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After the Bravery class test.

Ha-jun was inwardly complaining, while keeping an outwardly fixed, expressionless face.

(….this is begger-like situation.)




[Main quest].

Questable character: Kim-Ha Jun

Description: Be recognized by Instructor Li Han.

(1. Bravery test:1/1)

(2. Practical training class: 0/1)





This quest appeared as soon as I stood in front of the instructor’s table.

Originally, I did not intend on standing out to Instructor Li Han at all.

Isn’t it obvious? Because the middle is the perfect position, wherever it is, be it in the army or in the company.

If I stand out, my training will just turn into torture.

However, the system blocked my retreating path in advance.

(The game developer are for sure psychopaths)

My feelings were to break the head of the developer who created the system, but it was practically impossible.

“Now, those who have passed the test, come forward.”

At Li-Han’s words, Han Si-Young, Anna, Haruna-Ruel and Liam-Martel, including Ha-Jun, then came forward.


After looking around at the children who passed the test for a while, Li Han started to worry about something.

As Ha-Jun looked on in a daze, doubt began to appear in his eyes.

Huh? This can’t be…?

The reason he stopped the children who passed in front of him was to make them the leader of the group.

Originally, a total of four playable characters would lead the pairs for one, two, three, and four, respectively…

“This year is bit too much…”

(As I thought…)

Soon, a smile started to appear in Ha Jun’s mouth.

Ha Jun looked at the system’s panel for a while, then raised his hand proudly and opened his mouth.


“Yes, what?”

“I’m pulling myself out!”

The students looked stunned at Ha-jun’s words.

The students, including Han Si-Young, Anna, Haruna and Liam, respectively, looked at Ha-jun with questioning expressions, but he had skills that were too brazen to have embarrassing feelings.

“You’re dropping out?”



It was absurd, Li Han who laughed bitterly in amazement.

(He’s a quick learner, isn’t he?)

Immediately, Li Han nodded at Ha-jun’s words and told him to return to his seat with his chin, and Ha-jun returned to his seat with the fastest steps he’d taken all day.

“Right. I can’t force the people who don’t want to do it. From now on, the ones who came out before this are the leaders of Divisions 1, 2, 3 and 4.”

At these words, everyone’s eyes turned to Ha Jun, but he just smiled as if it was no big deal.

And in the midst of all this, there was a girl whose face gradually began to turn blue.

“Ugh! Instructor… I don’t want to do it either. ….”

“It is late. Haruna-Ruel.”

This was Haruna-Ruel, a child of the Rune language.

She didn’t like trouble as much as Ha-jun did.

Soon Haruna started to glare at Hajun with a frustrated expression, but Ha-jun just made a fighting pose at her.

(What can I do? It’s your destiny.)

For the first time, Ha-Jun was satisfied with an outcome that was done the way he intended.

“So, for the afternoon schedule, after the main weapon selection and lunch time, gather at the field practice training area.”

* * *

Rokia Academy is the very best hero training school in the world, where cutting-edge magic and science and technology are concentrated. The only weapons supplied at such an academy were of a level completely out of the ordinary.

“Now, have you all gathered?”

After examining the tightly packed group of students, Li Han immediately pulled out one of the daggers on his thigh and opened his mouth.

“This time it’s time to receive a Noble Phantasm. Perhaps some students already have the thiers, but think carefully and make your decision. Whether the Noble Phantasm you have is suitable for your aptitude.” (Notes: Noble Phantasms are the weapons and/or abilities that a Heroic Spirit possesses. They are sacred artifacts that embody the hero’s existence.)

Noble Phantasm.

It meant a weapon that could withstand the full power of a hero in the world within this game.

Not a mediocre weapon, but a weapon inscribed with characteristics.

There are precisely six grades of Noble Phantasm.

Normal, Rare, Unique, Legendary, Epic, and even Mythical, where the grade itself is meaningless.

However, as is typical of the world’s best academies, the grades of Noble Phantasm disseminated to students deviated from the normal range.

“Each of these is a Rare or Unique grade Noble Phantasm. These are the weapons that will define your lives from now on. Choose carefully”.

When rare or unique grade Noble Phantasm appear on the market, they are worth at least several hundred rare and several thousand unique ones at a time.

The academy lightly supplies such Noble Phantasm for training its students.

It was a surprising and astonishing setup, but it was only possible because it was a game.

“Of course, there are a few Noble Phantasm of Legendary grade among these. But just as you choose your Noble Phantasm, the Noble Phantasm also chooses you. This means that not everyone can use Legendaries. Keep that in mind. Now each of you stand in front of the treasure you wish.”

The students then followed Li Han’s words and stood in front of the listed Noble Phantasm.

The most popular Noble Phantasm was the sword-shaped treasure trove.

Of course, not every Noble Phantasm was unconditionally in the form of a weapon, such as a sword, spear, bow, mace, or gauntlet. A closer look at the Noble Phantasm piled up shows that some of them were shaped in a way that made their use questionable.

(Hmm… The others…)

As he was choosing his own, Ha-jun’s gaze turned to Liam.

Of the playable characters here, Liam was the only one who chose Noble Phantasm.

