The Academy’s Time Stop Player

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Do you know the graceful swan over the lake?

That’s me.

“This is so troublesome”

I want someone to understand my troubles.

The moment the whole hotel lost power.

I was immediately down the stairs with a torch looking for a radio blocking site.

I’ve been doing this for a while now without triggering the time stop.

This is unavoidable.

Normally, I can’t feel more than an ordinary person, like the sixth sense of an awakening superhuman.

Because apart from time-stopping and mentality, I am just an ordinary person.

Naturally, as such, there was no way for me to find them.

Though, it’s not like there’s no way at all.

“Is there one here?”

– No, there isn’t… On the next floor.


Ego Pilates.

She was helpful in a way.

When asked if one could find a block, an answer was given that was possible to a certain extent.

– It is between 40 and 50 floors.

Incidentally, the location of the blocking stones was also random in the game.

The position of the block stones could, of course, be roughly estimated.

It is random, but in the game a block stone was created between 40 and 50 stories.

– There it is.

“Did you find it?”

– If you dig in the soil in the flowerpot over there, there should be a blocking stone.


The size of the blocking stone was about the size of a fist.

There are blocking stones of this size everywhere, and it is necessary to find them by digging them up or destroying them, as just now.

Of course, no object or person could be broken in an immobilised space, so the Time-Stop could not be triggered. The only thing that can move in a still space is something that is in the air or myself.

“Anyway — I finally found them all”

Ha-jun took out the remaining nine blockstones he had in his pocket.

Ten blockstones in total.

Ha-jun, who put it on the ground and then smashed it with a maharaj.

Bang! Crunch~ Crunch~

The fragments shattering in the air.

Shortly after the blockstones were hammered down to powder, Ha-jun spoke to the Piraten.


– What is it? Master?

“See you later”

Ha-Jun invoked the time stop.

– ‘That’s…


The sound of the clock ticking.

In a slowing down space.


And when the sound of the clock ticking ceased.

Time stopped.

“Well, then…”

Ha-jun came down the middle staircase and reached the main hall on the ground floor.

As expected, despite the existence of security guards, the first floor was already taken over by the Villain Alliance. Of course, this is understandable to some extent.

This is because the Villain Alliance side also used excessive force.

Ha-jun’s gaze turned to a huge man wearing a black hood.

Britain’s worst S-class villain.

The Hero Killer Karton.

He is the villain who kills Anna in this Red Quest.

“I’ll deal with you later at any rate.”

Since he was in stopped space anyway, he had some leeway.

Ha-Jun immediately left the hotel through the main gate, which was half destroyed by their attack.

He then saw a purple gate swinging ominously.

Ha-Jun stopped in front of the gate and fell into distress for a while.

(Mm— I’ve never seen this part before—).

The space beyond this is a space not even seen in the game.

If only it were the Villain Alliance’s hideout on the other side of here…

At least there was no way not to go.

There was a girl who needed to be rescued after Anna.

Ha-Jun carefully put his feet inside the gate.

Once he was sure it was going in, he slipped his body in without hesitation.


As soon as she entered the gate, what he saw was an abandoned factory in a large vacant lot.

Inside the abandoned factory, countless villains were waiting.

Unfortunately, it does not seem to be the hideout of the Villain Alliance.

Nevertheless, I intend to act.

“Hmm… somewhere in here…”

The reason Ha-jun came through that gate was nothing other than to find Yoo Seol’s sister. I am sure that the kidnapping of her sister has already been completed before they plan to kidnap her.

“Oh, there you are.”

And I walked through her.

There was a little girl fainting on the shoulders of a villain.

A young girl with bright white hair and looking about eight years old.

It was definitely Yoo Sun, the younger sister of Yoo Seol.

In the game’s setting, Yoo Sun was a girl with a handicapped leg.

Originally, she was an ordinary girl, but upon awakening, she was a girl who lost the feeling in her legs due to an abnormality in her magical circuits. The Villain Alliance intended to take such Yoo-Sin as a hostage to obtain Yoo-Seol’s healing technique.

“Tsk – that’s a lot of dirt.”

Ha-jun took the maharaj and looked around.

As many as 100 or so Villains were around Ha-joon.

Standing in the center of them, Ha-Jun tightly clutched the maharaj and began to do his work.

* * *

Yoo Sun in her faint consciousness, slowly woke up.

Yoo Sun was forced to tremble with fear.

“You… Who are you?”

A man was seen walking somewhere with herself on his back.

When she was shaking with a slight fear at seeing the man for the first time.

The man said.

“Friend of your sister.”

“My sister?”


Yoo Sun, who was surprised, looked at Ha-jun for a while and began to look around.

Countless men were pushed into the walls or lying on the floor.

Yoo Sun, who was looking at the scene with a stunned look on her face, thought about it and realized that she was being piggybacked in a comfortable position.

“Ah! Are you really a friend of my sister’s?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Then where are you going now?”

“Yes, to your sister.”

The word asked out of curiosity was answered by this brother, indifferently.

However, Yoo Sun felt relieved even in this indifferent answer. Without reason.

The fear I had felt until now began to fade.

I felt a sense of security.

Yoo Sun, closed her eyes for a while with her head resting on Ha-Jun’s back.

* * *

* * *

In the now occupied main hall on the ground floor.

The leader of the 1st security team, Lee Jun-ho, who had been overpowered by Villains, was observing the surroundings.

“I didn’t expect him to come…”

In the middle of the main hall, many people, including bodyguards, were gathered and overpowered.

