The Academy’s Time Stop Player

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—While Ha-Jun was cleaning up the mess, the rest of the students started to deal with the black dog.

Anna flew into the air and once again used restraint magic to bind the black dog’s legs…




With high spirits, Chong-In Han and Millie, with their spears and long swords, struck the decisive blow with their final thrusts.


The situation ended with the giant body slumping over with a deafening scream that rumbled through the forest.

Soon the eyes of the students began to turn to Ha-jun.

And he remained the same.


“As expected, you’re not the head of the class for nothing, are you?”


These were the reactions of Millie and Cheon In Han, respectively, and finally Ma Jin Han.

The giant beast that had gathered in large numbers and surrounded Ha-Jun with a menacing flap of their wings…


They were all dying, one by one.

Some crashed with their bodies. Some with their wings ripped off, some with their bodies flying off and stuck in trees at the same time as their heads themselves exploded, and so on.

The ground bees dying colourfully.

Slightly more than 30 bees exploded simultaneously, followed by some that crawled up from under the ground again. But as soon as they stuck their heads above the ground, their heads started exploding in all directions.

Anna looked at Ha-jun with astonished eyes at the overwhelming force of strength that she dared not oppose.

(What the hell is going on?)

Kim Ha-jun’s body disappears, eliminating all the beasts alone in front of her eyes, but appears from elsewhere every time.

But there was no visible action of him swinging his hammer at all.

The beas that just disappeared and then replaced with another that appeared and exploded began to stimulate something in Anna’s emotional state.

These emotions are familiar feelings.

Just like the emotions she felt while watching Kim Ha-jun, now, she felt these emotions when she first saw Han Si Young.

It was an emotion that I thought I was not supposed to feel as an English princess and a future generation’s sage.

It was a feeling of inferiority.


At that moment, Ha-Jun turned around and spoke to Anna.

Anna looked at Ha-jun with her mouth shut and complicated-looking eyes, but Ha-jun didn’t care and spoke blandly.

“Go ahead. I’ll follow you.”

Anna, who looked at Ha-jun blankly for a while at these words, immediately understood the meaning of Ha-jun’s words and nodded.

For the time being, Kim-Ha-jun had taken care of all the visible giant bees, but he could not handle it all because it was endlessly crawling up from the ground again.

He knew it wouldn’t end this easy, so he let others escape first, and then he was going to follow them.

There is no need to save Kim-Ha-jun and buy time by confronting bees.

The objective was not to eliminate bees, but to kill the black dog.

Kim-Ha-Jun intends to attract the bees while we escape .

“What about you?”

“I will be following you.”

“Can you escape?”


At some point, Anna’s manner of speech had changed to a more polite one.

Ha-jun did not answer Anna’s question, but his face showed an annoyed expression on his face.

“You should go now.”


Anna was a little taken aback by Ha-jun’s words, but she immediately turned around without hesitation.

There were many things on her mind that she wanted to ask, but she decided to do as he said for now.

“Let’s go.”

“By the way, what about him?”

“I’m sure he has the ability to catch up with us.”

Anna immediately began to flee with the rest.

Ha-Jun watched them from afar, and the moment they disappeared in the distance, he activated a time stop again.

(Ah, they’re crawling up like a dirty seed.)

At first sight, all the visible bees were dealt with, but they were crawling endlessly up from the ground again.

I knew it wouldn’t end like this, so after letting the kids escape first, I was going to time stop myself to chase after them.

(By the way…)

What is this?

[The number of Magical Beast procedures has exceeded 50.]

[Job change quest given].

[Previous job quest].

(Questable character: Kim-Ha-Jun

Description: Defeat the Magical Beast. (50/100)

Reward: You will be given the title of Hoston. The former master of Maharaj, The King Of Dwarves.

Title: Crusher.


I decided to think about it later.

For now, though, I’m enduring with mental strength. Because my body is so tired that I feel chilly.



Li Han began to observe the students who had returned to class with folded arms.

(Class 2 is the fastest)

Group 2, Han-Si Young’s group, was the group that returned to class after defeating the Demon Beast within the shortest time.

Class 2 submitted the byproducts of the selected Demon Beast as evidence, and looking at the state of the class members, there was clearly no mistake that Class 2 was the class that most perfectly accomplished the two things that Li Han was trying to assess in this lesson, time and safety.

(That’s just like a disciple of the Sword King)

And the second group to arrive, but in a sense the group that had seen through the meaning of this lesson, was the third group, Liam-Martel’s group.

I had no choice but to give him a slightly higher mark than the first pair, as he made good use of the characteristics of his group members and used teamwork to come back with a proper, safe and fast.

And the third, fourth pair, Haruna-Ruel, had a mediocre rating.

No, I couldn’t rate them accurately.

In the fourth group, there was a girl who replaced Haruna-Ruel in the role as the leader, so she was able to finish the hunting in a steady manner, similar to the third group. But when it came time to see Haruna-Ruel’s special skills, the evaluation was ambiguous. Therefore, they were neither more nor less than mediocre.

(But — the only problem is the one remaining pair —…)

One pair, Anna’s group.

Her group was surprisingly the last to arrive .

The first problem was.


“Yes! Instructor!”

“Don’t you want to go to class?”


The reply was really well-put-together.

The actions that he did acted really bothersome and lazy.

The biggest problem in class 1 was Kim Ha-jun.

This guy was stronger than expected, but lacked ambition.

However, that said, the situation was a bit ambiguous to rate him badly.

