The Academy’s Time Stop Player

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Chapter 20


In this era, wise has a different meaning.

Originally it would mean a sage who had accumulated knowledge over a long period of time, but in this world a sage was closer to a talent chosen by heaven.

(Okay, I can do it.)

Her blue eyes were shining brighter than ever.

At the same time, the magic in the atmosphere begins to gather and sway in response to her eyes, and new magical formulas she has never seen or heard before flow into her mind.

Mastery of Magic.

The sage’s left eye transforms the drifting mana of the atmosphere into magic power and transmits it to her, while the sage’s right eye expands her knowledge and presents her with a new magic formula.

And now.

The great magic that protected her from Kalton in the past has changed anew and begun to manifest itself in noble way.

* * *

Meanwhile, in the main hall on the ground floor.

“I really wish… Time would be eternal!”

Kalton was very excited.

For the first time in a long time, a battle-crazed brawler had an opponent in front of him who would not die even if he put his full strength on the line.

It was natural for him to be excited.

However, Ha-jun doesn’t want to be bothered.

Contrary to him, he showed an annoyed expression.

“Damn it.”

Of course, Kalton’s substandard strength is a somewhat understandable setting.

Main Villain.

Literally, this also means that he is the final boss of a certain playable character.

And unlike other main villains who are made up of a group, he is solo.

That means that this guy alone has the power equivalent to a group.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of a way to kill him right now.

I sighed deeply for a while, letting my tired body calm down .

That was when.

I heard someone’s voice with the sound of a walkie-talkie saying…

–You, are you still alive?

“Aren’t I?”

The voice belonged to Anna.

She then hurried to speak.

–I’m going to activate the magic. Can you come up here now?

The moment I heard her say that.

Ha-Jun’s mouth gradually began to rise.

At the same time, although Ha-Jun couldn’t feel it, it was Kalton who sensed a tremendous change of magical power on the floor above.

“Ho— this is—”

A huge flow of magical power began to gather and condense all at once.

In the midst of this scene, Kalton recalled a memory from the past.

The great magic manifested by a young girl of just over eight years of age.

The moment when his own martial arts were blocked by that great magic.

The greatest blunder he had made in his life.


Kalton’s body immediately began to expand .

The moment when Kalton, whose entire body had expanded, tried to jump up while looking at the ceiling.

Ha-jun immediately activated the time stop.

And the moment the stop was released.



Kalton’s expression became distorted in shock .

At the same time, the countless towering puppets stopped moving all together in the astonishing situation, and for a moment, Kalton was unable to notice the changes that had occurred in his body.

“This is…”

As Kalton slowly raised his right arm and looked into it, his eyes trembled .

Streams of blood flowing out like a flood

He could not see his eyes along with the constant stream of blood.


In an instant, his vision went dark.

“… You.”

Kalton became angry with Ha-Jun, as if he wanted him to explain this situation.

However, Ha-Jun did not see Kalton.

He was pointing a walkie-talkie to the ceiling where he was Anna was.


-Ha, but you!

“It’s okay, just hurry up.”


Ha-jun said those words to Anna, and then shifted his gaze again to Kalton.

Following this, Kalton’s face twitched with anger.

“What have you done?!!!”

Kalton, who immediately lowered his posture in order to attack Ha-jun.

Ha-Jun’s cold voice drifted towards Kalton.

“Stay still and lie down.”


At the same time, Kalton’s huge body began to lean forward.

“? Arghh.–”

For the first time, a pained groan escaped Kalton’s mouth.

He gripped his lower body and began to huff and grit his teeth.

A torrent of fierce magical power swept through Ha-jun, but he just nonchalantly looked at him as he collapsed to the floor. Seeing him like that, Ha-jun’s indifferent words continued.

“If you move even a little, it will kill you.”

“You, f**king bastard!!!!”

There’s no way to kill him, but at least there’s a way to subdue him a little.

Of course, it will only a temporary.

It would be an injury that would render an ordinary person incapable of combat. But since his senses, including his physical abilities, were beyond a superhuman being, it was clear that if he were to attack, holding back the pain, a hotel like this would be half destroyed in no time at all.

So I held back while Anna’s great magic was activated.

At most, it was only a few hours of time in reality. But in the stopped time it was a month of time that he had to endure.

I was able to endure thanks to a mentality that knows no limits.

But there is no need to endure anymore.

Because it was clear that Anna’s protective barriers were solid and safe, even in the half-destroyed hotel.

“I don’t have to deal with you anymore.”

With those last words, Ha-Jun turned around.

As if disinterested, Ha-Jun’s gaze was already on the stairs.

Tok Tok – the sound of Ha-jun’s footsteps moving away.

It mercilessly trampled on Kalton’s pride, but he did not move.

Kalton just shook his head with his eyes and started to look for Ha-jun, but Ha-jun had disappeared or he couldn’t even feel any sign of people.

And Kalton, who was left behind, is.

“Kuuuuuuh!!! Dare!!! Dare!!!

Why couldn’t he move?

Because of the pain?

No .

I could move because I could bear the pain.

But because I felt fear towards that guy.

The moment I realized that fact.


Humiliating defeat felt for the first time.

Kalton’s cry mixed with pain and anger, echoed throughout the hotel.

And, as Ha-jun had predicted, he began to struggle and run wild.


Meanwhile, in front of the central staircase on the 45th floor.

“Has Ha-jun come yet?”

Anna asked in an impatient voice, but Yoo-Seol’s complexion was dark.

“Please… wait a little longer, Miss Anna.”


Yoo-Seol’s tearful voice could be heard, but Anna was already prepared.

