The Academy’s Time Stop Player

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Chapter 7

Next morning.

“Hah, damn it, I am going crazy.”

As soon as Ha-jun woke up, he started swearing.

For Ha Jun, who had graduated from school and even gone into the army, going to school was like torture.

And living in an academy that is as good as the army?

Ha-jun, who had been an indoor person for several years, said it meant jumping up and down like a madman.

Frankly, it felt like going into the army twice.

“Let’s see… first, the status window.”

After changing into his uniform, Ha-jun immediately turned on the status window and headed to his class.

After all, it was still in a terrible status to see again.




Name: Kim Ha-joon

Level: 2

Occupation: NEET

Title: None – Fame: 250

Vitality: 11 – Magic: 0 – Strength: 6 (+1) – Agility: 6 (+1)

Strength:11(+1) – Defence:0 – Magic Resistance:999 (Max) – Mental Strength:999 (Max)

Skill(s): [Time Stop](SSS) – [Supreme Fortitude](SS Always in effect)




A sigh escaped as soon as he saw the stat.

After the Armstrong Incident, Strength, Agility and Strength were raised by one for the time being, but if you think that the average student’s stat is 100, it’s a stat without an answer.

Vitality went up with the level, but not the rest.

Levels only raised the limits of your vitality and the rest of the stats, because you had to work on yourself to raise the stats. And because the stats were too low, the limits were clear.

Now I have a bit more muscle than the average person?

My magic resistance and mental strength are at a monstrous level due to the supreme fortitude effect, but otherwise I was no different from the average person.

It’s a stat that under normal circumstances I could easily die of a heart attack during training.

(Good thing there was a time stop…)

I don’t know about anything else, but I know time stopping alone is my lifesaving rope.

Without it, no matter how much I know about the game, I would not survive.

Moreover, it wasn’t just the story that threatened me.

(You never know when the system will give me a quest…)

There must have been an example of an ‘Armstrong’.

You never know when a machine gun made up of zeros and ones will push you to your death.


A sigh escaped from Ha Jun’s mouth.

When he raised his head, he had arrived at a door with a nameplate that read “Express Team”.

A nostalgic gate that reminded him of his school days… It’s not like that, it’s just an X.

Clatter! Clatter!

— Oh, Look, it’s him, the rumored one.

— Is that him?

—Which middle school is that kid from?

As soon as I walked into the classroom, the murmurs began to get even louder.

Indeed, he had overtaken all the children who had shown promise before they entered the school and claimed the top spot.

The lack of interest was no more, but it was currently too much of a bother for Ha-jun.

(Voluntary withdrawal from school is… well, that’s not good after all…)

Of course, as soon as he entered the academy, he considered dropping out, but he thought that would be the worst possible move. Because there is no better fence than the academy in the situation that the Villain Alliance is currently targeting.

Of course, many incidents and accidents happen within the academy, but I didn’t have to deal with them all on my own, because the incidents and accidents only happen around the playable characters.

I can take care of myself in the meantime.

( A seat somewhere…)

I was scurrying around, looking for an empty seat.

For some reason, a spot in the back was vacant.

(That seat is empty, isn’t it?)

It was a window seat at the very back.

With a cool breeze blowing through the window, it was just the right seat.

As soon as I went to my seat and sat down, the gazes still started to gather towards me.

Previously, it would be normal to be nervous under burdensome stares, but…

It was nothing anymore.

I was rather yawning and became sleepy.


I rested my chin on it and shifted my gaze out of the window, and my eyes gradually began to close.

It seemed that I had never slept properly at all recently, even when trying to sleep.

Ha Jun fell asleep with his eyes still closed, and when he woke up a while later, he was faced with a perplexing situation.

(Why is he here?).

Han Si-Young was sitting right next to me, looking at the blackboard with a neat posture.

It was the same at the entrance ceremony, so why is he sitting next to me to draw my attention?

Of course, I’m not going to say anything about the seat, but even more incomprehensible was the girl with white blonde hair who sat in front of me.

(I don’t remember parting with her very well at the entrance ceremony…)

I don’t understand why Anna sat in the seat right in front of me when it was obvious that she also didn’t look at me that well. Besides, when she glanced back and looked at me, it seemed like she had something to say…

(What to do…)

My reaction was supernatural.

For better or worse, whatever reason, I didn’t want to have anything to do with Han Si-Young, who was right there with me, including her.

(So when will the introduction start. Ah, it’s started.)

As soon as I finished thinking about it, a man opened the classroom door and came in.

He wasn’t a character with that much weight when playing the game, but he certainly had a name.

“Well, let’s introduce ourselves before we get started.”

With his huge, wildly bulging body, sharp eyes and four daggers stuffed into his thighs.

With the instructor’s first appearance, the tension was already evident on the faces of the students in the class.

Of course, he is not a character with much weight in the game, but he is a man who made a name for himself as an outstanding instructor at the academy.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Li-Han, who will be in charge of the first-year express class this time around.”


At these words, the students began to look at the man with astonished faces.

He is the man who raised that superlative hero, Wing-Man!

I heard that he raised several other disciples besides Wing Man! All of them are said to be heroes of the highest order!

—Well… Is such a person our homeroom teacher?