Among the guests there were also heroes gathered, but it was a situation that didn’t allow for them to move easily because of the villain who had attacked them.

Kalton, an S-ranked Villain and Hero-Killer, in front of them.

One of Britain’s worst villains stood before us.

It was probably not an opponent that could be beaten even if all the security guards rushed here.

However, that did not mean he was going to give up.

Lee Jun-ho carefully studied the faces of the villains, then quietly called out to Jang-hyun, the leader of the second team of security guards.

– ‘Hey, team leader two.

– Yes, I know. We’ll move together at the same time.

– Don’t talk nonsense. You take care of evacuating guests.

– But alone…

– Please.

Jang-hyun gritted his teeth in frustration.

This was because he realized what Lee Jun-ho had promised in front of him.

Lee Jun-ho then began quietly counting the counters.

– One, two, three!

As soon as I counted to three.

Tuk Tuk Tuk…

A boy came in through the main gate.

A boy was entering through the main gate.

The boy was carrying a little girl on his back and slowly walking towards the hostages.

The eyes of the guests, the security guards and the villains all began to turn towards the boy.

It was an bizarre moment.

It was a moment when all eyes turned to the boy, because the situation was so stupefying that even the villains stopped moving.

The next place the boy went was in front of Lee Jun-ho.

Lee Jun-ho was then able to recognize the boy’s true identity.

“You, you must be!”

It was a student who had been placed in his group.

Sure enough, his name was Kim Ha-jun.

A boy who was told he was top of the class, but had no motivation to do so, hence he was assigned to the main hall.

The boy left a girl with a piggyback on his back .

“Can you take care of this girl for a minute, please?”

“Ha! Miss Sun-ah?”

“And the radio…”

It was Lee Joon-ho who, unable to come to his senses for a while, started looking at Ha-jun and Yoo Sun alternately.

Ha-jun then began to say something while holding the radio of the first team leader.

“Ah~ah~ The villains have taken hostages in the main hall on the first floor. We will rescue them.”

“No, what is that?! Why the radio, by the way!

“Listen carefully. I will give you an opportunity and you take the guests to the last floor.”

“Come on, wait!”

With those words for the last time.

Ha-Jun was gone.

At the same time.

Bang! Crush! Fly!

The situation happened in a flash.

Kalton, who had been standing there nonchalantly, suddenly flew far away and was pushed into a wall, and the villains surrounding the hostages scattered in all directions and were spitting blood.

Amid the spectacle that took place in an instant

Lee Joon-ho and Jang Hyun were left speechless as they witnessed this amazing scene.

Followed by.

“Ha! Dude, you have to quickly get on the stairs and go up to the upper floor! Quickly!”

The first team leader and second team leader who cam back to their senses after hearing and quickly lead the guests to the upper floor.

* * *

Meanwhile, Karton, regaining consciousness, slowly stood up from the debris.


He was quiet for a moment, contemplating .

“I couldn’t see it or feel it, and it was an instant”

His heartfelt voice rang out, followed by a man in a suit coming through the main gate of the hotel.

It was Puppeteer.

He spoke to Kalton.

“All the personnel who were standing by to abduct her have been hit”

“I see, …I was caught off guard.”

Puppeteer wasn’t panicking, even if it was unexpected.

Rather, he was relaxed.

Because he knew what kind of person the man in front of him, Kalton, was.

“Do you want to move?”

The corner of Karton’s mouth slowly began to rise.

Essentially, he was an excess force too large to be used for such an operation.

He was prepared for any eventuality, so the word failure did not come to mind.

“I didn’t expect that I would have to move.”

“I didn’t expect it either. Besides, Yoo Sun, the hostage, was also rescued.”

“I saw it too. It was so unbelievable that I was shocked for the first time in a long time. Ha ha ha!”

With his joyful laughter, the whole building began to vibrate, not just the first floor.

Ominous air began to waft in the air, which was hard to tolerate breath, swirling around Kalton’s body .

The puppet master’s words followed.

“You can’t destroy the entire hotel, Kalton. It is only Yoo Seol and Yoo-Sun. The priority is to capture the two of them alive.”

“Yes, I know. Except for two, Or if due to unforeseen circumstances happens, kill them all.”

“We’d like to take them alive if it were possible, but the other side might have an surplus power too.”

There were one of two ways to do it: either kill them here so that they can’t use Yoo Seol’s abilities in the Heroes’ Association, or abduct them and use Yoo Seol’s abilities under the pretext of Yoo-sun-ah’s life.

“Kukuku! Whatever! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen someone who could be my opponent.”

Then a boy approached the two with a leisurely step towards them.

The boy, who was casually looking at them, clicked his tongue in a troublesome manner.

“Tsk,” he said, “He didn’t die from being hit.”

The main body of the puppet master was not here, so it was an exception. But the strength of the S-class villain – Kalton – was beyond imagination. I spent five days trying to blow that guy up. (TL: The F*ck?)

Sleep and get up, hit, sleep again, get up again and repeat.

Fortunately, my body and mind were tired in the suspended space, but I didn’t feel hungry. (TL: This guy is insane, what is so Fortunate about that?).

That’s how I beat him up, spending a total of five days, but there were not even scatch on his body.

It was still clear that he was a monstrous creature, not a human at all.

“Tonight would be a long night.”

This was followed by the sinking voice of Karton.

In contrast to his tone, the corner of his mouth rose coolly.

Ha-jun nodded at his words with a sigh and listened to Maharaj.

“Yes, it will”

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