exam.

Academy instructor Jang Hyun-joon was looking for someone as he searched.

Jang Hyun-joon still remembers the nightmare of that time.

He was helpless in the face of overwhelming power.

And the fact that he was rather protected by the child he was supposed to protect.

But soon, a shadow began to appear in Jang Hyun-joon’s gaze as he looked at the monitor.

No matter how much I looked for him, I couldn’t find him.

It was frustrating because he wanted to say thank you but couldn’t find him.

“Ah, by the way, it was amazing this year, did you see 74 and 125 of the practical test videos?”

“I think they are the Sword King and Sage candidates. What about the other kids?”

“Huh, don’t talk. I only chose to watch the kids who were already famous before I came here, and they were amazing.”

“I’m sure they were.”

“Didn’t you see the video of those kids, senior? Why are your reactions so lukewarm?”

It was Jang Hyun Joong who reacted indifferently to his junior instructor Han Yi-seul’s words.

Jang Hyun-joon also checked out every single video of these promising kids, so it’s not like he hadn’t seen them.

Maybe. Originally, I would have been excited, but I didn’t give it another thought right now.

“By the way, Senior, did you hear that rumor?”

“What kind of rumor?”

“The Sword King candidate, It is a rumor that he is not head of the class.”


Jang Hyun-joon’s eyes widened.

I had also seen the video of his performance, so I had obviously thought he was the top candidate.

“So, Is that the Sage?”

“No, not even her? Take a look here.”

Han Yi-seul pointed to the video of the 256th practical test.

However, it was password protected.

After clicking on the video 256 times, I was unable to see the video with a window that said “class 1 confidential.”

“What’s this?”

“Do you see this? Among the instructors, it was speculated that this child was the head of the class.”

“Do you have a picture of him?”

“I do, Here you do.”

Looking at the photo, Jang-Hyun Joon’s eyes began to quiver widely.

“This boy is at the top of his class, but he’s a little sloppy, I heard he came to take the exam, and he wore the casual clothes, too. No matter how freedom one is given here for dress, usually you come in uniforms, don’t you think?”

“How did he dress?”

“What was it? Was it white long sleeves and black short pants?”

That story was enough.

Jang Hyun-joon had no doubt that he was the Head of The Class.

Not surprisingly, it was the same outfit as that of the student who had defeated the ‘Armstrong’.

“Haha, I’m glad to hear that.”

“By the way, didn’t Instructor Jang Hyun-joon know?”

“Know what?”

“I heard that the principal already published a video with only the first level instructors and the top senior students.”

“Then what about me?”

“Yes, you should. Ah! Check the video. Perhaps if you enter your instructor ID number, you will be able to see the video.”

With those words, Jang Hyun-joon immediately tried it.

Entering the password as Han Yi-seul said, the lock was unlocked and the video began to play.

That’s him.

The boy who appeared in the video.

Jang Hyun-joon was sure.

It was the one who had defeated the ‘Armstrong’.

“Hmmm…but what is this boy doing?”

Just as Han Yi-seul had said, the boy did not move, even though four minutes had passed since the test began.

Jang-Hyun-joon wondered too.

It was time to see if he could pass the academy if he completed the test within 10 minutes….

The boy did not move even though four minutes had passed.

(Did I misjudge him…)

And at that moment.


“What? the, Where did he go!”

The boy disappeared.

At the same time

*Rumble* — Boom!! Ts!!! Kwangkutsu!!!

The trap in the dungeon broke and collapsed, and the heads of the monsters that inhabited the dungeon began to explode like watermelons one after another. It was an absolute disaster.

Soon the boy’s figure came into view.

He was walking out toward the exit door with his hands in his pockets with a leisurely gait. The record was exactly 4 minutes and 21 seconds.

That was 10 seconds faster than Sword King Candidate No. 74.

“Oh, wow! No, what! What?!!! Is that possible?”

Han Yi-seul looked at the video with a startled expression, breaking out in a cold sweat.

“Han Yi-seul.”

“Yes, yes?”

“You, don’t ever speak of this anywhere else.”

“?”Ah, ah, yes!”

They both understood why it was classified.


That night

Ha Jun entered the dormitory and was thinking a lot about the system and skills.

(First of all, how do you use the store if you have these points?)

Currently, Ha-jun had 250P points, which he got by killing an ‘Armstrong’.

Of course, it’s not that the game didn’t have settings regarding points, but I don’t know how to use them.

(I’m looking for a way to open the store function to be precise, but I don’t know how to do that–)

“How? Oh, do I just yell “store” like status?”

With those words.

One window popped into view.

A search window labeled “some kind of store” and a store window with multiple items.

“I see, that’s how it’s done.”

Immediately, Ha-jun checked the store window to see exactly which items were in the store.

The items lined up in the store for each playable character had their own characteristics.

If it was a Swordsman character, it was polishing skills and stats.

For the wizard character, new magic and magic potions.

And in Ha-Jun’s case.

“Hm? Eh… what’s this?”

[potion item].

1. lower grade potion 10p

2. Intermediate level potion 150P

3. High-grade potion 250P


1. Unlocking 500P (Can be purchased when level 5 is achieved.)

2. Lock (unlocked upon reaching a certain level 10.)

3. Lock (unlocked when reaching a certain level 30.)

4. Lock (The lock is released when the player reaches a certain level of 50.)

5. Lock (The lock is released when the player reaches a certain level of 100.)

6. Lock (The lock is released when the level reaches a certain level of 120.)

Indeed, the lock was useless as seen in the game.

Currently, Ha-jun’s level is 1.

Despite killing the ‘Armstrong’, he wondered why his level did not go up.

“Then how do I raise my level?”

With those words, a new notification window floated up.

[The SSS level skill “Stop Time” of player Kim Ha-Jun will balance the level.]

[Patch breakdown: Player Kim Ha-Jun will not receive any experience.]

“Eh? What?”

[Only quests will give experience.]

[Currently, Kim Ha-Jun has 0 experience].

[Experience: 0/10]

“Oh my god!”

Dog game!!!

Chapter 4 Part1
Chapter 5