The appearance of Li Han caused a lot of murmurs from the students.

A few of them started looking at Li-Han with excited faces, while another looked at him with respectful eyes.

However, Ha Jun’s expression was not so good.

(It’s just the beginning…)

Days of hell.

These are the classes of an elite instructor who trained the finest heroes.

Naturally, his training was far beyond ordinary level.

“Well, since it’s your first day, let’s start with a brief self-introduction first. As I did, introduce yourself in turn.”

“What? Self-introductions?”

“Yes, that’s right.

Everyone began to look doubtful at Li-Han’s matter-of-fact tone of voice.

It was an all too sudden self-introduction, but soon a few just nodded.

Soon one student stood up and advanced to the front of the teaching table.

Standing in front of the table, the boy began to introduce himself loudly and confidently.

“Hello! I am from Harang Nam Secondary School… Fuen…”

However, before he could start introducing himself, the boy’s body began to fall backwards.

The boy fell over and sat down on the floor, writhing in fear and fainting, his eyes still wide open in horror. The students’ eyes began to tremble like an earthquake at this bizarre sight.

But soon.


Li Han’s indifferent tone continued.

One student, who had noticed something unusual, raised his hand in a trembling voice and began to ask a question.

“Um, is it me? Instructor, that was…”


The rest of the students seemed to realize that something was wrong.

Shortly after, a boy who was right next to the boy who had collapsed stepped in front of the teaching table with trembling steps.



This time, he fainted before he could open his mouth.

The moment everyone was silenced by the strange situation that happened in an instant.


A sigh mixed with disappointment came from Li Han.

He wrinkled his brow as if he was feeling pitiful as he looked at the fallen students, and after turning his head again, he took out his notebook and started writing something.

“Number 1, Zhang Kang-jun eliminated, Number 2, Dian McCalopin eliminated.”

Only then did the students finally realize what had just happened.

The class had already started.



Self-introductions continued.

Han Si-Young then stepped forward and stood in front of the table.

Standing in front of the teaching table, Han Si-Young opened his eyes and began to endure Li-Han’s intimidation while clenching his teeth.

After a few moments

Han Si-Young, who took a deep breath with a calm expression, introduced himself.

“…..I’m Han Si-Young, and I’m looking forward to working with you for a year.”

Li-Han’s mouth gradually began to rise at the first successful candidate.

“Passed. Next.”

The next girl out was Anna.

From the moment Anna stood in front of the teaching table, she deployed her magical power and began to defend against Li-Han’s intimidation. However, she was not strong enough to block it.

Gradually, Li-Han’s intimidation broke through and formed cracks in the barrier made of magic. However, Anna did not give up and introduced herself by clenching her fists.

“Ugh! I’m Anna-Elizabeth Hartel. Nice to meet you!”


After stroking his chin for a moment, Li-Han quickly nodded and quietly said.

“It’s barely, but… pass, next…”

Soon a faint anticipation began to drift into Li-Han’s eyes as he was checking the order.

Because the next one was that guy who had recently become famous among the instructors and students.

(Kim Ha-jun… That guy…)

Ha-jun immediately got up from his seat and everyone’s eyes focused on him.

However, Li-han’s expression started to wrinkle up as if he didn’t like the sight of Ha-jun.

(You’re so relaxed…)

Powerless steps and a languid expression.

As if he had just woken up, Li-Han’s expression began to distort like an evil demon at the sight of his uncaring appearance.

A heavy, subdued voice flowed from Li-han’s mouth as he looked at Kim Ha-jun, who was standing in front of the teaching table next.



A mighty will embodied by magic power.

This enormous will turned into a killing intent and instilled the idea of killing the opponent in front of him unconditionally. The opponent in front of you, who is nobody.

The unspattered killing intent is concentrated in one place, so much so that an ordinary student could have fainted or worse, but…

“Hello. I’m Kim Ha-jun, who luckily came in at the top of the class in this entrance exam. Please take care of me for a year.”


A sigh of amazement escaped Li Han’s mouth.

It was a word that came out while lightly taking in his killing intent of crushing and stopping.

“Let’s try our best for the next year. Fight!”

Moreover, when he even took a fight pose with a ridiculous expressionless face, it was now Li-han who had a bitter smile on his face.

(That was… way beyond the realm of talent…)

(He was used to it)

I could tell just by the look on his face.

An unconcerned expression with nothing unusual about it.

One that could recognize the magic itself in an insensitive attitude that didn’t seem to feel the fear of killing.

He’s used to his limbs.

(I didn’t expect to see a guy like that among the students…)

He was not at the level of a student.

He is already familiar with danger to his limbs, which means he has similar experience to the veterans.

“Kim-Ha Jun passed.”


He nodded his head after retracting his killing intent with the words ‘pass’ shortly after.

More killing intent is pointless.

I thought so when I saw his uncaring attitude.

But don’t be fooled by his expressionless face. Ha Jun’s heart was in turmoil at this movement, and he was not very happy.



[Main quest].

(Questable character: Kim-Ha-Jun

Description:Be recognised by Instructor Li Han.

(1. Bravery test: 1/1)

(2. Practical training class: 0/1)

Rewards: 200p.

[Bravery test successful!]

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