The other children already had weapons, but Liam’s exclusive treasure was because it was a Mythical-grade treasure. He couldn’t use it in class by any means, so he had to find an alternative to use for a while.

(Well, It’s my first anyway —)

I looked at the weapons that are once more, and then fell into deep thought.

Of course, it was a real hard problem to choose a one for me.

(K2 rifles could be used, but…)

For Ha Jun, the only weapon he had ever used was the K2 rifle in the army.

Naturally, the knife he used to cut black onions was all he had, and the same for everything else.

(This gives me a headache…)

While looking around for Noble Phantasm in this way.

There was one that caught Ha-jun’s eye.

(Huh? This is nice.)

What caught Ha-jun’s eye was a table with hammers, or maces, flails, and other tools neatly placed on it.

Among them, a hammer with a long rusted handle seemed to have some type of taste for hammering down.

Ha-jun immediately picked up the hammer, and soon a system window with a strange text began to appear.

[Dwarf king, Maharaj, weapon of the Great Holton, awakens].

[Curse on Maharaj. Ego-Piraten awakens]

[An emergency quest].

Questable character:Kim-Ha-jun

Description: Remove the curse of the great King Holton.

Rewards: 50. Experience.




At the same time as the quest floated over the retina.


An ominous energy crept up from the hammer .

The hammer’s rust gradually peeled away to reveal a vast golden hammer, and at the same time, an ominous purple energy began to envelop the hammer as it rose.

The energy that took shape began to take on the form of a giant woman.

Soon, a loud, angry voice erupted from the giant woman’s mouth.

[Dare! How dare a lowborn man lay his hands on the weapons of a great king!]

“No way! That’s…!”

Li Han, reacting to the immediate anomaly, jumped towards Ha Jun with his two daggers drawn, and then.

“….Really now!”

Ha-Jun immediately activates the time stop.

* * *

( I don’t have any luck at all, do I?)

I could never have imagined that among its many hammers was the king’s weapon Maharaj.

The Legendary Grade Maharaj is cursed.

Of course, I don’t know the details because the Noble Phantasm event appeared briefly in the Liam-Martel storyline. But it’s a Noble Phantasm that even Liam, who is loved by that Mythical-grade Noble Phantasm, shook its head.

I thought of Liam’s words as he looked at the Maharaj when I played a game in past.

(This is — a good weapon, but — it’s got a dangerous curse on it, doesn’t it? Yeah, it still looks good, and here it is — hmm? Ah! That one’s better…)

And that was the end of Maharaj’s appearance.

It was such a small appearance that even Ha-jun had forgotten about it for a while.

“Hah— but how am I going to do this?”

Ha-Jun tapped the woman’s arm with his finger, just to be sure.

Fortunately, there was substance.

Unlike the strange black smoke appearance, the body seemed to have substance.

“Well then, for the time being —”

I don’t know how to break the curse, so why don’t I just hit him with a hammer?

* * *

(I didn’t expect the Noble Phantasm to rebel so much.)

This was another unexpected situation.

Although the phenomenon of Noble Phantasm’s repulsion was natural, it went beyond the right path.

A level like that was at least one grade above the highest level of the legendary.

The grade was higher or is Epic level.

It was a grade of treasure that should not have been here.


(Obviously, that Noble Phantasm’s grade was Legendary for sure, but why such a backlash.)


But there was no time to think long.

Soon, Li-Han’s new style with the dagger in both hands was rapidly accelerating, the moment he was about to reach Ha-Jun’s front. He had no choice but to slowly release the acceleration he had been putting so much effort into.

“Ho— what in the world is this—”

Li Han, whose accelerated body gradually relaxed and slowly lowered the dagger he was holding, began to look at the situation that was happening in a daze.


[Quahhh! How! Arghhhhhh!!!]

A large circular hole opened up all over it’s body. Arms ripped off and It began to scream in pain. The boy Ha-Jun stood in front of It, nonchalantly gripping the hammer and watching the smoked-woman crumble.

[Auahhh! Please stop!!! stop!!!]

Panpakan!!! BANG!!!

Soon a woman with holes all over It’s body began to tremble in fear as looking at Ha Jun.

However, that was the last time the woman looked at him.

The shocking conclusion that followed was that the woman’s head exploded as it was.

With the head gone as it was, the woman’s head turned into golden smoke, which began to seep into the hammer that Ha-jun was holding.

Ha-jun swung the hammer around without saying a word and immediately just nodded in satisfaction.


Thinking the situation was over, Li-Han approached Ha-Jun with a slightly hardened expression on his face.

He looked around for a moment, then opened his mouth as he looked at Ha-jun again.

“Is your body okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine.”


However, contrary to his words, Li Han began to look at Ha-jun with a face that had not yet lost its shock.

Ha-jun’s expression showed signs of being in a bit of difficulty, but he was surprisingly relaxed.

So much so that he embarrassed himself by trying to prioritize the evacuation of the students.

“—Yeah, that’s right. Good luck.”

Li-Han immediately nodded and began to look around the area in case of emergency, the moment everyone’s eyes focused on Ha-Jun.


[Emergency quest].

Rewards: 50 experience.


[Rewards awarded].

[Level increased!]


Ha Jun only sighed tiredly.

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