The Academy’s Time Stop Player

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Chapter 33

“Come on, hey Ha Jun!”

After the mist cleared and Lee Joo-ah found Ha Jun, we quickly moved closer to Ha Jun and blocked Fenrir’s way.

In response to Lee Joo-ah’s action, Ha Jun frowned.

“Since he is so naive. Don’t worry, this is the most standard way.”

“Is this a norm?”

“Yes, it is. Even though he looks like this, he’s a cunning guy.”

He looked at Fenrir while the corners of his mouth turned up in a smirk.

In that instant, Fenrir’s pupils began to tremble like an earthquake.

Lee Joo-ah was doubtful at the sight of him.


“There’ s an expert over there, isn’t there?”

Lee Joo-ah’s gaze turned to Riera.

Riera simply nodded her head slightly.

“Besides, his body is fine, right?”

“Oh, err… that’s…”

Come to think of it… Despite the loud bangs, Fenrir’s body was fine.

Rather, he was uninjured and just shaking.

Looking at Fenrir like that, Ha Jun’s words continued.

“Don’t worry and watch, I’ll make this guy be reborn.”

Ha Jun approached Fenrir with the hammer again.

Soon Fenrir was like kuiii! Kuiii! He cried and tried to get out, scratching the barrier with his long claws.

Lee Joo-ah looked at Fenrir’s pitiful sight and in the end had no choice but to block Ha Jun’s way.

“Now, hold on….”


“That’s …He looks little pitiful…”

“Hm? Does he?”

Lee Joo-ah nodded slowly and unconfidently at these words.

It was then that Fenrir, who had been scratching the barrier, cautiously approached her.

Fenrir began to lick Lee Joo-ah’s arm in a frightened expression as he looked at Ha Jun’s face.

Lee Joo-ah carefully reached out her hand towards Fenrir and stroked his head.

And Fenrir was meek.

He who had such a dog-like nature earlier did not refuse Lee Joo-ah’s hand at all.

Ha Jun was taken aback by this attitude.


He must have realized that Lee Joo Ah was the only route to survival.

His real feeling was that he wanted to bargain more, but seeing him like that, it was hard to continue the beating.


I sighed as if I had lost my strength immediately.

It’s true, even if I hit him more here, he wouldn’t die.

“Alright, I get it.”

Soon it all became too much trouble for Ha Jun, who, after making the maharaj smaller again and putting it in his pocket, approached Fenrir.

Suddenly, when Fenrir showed fear and made squeaking noises, Ha-Jun gently whispered a warning into his ear.

-Listen carefully to your master. If I see you get carried away again the next time I see you, you will be re-educated.

No matter how beastly you are, the soul is the soul.

At least he should have understood everything I just said.

In this way, Ha Jun spoke the mystic words to cure anger management disorder, and then he turned around and approached Riera this time.

Ha Jun then glanced at Riera before opening his mouth.

“Why did you do that?”

“What do you mean?”

Riera replied bluntly.

She stared at Ha Jun with a somewhat mean smile on her face.

Ha Jun frowned at Riera and opened his mouth.

“You made that guy come to me on purpose, didn’t you?”


Riera smiled without answering.

As she did so, she nodded slowly and admitted surprisingly.

“You’re right. I’m sorry, for testing you.”

“What were you going to do if I died?”

“I didn’t think that would be possible. Because I casted barrier.”

At that moment, with a slight vibration, barrier surfaces shook and a layer of lines appeared around them.

“At least if I have been wrong, you would not have died.”

As she said, it seemed that a protective barrier had been created for us as well.

Even so, the feeling of being tested was dirty.

Quite a lot of time had been spent trying to beat that guy.

“Don’t get too angry. Because frankly I didn’t expect him to open up the passage either.”

However, Riera, who was unaware of the fact that Ha Jun had gone to a lot of trouble, was simply unperturbed.

With a snap-.

Riera snapped her fingers shortly afterwards, and the barrier around them began to disappear as if it were melting away.

Ha Jun still glared at Riera and sighed soon after.

It was an awful feeling, her testing him, but, well, there was nothing he could do about it.

Those who lack had to put up with it.

“Hah… don’t call me for this again. I won’t be able to tolerate it then.”

“Sure, you’re right. It was my fault..”

Ha Jun quickly turned around and walked back to the dormitory to return immediately.

Lee Joo-ah watched him, but quickly approached Riera stealthily looking into her face.

“Um. I’m sorry that.”

“It’s not your fault, you know. It’s purely my fault.”

Riera looked at Ha Jun, who was fading away in a blur.

And as she looked at Ha Jun, she felt mixed feelings.

(I never thought I would feel these emotions at my age… )


Fear and interesting rapture that springs from the unknown.

These complex emotions were intertwined towards Hajun.

It was then that.


– Suddenly, Riera’s eyes widened…

Her eyes, startled by seeing something, began to tremble widely, and soon cold sweat began to flow sloppily on her forehead.

Her eyes opened…

The sudden phenomenon behind Ha Jun that I saw was shocking.

“Huh… it’s like this, so that’s why I didn’t notice it…”


“It’s nothing.”

Seeing something behind him, Riera became convinced.

The boy… no, he has something that humans can’t have.

At least something that you cannot be assured of victory, even if you give it your all.

