The Academy’s Time Stop Player

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Chapter 19

A criminal who has made the country an enemy.

A grade that was given because the power of one exceeded that of the nation.

A typical example of this was the man in front of my eyes.

“Come on, then..”

As Karton lowered his stance, his legs began to stretch strangely.

At the same time, Ha-jun’s gaze narrowed, noticing something.

“Those who you are defending something die without showing their full strength.”

The corner of Karton’s mouth slowly began to rise.

“I don’t mind killing them all except these two.”

The moment he will stretch his legs.

Swish! Break! Crumble!

He flew through the ceiling, with huge vibrations that shook the whole building.

Like this Karton, in less than a second, he reached all the way to the 45 floors where the guests were being evacuated in a single leap from the 30 and 40 floors.

“Oh, shit!”

“What the hell is that?

The dust covered the surrounding area with screams from guests, bodyguards and students.

Karton then appeared from the clouds of dust.

The moment they saw him.

The faces of everyone who was on the 45th floor began to freeze.


And it was at that moment that Anna noticed Karton’s existence.

Noticing that he was here.

At that moment, Anna’s eyes began to seethe with anger.

Likewise, at the same time, Carton noticed Anna’s presence.

He approached Anna and opened his mouth.

“Anna Elisabeth Hartel. The biggest mistake of my life is here.”

Just as Karton was about to reach Anna with his hands.

That was then.

Bang! Bang!. Crash!

A boy appeared in front of Karton.

In a blink of an eye, with the appearance, the figure of Karton, as if he had been hit by something, was falling to the ground.

As it was, Carton fell from the ceiling hole that he had destroyed, falling at high speed.


Anna looked at Ha-jun.

Ha-jun’s indifferent gaze looked Anna over once and then clicked his tongue as if it was annoying.

“I’m sorry, you saw it.”

“I’ll help too. It’s too much for you alone.”

“I don’t need It.”

Ha-jun turned around indifferently.

“Ha, but how can you..”


Ha-jun’s calm eyes looked at Anna.

Anna felt pressure from those eyes and held her breath for a moment.

But her gaze was not unwavering.

To show a clear will.

After that, Ha-jun looked briefly at this. Anna.

Ha-jun, looking very closely, soon sighed.

“Umm, just stay here”.

The moment I heard that.

Anna’s eyes started to tremble quite a bit.

“Why ??..”

Ha-jun didn’t say anything.

All I did was stare at Anna.

Anna spoke in a rush.

“You can’t win alone! So I am coming too!”

It was Anna who had not overcome her anger and shouted.

Ha-jun, moving towards such, Anna, looked at her calmly.


Quietly opening his mouth.

“You are not a wizard, you are a wise(Sage)”

“What do you mean?”

“Be wise and think wisely”

With those words, Ha-jun disappeared in the blink of an eye.

* * *

Anna recalls a memory she doesn’t want to bring up, but somehow can’t forget.

Shoot himmmmm.

Countless streams of rain falling under the dark sky.

Eyes frightened, the red blood that flows beneath the land that haunts her.

Anna raises her head and looks at him.

A brother who died while embracing her.

He was dead with his eyes missing.

“That’s interesting.”

Countless spears and swords stuck on her brother’s back.

And Karton that had made him like that came up and opened his mouth, pulling out a spear that was on the back.

“The end of those who wanted to protect something was the same. But you are the first to protect it.”

Although the weapons took his life, none of them penetrated.

After all, he was protecting his sister.

“I give you my respect, But”

With those words, he began to slowly approach Anna.

At the same time as his malicious hand was directed at Anna, his words followed.

“I am still alive”

The moment his hand is directed at Anna.

“Heh Heh Heh!”

In an unbelievable reality.

In a terrible shock, Anna began to cry.

That moment.

Anna’s eyes shone with brilliant green.

The shimmering blue eyes stirred the magic of the atmosphere, gathered together to flow like a river.

Then the magic power of the whole area materialized into a magic circle with one will and began to generate large scale magic.

There was the moment.

The moment when Anna Elisabeth Hartel awoke as a sage.

* * *

“Woah! Hahahaha !”

On the ground floor, in the middle of the hall.

The dust from the shock of him falling began to clear.

In the middle of the smoke, lying in a deep pit, Karton burst out laughing merrily.

“Are you all right?”

The puppeteer asked towards the pit where Karton lay.

The puppeteer stared at Karton as his earlier composure disappeared.

“I can’t believe you got hurt twice..then”

“You got it wrong”

Karton slowly began to stand up, dusting off the dust from his body.

Carton said.

“It was a opposite”

“….What do you mean by the opposite?”

“I couldn’t afford to kill a hostage. I didn’t even realise he was in front of me until he already was.”

“That is to say..”

Not long after.

Ha-jun came, through the smoke.

At Ha-Jun’s appearance, the puppeteer’s expression was tense.

As for Karton, when he saw Ha-jun, he flashed a toothy smile.

Karton said.

“I’ll leave the hostages to you. I’ll take him.”

“…Al right.”

Behind the puppeteer’s back, a black swamp began to grow the size..

