The Academy’s Time Stop Player

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Chapter 21

Meanwhile, Sunday morning.

In the academy headmaster’s office.

“Thank you, because of you, many people have been able to live.”

Choi Joong-Won’s expression was full of smiles.

There were many reasons, but it was still thanks to the activities of the boy in front of him.

“Carlton. It’s probably the first time so many people survived his attack.”

“I only prevented it because I didn’t want to die this time.”

“Hehe, so humble. If you didn’t want to die, you could have left them and fled. Isn’t that possible for you?”

“Hmmm, right?”

He was right, I could have escaped well enough .

There was also a way to escape with Anna.

And I’d already thought of that way, just in case.

But I made the choice to save everyone.

This was due to my personal preferences.

Perhaps if I had abandoned them all and fled, I would have suffered from sleeplessness at night.

“Besides, you seem to be doing alright. If anything, you look even better than before.”

“Ah, yes. Somehow I feel healthier”

Well, I have to…

I slept every day in suspended space and repeatedly beat him up.

It’s no wonder I have become healthier than before.

Name:Kim Ha-jun

Level: 3

Occupation: Student    Title:None Fame:300

Vitality: 13Magicr: 0   Strength: 12(+2)    Agility: 9(+1)

Stamina:20(+5)     Defense:0    Magic Resistance:999(Max)     Mental Spirit:999(Max)

Skill(s):[Time Stop] (SSS) [Supreme Fortitude] (SS) {Always active}

Stats Raised.

The power and strength stats that had been rose.

It was a stat that was raised after a month of so much struggle.

Compared to other superhumans, the level was still low, but at least it was a level that made him a healthy human being with a strong body.

As evidence of this, he had a six-pack, which he had never had since he was born.

“Anyway, I’m glad you’re here……”

Such a sonorous tone passed from Choi Joong-won’s mouth.

It was a meaningful voice, but to my sharp ears it sounded like this.

It sounded like a voice that was relieved to be entrusted with something, as if he was about to leave a heavy burden on me.

The moment I felt this, I felt something spine-tinglingly uneasy.

“I am not the good person as the headmaster thinks I am. And I’m not a servant.”

“At first glance, it sounds like you don’t want to be a hero”

“If it sounds that way, you’re probably right.”

“Is it,… but that’s good enough for now.”

In front of the student who told him that he had no intention of becoming a hero while attending the Hero Training Academy, Choi Joong Won began to smile as he had earlier.

He was an old man whose thoughts were really unreadable.

His words sounded as if he understood himself, or as if he was on his deathbed, trying to entrust something to me.

Feeling somewhat uneasy, I asked Choi Joong-won.

“Are you going somewhere far away?”

“Haha, where would I leave? I just get excited when I see a promising representative of the next generation.”

With these words, it was Choi Joong-Won who laughed heartily.

Of course I already knew.

I knew all about the fact that his power was slowly fading away and all the way to his end.

But it wasn’t right now.

He would be still alive and well for at least three years before I graduated.

“Oh dear… I’ve spent far too much of your time, haven’t I? You can go….”

“Huh? Oh, then…”

I stood up from my seat and looked at Choi Joong-won’s face for a while.

He still only smiled.

I even wondered if he had really called me here to tell me only that.

“I’ll be leaving now.”

That didn’t mean there was anything more to say about staying here forever.

Ha-jun immediately bowed his head and, out of courtesy, left the headmaster’s office.

And as soon as Ha Jun left.

There was a strange silence in the headmaster’s office.

Then a calm voice flowed from Choi Joong-won’s mouth as he fell into deep thought.

“I’m not worried…….”

One hundred years ago, an era of great chaos when magic power was born, demons and monsters appeared, and ordinary people were awakened as superhumans.

The heroes of that era all fought with conviction against the catastrophe of the demons and monsters.

This is because at that time, the enemies of humanity were not humans, but demons, and monsters.

“When I look at you, I think of the heroes of that time. …..With you here, I think I can leave in peace.”