* * *

That evening.

The headmaster’s office was still brightly lit.

Headmaster Choi Joong-won was looking at Riera sitting on the sofa and smiling pleasantly.

Riera, looking at Choi Joong-won with a sour expression, clicked her tongue in dissatisfaction, and finally said.

“Stop laughing already. It’s embarrassing to see old man laughing.”

“Ha ha, I did warn you, didn’t I?”

“Yes, it seems you didn’t say for nothing, but a monster indeed.”


Riera is never one to exaggerate.

This created curiosity, and Choi Joong-won, asked Riera.

“What did you see in the Ha-Jun?”


Riera’s expression calmed down completely .

She calmly sipped her car and immediately continued her story, staring at Choi Joong Won.

“At first I couldn’t feel anything. It was close to nothingness, just nothing. I guess that’s why you made the bet.”

“Well … I had a hard time grasping that child’s power, too.”

“But it wasn’t invisible.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“It was definitely there. Something behind him.”

Riera recalls the scene she saw that afternoon.

A scene that evokes unknown fears, even just by recalling it.

A phenomenon that literally fits (unknown).

“The first thing I saw was space.”

“…Space, you say?”

“Yes, I saw countless stars. And a vast universe unfolded, dark and endless. That was the first thing I saw.”

“If it’s the first… what did you see after?”

Riera paused for a moment and recalled the scene she had seen the second time.

Actually, even she couldn’t understand it. It must have been…

“The second thing I saw was —. The hour hand.”

“The hour hand? The clock’s…?”

“Yes. To be honest, I couldn’t be sure if I saw it properly either. The hour hand was so big that I could only see part of it.”

The center of the vast universe

There was indeed something huge moving in the center of it, which looked like the hour hand.

Only the last part of the hour hand was visible, which was clearly the hour hand on a clock.

“That thing is definitely a monster. I don’t know what the hour hand means, because the vast universe is about endless power. I’m sure. That guy is at least as powerful as a great hero, or has the potential to grow as much as a great hero. That guy is . . he is still growing, so .”

“He’s still growing?”

“There were more stars filling the universe. That convinced me. That he’s still growing.”


An astonished cry escaped from Choi Joong-won’s mouth.

And Riera, who was looking at Choi Joong-Won with a serious face, quietly warned.

“He’s a monster. And he’s not a boy you can handle. Choi Joong-won.”

No matter how much of a child he was, he showed overwhelming prowess against the Divine Beast Fenrir.

Moreover, when he used his hammer against the divine Beast, it was impossible to even perceive the fact that he even swung the hammer at it.

It wasn’t just that it was fast. It was an unknown power that could not be precisely known.

Even at the moment of exhibiting this power, I could not detect even the slightest sign of very fine momentum.

It was like saying that he was so powerful that he could conceal all of it with his enormous power.

Because despite the fact that I saw the actual cosmic spectacle, I couldn’t feel anything.

Literally (a monster).

He’s not just some random student.

“He’s not the kid here learn things. Do you intend to raise someone who even you can’t handle?”

Choi Joong-won was silent for a while.

Then he just slowly opened his mouth, showing a calm smile.

“Yes, well, he’s still a young.”

“… What does that have to do with it?”

“I am only an educator. From a teaching point of view, I can see Ha Jun students’ shortcomings. And I am obliged to teach them.”

“Shortcomings? What’s that?”

Choi Joong-won did not answer her question.

He just quietly closed his eyes and thought about it.

Soon, Choi Joong Won’s mouth gently raised.

“It’s a strange thing. The magic that was infinite is disappearing and losing its power, but I’m rather getting closer to (the truth)”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s the future. I saw my last moments…”

“The future, no way?”

Riera’s eyes widened at Choi Joong-won’s statement.

But Choi Joong-Won only spoke with a kind smile on his face.

“Perhaps my last moment will be teaching the boy.”

* * *

Back in his lodgings, Ha Jun, who had fallen asleep straight away, woke up from his slumber, rubbing his eyes.

The time he woke up that way was late evening, when the sun had already set.


At that time, there was one notification window that appeared in Ha Jun’s eyes.

[Time of dungeon occurrence:(15:01:22)]

“Ah, that reminds me…”

It was a notification window for the occurrence time of a dimensional dungeon.

The current time is 9pm, so it will probably be around noon tomorrow?

The moment he saw the notification window, Ha Jun started to feel uncomfortable.

(Tomorrow’s noon…)

Frankly speaking, it’s a dungeon on a level like no other.

A large episode dimensional dungeon that marks the end of the first year.

As if to boast of its extraordinary scale, it will cause a lot of human casualties.

Therefore, Ha Jun was troubled.


I was concerned about the point of neglecting the lives that could be saved alive despite knowing about it.

A dimensional dungeon would be created and the ripples caused by it would hurt many people.

There will be numerous human casualties.

I shouldn’t intervene, though, because that is the original story.

( Large scale twists already…. I don’t know anymore)

The episode is already deviating off the main storyline.

It seemed easier to just intervene and save people than not intervene because of fear of a penalty.

It would be better to save only the people and leave the rest of the dimensional dungeons to him, Han-Shi-Young.

At any rate, it’s a future that’s been advanced because of me, so if people died who weren’t supposed to die because of it, I’d be concerned about that.

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