It was Anna who remembered his last words.

— Activate.

— Ha, but you!

— It’s okay, quickly.

— Okay, I understand.

Ha-Jun’s last words.

He was surely going to sacrifice himself to buy time .

Until the great magic was fully manifested, someone had to hold back Kalton.

And Ha-jun took on that role himself.

If so, then all I have to do now is not waste his time.

” The magic…. I’ll start ….”

Anna gritted her teeth and manifested the magic without wiping her flowing tears.

A huge magic formula formed around Anna and a blue barrier began to expand in size, covering her surroundings.

Great magic manifested.

The great magic began to show its power to keep everyone alive except one person.

“… I’m sorry.”

And Anna, who had manifested the Great Magic, sat up, flabbergasted, with the strength draining out of her legs.

The reality that someone had to be sacrificed to save someone else made her heart ache.



And so before the two women, who felt the loss of something.


Ha-Jun, who had finally arrived on the 45th floor, looked at them with a dumbfounded expression.

He looked at the two of them blankly and burst out laughing.


Listening intently to the two of them, she left someone to die.

Ha-Jun was taken aback, but that did not stop him from responding to the words of two such people.

The time that passed was a couple of hours.

But in the time that stopped world, I struggled for more than a month.

It’s time to rest now.


“… eh?”

“… Ha-Jun?”

As soon as they saw Ha-Jun, they looked as if they were astonished as if they were seeing a ghost.

Ha-jun opened his mouth as he looked at them with a pitying feeling.

“Keep the barrier up. Because those guys are still alive.”

The girls, who had been in tears for a while at Ha-Jun’s words, approached him and together they hugged him.

Ha-jun started to make a meaningful expression as he watched them for a while.

Yoo-Seol said.

“Thank you so much….. I heard that you saved my sister.”

When he saw her face wet with tears for a while.

Ha-Jun was not sure what reaction to show.

He felt embarrassed.

Because, honestly, it was the first time he had ever received such gratitude from someone.

However, the situation was not over yet.

“We will maintain the barrier until morning. If we maintain it until then, at least the association will notice something abnormal.”

Anna nodded, at Ha-Jun’s words.

There were many things she wanted to say and ask, but as Ha-Jun said, those were words that could only he said after the situation was over.

The situation was not over yet.

“I understand.”

Anna, who immediately straightened up her mind, began to focus on the barrier again.

If Ha-jun had not been there, many people would have died, including the hostages.

So she could not waste the opportunity that Ha-Jun had created for her.

“Leave it to me already. Because I won’t waste the time you’ve created.”

From now on, it was a race against time.

Anna would have to continuously maintain the barrier until the sun rose …

* * *

Aaaaaaa ——–! Banggggg!!!

Continuous roars shook the hotel.

More than 300 dolls were glued to the barrier, and the enraged Kalton was leaping at them, smashing his body to break the barrier.

“Quaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! Come out!!!!!!!!!”

In particular, every time Kalton jumped, he could feel the barrier shaking.

This was because the overwhelming power was so great that it caused the entire hotel to earthquake.

Frankly, this was an unexpected resistance in this respect.

The resistance felt in the game was honestly not as strong as this.

If there was a difference from the game here, it was that many people survived Kalton’s attack and now Kalton is blinded and struggling and consumed by anger.

Anyway, the changes I caused made them persistent, but I wasn’t worried.

Because the barrier was as solid as Ha-jun had predicted.

Of course, the magic that was created just to withstand his power and Anna’s infinite magical power kept the barrier solid.

It was virtually impossible for Kalton to break this ward, as it became even more solid as time passed.

As such, time continued to pass.

When his angry voice faded away and the hotel, which had been shaking, became still.

At some point, when the time pointed to morning.

The jet-black barrier that had darkened the entire hotel began to disappear.

At that moment.

Everyone who had been trembling with fear began to cheer, shedding tears of joy.

“It’s over!”

“We’re saved! We’re saved!!!!”

All the survivors began to shout with cheers.

They had all miraculously survived the attack by the S-class villains, known as the Natural Disaster.

And the boy who saved them all…


He fell asleep on the sofa, snoring peacefully in the warm sunshine.

* * *

The Villain Alliance’s Nefertem terror incident caused an uproar in South Korea.

When it was revealed that the villain who led the attack, along with the Coalition’s massive terror, was Britain’s worst S-class villain – Kalton, it sent shockwaves through the world.

At the same time, the attack took place during an external joint support training exercise at the Rokia Academy, although it could not be confirmed whether it was targeted by the Villain Alliance side or not.

Naturally, people were concerned for the safety of the students and at the same time criticized the academy, but, oddly enough, the media reported the fact that no casualties occurred, with the exception of four security guards.

At first, people were truly awestruck by this astonishing report.

It was also remarkable that people survived, but for the fact that the superhuman who kept people alive was at best only a schoolboy.

However, the moment the student’s name was known, people seemed convinced.

The Future Sage.

This was because the student was none other than Anna-Elisabeth-Halter.

Naturally, the incident led to a high level of recognition of Anna, and articles, including in various media outlets, and Mutube buzzed with stories about her. (Notes: Mutube -Youtube)

On the other hand, however, certain rumors were discreetly spread on the internet.

This was because one of the guests who had been there at the time mentioned the existence of another student who had saved people.

Naturally, the rumor slowly died down as it was not reported in the media and the source of the rumor was not clear.

Thus, when about two days had passed since the incident occurred.

A video was uploaded to Mutube that astonished people.

The footage was incident of that time.

The footage was enough to astonish the world.

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