Choi Joong-won then slowly sat up.

“But I’m not going to leave everything to the children…..”

In the past, when all the superhumans fought as one against the demons and monsters.

But when the number of dungeons naturally decreased and peace prevailed, some of them, who were called heroes in the past, claimed their rights to their own power and created a single force.

A force made up of those who claimed the idea of superhuman superiority.

People called them the Villains’ Alliance.

“I will be responsible for those of that era.”

* * *

Meanwhile, Ha Jun was taking a walk in the park, one of the relaxation places for students inside the academy.

As the world’s best training institution, the Rokia Academy, there was nothing that it was not equipped with.

Many facilities were built with the purpose of healing the mental health of the students, including swimming pools, sports grounds, and cinemas, including the park alone as a place of relaxation for the students.

To be honest, even for Ha Jun, this was a bit ridiculous, but there was no point in thinking about it for too long.

It’s not even real. It’s a game world…

It was a bit dumbfounding, but I was just rather grateful for the fact that they were providing convenience for the students.

Anyway, as he was walking through the park like that, Ha Jun sat on a nearby bench and gazed at the fountain stand in a daze.

“It’s not so bad to have such a rest once in a while, is it?”

Did the sage time come after a month of hard work?

Somehow, Ha Jun felt thankful for the spare time and peace and happiness.

After two days of not sleeping and having nothing to do, he took a walk in the park with the intention of exercising for a while, but found a surprising sense of peace.

“Huh…, that’s nice.”

“You’re here?”

“Ah, It’s been a while.”

At the sound of someone’s voice, Ha Jun slowly turned his head away to look at the owners of the voices and then shifted his gaze back to the fountain stand.

The girls began to approach Ha Jun with a pout and a smirk on their lips at his sudden reaction.

“Can you please not treat me like a stranger?”

“It’s been a while, but you’re still the same.”

“… By the way, when did you get out of the hospital?”

“Today. No, you can’t visit me even once?”

Anna and Yoo-Seol.

After that incident, Anna, who had fainted due to a recoil of power, was admitted to Hero University Hospital together with Yoo-Seol.

Although she was not seriously injured, she had just woken up after being in a coma for two consecutive days due to a magic power de-energisation, which is the most difficult to experience as a superhuman.

“I had never experienced such a phenomenon before. It was so strange that I never want to experience it again. I felt like an idiot.”

Her body began to tremble, as if she was horrified to even think about it.

Ha Jun just chuckled at the reaction.

It should have been a phenomenon she would experience a lot in the future, but saying it like that just made the future sad.

Soon after, Yoo Seol, who was standing by her side, looked at Ha-jun and wondered.

“But you are not as surprised as I thought you would be.”


“Well… of course… aren’t you wondering why I’m here?”

Indeed, Yoo-Seol was now inside the academy in her student uniform.

Of course, I knew about her story joining, so it wasn’t that strange.

I looked at Yoo-Seol and asked.

“Were you dismissed?”

Yoo-Seol only smiled rather quietly at those words.

“Fufu, they didn’t cut me off, I quit. Because someone had to take responsibility.”

“But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have to return even your hero licence.”

Despite looking like that, she is Korea’s first and youngest hero.

Of course, availability was the biggest factor.

“I was overqualified from the beginning. And.”

Yoo-Seol creeping up on me

Yoo-Seol whispered quietly into my ear.

“I found the safest place, you know.”

With those words she looked at me with a bright smile .

The moment she spoke, I looked at her with a slightly surprised expression.

As a user who had played the game, it was impossible not to know the dialog, and now I heard it in my ear.

(To actually hear this…)

According to the original scenario, an illustration of Yoo-Seol smiling with faint background music, speaking to Anna was staged, but it was really strange to see her in reality.

When I looked at her bright red, Yoo-Seol started to blush somewhat.

‘Well, more importantly, is Ha-jun-san okay?

“Hm? Sorry?”