(This guy is on the same level as Han Si-young.)

Or better.

Individually, he was as skilled and competent as Han Si-young.


“Kim Ha-jun, Ma-Jin Han… you two get a point deduction.”

“What? Why?”


Ma-Jin Han looked at Li Han with a frustrated look, while Ha-jun nodded lightly and replied robustly.

Ha-jun was willing to accept the fact that he was late because of his own fault.

It is also because he does not have the personality to care about the score anyway.

However, it seems that didn’t seem for the margin.

As soon as the points were deducted, Ma-Jin Han asked Li-Han why with a frustrated look in his eyes…

“You think it over.”

Li-Han just looked back without answering.

Eventually, Ma-Jin Han’s expression began to wrinkle in frustration.

He looked at Ha-Jun with frustrated eyes, and Ha-Jun only laughed inwardly with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

(Don’t tell me you think you got points deducted because of me?)

It was a little dismaying, but Ha-jun decided to understand his poor friend, whose brain was swollen with muscles. Ha-jun knew from his knowledge of the game, because that kid with the swollen brain probably could not have known the details about the black dog.

His mistake was to let his guard down.

The point deduction was due to the fact that his carelessness allowed him to approach the black dog and choke it, while at the same time putting his colleague in danger. In the first place, the idea of choking a demon beast was wrong.

No matter how low grade the demonic beast was, it still had the equivalent power of an ordinary elephant or two.

“Hey, friend! What’s going on? Friends who were deducted points together”.

“Damn It, Shut up and get away from me.”

“Yeah, right. Do your best.”

As Ma-Jin Han had said, Ha-Jun tapped him on the shoulder to comfort him, and then left his seat.

Instantly, he saw the expression on Ma Jin Han’s face, which was wildly distorted, but he didn’t care.

* * *

After class.

Ha-Joon was on his way back to the dormitory after he had eaten a full dinner.

“Fuu~. This is no academic joke.”

Ha-jun patted himself on the belly and made his way to his dorm room.

As expected, the academic knowledge was typical of the world’s best superhuman training academy in the setting.

Lunch was good, but dinner was even better.

It’s hard to imagine, because dinner came out like a buffet.

“Still, I like these skills.”

By the way, I ate dinner alone.

Maybe because I’m at the top of the class? My attitude towards the other students is also problematic, but from the beginning no one saw me as difficult and approached me intimately.

However, it was easy for my personality to change thick, and fast, perhaps due to the influence of my skills…

(Come on, let’s have a sleep then…)

In front of my own dorm room, which is getting close.

My pleasant face gradually hardened.

Because in front of my room stood Anna, a beautiful, polite blonde girl.

“You are unusual, aren’t you? While the other students are busy training in their free time, you’re so carefree.”

Anna turned to face Ha-Jun with a peculiar smile.

Ha-jun immediately scratched his head, sighed, and went into the main discussion in a tedious manner.


“Why don’t we go to a cafe to talk calmly?”

“What respect do you have for each other as students? Just speak comfortably, like you did at the entrance ceremony.”




Ha-Jun immediately took the lead with a reluctant expression.

Whatever business he had to attend to, he wanted to get it over with quickly.

They arrived at the café shortly afterwards and a moment of silence ensued as they faced each other.

Ha-Jun gulped the Americano he had ordered through a straw and waited for Anna to speak.

Soon Anna’s squirming mouth opened.

“I apologise for the rudeness of the entrance ceremony.”

“I forgive you. Are you done?”

Ha-jun immediately tried to leave his seat, but Anna hurried to speak.

Eventually, Ha-jun sat down again and looked at Anna with his usual blank expression, while Anna began to look at Ha-jun with both eyes thick with suspicion.

Anna’s words followed.

“Who are you exactly?”

With these words, Anna’s blue eyes began to shine with purity.

It was a question with many meanings in a single word.

However, upon confirming her appearance, Ha-Jun was taken aback and laughed bitterly.

(Didn’t you call me for an apology?)

Lie detectors, one of the characteristics of the Sage’s Eye, were triggered.

I was taken aback because her action towards the person that she was going to apologize to was this.

However, I could understand to some extent why she was acting so boldly.

In the first place, she seemed to think I didn’t know about the fact that the Sage’s Eye can discern the truth, because it is not a fact that has spread so widely among the masses.


Ha-Jun slammed the Americano he was holding down hard on the table .

Instantly, Anna, who was surprised by his action, looked at Ha-jun with a stunned expression while trembling, and Ha-jun glared at Anna sternly as if to warn her, and said in a heavily composed voice…



He told her to stop bullshitting and just say the errand in short sentences.

At the moment of this action, Anna’s blue eyes began to tremble with panic.

(No way…)

Do you already know the characteristics of the Sage’s eyes?

No, no. It is a fact that no one knows, except perhaps herself and Principal Choi Joong-won, the sage of the present era.

Anna looked at Ha-jun with (Discerning eyes) despite his warning.

Anna’s question followed.

“Are you the student who killed the Armstrong?”


Ha-jun closed his eyes for a while at these words and stood up from his seat in frustration.

Anna’s words followed imminently.

“Please answer me! If you just answer those words, I won’t give you any trouble.”


Ha-Jun, who was about to leave his seat, paused for a moment and replied with a wry smile that revealed his teeth.

“You still believe that rumour?”

With that one word, Ha-Jun left his seat…


Anna’s eyes were filled with astonishment.

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