The Academy’s Time Stop Player

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Riera Harness’ ability, Observing and Perceiving (Eye Opening), allows her to materialise dispositions that ordinary people cannot see, and to confirm them with the physical eye.

For example, those who use swords would visualize the phenomena of swords, and those who use spears would visualize the phenomena of spears.

That is why Riera could easily discover the talents of her children, though.


Riera was in deep trouble.

She was watching the children’s battles, wondering who the child was that Choi Joong Won was paying attention to.

Of course, most children’s battles were overlooked.

First, because four children with outstanding talents were selected from among those children.

(Then it means one of those children.)

It was a little strange to see those children.

I mean, four kids with talent that’s hard to come up with in a year…

No, maybe five?

If you include the child who signed that contract with that Divine Beast.

(Hmm. A really blessed year for the academy)

Four talents…

For the time being, one of them is surely the child recognized by Choi Joong-won, so I decided to let them fight one by one and check them in depth.

Is it that child first?

I’m sure his name was… Liam Martel, was it?

The boy favored by Noble Phantasm >> Relics.

Of course, he couldn’t use mythical-grade treasures here, but it was all right.

If this is the boy who attracts Choi Joong-won’s attention, it’s because he shows something else besides the talent he simply possesses.

“Please take care of me. Miss Riera-Harness.”

“Yes, of course. We’ll start as soon as you’re ready.”


And so it was that after Liam’s battle had begun, Riera knew.

Not this child.

He was more ordinary than she expected.

No, not at a normal level, but a little better than the other children?

“Hm. You’re next, right?”


The aura that can be felt appears to be magic, but it is a different energy from the magic.

It’s too vague to describe, but it’s either goodness or…

Holy would be the right word.

And it was a familiar kind of energy.

(Ho… is it possible that this is the girl?)

Riera approached Haruna.

Cautiously, she started to feel her energy.

Soon she spotted a certain book she was holding and immediately nodded as if she understood.

“You’re going to use the rune language.”


” Well it’s not something I can ascertain for you, go back. Your power is not such as I can judge”

At these words, Haruna went back to where the students were without any small talk.

No matter how many years she had lived, the power of the runic language was still unknown to her.

(I can’t allow the summons to disappear for a simple investigation .)

A summoned beast does not die.

It just goes back to the return system if it receives a serious blow.

As long as the summoner who summoned the beast doesn’t run out of magic power, it will continue to remain in the physical world, and at the same time, since the body of the beast is a mental body made up of magic power, physical death does not exist.

However, that did not mean that there were no methods to completely annihilate them.

One of them was the runic language.

This is because the unknown power contained in the runic language affects even the spiritual body.

(But not this child. Your energy is faint.)

Either she did not know how to use her energy for energy, or she did not realize her power, or the energy she had was faint compared to her body, which contains vast amounts of energy.

It wasn’t a small amount, but it still wasn’t at a level that satisfied Choi Joong Won.

Then there are two remaining children?

Is it Anna, the next great sage, and Han Shi-young, who was born with the destiny of the sword?

Riera thought it was Anna at first, but quickly shook her head.

Isn’t it so easy and simple to say it was her?

That Choi would never offer such a simple answer, so the remaining one was.

Is that him? At a glance, the most perfect of these four.

I’m sure I heard he uses a sword. I wanted to test it out once.

(I’ll have to summon a harder one.)

“Did you say your name is Han-Shi-Young?”


“Hmm… maybe you can cut this one?”

With these words, Riera flicked her finger and a slightly gigantic summoning formation was drawn, summoning a single round rock of about five meters into the center of the clearing.

Soon, four thick bridges began to spring up from under the rock, emitting a huge thumping sound and approaching towards Han-Shi-Young.

The name of the beast is Darkness.

The one that boasts the strongest endurance among middle-grade summoners.

(Let’s see how good he is.)

Riera naturally crossed her arms and looked at Han-Shyong.

Soon, it only took a moment for something to happen.


Han-Shi Young’s movements were monotonous and clean.

He simply pulled out his sword, swung it from top to bottom, and put it in the sword hilt again.

The instant everyone’s eyes turned to Han-Shi Young, the movement was as natural as the flow of water.

A white line was carved in a straight line on the dark body, and it started to split in half.

It was truly a brilliant cut.

Riera’s mouth gradually began to rise.

This guy, I didn’t judge him simply based on his swordsmanship.

The swordsmanship which the boy had learned at this early age was certainly a familiar to Riera.

“Han-Shi-Young, was it?”


“I see, you are a disciple of the Sword King.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Hm. Yes, that’s very impressive indeed.”

This guy cheekily ignored the words and showed no part of his strength.

(The swordsmanship he showed in an instant has already surpassed that of the sword king’s youth.)

Behind the guy I saw with my eyes, I saw a huge pillar shining in silver.

I couldn’t see the end of the pillar, but I seemed to know what it was.

A huge sword with the bottom of the blade leaping up endlessly high, hidden in the sky and invisible.

I could see why Choi Joong-won was so interested in him.

It’s rare to see a talent like him.

Immediately, Riera nodded in satisfaction.

She looked back at the remaining children, wondering what to ask Choi Joong-Won for.

The children who had just seen the scene all looked at Han-Shi-Young and Riera in turn with lifeless expressions on their faces.

Riera smiled gently at these children and said.

“Don’t be intimidated. This boy is amazing, but that doesn’t mean you guys are not special. Just show yourselves normally and then one by one you can come forward again.”

