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Chapter 12

The Spirit came out of hammer is a Female, Previously I thought. It’s a soul of King Hoston himself, so assumed it was male. That’s not the case, anyway. I’ll correct the previous chapter. .




After my conversation with Anna, I went back to my room.

There is bit of anxiety, but at least it’s a promise from the mouth of the Princess of England.

I don’t care how she sees me. I won’t be involved anymore.

“More importantly… Status window.”

Name: Kim Ha-jun

Level: 3

Occupation:Student Title:None Fame:300

Vitality: 13 Magic: 0 Strength: 7 (+1) Agility: 7 (+1)

Stamina: 12(+1) Defence: 0 Magic Resistance: 999(Max) Mental Spirit: 999(Max)

Skill(s):[Time Stop] (SSS) [Supreme Fortitude] (SS) {Always active}

There was a slight change in the state window that I opened.

At first glance, useless fame rose, and at the same time the other stats also rose slightly.

Of course, even if that were the case, it doesn’t change the fact If were to get beaten by superhuman level or students even with a single slap, I would die…

I naturally sighed at such a weak number, but I wouldn’t be hit thanks to the skill of time-stopping. Because I don’t want to die for a ridiculous reason either.

After a quick glance through the status window, I checked the description of Maharaj.

“Woah… why is this Legendary?”

I don’t know who the Dwarven king Hoston is, but in this Rokia Academy worldview, Noble Phantasms bearing the names of different races are treated as relics.

Of course, relics also have a specific grade, but this was because, unlike ordinary Noble Phantasm, many of them had characteristics above or below the grade.

However, the Noble Phantasm, I have got apparently seems to be more than that.

[Hammer Maharaj, The Crusher].

Grade: Legendary

Characteristics: {evolution} {absolutely unbreakable strong bones} {size adjustment} {weight adjustment} {curse piraten}

Description:The hammer of the great Dwarven king Holton.


Admiration come out of nowhere.

For a start, one of its characteristics is a curse. But it is more than Legendary in that it has five of them.

In order, Rare is one. Unique is two. And from Legendary, it has more than one characteristic. And its grade is determined by the effect of the characteristic.

And in my eyes, this Noble Phantasm was at least as Epic.

(Apparently, even though the repulsion phenomenon was at an unusually crazy level…)

At least it was not a Legendary level of repulsive phenomena.

The cause of this, of course, is the nature.


I began to shake Maharaj in one hand .

I had some idea of the strange light weight.

“Tell me.”

Perhaps in response to my words, soon a dazzling golden color began to spread across the spacious room with maharaj and luminate the whole room.

Soon the light gradually faded away and I found myself standing in the middle of a vast grassy field with blue skies and a cool breeze.

(It’s an imaginary world.)

The space of ghosts on the Maharajs.

No, I don’t know if I should say ghosts or if I should say Maharaj itself, but I felt I knew who it was who had led me here.

I started walking, looking around the open fields .

The cool breeze seemed real, and the grass tickling my feet gave me a strangely pleasant sensation.

Everything seemed real, but a fake imaginary world.

I continued to walk through such a space and soon began to see a certain woman in a plain white dress.

She was sitting on a flat rock in the center of a field, looking out at the blue sky with a peaceful smile .

I suddenly approached her and opened my mouth.

“Get out when I speak to you in nicer words.”

It was a woman, a cursed Piraten, who looked back at Ha-Jun and stared in dismay at those words.

Cursed Piraten, one of the characteristics.

She is probably the ghost of the hammer that is attached to the Noble Phantasm or protects this Maharaj.

However, it does not stop at the curses, even if well expressed.

As for Ha-jun, who doesn’t know what kind of curse it is, it is clear that she is a bothersome one.

“It’s my home, my space. Why should I?”

When the time came, Piraten started looking at Ha-jun with an uncomprehending expression.

There was no feeling of irritation or anger.

After looking at Piraten’s face for a long while, Ha-Jun soon realized something.