“The body. That Kalton and the puppeteer all by yourself…”

Yoo-Seol did not continue speaking, looking at Ha-jun’s body here and there for a while before opening her mouth in surprise. Come to think of it, there was not a single place where he was injured when dealing with those two.

It was surprising how he could take on those two Kalton and Puppet Master and still be healthy without any physical injuries.

“Yo-you are really strong…..”

Yoo-Seol looked at Ha-Joon absentmindedly for a while, then gently approached him and sat down beside him.

Ha-jun frowned a little towards Yoo-sora, but he immediately let out a sigh and turned his gaze towards the fountain table again.

Yoo-Seol glanced at Ha-Jun and immediately opened her mouth quietly.

“Thank you.”


“It’s thanks to you.”

Ha-jun did not answer.

He just remained silent, quietly looking at the fountain stand, and scratched his head in shame.

Ha-jun still did not know how to react to the thank-you greeting he received from a stranger.

“You’re trying to hide your activities, aren’t you?”


I don’t know why, but still, there must be a reason.

With these words, Yoo Seol offered her contact details.

She opened her mouth with a smirk as she looked at Ha Jun.

“I just came to say thank you. If there is anything you need, please contact me anytime.”

I looked intently at her contact details and nodded .

“Okay, I’ll call you later.”

“Oh, then I have something for you too.”

With those words, she pulled something out of Anna’s chest and then handed it to me.

It seemed like an invitation, but when I looked at Anna questioningly, she spoke with a confident tone, and a smile on her face.

“No one else can receive it. It’s my invitation, not anyone else’s.”

“You want me to come and visit you in England?”

“Come when you are on holiday. We will welcome you with the greatest possible politeness.”


Yes, I guess I have to try to do things I can’t do in real life because I’m in the game anyway.

Traveling abroad

This was a trip I would definitely like to do at least once, as I have no money in real life.

“Then we’re going now.”

Yoo-Seol stood up from her seat and sighed tiredly.

I stared at Yoo-Seol and asked.

“Do you have a lot to do, it seems?”

“Well, we’re busy people too… do you want us to stay with you more?”


“… You’re very quick to reply. I’m going to go now. See you tomorrow.”

They turned around with a wave of their hands, and Ha-Jun once again shifted his gaze to the fountain table and began to enjoy the peace and tranquility. It was then that …

Tilili Ling.


The sound of Anna and Yoo-Sol-Ah’s smartphones ringing at the same time caused the girls to turn to face each other dumbly, and they picked up the phone straight from their seats.

“Yes, who is it?”

“What’s wrong?”

“What? Who is the student in the video…?”

“A video?”


Shortly afterwards, a video was sent to Anna’s smartphone with a sound.

Anna and Yoo-Seol’s expressions began to become increasingly perplexed when they saw the image.

(… What’s wrong?”)

Ha Jun, who did not understand the reason for this, could only stare at Anna from afar.

Soon Anna and Yoo-Seol began to return again with hurried steps.

“Why? What is it?”

“Hey,… have you seen this?”

Anna hurriedly thrust a certain video at him, and Ha-jun looked at her smartphone with a sullen expression on his face.

“It was sent to you by the British Heroes Association, I see. What is it, by the way?”

“No, it’s the video here!”

With a frown on his face, Ha Jun clicked on the address bar on Mutube and began watching the uploaded video.

Soon, familiar places and people began to appear in the footage.

The moment he saw the footage, Ha Jun’s expression gradually began to harden.

–Tok! Tok!!


‘G, help, Save me!!!’

In the dark space.

screams echoed, expressing the situation at the time.

Amid a situation of extreme fear among the people, the moment when the hooded giant tries to approach the people.

Bang!!! Flyy!

A boy with a hammer radiating a golden color appeared in front of the giant man.

With the boy’s appearance, Kalton began to fall through himself again into the hole he had passed through, and the boy disappeared again with ease.

The scene was incorporated in the video exactly as it was when Kalton attacked the 45th floor.

The dust fortunately concealed the boy’s face, but his visibly shining hammer was included in the video as it was.


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