Of course, I had already found the protagonist of the bet, but couldn’t discriminate against the other children, so I decided to watch till the end.

Soon a boy with a slightly rusty hammer stood in the center of the square after the Han-Shi Young in turn.

“He’s the boy who was sleeping earlier. What’s his name…?”

After a moment, Riera identified the boy with open eyes and looked at him again, thinking that she had mistakenly seen something.

(Ho… no matter how old I am, my presbyopia hasn’t come yet, has it?)

Did I look at him wrong?

She rubbed her eyes and looked at the boy again, but there was no change.

Eventually, Riera had no choice but to approach the boy and ask.

“How did you pass the academy?”

“Huh? What?”

“Don’t act surprised, you’re not a superhuman.”

At these words, Ha Jun tilted his head, scratched his cheek with a strange expression, and opened his mouth.

Meanwhile, an idea flashed in Ha Jun’s mind.

Ha Jun decided to immediately put it into action.

With a maximum regret on his face, he spoke to Riera.

“You’re saying in a roundabout way that my power is too weak and fragile.”

“Well… that’s not what I’m trying to say…”

“No, it’s okay. I know exactly what you mean. I’m the weakest and least strong in this class.”

Of course, he wasn’t lying.

It is true that I am the weakest and most physically weak among the children in this class.

“Hmm. I see. Maybe that’s why I don’t feel it.”

Riera immediately looked convinced and affirmative, but the classmates behind her, who heard Ha Jun’s story, wondered what that was supposed to mean. They looked at Ha Jun with an expression that said.

No, that’s the strongest guy in our class wobbling around so majestically.

And that was for the great hero, Riera – Harness.

“No, Miss Riera, that guy is -”

“First of all, I’m sorry, but do I have to? To be honest, I don’t have the confidence to beat Miss Riera’s summoned beast.”

Ultimately, Anna was about to say a few words because she couldn’t stand it any longer, but then Ha-Jun quickly cut Anna off and spoke to Riera.

Then, feeling embarrassed and apologetic at Ha Jun’s words, Riera crossed her arms and nodded, and with a compassionate smile, told Ha Jun.

“I’m ashamed to have made a mistake, it seems. Don’t worry. I’ll summon a weak one to match your strength.”

“Oh, no, that’s -”

“I will advise you on your problem and give it your best shot. An opportunity like this will be rare.”

“…I understand.”

A little bit of regret passed through Ha Jun’s expression, but Riera did not notice, because it was only for a moment.

As such, Ha Jun stood in the middle of the auditorium again and began to wonder what to do.

Frankly speaking, he didn’t want to stop time and struggle with something like this.

Because this was not a training session, but simply an evaluation done for that old lady’s curiosity.

(Hmm. Can I just pretend to make a proper effort?)

It would be over as soon as I invoked the time stop, but I didn’t want to do the physical effort to defeat that thing. If I did, I might as well just not invoke time stop and pretend to try for a while and keep her company…

“Come on, this is the guy you’re going to be fighting against…”

Soon after, Ha-jun’s opponent appeared, and it was a Falcon.

Instantly, Ha Jun’s brows narrowed in dissatisfaction.

She said she would summon me the weakest one?

Intermediate summon Wing Falcon.

How could that be the weakest one? When I thought about it, I felt that it was the weakest one among the summons that she signed up with.

For some reason, she could not have signed a contract with a lower-ranked beast because of her reputation.

‘Well, I’ll control the strength, though.’

Ha Jun held the hammer.

As it was, he waited for the Wing Falcon to come, and the guy spread his huge wings and started flying head-on at Hajun.

Ha Jun kept his eyes on the guy and swung the hamme.

Avoiding Hajun’s hammer with a slight twist of its body, the Wing Falcon turned around and rushed at Hajun again.



Wing Falcon leapt upwards again, hitting his shoulder.

It rushed at Ha Jun with even more speed than before.

He also looked at the guy and swung his hammer again, but only to repeat it all over again.

When he swung his hammer, that fellow twisted or rotated to avoid Ha Jun’s hammer, and then quickly bypassed it again and repeatedly rushed at Ha Jun.

At first it ended with a light shoulder bump, but later it felt more like he was running away, slapping his back with his flapping open wings.

(This bird’s head…)

It was about time Ha Jun started to snap out.

I held the hammer tight and waited for him to charge at me again.

Once again he began to charge forward towards Ha Jun, and Ha Jun swung the hammer at the right moment.


(It’s done!)

I thought I was going to hit him directly in the head.


It was Wing Falcon who avoided the hammer by circling his body sideways as it was.

In addition to avoiding it, it hit Ha Jun in the back of the head with a wing and quickly flew away.

Kiiiii! Kiilli! Kiiirrrr!

The Wing Falcon’s vigorous squeal that could be heard shortly afterwards.

It sounded somewhat like a mocking cry for Ha Jun.

Yeah, it sounds like mocking me.

-You are being looked down, master.

Because Piraten saw the winged falcon like that and explained it nakedly.

Instantly, strength gathered in Ha Jun’s gripping hammer hand.


Ha Jun sighed unavoidably and relaxed his body.

Aiming for that moment, Wing Falcon rushed towards the back of Ha Jun’s head again.

Ha Jun activated the time stop immediately as it was.


The Flying Wing Falcon, which flew straight at Ha Jun, was struck straight down to the floor as if it was disappearing.

The Wing Falcon groaned as its head fell to the ground.

While all the students look at the scene with a look that says, “I knew it.


Riera, who had not seen what had happened, gasped blankly.

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