(You’re quieter than I thought.)

She had a different mood from when she tried to kill him as soon as he touched the Maharajs.

No anger could be felt.

Just sighing.

She opened her mouth.

“Don’t worry. You have nothing to worry about… I recognise you as my master.”

She stared at me for a while and started smiling.

Naturally, I did not understand the situation.

“… Why?”

At first you jumped at me like you were going to kill me.

Had she been rehabilitated by the beating?

I rather looked at Piraten with a questioning expression on my face.

Then Piraten’s words followed.

“Curses to the lowborn without magic, and blessings to those with the qualities of a king I pursue. And you are recognised by me . O master without magic power”.

“I am? What is the reason?”

“Your art reminded me of my past master Holton. You have powers similar to his military prowess. I don’t need any more reasons than that.”

Oh, really?

Anyway, it wasn’t such a bad situation for me.

I rather wish it had been better.

“But I don’t know you exactly. So, master, I will put you through trials.”

“Trials? What trials?”

“The conditions set by Holton, once known as the Skeleton Crusher. The first ordeal is to be recognised by me, and the second is what my past master Holton asked me to do.”

“… So what was the second ordeal?”

“It already started the moment you were recognised by me. I killed 50 beasts.”

What? This can’t be…?

[Previous quests].

Questable character: Kim Ha-jun

Description: Defeat the Magical Beasts. (50/100)

Reward:You will be awarded the title of Master of the Past Maharaj, King of the Dwarves Hoston.

Title: Crusher.

“Kill 50 more of them.”


I wondered why the original quest all of a sudden, but the source was this one.

However, the conditions are not so bad.

It’s rather easy for me.

It just takes a bit longer, that’s all.

And there was one fact that Piraten’s words revealed.

(You don’t seem to know the world that has stopped.)

Something in Ha-jun’s hands or touching his body can move in a world where time has stopped. Of course, it stops the moment it falls into his body and does not come back when he touches it again…

But the Ego-Piraten that came into the stopped world with him did not seem to notice.

(Does that mean the body follows but the spirit stops?)

It was not very good information, but not too bad to know.

“How about it, do you want to go through the trials? It is possible to give up.”


Then suddenly I felt a chilly sensation of something passing from my brain.

I looked at the sky in a daze for a while, wrinkled my brow and worried, then quickly relaxed my expression and looked at Piraten.

Ten minutes passed like that, and I opened my mouth while looking at the Piraten.

“What’s second next?”

“What do you mean?”

“How many trials are there in total?”

At these words, Piraten gave me a faint smile.

Seeing Piraten’s smile, Ha-jun thought, about doing it again.

For some reason, it was too easy a difficulty for a previous job quest with the king’s Nickname.

At least when playing other characters, it is obvious that quests of this kind of category start by killing at least 1,000 demons.

“The second one is the last. But…”


“I won’t accept the remaining 50 even if you kill them, they have to be the beasts that I have chosen.”


I thought the difficulty level was somehow unusual and easy…


“Unlocking all traits.”

“That’s it?”

“Free without magic.”


It was a more generous compensation than I had expected.

I nodded immediately.

Not only was it not a bad reward, but it was also the reward I needed most right now.

* * *

The next morning

Inside the large training square, students from the special class were gathered and had high expectations for the previous class.

Before the class began, an enquiry was initiated by Han.

After taking one look around at the students gathered in the training square and confirming their attendance, Lee Han gave a short and simple explanation of the morning’s classes.

“In the morning there will be a lesson on practical combat,” he said.

The students did not hide their nervous feelings as their eyes lit up at Lee Han’s words.

Practical combat class

One of the most popular developments in the novels and games academies that take the high road.

It was one of the most common classes at the Rokia Academy for dealing with villains.

(Finally here…)

However, Ha-jun’s expression was already tired.

This was because, to this extent, he could predict what the quest would hand him.

[Main quest].

Questable character: Kim Ha-Jun

Description: Win in a team fight.

Reward: 300p.

