The Academy’s Time Stop Player

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Chapter 30

(Hmm. That’s so strange…)

Riera thought when she saw Ha Jun for the first time.

(He doesn’t look very superhuman…)

I can’t see it. I can’t feel it.

He has no special features, he is like a radish-like boy with no outstanding talent of any kind.

Phenomenon that can only be felt by ordinary people as they look.

(Open eyes) shows only the truth.

Riera was convinced that the boy was not a superhuman but an ordinary person .

( So how did this guy get into this class? )

Questions were beginning to form in Riera’s mind.

I heard that only children who were exceptional to a certain degree were in this class, but how could a boy like that be in this class?

(But discrimination is bad though).

Therefore, I summoned the Wing Falcon.

It’s the one that belongs to the Intermediate level with wind attributes, but of all the contracted beasts, it is probably suitable for dealing with this child.

( Try to deal with that boy without using your power.)


The Wing Falcon, which understood Riera’s words, began to torment the boy without using its ability as Riera said.

It attacked the boy while avoiding the boy’s hammer at every place while adjusting its power without using its ability appropriately. Riera only shook her head at the sight .

(That’s not this boy. He is not a superhuman, as expected.)

I don’t know why, but even if he is awakened, he is still weak to be called a superhuman. Besides there was no magic power felt in the boy.

With this level of power, he would have had to give up his dream of being a hero.

In the end, the moment I turned around, feeling that I didn’t need to look any further.

Kung! KNOCK!

It was Riera who quickly turned around at the dull sound.

The sight in her eyes was the head of the Wing Falcon with its head struck into the floor.


What happened…?

Why was the Wing Falcon rammed into the floor?

Riera had a lot of questions in her head, though.

She approached the Wing Falcon whose head was stuck in the floor.

Riera lifted the Wing Falcon’s body out of the floor, and then faced the Wing Falcon.

“You let your guard down?”

Keeeeeeeee! Keeeeeee!

Wing Falcon nodded its head at the words.

Wing Falcon looked at Riera with an expression of frustration, but Riera’s gaze was already on Ha Jun.

After hearing Riera’s conversation when it came time, the students thought that they had to hear Wing Falcon’s side of the story, but no one opened their mouths.

This was because before they could open their mouths to say anything, Ha Jun came up to Riera and bowed respectfully to her.

“Thank you for your help.”

“Yeah, this child was also caught off guard, but nevertheless, you defeated a intermediate level summoned beast, so you have at least one ability that a hero should have.”

-Kiiiiiii!!! Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

Wing Falcon cries out in frustration at those words.

Riera summoned back Wing Falcon, because it was too noisy.

“His pride is really… strong too… Well, anyway, frankly speaking, your strength is not enough for you to make it big as a hero. But seeing you beat this guy with such power, your effort and tenacity are amazing.”

“I’m flattered.”

“Well, you’ll be a good hero if you work hard anyway. Be diligent.”

All the students were taken aback by this and wanted to say something, but no student actually did.

They had already come too far to put the situation to rest.

In the end, the students decided to keep their mouths shut and pass the situation as it happened afterwards to Ha Jun.

* * *

In the evening after classes had finished

Academy headmaster’s office.

“I was surprised. I honestly didn’t know that guy would leave his pupils.”

Sitting comfortably on the sofa, Riera looked at Choi Joong Won with her arms crossed and a confident smile on her face.

Choi Joong Won calmly waited for Riera’s next words.

“Han Shi-young, it’s him, right? The boy you’ve been paying attention to.”

Sword King’s disciple.

He’s the one who boasts a high level of perfection among other talented children.

He already has the same military prowess as the active heroes, but his talent is far more far-reaching and endless than any of the other students.

If he grows up, it is clear that he will be a symbol of peace for the next generation.

“He was an amazing child. It’s like a child born to use a sword to perfection.”

“Haha, Han-Shi Yong student is special. Probably because if it wasn’t for him, he would have been the strongest student among the students.”

“That’s right, Yes…., huh?”

Riera notices something odd in Choi Joong-Won’s words and looks at Choi Joong-Won with a questioning face.

Instantly, a smile appeared on Choi Jun Won’s mouth.

“After all, you didn’t recognize. Ha ha ha!”

“You mean there is a child stronger than him?”

“It is difficult to put the question of strength or lack of it, but isn’t the situation itself interesting that you didn’t notice?”

“Who is that?”

“Student Kim Ha Jun. I’m pretty sure you saw him too.”

Kim Ha-Jun.

It was a familiar name.

Riera thought carefully about who it was for a while.

For a moment, a child came to mind, along with eyes that opened wide with a flash of surprise.

“No way! That’s him?”

“I’m curious, what did you see from the boy?”

“I didn’t see anything. And I couldn’t feel anything. He’s not a superhuman, he didn’t look like he had the talent to be a hero even if he had awakened.”

“Ha ha! I knew you didn’t notice it either.”

Choi Joong Won laughed heartily as he looked at Riera.