Countless hands surged out of the black swamp and began to crawl out.

The number of puppets that followed was around 200.

The number kept increasing without stopping.


With the puppeteer’s words, countless puppets moved and commenced to climb the stairs.


Fassassac .. Psac! – Psac!

Even before they climbed the stairs, the countless puppets began to scatter everywhere without missing a single one.



At the same time, the puppeteer’s head exploded again.

His body just like other puppets, also began to shatter in the air.

However, the number of puppets did not decrease.

Rather, it was just that it grew as much as it was destroyed, repeating itself.

And the Karton, seeing the spectacle.

“Oh, that’s terrific.”

One had to express admiration, which was not to be underestimated.

Even at this moment, the boy’s movement was not visible.

Not even an afterimage could be seen.

“Does the academy and Hero Associations have monsters like him these days?”

The boy in front of his eyes.

No, the monster in the form of a boy had the power to confront himself and the puppeteer alone.

But this point was beginning to rather excite Karton.

“Hahaha! I’m looking forward to seeing how far you can go”.

At that moment.

Karton’s legs began to stretch as much as before.

However, unlike before, he was aiming at Ha-jun and not the ceiling.

Ha-jun immediately invoked the time stop.

And at that moment, the time stop was lifted.


A tremendous shock began to crush Karton’s entire body.

The ground Karton was standing on began to dig in the form of a giant spider web.

But Karton remained fine.

On the contrary, his legs only grew bigger.

At the same time.


The moment he jumped, Ha-jun also invoked the Time Stop at the same time.

But Ha-jun only had an impression of the situation that was happening before his eyes.


His fist stopped right in front of Ha-jun’s nose.

It was obvious that the head would have exploded and been killed if he had been just a little late in stopping time.

“I almost died.””

Ha-jun grabbed Maharaj.

At the same time, I started the same repetition as before.

It takes a lot of time to blow him up once.

But there was also something to be gained in the time spent.

Name: Kim Ha-Jun

Level : 3

Occupation : Student, Title : None, Fame : 300

Vitality : 13 Mana : 0 Strength : 10 (+3) Agility : 8 (+1)

Stamina: 15 (+3), Defence: 0, Magic Resistance: 999 (Max), Mental Power: 999 (Max)

Increasing strength, endurance and agility.

Mental power and concentration, already beyond the human realm, has caused me to repeat endless actions that are, of course, directly related to my growth

A trance state that often comes from a martial arts novel.

I could easily enter into that level.

The endless concentration made it possible.


At the same time, Ha-jun could feel his growth in the body.

The more he beat Karton, the lighter Maharaj felt.

Originally, I hated physical work and effort.

It wouldn’t be bad to grow if you had the opportunity.

But that doesn’t mean there was a way to kill him.

“I don’t think I can kill him now.”

It’s a fact that I have learned by beating him all week.

As of now, I can’t kill him.

“I would like to kill him, but..”

I tried to kill him if I could, but it was a lot too.

If that’s the case, then the only way is to follow the game’s route.

Ha-jun raised his head and looked up to see where Anna might be.

“I gave you a hint… you’ll be on your own.”

In Anna’s request, there was an option.

The option of going down the stairs and confronting Karton, and protecting the guests and students.

And I forced myself to choose the latter.

It was, of course, the right choice.

Anna, who chose the former, awakens the power of the sage with rage and fights Karton. However, thought she awakens like that, but in the end, she was defeated by him and becomes a [Game Over].

And Anna, who chose the latter, awakens the power of the sage in the same way as the former. But the way she uses that power differs from the former.

It was the situation I was looking for.

After giving her the choice, it all depends on her actions, then.

“Then let’s go..”

So the best thing I can do now is.

All you have to do is hold on to these two until Anna awakens.

* * *


Anna stared at the stairs with a drooping face.


Disappointed, unfair and angry.

It felt as if these unknown emotions were mixed together.

Now her brother’s enemy is right in front of her, and she couldn’t move because of one of his words.

But even that was only tolerated.


Calling his name, she remembered the past once more.

The anger in my heart began to rise like a fire.

One of the reasons for wanting to be strong is right below me.

There is no reason not to go.

As Anna tried to move her foot Move.

That was then.

Thud! Tremor! Tremor!

“Oh, shit!”

“What the hell is that?”

“What the hell is going on down there”

The whole hotel began to shake as if there had been an earthquake.

Guests in the tremoring hotel were screaming in terror.

And in one room the hotel shook as it was about to collapse.


A young girl, only seven years old, burst into tears in fear.

The child’s mother urgently tried to calm the child, but the child only cried more.

Anna looked at the little girl for a moment.

The little girl, for some reason, overlapped with her former self.

Then Anna, suddenly remembered Ha-jun’s words.

“You are not a wizard, you are a wise(Sage)”.

“I ..”

Anna approached the crying girl.

And lovingly, she stroked the child’s head with a smile.

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine”

“!!, really?”

“Yes, It will.”

Kim Ha-jun said.

– Be wise and think wisely.

(I am..)

The wise.

The future Sage.

Then I must make the wisest decision now.

Not revenge with low probability of success, but the first way to protect them.

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