Additional Reward: 40 experience.

“When student’s name is called, step forward into the circle.”

A circle is a round line drawn in yellow on the ground.

I don’t know what the principle is, but the moment two students step back into the circle, a semi-circular curtain is activated, activating an intermediate healing spell that immediately treats any injuries.

Literally, it meant that there would be no problem with a true heart-to-heart battle between students during training.

For the record, the level of intermediate healing magic in this world is such that a broken bone is immediately attached and a fallen arm is immediately healed. It meant that fatal wounds that threatened people’s lives could be endured to some extent. In other words, no matter how much you were beaten in that circle to the point of killing, you cannot die…

“Kim Ha-jun.”

Ha-jun entered the circle, sighing without saying anything.

He then waited for the other person with blank eyes, but the other person’s name was not called.

Ha-jun noticed something strange and looked at Li-han, and he walked slowly and started to enter the circle.

Ha-jun looked at Li-han with a dumbfounded expression, and then Li-han began to adjust his posture as if it was natural.

“What is this?”

“Before we start, I’ll show you an example. The moment you enter this circle, think that the other party is not the same motive, but a villain, so be mindful.”

Li Han neatly ignored Ha-Jun’s question and explained to the students watching outside the circle.

The students actually watching began to show great interest in the situation itself.

This was because many of the students were curious about Kim Ha-jun’s ability to overtake Han Si-young for the top spot among the students.

The students were then shocked by the following words by Li-Han.

“It seems that no one in this class can stand you, so I’ll be your opponent instead.”

-What? What did that mean?

-Does that mean he’s stronger than Han Si-young, and Anna?

-Whoa… is it true?


At that moment, I was annoyed by Instructor Li’s words.

I wanted to shout at him, asking him why he was saying that so that those children could hear, but I quickly gave up.

“Can’t I quit?”

“Stop talking nonsense and take a stance.”

Well, since it is indeed the main quest, if I abstain, the compulsion will be triggered.

Ha-jun was left with no choice but to grip the maharaj.

The moment he then grabbed Maharaj, he heard Piraten’s voice.

-Whoa, whoa,~ You’re an interesting human. Let’s add that guy to the trials, too.

(Don’t be crazy…)

What? are you going to make me a criminal?

“Come on, then, let’s get started.”

With these words, a semi-circular curtain spread out around them and battle began.

As soon as it began, Li Han-yin pulled out four daggers at an impossible speed and threw them at Ha-jun.

At first he was going to take it easy on him, but as soon as he entered the circle. His sixth sense which saved him from countless battle, has been warning him like crazy.

It told me to be serious when dealing with a student in front of me.

(He’s like a monster…)

I thought he was unusual, but I didn’t realize this was the extent of it.

In the first place, the fact that the sixth sense was triggered itself meant that it was a life-threatening crisis.

-Li Han Yin was going to end it quickly…


It was me who first made a move with quick decision.

(T-this is…)

For a moment, Ha-Jun’s figure disappeared and at the same time, something went wrong with his own ankle.

Before i knew it, I was dropped to knee and looked at the ankle where the problem occurred, the ankle itself was bent in a strange direction.

“Haa this— hahaha! That’s amazing.”

The unexpected outcome made Li Han, famous for his quietness, laugh out loud…

-What? What the hell’s going on?

-I had no idea, I couldn’t see what had happened.

-Ah, anyway, the instructor went down first, didn’t he?

The students who saw the surprisingly fast speed of the battle began to look at Kim Ha-jun and Li Han one after the other, with expressions of mixed astonishment.

Ha-jun vaguely looked at the two windows that floated in front of him.

[Main quest.]

Additional compensation: 40 experience.


[Rewards Given].


[Main quest].

Questable character:Kim Ha-Jun

Description: Be Recognized by this one instructor.

(1. Bravery test: 1/1)

(2. Practical training class: 1/1)

Reward: 200p.


[Rewards will be given].

(Ah. Come to think of it, there was this one too, wasn’t there?)

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