Instantly, Riera asked Choi with a gaze filled with shock.

“Are you sure it’s him?”

“Kim Ha-Jun, it’s him. He’s an amazing boy…”


Riera’s expression turned blank for a moment.

She felt a little disappointed and deflated at the same time.

Then that boy is as good as cheated himself.

“Aside from everything else, he’s a thick kid with one thing: guts.”

“He’s a good one, too, with good ability, you might want to check that.”

“Yes, you’re right. I’ve got something to give him back.”

* * *

Meanwhile, the time was 8pm.

Ha Jun arrives at his dormitory and lies in bed, waiting for the system to notify him.

The future had changed.

It was also quite a big change in the flow of things.

Therefore, it was predictable without needing to think too deeply about it.

The system would surely penalise him for this.

Soon, as Ha Jun predicted, the system’s notification window surfaced.

[With the appearance of Riera Hannis, the future changes and a penalty is given]

[The next episode will be advanced earlier.]

[Episodes 1-4: Remnants of the Age of Great Chaos (dimensional dungeon)]

[Dungeon occurrence time:(39:59:59)]


Ha Jun swept his face and washed his face dry as if he had expected it.

As expected, the prediction was not wrong and a penalty was given.

The end of Han-Shi Young’s first-year episode (dimensional dungeon).

The large episode at the end of the first year was moved up.

“Dimensional dungeon…”

The dimensional dungeon episode was clearly the biggest and largest episode of Han-Shi Young’s episodes.

Of course, it was the last episode of the first year, so of course it had to be.

It’s surely not a big quest with the risk of a red quest, but…

(… Wait a minute?)

At the moment, there was a fact that came to Ha Jun’s mind.

(Is it necessary for me to involve on this?)

Unlike Anna’s red quest, this big episode has no selection section.

It is only an episode that calls for keyboard controls only.

The episode that would be cleared if you just killed the demons in the dungeon with the controls and attacking the boss was this dimensional dungeon episode.

But isn’t this place real?

No keyboard controls.

“Why don’t I just leave it as it is?”

In games, it was a common occurrence to die due to a simple control error.

Then how about here in reality?

If I just let it flow, wouldn’t Han-Shi Young attack on his own?

That would be so, too, because the penalty the system gave was simply to speed up the episodes.

If it had increased the difficulty of the episode, I would have cared, but if it had just been advanced with no increase in difficulty, I don’t need to get myself involved.

“So, I’ll just leave it at that, then.”

While I would have to judge the situation in the future, at least for now I didn’t feel the need to do so.

It was a problem I would have to worry about after the dimensional dungeon occurred.


Ha Jun stopped thinking complicated thoughts, stretched and got ready for bed.

What should I do on my day off tomorrow? With this thought, he switched off the lights in his room and lay straight on his bed and closed his eyes.

At that moment, the sound of a ping on his smartphone text made Ha Jun gently narrow his eyes as he checked his smartphone.

[So…um, Ha Jun. Are you sleeping?]

“This girl texting me all of of sudden?”

The girl who sent the texts was none other than Lee Joo-ah.

Ha Jun checked the contents of the text and sent a reply.


[ah! Do you have time tomorrow?”]

[what time?]]

[um… how about lunch tomorrow? I’ll buy you lunch.]


[Okay! See you tomorrow then!]


There was no way you can refuse when she offers to buy you a meal.

After sending a short text message, Ha-Jun just closed his eyes and went to sleep.

* * *

Meanwhile, 20 minutes before Lee Joo-ah texted Ha-Jun.

“Um… I heard you called me… I came here…”

It was Lee Joo-ah, who had visited the Academy’s reception room after class at Riera’s call.

With a nervous look on her face, Lee Joo-ah cautiously knocked on the reception room, opened the door and went inside.

In fact, Riera was waiting in the reception room, and as soon as she saw Lee Joo-ah, she smiled kindly and welcomed her gently.

“Yes, that’s right. Come. Would you like some sweets?”

“Oh, err, that’s…”

“Pfft, don’t be too nervous. I like you very much.”

“What, me?”

“First, sit comfortably before we start talking. It might take longer than you think.”

Hearing this, Lee Joo-ah sat down on the sofa facing Riera, gulping.

Riera looked at Lee Joo-ah and smiled.

“The more I look at you, the more I see that you’re really amazing.”


“You signed a contract with divine beast. Right?”

Lee Joo-ah’s eyes rounded at those words.

At Lee Joo-ah’s reaction, Riera comforted her with a wave of her hand.

“Don’t be too surprised. I’m also a summoner who signed a contract with divine beast. In case you’re wondering, the new hand who signed the contract is Fenrir, isn’t it?”

“Ah, yes…”

“I signed a contract with an divine beast. But the stronger Fenrir’s energy gets, the more difficult it will be for you to control. So I have a proposal I want to make.”

“A proposal?”

“Yes, how about becoming my apprentice?”

The moment she heard this, Lee Joo-ah began to be the most surprised she had ever been.

Chapter 29
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